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She has brown, wavy hair with golden honey highlights that falls down to the middle of her back. She has deep warm brown eyes that are formed in a perfect almond shape and framed by long, flirty lashes, and her lips are wide and plump, but not overly so. She married when she was 19 and had two kids, a boy and a girl, before coming out as a lesbian and divorcing after five years of marriage. She has a girlfriend, whom I have not met. She is a regular customer in my flower shop and one of my absolute favorites, even before I became overwhelmingly attracted to her. Her bright, lively eyes and charming, charismatic smile won me over before she'd even spoken.

I am Colette. I'm 5'7 with black curly hair that comes about to my shoulders. I have blue-gray eyes framed by thick black lashes, which I am complimented on almost every day. My skin is a fair ivory color, thanks to Irish and German ancestry. I am also of Latin decent and have a good number of curves - some in the right places, some not. I wouldn't say I'm an unattractive young lady, as I get hit on enough at work that I have to wear a fake wedding band.

I was working by myself one autumn evening, about to close up the shop when Graziella stopped by to purchase a few last-minute birthday balloons for her brother-in-law. "He's not that important to me," she had said, which made me laugh. "But the whole family is getting together tonight for dinner, so I want to make it a little bit special for him since everyone else loves him."

We made small talk as I filled her order, taking my time since I wanted her to stay longer just so I could look at her and imagine what I would do to her if I had the chance. Quite a few times I had to force myself to snap back to reality and focus on the conversation. I hoped she didn't notice the affect she had on me.

From the second I saw her I was attracted to her, but as she became a regular customer it got harder and harder to ignore the way it dampened and pulsated between my thighs when she was around. It was confusing for me - I can't deny I'd been intrigued by other females before, but this kind of attraction was all new to me. It wasn't like being attracted to a man. This was a different kind of excitement. It felt almost forbidden. I knew I couldn't act the same way around her as I did when I was trying to score with a guy. Hell, guys were easy. That's usually what they wanted from the get-go anyway. I'd have to be a lot more slick if I wanted Graziella. But I hadn't decided yet if I was really going to pursue her. After all, she was taken.

Luckily for me though, she made a move first. Before she left she handed me her business card, her personal cell phone number written on the back, and told me she'd like to hang out sometime. I figured she was just making a move towards a new friendship, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.
"I work from home so I'm available whenever," she informed me. "Just give me a call or e-mail me when you're free. I could use a girl's night."
I flashed her a genuine smile. "You got it. I'll call you tomorrow and we'll set up a lunch or something."
She grinned right back. "While I'm here I think I'm going to get some flowers for my place. Do you mind?"
"Not at all! I got some new stuff in today if you'd like to have a look." I motioned to the large walk-in refrigerator where the new merchandise was stored. She nodded with a grin and I lead the way.

Inside the refrigerator I let the door close behind us. It was dark. I had forgotten to switch on the light due to the other thoughts crowding my brain. I grabbed a bunch of large yellow sunflowers and held them up. "How about these?"
"They're very pretty. Lovely. Just like you," Graziella said.
I blushed and smiled. "Thank you. You're pretty too."
"You think I'm pretty?" She asked, moving closer to me, making us face-to-face.
", actually," I said shyly.

She grasped the bunch of sunflowers and placed them back into the bucket of water. Then she kissed me. I was stunned. Then it sank in - Graziella was kissing me and I was standing there like a deer in headlights. I had to kiss her back. And I did. Her hands went to my sides and my arms went around her neck as the kissing intensified. My tongue glided against hers and she moaned as she felt my tongue piercing. Then she gently pushed me against the wall and kissed down my neck and chest, unbuttoning my shirt as she went. Finally she parted the fabric, exposing my large D cups covered by a black bra. She quickly pulled that down and took my left nipple in her mouth. I gasped as she licked and sucked, going back and forth between both of my tits.

She was so good with her tongue. No man I'd ever been with had been able to turn me on so much just by licking and sucking my breasts. It made me brazen. "I want your pussy on my tongue," I said and she gasped with delight.

She gently pulled me from the wall and we switched positions. I shrugged off my shirt and pulled off my bra, then kissed her once more, grabbing her breasts, before my right hand pulled up the bottom of her dress, exposing the black thong she wore underneath. She held the fabric bunched in her hand as I slipped mine into the front of her panties and caressed the bare pussy underneath. I could feel the hot wetness on my palm and pressed my middle finger inwards until I found her clit. I gently rubbed the hard nub of flesh, making her moan.

I then got down to my knees and slowly pulled the front of the thong down. I wanted to taste her pussy so bad I was salivating. I pulled until her sweet little cunt was in my view and then I dove the fuck in, sliding my tongue right up in between the folds of flesh and savored her cum. I licked and flicked and sucked and kissed, making her moan louder and louder. I put my tongue right up into her soaking wet hole and wiggled it around in there, making her scream. Then I went back to her clit and licked in slow circles until she came, her juices dripping down my chin and onto my chest.

I stood back up, staring at her as she panted there against the wall. She had pulled the top of her dress down and had been grabbing her succulent C cup tits as I ate her out. I leaned in and licked her nipples. She moaned more, then slowly straightened her back and placed her hand under my chin, gently guiding it up. I kissed her hard on the mouth, making her taste herself on my tongue, which she loved. Then she pulled her head back. "I want to make you cum. Lay on the floor."

I did as she said and she got down on her knees, then undid my pants and pulled them off. I hadn't worn panties that day. She seemed delighted by that. She parted my legs and dipped her head down to slide her tongue up and down between my pussy lips. I gasped. There hadn't been more than my own hand down there in months. Now I was getting munched on by this hot girl I barely knew - AT WORK of all places.

She had me panting in a matter of seconds as she sucked on my clit. She put two fingers inside me and began to finger fuck me until I came so hard I shook and created a puddle of my juices below me. Then, when I thought she'd finished, she grabbed my legs and lifted my hips up and started licking my puckered pink asshole. I moaned loudly. I'd almost forgotten how good that felt. I relaxed and she pushed her tongue into my asshole, making out with it. Then she pulled her head back and slipped a finger in.
"You like that, baby?" She asked.
I nodded enthusiastically, "Oh fuck yes!" I replied.

She continued to finger my asshole, then turned, lifted her leg up and over, and straddled me with her pussy over my face. Fuck yes... I thought as I parted her cheeks and spit on her asshole. I rubbed it in gently with a finger, then slipped it in as my tongue went to her clit. Both of us moaned and sighed as we finger fucked and licked each other to another orgasm each. Her pussy squirted a little in my mouth and was absolutely delicious.

Then, as if there was some divine timer for us, her cell phone began to ring. "Fuck!" she said and grabbed her purse from the floor. "I'm late for that fucking dinner."

She stood up and readjusted herself. I sat on the floor and watched her, dying to taste more of her. She smoothed out her dress and pulled her hair back into a neat ponytail and in just under a minute it looked like she never had a girl-on-girl fuckfest with me on the floor of a flower shop. Before she skipped out with her balloons she kissed me once more and told me to call her tomorrow.
"Count on it," I said, and grabbed a handful of her perfect round ass as she turned to leave.

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