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" He slid his hand down to where they were joined and slipped a finger in between them. He then brought it back up to show her, stroking her lower lip with the soaked finger.

He smeared their juices on her lip until she snaked her tongue out to lick his finger. This caused him to groan and catch her mouth in a kiss. The kiss cleaned all their juices off her lips, and then he pulled back and stuck his finger in her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked his finger clean. A whimper escaped her and she felt Michael?s cock throb deep within her.

Feeling she was ready again, Michael started moving again. When she began panting again he added a new twist and slipped his finger up her ass. This made her explode in seconds. She cried his name as she ground her bottom against his hand. He liked hearing his name on her lips so much that when she came down he made her explode all over again just to hear her say it. He just couldn?t get enough of her.

Now he decided it was his turn. He reached up and grabbed a pillow, lifted her legs and placed it under her bottom. This tipped her up toward him and placed her in a position so that she had to take all that he was about to give her. He then began his final time.

She didn?t know what the pillow was for at first, but soon caught on. She was helpless as he thrust into her. She could not move her hips in anyway and the angle tipped her up to him so that when he lifted her legs to his sides, she was receiving all he was giving. This hurled her toward climax rapidly.

She didn?t know that Michael was fast losing control also and when he reached that point he growled, "Look at me Silk."

She did as he asked and met his eyes. "Don?t look away," he told her.

She kept looking deep into his eyes as they both let go. He scared her a bit when he yelled her name and then fell on top of her. He was crazed as he took her mouth, a bit rough at first the slowing to a gentle kiss when his climax subsided. Without breaking the kiss he rolled over with her in his arms so that she was on top. They kissed for a while longer.

After a bit she broke the kiss and laid her head on his chest. They both lay there for while just holding each other. Later they began to stir and Michael thought about it and since he didn?t want the other two to know that he had woken only Silk for his need, he told her to go back to the front room and that he?d join her in a bit. He told her to tell them if anyone woke that she had been helping him. She seemed to understand why he didn?t want them to know and after a kiss, she left the bed and then the room.

She climbed into bed with no one the wiser that she had been gone. She fell asleep almost instantly as Michael had worn her out. Sometime later she felt him get into bed and pulled her body up next to him. She lifted her head and noticed that his hair was wet. This caused her to smile, "You and your showers," she whispered.

"Shhhh," he said and closed his eyes feigning sleep.

She sighed and went back to sleep. Not long afterwards, Michael joined her. It was a quarter to six.

About eight thirty, Silk awoke to the other two getting up. She heard them go to the bathroom and after a bit heard the toilet flush. This painfully called her attention to the fact that she needed to go too. She tried to sit up and realized that during their lovemaking, her braid had come undone and now her hair was free and trapped under Michael?s body. She waited till the other two returned.

"Help," she said in a loud whisper.

Syndee and Stacey laughed at her at first, and then began to help her. Syndee tried to roll Michael over while Silk and Stacey tried to pull her hair out from under Michael. They tried not to wake him but finally his eyes popped open.

"What are you three doing, besides bothering me," he said in a grumpy tone.

Stacey was the first to answer, "Forgive us Master, but slave Silk?s hair is trapped under you and she can?t get up."

Looking down he saw that he was laying on a major part of her hair. "Maybe I like using it for my bed," he told them and pretended to go back to sleep.

"Please Master; I have to go to the bathroom. You don?t want me to wet the bed," Silk pleaded.

He arched an eyebrow, "I don?t? Why would I care?" He teased, "You?ll be the one sleeping in the wet spot and you?ll have to clean it up."

"Please Master, I really have to go," Silk whined.

He rolled off her hair, "Fine if you?re going to whine get out of my bed. In fact all of you, out of bed now and get out of my room. Take your showers and make yourselves worthy of my presence and I?ll take you for breakfast. Wake me nicely at ten. Now go, be quiet while you do it and shut the doors behind you."

"Yes Master", they all said as they left the room.

Silk was the last one out and as she was shutting the doors he added, "Silk, wake me up with your mouth on my cock."

"Yes Master," she said and shut the door.

Ten o?clock finally came and the girls were showered and ready to wake Michael. Silk entered the room first with the other two following closely behind. Michael had rolled over on his stomach making their task harder. The three girls glanced at each other and finally Syndee took the lead.

"I?ll roll him over then Silk you get between his legs. Stacey get on his other side and help me roll him once I get him half way over," Syndee told the other two in a whisper and then got into bed and began to wedge herself under Michael?s body to push him over.

As Syndee climbed into bed, he woke up. Playing possum, he pretended to be asleep so that he could see what they would do to remedy the problem of him laying on his stomach. He didn?t offer any help and was pleased, when Syndee wedged herself under him and began to gently push him over. Once he was about half way over, Stacey took his arm and pulled him on to his back. Then Silk climbed between his legs and went to the task he had ordered her to do in order to wake him. Finally he could play possum no longer.

With a girl on each side, he ran his hands up and found a breast on each girl. Giving each nipple a tug to let them know he was awake, he also groaned and flexed his legs to let Silk know he was aware of her also. She gave his leg a brief squeeze in answer. While she did her thing, Michael took advantage of the two girls by his sides.

A bit of jealousy over took Silk as she watched Michael play with her sisters. Then she remembered early this morning when Michael had gotten home and the fact that he had ordered her to be the one to wake him with oral, not the other two. She still felt unsure of her place and wished Michael would explain it to her. She wanted to be his favorite.

Michael grabbed Syndee by her hair and pulled her down for a kiss as his other hand found Stacey?s mostly bare muff. As he kissed Syndee, he used his hand to manipulate Stacey to an orgasm.

"Master," Stacey hissed, "May I cum?"

Pulling away from Syndee, he glanced at Stacey. It pleased him to see she was able to control it and not cum until he gave the word even thought he kept fingering her. He could see the muscles in her whole body tightening and finally said, "Let go, slave."

She squealed and soaked his hand. When she was finally done he took his hand away.

Michael noticed that she had wet his hand and this gave him an idea. He pulled his hand away from Stacey and reached down to where Silk was happily sucking him. "Let go Silk," he told her and when she did, he stuck his finger in her mouth giving her a taste of Stacey. She sucked his finger as if it was his cock and this caused him to groan in pleasure. Finally she had cleaned his finger off and with a nod from him resumed sucking his cock. He offered his other wet finger to Syndee, who also sucked Stacey?s juices off his finger.

Michael could tell that he was not going to cum so easily this morning no matter what Silk did so finally he told her, "Okay Silk you can stop. While it feels wonderful, I am not in the mood to let go just now. Let?s get up and go get breakfast.

A little disappointed, Silk did as he asked and got out of bed. Stacey and Syndee followed suit. All three girls help Michael get up and as he went into the dining room. Silk made the bed with Stacey?s help.

"Syndee, make me some coffee, use one and a half scoops of grounds and only make half a pot. Silk get me some clothes out for the day. Stacey get in here and pick up your clothes," he said and as Stacey came to do his bidding, he swatted her ass. "I told you, I like cleanliness," he stated and then as he went to shower, he told them, "And get dressed."

All the girls did as ordered. Silk was proud to be asked to pick out his clothes. She went into his dressing room and picked him out a pair of jeans, a soft blue t-shirt and a pair of socks. She knew now from the last few days that he only wore underwear when he wore certain pants such as his leather pants or a pair of dress slacks so she didn?t get him any out. She gathered up all she had gotten out and took them to his bedroom where she knew he would dress. On the way back to the bedroom, she also grabbed his shoes to complete the whole outfit. Once in the bedroom, she laid out the clothes on the foot of the bed and placed the shoes on the floor then dressed herself and awaited his return with her sisters who had each done their assigned task.

Michael was hungry by the time he got in the shower and since he could not have Silk shower with him, he hurried through the process and got out. With a towel wrapped around his middle he returned to the bedroom and was please to note that all three where kneeling on the floor and fully clothed, Syndee had a cup of coffee in hand for him and Silk had laid out his clothes on the foot of the bed. The dining room was also spotless. A reward would be in order.

Michael drank his coffee and then dressed with their help. As they helped him he couldn?t help but notice their smells. This was something he really noticed on a woman. Each of his slaves smelt wonderful and unique. Stacey smelt clean and fresh, like a country day, Syndee smelt like an oriental shop and Silk smelt sensual. He wondered what each wore to achieve their smell. Then the idea accrued to him, as a reward, he would take them and buy them each a bottle of perfume. With this though in mind, he smiled and finished his coffee.

"Let?s go slaves," he said, getting up and going into the kitchen where he sat his cup in the sink. He then grabbed his jacket and keys and headed for the door that led to the garage. The girls jumped up and followed him to his truck.

The ride to the diner was mostly silent. Everyone seemed to be half awake. Once there, Michael told the greeter that he wanted the round table in Starla?s section. She checked to see if it was free and came back and informed him that it would be ready in about five minutes. He nodded that it was fine and turned to the girls.

"Hungry, little ones?" He asked.

"Yes Master," Stacey told him.

Syndee replied, "Yes, I am famished, Master."

Silk was closest to him and whispered, "Yes Master."

With delight, Michael smiled at their answers. He also noted that the greeter was looking at them rather oddly. Finally she told them that their table was ready and escorted them to it.

Michael let them get in first and then sat opposite of Silk. Once everyone was settled, he offered Silk a smile.

Starla came to give them menus and take drink orders. Silk noticed that once she saw it was Michael, her already smiling face brightened even more.

"Michael, what a nice surprise and who are these lovelies." She asked as she handed everyone a menu.

With a laugh he introduced everyone, "Girls this is Starla. Starla this is Stacey," pointing to each one in turn, "This is Syndee and you have already met Silk.

Silk did not know that by the use of the word girls and the way he introduced Starla to them first, that he in effect told everyone that Starla was a Dominatrix and that they were slaves. Yet she noticed that the other girls seem to know and was respectful in their tone and words of return greeting.

"Hello," Starla said, "Do you ever go to Baron?s parties?"

"No ma?am," Syndee stated, "We have only been to Paul?s and to the Dungeon Keep; otherwise it has been the private scene until now."

Stacey shook her head in agreement.

"Well, I hope that Michael brings you to Baron?s sometime," she told them, "Now, what would you all like to drink?"

Glancing at Silk first, Michael told her, "Ice tea for me and Silk with sweet and low."

The other two ordered sodas and Starla left to get their drinks and allow them time to choose something to eat.

Being polite, Michael asked of Silk in a high-class tone, "Allow me to order for you my dear."

"Oh by all means, kind sir," She laughed back at him.

"The usual then, "He asked?

"It would be a crime to change," She told him in a breathless reply.

"You two are so cute together. I can?t believe you?re not married or something," Stacey remarked.

At Silk?s fallen look, Michael told the other two, "Silk just got out a long relationship and it ended badly for her. I am nothing yet to Silk except sex and games."

Shocked and not knowing what to say Silk just sat there and stared at him. He stared back and the look dared her to challenge him. Finally she looked away.

"So you say," Syndee chimed in as she and Stacey exchanged looks of their own.

Starla came over and took their orders. Michael ordered for Silk and the other two did their own ordering. After about ten minutes, the food was on the table and everyone dug in. Michael kept glancing at Silk and she purposely kept her eyes on her plate. He wanted to say something, but felt it should wait till they were alone. Finally he caught her gaze and gave her a look that spoke volumes. He then blew her a kiss. She finally smiled.

Once they were done and the plates cleared away, Michael asked, "So what do you all have planned for today?"

The girls gave him a rundown which included homework for all three girls. Stacey and Syndee needed to do laundry and clean their place. Silk had to call her parents, which Michael said she could do from his place.

"Well I was wondering because I wanted to take you all to the Mall for a bottle of your favorite perfume as a reward. I like your scents and since I don?t know what any of you wear it?s easier to just take you and let you buy your own," Michael told them with a grin.

All the girls agree in unison and so they left. Michael paid the bill and off they went to the Mall. Once inside, Michael allowed them to lead the way. Each girl in turn found her favorite perfume and once they were all paid for, Michael led them back to the truck and they were on their way back to his house.

Once home, Stacey and Syndee gathered their things and with promises to call on Tuesday, they were off. After that, Silk gathered her books and spread out on the living room floor to do her homework. Michael changed clothes then sat at his computer doing his own homework. While he did this he also watched Silk and thought about how well things were going. He was really proud of himself and of Silk thus far and now his mind wandered to thoughts of the fun they could have.

Silk lay on the living room floor and did her homework. Every so often she would look up and find Michael watching her. The look in his eyes was intense and this caused Silk to smile back in a flirty manner. When Silk was almost done Michael came down and sat on the couch behind her. Silk could feel his eyes on her and when her homework was finally finished, she closed her books and pushed them away from her. Next she rolled over on her back, leaned up on her elbows and gave him a smile.

Watching her flirt with him while they did homework was turning Michael on greatly. Finally he finished his paper, which he saved and printed. Next he put his stuff back in his bag and went downstairs to the living room. He sat on the couch behind her and noticed her skirt had ridden up her legs while she lay there, exposing her ass cheeks. Michael noticed a slight bruising on them, but nothing serious. The whole picture was very sexy. Then she turned over and leant up on her elbows and gave him that smile that he was fast becoming very attracted to.

"What are you staring at?" She asked.

"Your ass and legs and the marks I left on them," He told her with a grin.

Silk watched him as he sat there. She decided she was horny so she began to flirt and tease. Taking her foot, she ran it up his calf while she used her tongue and licked her lips in a provocative manner, finally she heard him groan. He crawled off the couch and over her body; their lips met.

Michael watched for a moment deciding what to do. She smiled and flirted again and then Michael felt her toes caress his calf while she teased him with her mouth and tongue. Michael had enough and with a grown, he crawled over her body and claimed her mouth.

Michael rolled their bodies into a more comfortable position as they kissed. Somehow his hand found its way into her panties, which he used to tease her until his shirt found its way open and her nails were on his flesh.

Finding her ear he whispered, "You can only scratch me if you cum," he then used his fingers to tease her senseless.

Silk panted and thrashed around the floor. Michael would let up off and on and just kiss her, sometimes her mouth, sometimes her breasts and sometimes her neck. He seemed to really enjoy her neck, which delighted Silk greatly. This was her biggest erogenous zone.

Then he had an idea, "Silk," He breathed in her ear, "How about I teach you to masturbate."

Meeting his eyes, she swallowed, "Right now?"

"Yes, right now little one," He told her and with that he jumped up and went up stairs. After a few minutes he returned with a vibrator. Michael lay down once again and sat the vibrator next to them. He began to kiss Silk again till she was out of her mind with lust once more.

Thinking on it he decided that the best way to do this would be to have her between his legs so she could see what he was doing. This decided, he undressed her, and then he lifted and sat up. Placing his back against the couch, he motioned for her to sit between his legs with her back to him. Using one hand, he turned her head to claim her lips while with his other hand he grabbed the vibrator.

He turned it on and ran it up her leg, in response she started to close her legs, "No don?t," He whispered, "You?ll like this" He then kissed her again and she opened her legs for him.

Once he had her full attention he placed the tip on her clit, her body jumped in response. Michael used it to stimulate her and tease her till she was panting again. He wouldn?t let her cum just yet. Silk was going crazy till finally Michael stopped. Silk gave a slight whine to which Michael laughed.

"You want to cum, you?ll have to get yourself off," He breathed in her ear.

Silk looked at him and saw he was serious, "What do I do," She finally asked.

Placing the vibrator in her hand, he then guided it to her wet pussy, "Just do as I did. Touch it to your clit and let the vibrations make you cum."

Silk did as he told her. Soon she was out of her mind once again. Michael was talking low and dirty in her ear and her body was buzzing along with the vibrator. She felt like she would break into a million pieces at any moment. She turned her head and met Michael?s eyes.

"Kiss me please," she breathed.

Michael laughed slightly, "No baby, if I help you will never be able to do this on your own. You have to do this the first time without me. Come on you can cum. Cum for me Silk," he told her.

Silk gave a whine but kept doing as he told her. The feeling was so intense that she thought she would go crazy and then, she exploded. When this happened she threw back her head and moaned loudly.

Michael held her while she came; proud he was the one to teach her this. Once she was done, he kissed her once more, ravaging her mouth. Dropping the vibrator, Silk turned in his arms and threw her arms around him. Michael kissed her for a while. Soon they were lying on the floor once more.

Michael worked his way down her neck to her breasts. Kissing them and biting her nipples made her wild all over again. Using his hand, he found her pussy very wet, this gave Michael an idea and so he kissed his way down to her pussy. Once there, he grabbed the vibrator, which was still on, using it and his mouth he began to bring her to new heights all over again.

Silk was ready to quit after the last orgasm, but when Michael started kissing down her belly she knew she couldn?t tell him no. As his mouth met her pussy he also placed the vibrator against her also. Silk gave into the feelings he invoked and allowed him to make her cum once more.

Using the vibrator on her clit Michael used his mouth and tongue to tease her also. He loved her taste and the way she moved her pussy against his mouth. Within minutes Michael could tell she was close once more.

Silk gripped the carpet and thrashed her head back and forth. "Michael please," She hissed and then as she exploded again, "Don?t stop."

Michael rode her wave of passion until she floated back to him. Once she was done he lay back next to her and hugged her close. When she looked at him, he kissed her and she could taste her juices on his mouth.

After a while they just lay there holding each other till Michael felt uncomfortable. Realizing they were lying on the floor he decided it was time for a dip in the hot tub. He was sure she could use one too.

Silk was content to just cuddle but then Michael got up. Silk gave a whimper and started to pout. Then Michael slapped her on the ass.

"No pouting. Time for the hot tub," he told her as he held out his hand to help her up.

He led her into the hot tub room. She stood there while he lifted the cover and got out towels. Next she watched him adjust the controls and undress. Soon the tub was bubbling. He motioned her to come over by where he stood. While they waited for the tub to be ready he kissed her some more.

Looking up he noticed the mirrored wall. This gave him a naughty idea. He turned her so that her back was to him. "Put your foot up on the edge like you?re going to climb in," he told her in a husky whisper.

Silk did as he asked.

"Now watch in the mirror," He told her as he slid into her very wet pussy.

Silk looked up to see his cock disappear into her. It looked so hot, she came on the spot.

Michael was also watching the mirror but it surprised him when she came so quickly. Her whole body vibrated with her orgasm. Michael kept thrusting anyway, helping her to enjoy it to the fullest. When she finally came down, he asked "What brought that on little one?"

With a purr, she answered, "I don?t know, I guess seeing it in the mirror like that. I?ve never seen it like that, so up close."

Michael gave a laugh and agreed, "Yes it is rather up close and personal isn?t it?" He pulled up on her ass cheek slightly, which showed even more. "Looks so damn sexy, don?t it?"

Silk moaned in agreement as Michael slid in and out of her. He kept this up till she came again. Once she was done, he pulled out and turned her around for a kiss. As he kissed her, he scooped her up in his arms and sat her over the edge of the tub. Placing her on the edge, he let go and climbed in next to her. She was still sitting on the edge once he was fully in so he turned to her and pulled her in onto his lap.

Silk allowed Michael to pull her into the steamy water. It felt good on her muscles and as she relaxed, Michael rubbed her back muscles. Silk leaned close allowing her breasts to rub against Michael?s chest. Soon the contact on her nipples was making her buzz with need. She briefly thought to herself that she had never been so turned on and she had never had so many orgasms in one day. This fact she shared with Michael. He laughing reminded her that the day was not over yet.

Soon they were kissing once more. Neither one could seem to get enough of the others mouth. Michael thought to himself that he could kiss her all night.

As they kissed Silk rubbed herself against Michael?s hard cock. He liked that way she teased him. She shifted just enough that he was entering her a few inches. Soon they were making love in the hot tub. As he held on to her behind, he fingered her ass to add to her pleasure. Finally Michael decided he wanted her ass.

Pushing her away he told her, "Let?s get out, I want to take this to the bed. I also want your ass."

Silk got up and climbed out. Michael joined her and handed her a towel. As they dried off Silk thought about Michael taking her anally. While the idea turned her on, she was nervous also. Once they were dry Michael led her to the bedroom. As they went, he scooped up her vibrator from the floor. Soon they were next to the bed and he sat the vibrator on the night stand. Next he scoped her up for a kiss and as they kissed, he cupped her ass cheeks to press her up against him.

He could tell that she was nervous so he went slowly. As they kissed he slipped a hand between them to stroke her pussy lips. He knew the tease was great for her. Next he laid her on the bed and licked his way down her neck to her belly. There he licked her tummy lines and naval till finally he licked down to her hot pussy. Then he licked and teased her till she was thrashing. Finally his tongue found her tight asshole which he proceeded to lick to the fullest as she thrashed under him. He knew he had to be very gentle because when he fingered her last night he noted that she was virginal tight.

Soon he added a finger to the playing, as he licked her pussy and around her tight asshole, he fingered her ass trying to loosen her up. When she came again, he knew she was ready for him, but he kept it up till she gave him a sign.

Finally she was begging for it so he rolled her over and adjusted her till she was up on her knees with her ass in the air. He opened the night stand drawer and grabbed the lube. He also grabbed the vibrator. He lubed up her ass with his finger dipping into her ass to help ready her for him. He also lubed his cock; he didn?t want to cause her any pain. He felt she was ready so he pressed his cock head to her little brown hole. As he pressed forward he felt her tighten even more and she let out a loud hiss. The thought occurred to him that his size was greater than she was used to.

"Silk how big is Reed?" He asked half expecting her to laugh.

"Not as big as you," she hissed and bore down against the pain.

Michael looked down into his hand and saw the vibrator. Duh, he thought to himself as he turned it on, the he reached around and found her pussy. When he hit her clit with the vibrations, she loosened up greatly. Michael slid in some more and when he reached a point she moaned loudly and pressed back onto him. Quickly he was all the way in her ass. Keeping the vibrator on her clit he held as still as possible to allow her to get used to him.

With gritted teeth, Michael asked, "Are you okay."

"Yes oh god yes," came a reply that was more a moan.

Michael saw that she was ready. Keeping one hand on the vibrator, he used his free one and grabbed her shoulder to pull her back into his thrusts.

When he first started to enter her, she wasn?t sure she could take him. He was much bigger then she was used to. Then he placed the vibrator on her clit and her hormones took over. She couldn?t help it, she felt in heat. As he thrust she realized that he was having trouble holding the vibrator and fucking her. Finally she thought to help him and took the vibrator from him and used it on herself.

When she took the vibrator Michael was delighted. This allowed him to really give it to her. He thrust into her at a gentle pace that seemed to please them both. Suddenly she came and Michael lost all control as her ass milked his cum from him also. He moaned loudly with their release, so loud, it shocked them both. Once it was over he fell over to the side and pulled her with him.

"WOW!" Was all he said as he gathered her in to his arms and they both fell asleep.

Later they awoke and Michael decided it was time for some dinner so he called and ordered pizza. When it arrived Michael lay the box on the floor and offered her a picnic of sorts. While they ate they talked some about the past few days. Michael used this to assess how Silk was getting along in the lifestyle.

"So what do you think so far?" He asked.

Silk looked up at Michael not really sure how to express what she was thinking. She felt this was the right way for her but she didn?t know how to express it to Michael, finally she spoke, "I don?t know what to say. I love it, it feels so right."

Michael smiled at the word love hoping that some day she would say that about him. It also made him happy that she loved his world. "I?m glad because it suits you and you have adapted very well," He told her in praise.

They talked as the lay there eating. Michael got up and grabbed the bottle of wine and poured some into a big tumbler. As he lay back down Silk remarked with a laugh that it was very redneck to drink wine that way. When Michael tried to defend himself by saying it was just easier so they didn?t have to keep refilling the glass and they could share Silk stopped him with her finger to his lips. When he quieted she told him that she liked redneck country boys.

Michael caught on and smiled the drawled, "Yes Ma?am," in his best southern accent.

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