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Soon, I would break out of the dark forest and enter the bright sunshine surrounding the farmlands outside the netherworld where I lived.

A huntsman and woodcutter, was I. Much preferring a life of peaceful solitude, I rarely left my woodlands sanctuary. Yet, a man likes the feel of some coins in his pocket. So, every once in a while I?d take a load of firewood and fresh meat to the market in town.

To town, to town, was where my horse was taking me. The pace of the plodding equine hooves was slow. My old gray mare ain?t what she used to be. There was a time when she was young and spry. Yet, that time had come and gone. I needed a new horse. But, horses in this kingdom cost a small fortune.

Old, she might be, but the mare brought me into the village. The towering walls of a castle loomed over the market square. I unloaded my goods and had them quickly sold. With coins in my pocket, I had a smile on my face.

An elderly crone of a woman approached me. She was bent and stooped. Warts and wrinkles marred her face. With a quaking rattle in her voice, she looked at me and said, "Young man, you?re wanted inside the castle. Princess Ella, the lady herself, wishes to speak with you. Follow me."

Follow, I did. Yet, my mind raced with puzzling ramblings. First of all, I?m not exactly a ?young man?. I suppose, at 30, I?m not ancient, but I?m far from young. Secondly, just who does the Princess think she is, ordering me to come hither? Why, I knew the girl from years ago when she was little more than a servant girl. Up until a few years back, she lived in a small house with her stepmother and two stepsisters. I?ve heard the stories told about how she was ?wickedly? mistreated by the other females in her house. They say the young girl married the Prince of the kingdom shortly after a fancy royal ball.

The elderly crone stepped lively. I followed her into the castle. We passed through a labyrinth of narrow tunnels and passageways. We ascended a long, narrow, winding, stone staircase. Finally, we stopped before a small, locked door. The old lady knocked, unlocked the door, and stepped through.

The sights before me took my breath away. Hell, it was a royal bedchamber for sure! A tall, wide, four-poster bed draped with finery sat against a wall. In an elaborate marble fireplace, a fire blazed with light and heat. There, on an ornate mantle, sat a pair of delicate glass slippers.

The most astounding sight to assault my eyes was the beauty of the young woman seated near the fire. A floor-length, powdery-blue, silky-satin gown draped her feminine form. Waves of curly blond tresses cascaded from the top of her head and fell to below her shoulders. Her face glowed with luminous radiance.

My eyes became mesmerized. Through a cloud of bewilderment, I heard the woman speaking, "Sir, will you take a seat here near me? I have a matter of utmost importance to discuss with you."

I suppose, as a gentleman, I ought to bow and kiss Her Royal Highness? feet. If I had my druthers, I?d rather kiss her pretty ass! At least I assumed she had a pretty ass. Everything else about her seemed to be pretty. But hell, I?d bet the fires of Hades would freeze over before I?d kiss any part of her royal anatomy! I put these thoughts out of my mind and wordlessly took a seat.

The lady laid her hands in her lap and began a somber soliloquy, "As most people in the kingdom know, I married the Prince four years ago when I was 18. As the Princess, I am expected to produce royal heirs. I have failed to do so! Without heirs, the Prince cannot ascend to his father?s throne. He has other brothers with sons aplenty. Yet, the Prince has none."

The lady stopped to gather strength. Her words continued, "I know the Prince has bedded several of the servant girls. He has not impregnated a single one! So, the fault for our inability to conceive lies with him. Yet, the solution to the problem falls to me!"

Once again, she stopped. She mustered courage and spoke, "Sir, you are my solution! I?ve seen you time and again without you knowing that I?m watching. Sir, you look enough like the Prince to be a brother. If you were to impregnate me, the child could pass as the Prince?s heir. Of course, I would see to it that you were rewarded handsomely."

Through a haze of confused disbelief, I answered bluntly, "Are you saying that you want me to fuck you? You want me to get you pregnant?"

The Princess? head bowed in shyness and she replied demurely, "Well, Sir, I wouldn?t put it so crudely. But, the answer is ?yes?."

The old crone woman?s voice resounded commandingly, "Sir, the King and all the Princes are all out stag hunting. We have no time to waste. We have a tub prepared for you to bathe in. Please follow me."

Surprisingly, I followed without further comment. The woman and the Princess led me to an adjoining room where another fireplace blazed brightly. An oversized, gold-encrusted, ceramic bathtub sat before the fire.

As I began to shed my clothing, the Princess turned to leave the room. Without knowing why, I spoke forcefully, "Please stay. We might as well get acquainted."

The woman stopped. She slowly turned back toward me. She slumped into a nearby chair. With a soft voice, she admitted, "But, Sir, I?ve never seen a man bathe before. I?ve never seen a man?s nude body, not even the Prince?s."

I continued to disrobe while wondering about a marital union without shared nudity. My pants dropped to the floor and my cock sprang free. The thick, muscular shaft had stiffened to full erectness.

An audible gasp escaped from the Princess? lips. She intoned out loud, "Oh my, oh my, I didn?t know that?s what a man?s manhood looked like! Oh, it?s looks nice. Why, it?s beautiful beyond belief! But, oh no, I should not be looking!"

As I stepped into the tub, I stated sternly, "Hell woman, you might as well look! If you want to get pregnant, then you ought to know what the meaty rod that goes inside your cunt looks like!"

I sat in the water and began bathing. The old woman added some more hot water to the tub from a steaming copper kettle. She took a seat by the fire.

I noticed that the Princess was observing my every move. A mischievous gleam came to my eye. Perhaps I could have a little fun. I looked directly at her and said, "I need a little assistance. Can you wash my back for me?"

Without thinking, the young woman slipped out of her chair and knelt beside the tub. She took the washcloth from my hand and began to scrub my back. After a few minutes, I leaned back. Just as I?d hoped, she continued by scrubbing my wide, muscular chest.

I leaned back. I was beginning to relax. I was feeling right at home in this royal bathtub with a royal princess bathing me. With my eyes closed, I felt a hand descend beneath the water and gently bathe my cock. I suppose curiosity had helped the woman conquer some of her previous timidity.

Slowly but surely, I climbed to my knees in the tub. I hoped I wouldn?t scare the lady. I didn?t. Undaunted, the woman continued scrubbing the elongated shaft in her hands. She seemed to be mesmerized by feelings she?d not had before.

The woman dropped the soapy washcloth into the water. But, her slippery, soap-covered hands continued scrubbing and massaging my cock, my balls, and my pubic hairs.

Princess Ella, royal lady or not, was breathing with womanly sighs and speaking candidly, "Oh dear, oh my, I love this?this wondrous wand! Sir, what magic spell has this thing cast over me? Why can?t I let it go? I love it, I love it! I do!"

Instead of answering, I reached out to loosen the bodice buttons on her silky gown. Her eyes widened, but she didn?t stop me. I wanted her as naked as I was myself. I think she instinctively knew this. She glanced at the old woman and nodded.

Old, the woman was, but age had not robbed her of strength. She knelt behind her Princess and pulled layer after layer of garments from the royal lady?s body. Finally, the young princess found her female body stripped totally nude and kneeling beside a bathtub with a naked male in it.

I asked the elderly woman if she could now leave the room, but Princess Ella quickly responded, "Oh no! It would not be ?proper? for me to be alone in a room with a man other than my wedded mate!

I was beginning to think that this young princess had some mighty strange ideas about ?proprieties?. She didn?t think it proper behavior to be alone with me, yet here she was with her nude body completely exposed to my sight!

Princess Ella stared at my nudity and then at her own. She made an unbelievable statement, which I had to accept as fact. She whispered, "No man has ever seen me like this, not even the Prince."

Glory be, hell I was seeing her! I was staring with amazement at a wondrous feminine form! Beautiful breasts, fully matured, yet young, perky, and petite adorned the flawless white flesh of her chest. These beautiful baubles were further ornamented with bright pink nubile nipples surrounded with pale pink areolas.

My knees weakened and I sat back in the tub so suddenly that water splashed everywhere. The Princess laughed merrily. Well hell, I?ll teach her to laugh at my awkward unsteadiness! I reached a hand behind her back and pulled a breast to my mouth. My lips locked onto a nipple and greedily sucked.

Princess Ella placed her hands on me and attempted to push me away. But, she wasn?t pushing very hard. Hell, it wouldn?t have done her any good to push harder! A team of horses couldn?t have pulled my lips from those tantalizing tits! First one tit and then the other became victims of my ravenous mouth?s oral assault. The woman softly moaned.

As I sucked and pulled, the Princess became unbalanced and fell into my arms. Her curly blond head fell on my shoulder with her lips barely an inch from mine. Temptation overpowered me, so I let it sweep me away. I licked my mouth and placed my moisturized lips against her enticing mouth.

She attempted to resist, but her attempt was feeble at best. Female instinct was awakened. Aroused passion was ignited. Her mouth opened and her lips accepted the wet lips pressed to hers. She kissed me deeply. She kissed obsessively. Feverish fervor locked our mouths in a duel of ardent obsession. We fought this duel with slippery lips and darting, teasing tongues.

So obsessed were we with kissing that we two struggled to breath. Finally, our lips became untangled and the Princess? head fell to my shoulder. With labored words, she whispered into my ear, "Bless all the saints above! I?ve never known kisses like this were possible!"

My hands reached out and grabbed her under the arms. I bodily lifted her nude, feminine form over the edge of the bathtub. I held her motionless in front of my eyes as I quickly studied the picture of her flat, smooth belly and her thin, shapely legs. My eyes focused on the thin patch of blond pubic curls which barely concealed a well-developed, split pussy mound. Drops of moisture glistened from a feminine opening.

My arms weren?t tired. The woman probably weighed no more than one hundred pounds. My muscular arms could have held her all day. Yet, I pulled her against my chest and lowered her into the bath water with me. Her nude body slid down mine.

My intent was to sit her in my lap so I could kiss and play with her some more. Yet, as the fates would have it, her glistening moisturized pussy slid down to touch the tip of my erect cock. Despite my original intentions, I lowered her gently and felt her slippery wet vaginal opening impale itself onto my stiffened shaft.

The Princess? body stiffened. She had a decision to make. She was either going to jump up and flee or she was going to stay and see this thing through to the end. Her voice was barely audible as she said, "Oh damn, Sir it?s too late to stop now! I know I should. I know you should. I know we should. But?but, Sir, what do I do now? I?ve never?in a bathtub. We should go to my bed."

With my hands roaming up and down the naked woman?s back, I answered, "First, you just give me a few more kisses and then I?ll show you what to do."

With her hands clasped around my neck, Princess Ella leaned in and kissed me. Once again, impassioned fervor drew our lips together. This time, our hearts felt the awakening of something more than just physical intimacy. Could it be?oh no, it can?t be?could it be love? Hell, we just met!

I broke the lip lock, grabbed two hands full of royal feminine ass, and lifted the woman a few inches. I then lowered her back onto my swollen cock. I felt the warmth as her pussy released torrents of natural feminine lubrication to serve as an aid for penile penetration.

I lifted and lowered her again and again. Soon, she began to understand the physical mechanics of bathtub fucking. She eagerly joined in. She assisted with the raising and lowering movements. Her dripping wet pussy was gliding effortlessly up and down on my well-lubricated, slippery wet shaft.

Thus we began a steady, rhythmic copulation dance. Time became lost. All I knew was that my meaty cock had found a warm home inside a royal cunt. An enchanted princess was riding my rigid rod with unrestrained, wild enthusiasm. She was bucking and jumping as I was pumping and thrusting.

We both were aware of the bath water spilling, splashing, and running over the top of the tub and forming puddles on the floor. Yet, neither of us slowed down. Why should we give a damn? There?s an old saying about crying over spilt milk. I don?t believe there?s one about crying over spilt water.

The Princess began whimpering and loosing her breath. She became frightened. I lifted and lowered her again. Again, she lost her breath. She cried out, "Oh Sir, you must stop! Oh my, I can?t breathe! Something is happening?down there?where you are inside me. Oh Sir, oh my goodness, what is it? Why does it feel so good that I can?t breathe? Please stop?oh no, please don?t! What is it, Sir?"

I held the woman close, yet I didn?t follow her commands to stop. A royal edict from the King himself couldn?t have stopped me now! But, I answered the questions, "Listen Princess dear, you?re just beginning to have an orgasm. Hell, you?ve had orgasms before!"

A quizzical look came into the woman?s eyes. She asked, "What is an ?orgasm?, Sir? Oh mercy, does it feel like this? If so, then I?ve never felt?oh my?oh goodness, it?s starting again!"

Natural, carnal instincts took control. Princess or not, she was a woman with female needs demanding fulfillment. She had said she wanted to stop, yet she did just the opposite. She began bouncing up and down in an uncontrollable frenzy. She rode the slippery shaft buried inside her wet vaginal cavity.

If not for the strength of my hands holding onto her ass, I believe the wanton lady would have bounced out of the tub. Our slow rhythmic mating dance increased in tempo.

Princess Ella began squealing. She jumped and screamed. She jumped and squealed. Hell, I knew she was cumming! That she was having an orgasm, there was no doubt. Her voice was singing with orgasmic glee, "Oh glory, oh glory, oh my, I can?t believe it! This is not real, oh no, nothing could feel this good!"

Hell yes lady, something can feel this good! I?m just the fellow to know because I was feeling it, too! I was cumming. Hot, seminal fluids had boiled to a pressurized bursting point. They shot from my engorged, rock-hard shaft and entered a deep, warm, welcoming vaginal cavern. I was having orgasms inside a velvety, royal pussy!

The Princess must have felt the force of the cream as it shot into her body. She began cumming again. With the renewed orgasms, she whimpered, she cried, she laughed. She gloried in wave after wave of orgasms.

As her vaginal muscles convulsed in orgasmic spasms, my cock continued pouring out liquefied fire. My mind was silently cursing the fact that men can?t have another round of orgasms until a while after the first round. But hell, damn the facts! Unbelievably, I was still hard and I was cumming again!

Together, the Princess and I surrendered to unquenchable lust. Our ravenous loins rejoiced as our bodies, our hearts, and our souls joined in joyous celebration.

Time, the mischievous enemy it was, would not stand still. Princess Ella slumped against my chest. I held her tightly. Exhausted, neither of us could utter a word. We sat in silence and waited for breath.

Finally, our chests stopped heaving. I grabbed a handful of curly blond hair and pulled the Princess? head from my shoulder. She was smiling. She knew I was going to kiss her. She followed my lead and touched the tip of her tongue to her lips and moisturized them.

Our lips joined. We kissed hungrily. No matter how hard we tried, we could not kiss deeply enough. So, we kept on trying. We both knew this was not just lust racing from our lips to our hearts. No, it was more. It was a feeling we dare not admit. This woman was bound in matrimony.

Matrimonial bounds be damned, this woman had to speak, "Oh Sir, I?ve never known such wonder! I?ve never had such blissful joy! I?ve never felt such?love! Yes love is what I feel. Heaven forgive me, but I hope you?ve impregnated me already!"

With a rapidly beating heart, I too spoke forbidden words, "Princess dear, I feel love, too! You are the most glorious miracle ever to bless my life!"

I suppose there was a bit of mischievousness in my heart. I spoke teasingly, "As for any possible impregnation, just to be sure, I think maybe we ought to try this coupling again. Perhaps we can do it in that big bed of yours."

Princess Ella jumped with expectant anticipation. But, before we could climb out of the bath, the old lady approached with another pot of hot water. The woman?s gruff voice spoke, "Before you two go to coupling under the clean covers of the bed, you need to wash each others sweaty, sticky, sex-messy bodies."

The old woman poured warm water into the now tepid tub. The Princess and I had not even noticed that we?d been in the tub so long the water was cooling off. Before straightening up, the old lady placed a kiss on my head and whispered, "Thank you young Sir for giving my young Miss the joy and happiness I thought she might never ever find!"

The Princess and I bathed each other. We kissed and flirted, tickled and teased, and again splashed water all over the floor. We dried our nude bodies in front of the fire. I scooped the young woman into my arms and carried her towards her bed.

The old woman was turning down the bed. Before I laid her young mistress in the bed she instructed, "I think you two have been ?familiar? enough with each other to begin using your first names, at least at the times when you are alone. Forget about ?Princess? and forget about ?Sir?."

Unceremoniously, I pitched my royal lover onto the bed. I held out my hand in a gesture of introduction and said, "Hi Ella, I?m Jack. I have a cousin named Jack B. Nimble, but my name is Jack B. Quick. Believe it or not, neither one of us has ever jumped over a candlestick!"

Ella giggled merrily and held out her hand to take mine. A mischievous twinkle gleamed in her eyes. She pulled me into the bed beside her, smiled, winked, and playfully whispered, "Hi Jack, I hope you?re not going to ?b? too ?quick?!"

So, I wasn?t quick. I wasn?t quick at all. For the next two hours, Ella and I frolicked and played in her big feather bed. We kissed insistently. We tickled and teased. I discovered a spot just under each breast that was especially ticklish. She giggled with glee as I mercilessly tickled her.

I found out that Ella thoroughly enjoyed having her breasts kissed and her nipples sucked. I nibbled and bit on the luscious pink nubs. She wiggled and squirmed with delight.

When my mouth trailed down her belly, I found a womanly pussy pulsating with eager expectation. With my fingers spreading the puffy vaginal folds, my lips and mouth attacked her clit. Just as I?d hoped, the color of her clit was the same radiant pink of her nipples. I kissed and sucked this wondrous royal jewel. My tongue flicked and licked this pretty pink feminine treasure in a frenzy of lustful amusement.

Ella wasn?t a virgin. No, she was a woman four years wed. But, she may have well have been as virginal as new-fallen snow. She continuously admitted, "Oh Jack, I?ve never felt that before! Oh Jack, what are you doing? Oh god, Jack, that feels so good!"

We two gave each other a full body massage. Ella liked this very much. I did, too. At last, I had the chance to kiss the royal feminine ass I?d thought would never be mine to touch. My sweet princess thrilled at the touch of my lips and tongue.

When Ella massaged me, she came finally to my cock. She squeezed, tugged, and played with this manly male member. She?d already said she?d never ever seen one until today. At first, she played gently, but then she played more roughly. I suppose she was making up for lost cock-play time.

Ella stopped playing with my cock and looked at me with imploring eyes. Her voice quivered shyly as she said, "Jack, you kissed and sucked my?my private female parts. May I?do women kiss and suck a man?s private male parts?"

I laughed heartily. Heaven help me, but I loved my precious princess! My answer came huskily, "My dear Ella, yes women do. Babe, you may kiss and suck me to your heart?s delight!"

So, that?s just what Ella did. She kissed and sucked my rigid rod with a ravenous hunger I couldn?t believe. Ecstatic joy flowed from my loins and into my heart. After a while, I had to stop her energetic oral manipulations. Hell, I was about to cum! A woman can?t get pregnant by swallowing a man?s seed! That seed needs to be planted inside her vaginal vault.

With this thought in mind, I flipped Ella to her back and mounted her with the same undeniable lust as wild stag in the woods would mount a doe in heat! I planted my seed in the place it belonged.

Ella and I grunted and groaned. We whimpered and cried as orgasms locked our loins in blissful contentment. Deep, wicked, wanton pleasure was ours to share for as long as we could. It seemed like we were cumming for a long, long time. My seed found a home where it could grow and get nourishment. It could live here happily. It could live here for about nine months.

After this fervent coupling, Ella and I slowed down. We had time for one more carnal union before I would have to leave. We waited a while before savoring it.

While we waited, we kissed and spoke forbidden endearments. Ella?s voice was the first to speak, "Jack, my love, I wish it was you I?d met at the grand ball four years ago. I wish it was you who?d found my glass slipper. I wish it was you I had wed! Saints answer me, why did my fairy godmother let me make such a mistake?"

I didn?t understand her last question. But, with my heart bursting with joy, I replied, "Ella, love of my life, I was there at the ball. You see, I too carry royal blood. There is a reason I look like your Prince. He is my half-brother. He is a legitimate son and heir of his father. The King loves me as a father loves his son, but my blood carries the mark of illegitimacy. So dear, if I have indeed impregnated you, then now know this; our child will have the blood of kings!"

Ella, sweet princess she was, kissed me with the passion of love. Once more our bodies joined together. This time, we were ?making love? as orgasms melded our hearts and souls into one.

Time brought us back to reality. Ella watched me dress. I followed the old lady back to the secret doorway. Without bothering to dress, Ella followed, too. She wouldn?t release me from her grasp. The old lady pried her from my arms after making me promise to come back whenever I could. This promise didn?t require all that much persuasion! I?d be back come hell or high water!

When we reached the end of the labyrinth of hidden tunnels, the old lady opened the outside door. There was my woodsman?s wagon. Yet, the wagon?s burnished wooden sides gleamed as shiny and bright as a majestic, royal coach. Harnessed in the place of my old gray mare, were two regal steeds as pure white in color as my eyes had ever seen.

The old lady explained, "These horses are from the Princess? own stables. She wished for them to belong to you. Treat them well as they carry a special place in her heart."

As I mounted the wagon seat and took the reins, the old lady made a cryptic comment which I couldn?t understand. Her words rang in my ears as I drove towards my woodlands home. She had said, "Give the horses a little bit of cheese every once in a while. They used to be mice!"

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