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A man called paul around 46 years old.

The knock came at the door, i rushed down the stairs, in my loose pyjama bottoms and a t shirt , i was exited that this was my first time with a guy and had butterflies in my stomache.I answered the door.Paul stood there, he was average looking and over average wieght. "Hey jacob, can i come in?", paul asked me, i quickly nodded and let him come into the hallway.we both looked at each other for a few seconds,"my cock is so hard for you, lets go to your room.", paul told me.
Happening all so fast i lead him to my room at the top of the house, where he asked me to strip to my underwear.As i pulled off my top and calmly pulled down my pyjama bottoms without getting to exited and nervous, Paul unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his half erect cock from his boxers and started to smoothly stroke it.
His big hand gently moving up and down his huge, thick cock.His foreskin moving back and forth over his thick cock head.oh god, it looked so tastey.I was down to my tight white boxers which complemented my almost finely tonned and hairless chest and my soft and smooth legs.i could see then that Pauls cock grew to full lenth of 7 and a half inches or near to 8."Come suck my cock, babe.".My mind drew blank as all i knew to do was suck that cock.
His thick cock was drawing me in.I went towards him and got on my knees, my head right infront of his huge cock.he released his cock into my own hand and let it move forward into my mouth.
This was it, i was going to loose my mouth cherry.My first cock.OMG!his hard thick cock was in my mouth and i was sucking back and forth and using my hand to jerk him also.With my other hand i pulled his jeans and boxers down to the floor reveiling his big balls.i moved my head further into his cock , his hands rested ontop of my dark hair, stroking his fingers through them while i sucked as deep as i could for him,"oh yer baby, your good, fuck yes!", he said to me as he quietly moaned to himself.his hips often gently moved back and forth forcing his JUICY thick cock deeper into my mouth.
I pulled away from his cock to look up at him, he also looked down at me, smiling.i jerked his cock for a few moments while licking his cock head all around the tip and the hole.i felt so honry and lucky that i was sucking this guys cock, that he chose me to plesure him. I wanted to suck him all night and to give him lots of plesure.Mmm, his cock tasted so good.
i carried on sucking again, faster this time using my hand, tongue and mouth to plesure him all at the same time.i could taste his cum all over my tongue, i was just so horny and exicited with sucking his cock that i didnt mind the taste."Your doing good, how does my cock taste?", Paul asked me, i released his cock from my mouth,"It's so juicy and your so thick, i can hardly get it all in my mouth." i told him as i jerked him off, his cock red hot and pulsating in my hand."Do you like my cum then?", Paul asked."I want it all, all over my face and in my mouth." i told him excitedly but still nervous.Was i able to do all this, and furthermore would i be able to swallow it too?
"You gonna swallow it too babe, every last drop?", he asked me as he took back control of his cock and started to furiously jak it faster.I didnt have time to think of the good or bad things to come from doing that but i answered,"I want to swallow all your cum, and lick your cock clean too.", i said.
"Good boy, jake.", he replied, as i started to lick his balls as he jerked his cock.I licked them all over, mm they tasted so good, i wanted more.I could feel his wet cock poking againts my face as his pre cum transfered onto my cheek and lips, i let my lips slide over it and let him jerk it off into my mouth as he groaned and moaned and swore.I let my hand glide over his waist and across his bum cheeks and gently rubbed his wet balls.
His huge thick cock and big balls were completely soaked with precum, Pauls hands glided and sliped across his lenth, the pre cum falling onto my lips.This feels so great, i told myself.His cock feels great, his cum taste nice and he was enjoying my mouth.But i knew he was going to cum, i could feel him move faster and then he moved back control of his cock back to me.I kept up his fast pace, enjoying the action."Get ready to swallow, Jake, i'm gonna cum down your troat.".I could feel it coming, the excitement, the plesure, the release and to feel my first cum load.
And then it came, it came fast into my mouth, i quickly let the thick goo glide across my tongue before i swallowed.Pauls hands held my head towards his cock as he also thrusted eraticly into my mouth, fireing off shot after shot of thick cum.I loved that i was plesuring this man and his needs and i swallowe every drop as it enterd.he was relaxed now as he slid out his cock and let the remaining cum loose on my face

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