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I am a 44 year old investment banker living in Frankfurt living with my husband and two children.

I met my husband when I was a junior investment banker in my mid 20's and he was a receptionist. I specifically made him get me coffees and nobody else. I do think without the Matriarchy and my GIS (Government issued strapon) given to me around that time I wouldn't have had the confidence and power to keep rising past intermediate.

What I'm trying to say is, I fucked him a couple of times in the office before taking it outside of work and eventually marrying him.

He is a wonderful, loving and caring husband. He is now a stay at home dad and I think truly enjoys raising our children. I work ungodly hours and so rarely see my kids. This is alright for me as the money I make keeps them in a very privileged position especially for being two boys. Born as lesser citizens it means they have the opportunity unlike Rupert my husband (who was lucky to get me when he did) to marry Rich upper class woman.

I would like to now discuss married life with Rupert. If this academic journal is about sexual experiences of the Matriarchy then it should know of the most common type of sexual experience; Eheleben.

This evening I'd had pizza delivered to my private office and continued to work till about eight in the evening. I got home around eight thirty Rupert told me the kids were already in bed. I really didnt want to see them I was very tired and stressed. I entered my flat ignored the receptionist and went to my floor. Top floor, all mine. Glass windows offer a near 360 degree view of the twinkling lights of Frankfurt. The floor space is more than ample to raise two children and besides we have another home in the country we can enjoy if need be. The elevator zooms to the top floor and opens with a ping.

I take my jacket and high heels off. I take my suit jacket off and throw it on the couch. Rupert greets me, "Platzieren Sie Ihre Jacke an der richtigen Stelle", picks it off the couch and in the process of hanging it, kisses me. I hold him there as he pulls away. I release him as he's desperate to do some nonsense in the kitchen. He disappears and returns with pretzels and dip. Asking me about my day. He sits on the couch my eye contact lingers. "Kinder im Bett?"... he nods.

I unzip my trousers and reveal the GIS with the cock missing. The O ring found wanting. I have many pairs of GIS pants, thongs, briefs and hipsters. I always have the cock attachment in my handbag and wear them every day just in case I get the urge to fuck the new receptionist, the cleaner or anyone. I've even had to use it for social status sex on occasion. Of course Rupert doesn't know that and I tend not to, it's usually only business trips and the like.

He puts the pretzels on the glass table and stands. I love him. We kiss. I turn him round by the shoulder and bend him over. His knees on the edge of the sofa he unbuckles his trousers as I pull my cock and lube out of my handbag and fix my cock in place.

I stand. Sandy blonde hair, pointy nose and strong cheek bones. I massage my blue cock that protrudes from my striped suit pants and start unbuttonjng my shirt. I gym most days so I have a tight core and arms but I'm not ashamed of my love handles, used breasts and loose belly from two babies. In the Matriarchy these things to be proud of. My colleagues all flatter me for these things and men still fancy me as they always have.

I step closer to him. He puts his hands back and stretches his arsch cheeks. As I step closer still I see his little hole twitching with anticipation. I love watching it wink at me. "ich liebe dich" I say as I insert the entire length into him. He moans very loudly. "ich liebe dich" he responds. "shh ... die Kinder". I exit him very slowly and see his smile. I then enter him the same pace. Its very sensual. I love watching the bliss in his face. The buttons in my GIS which press on my clit vibrate slowly. Its moistening me up nicely. I continue this for a few moments as we confess our love for one another. I ask him if we should go to the bedroom. He whispers "ja ja nur für den Fall" I leave him and his arsch looks sad. I'd like to make it happy again by filling it. So I strut through to the bedroom. He follows sharply. I sit on the edge of the bed in front of our huge window looking out over the city. I see my reflection. My cock stands waiting through my zip. He walks over and goes to his knees. He knows what to do. He sucks my cock like he's needed it all day. The GIS buttons go wild and I enjoy the vision of him in the window. Naked man and clothed woman with all the power. His head gets faster and I start to get hot. I take my shirt off and throw it to the corner. I stand and turn. Pull my pants off from behind just a little to show my arsch hole. He knows his duty. He delves his tongue in hungrily. He gets deeper as I bend over slightly for better access. I take my bra off as I enjoy the male traditional tongue not used so often these days but just as enjoyable. My breasts fall and swing. I hold them and squeeze my nipples. My silhouette would be a good example of how a woman should dominate a man. Standing above him. Not even looking at him while he pleasures my dirtiest hole. My cock erect and my tits the truth of womanhood.

I turn back around. Pull my pants back on and and have him stand up. I sit down at the edge of my bed with my legs spread wide. I twist him round. And have him sit on my strap on. He wanted to sit quickly. But I held on to his hips and eased him slowly down. His arsch eats my blue strapon hungrily. I enjoy watching and I enjoy the sensation of it in my GIS. I groan feeling him elevating off of it again and back down. I scratch his back and feel him. I feel his strong legs and feel for his cock. He wasnt erect. I look in the window to see. He must have been concentrating on me too much. "Es tut mir leid, konzentriere dich auf dein eigenes Vergnügen" he does so, he puts his hands on his knees arches his back and his arsch picks up pace. I watch in the window. I love him. My hands find his nipples in the mirror and I twist them slightly. I see his cock is between his legs so he looks quite feminine. I want to see his cock so I push his legs apart. His cock springs up as though I'd magically woken it. I reach around and jerk it off. He bounces rhythmically. The bed squeaks. Before I can say something hot cum streams down my hand as he slows. I keep jerking him as his cock pulsates and cum trickles down my arm. He moans with delight twisting and turning in writhing pleasure. "Halten sie bitte an" I do not. I keep play with his cock getting every drop. "sie bitte an" he pleads. I keep wanking him as his balls drop and his dick retreats smaller and smaller until soft.

I push him over so he is on all fours in front of the window. I wipe the semen on his back and fuck him. Its my turn now. I take him from behind but not for long. I turn him round. Lifting his legs up I take a dominant missionary position.

My hands, under his shoulders I come in close. Our body's mingle with love. We touch all over and kiss. We hold each other close. His hands on my arsch as I pound him over and over. I look up and see ourselves in this tangle, my tits on him and his legs wrapped round me. I keep loving till my body fills with petroleum, then he spanks me and like a match it lights me and I cum hard inside him. Plowing him over and over till me orgasm subsides.

To some they would awkwardly get back to bed wrap the covers around themselves and forget but for us. Being married so long we felt comfortable kissing, taking our time and falling into each other.

That morning, I woke before him. My GIS still on I turned to the drawer and thought to myself. If I dont have a spare cock in here I'll leave and go to work. But I did, a slim little black one. I lifted up the covers attached it and searched. I pulled his little arsch apart and with a little struggle found my beat.

I started getting quicker and quicker till I came. There was no change in position or craziness. I just simply took what I wanted. Then put my trousers on, kissed him and left. I looked back before I closed the door on him, his cock was full and his body was still restless from the morning onslaught. But I had to go to work to provide for my family.

But, isn't that what you asked for? An idea of sexual life post matriarchy boundaries. Well, there it is, I love my husband and enjoy loving him. Long may it continue...


BOUNDARIES - new laws that exist for the safety of society.

GIS - It was clear to the Matriarchy that a lot of societal problems come directly or indirectly from, the patriarchy. This also meant to the Matriarchy it was clear that everything had to be turned upside down in order for society to be fairer and progress in peace and happiness. Therefore the government provided the female population over 18 with sophisticated strapon pants that would allow the user to be in control of sexual activities and would allow the user to reach climax when traditional means of intercourse, pre matriarchal boundaries, did not satisfy them. Government issued strapon (GIS) pants have devices (buttons) inside the pants that fulfill any needs.

PMB - After what's been named the, 'gender wars' of 2044 - 2046 the years started again. 2046 was the last Anno Domini year. Year 0 Post Matriarchal Boundaries (PMB) is the first year of the new regime.

SOCIAL STATUS SEX - sexuality is fluid so one may be heterosexual but still enjoy sex acts on members of the same sex. Since PMB more woman saddled with a GIS are finding that they have to settle social status disputes or 'pecking orders' by having social status sex with their female friends or peers.

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