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My team was winning.

I saw a very beautiful woman enter with a man, sit on a barstool, and look around. She smiled at me and talked to the guy. She appeared to be wearing body paint and nothing else. In reality she had on a very sexy skin tight dress that was very short, strapless, and had a plunging neckline. The dress was white and her high heel shoes were red. I did not see a watch or a necklace. Her long brown hair flowed freely around her shoulders and lay on her breasts. Fortunately they did not cover her hard nipples.

After a while she walked over to me, sat down, and said, "Hello my name is Kit. My husband told me to come over here, seduce you into taking me up to your room, and then returning to him in the morning with your cum in my pussy."

I laughed and asked, "Are you serious?"

Kit smiled and said, "Yes! I am serious. I need to sleep with you and I need your cum in my pussy when I leave in the morning. Other than that you can do anything that you want to me until then."

I asked, "Are you setting me up? Is your so called husband going to burst into my room and rob me?"

Kit laughed and said, "No! In fact he won?t even know what room you are in. He doesn?t even know your name. He just picked you out because I said that you were cute."

I asked, "And I can do anything to you that I want too?provided that I make a deposit in your sperm bank in the morning."

Kit laughed and said, "You?ve got it."

I asked, "Can we walk past him on our way out so that I can thank him?"

She giggled and said, "I think he would like that."

So I stood up and offered her my arm. She stood up and interlocked her arm into mine. Then we headed up to the bar on our way out.

I said, "I?d like to thank you for the use of your wife."

He replied, "My pleasure."

Kit said, "Thanks honey, I?ll see you in the morning."

She pulled me closer and pressed her left breast into my right arm. At the elevator I pressed floor two, three, four, and five to confuse her husband?just in case he was trying to follow us. We got off on the forth floor and went to my room.

Once we were inside and I had locked and latched the door and then I turned around to watch Kit. She peeled that white dress off like a second skin, or peeling a grape. The point is that it took her a while to roll it down her body exposing her breasts, her tummy, and finally her shaved pussy. She had no tattoos, no piercings, and I could not find a single blemish on her. She was absolutely perfect.

I walked over to her, reached out my hands, and pulled her into a hug. I stroked her fine ass as I kissed her. She pressed her pussy into my crotch. I pressed my erection back into her pussy.

Without me even asking her, she knelt down, fished my hard cock out of my pants, and started sucking. I had a blowjob once?back in high school?but it was terrible. I was drunk, she was drunk, and she had braces. Need I say any more?

Ever since then I was strictly a pussy fucker. That is when I actually got to fuck a pussy that is. I really studied in college to get a high grade point average. Then I went on to get my Master Degree and then my Ph.D. in Computer Science. I was the most educated nerd in the world.

So standing in a room with a beautiful naked woman and bumping crotches was something entirely new to me.

I was in my early thirties and she was in her early forties. We talked about many subjects as we lay on top of the bed getting acquainted. I needed more than just a quick fuck with I woman that I knew nothing about. I knew that she was not a prostitute, that she was married, and that her husband had given his permission?but I just needed more. I didn?t need love but I needed something special.

She on the other hand had been sent to me to do a job. She knew that I had been hard for the past hour as we talked and took control of the situation. Kit got up on her knees, swung a leg over me, and inserted my hard-on as she sat down on me. She was not facing me. It was the reverse cowgirl position.

I kind of liked it that way. I could see her asshole sort of wink at me as she leaned down to put her head between my feet and lifted her hips up in the air. I watched her go up and I watched her go down. I enjoyed the feeling and I enjoyed the view. All too soon I was cumming inside of her and it was the best feeling from sex that I had had in years. Not that I had had all that much sex as I have already stated.

I had never has sex in that position. My cock was upside down in her love hole and it gave me an incredibly different feeling?and I liked it.

Soon I was cumming inside of her and she could feel it. Kit told me that it was warm and she liked it. She spun around and sucked and licked my cock clean.

Kit was definitely the one in charge. She took me into the shower, she washed me off, and then she even dried me off. She ordered some drinks and snacks from room service. She also looked out the little spy hole and then when she found a young boy on the other side, she opened the door and let him in. As he started to leave Kit lifted one foot up onto the bed to block his escape. Then with his full attention she poked two fingers around in her pussy and retrieved a five-dollar bill to give him as his tip. However, she only pulled it halfway out and told him to get it if he wanted it. Oh, he wanted it all right.

He pulled the rolled up bill out of her moist pussy and said, "I?m on until midnight if there is anything else that you might be needing."

Kit replied, "If I wear him out I just might be needing a rather large cold cucumber. Maybe you can put one on ice and bright it up on your way home at midnight."

He blushed and said, "Yes ma?am. Thank you ma?am. I?ll be seeing you later."

Kit closed the door behind him, locked and latched it as I had, and then she smiled at me.

She asked, "So you like the way I teased that boy. You are hard again. Have you ever tried anal sex?"

I shook my head, no.

Kit came over to me and kissed me. Then she went into the bathroom got the tiny bottle of shampoo and started to lubricate my cock and her asshole. I was pushed to the bed and she straddled me in that same reverse cowgirl position. Astounded I watched her feed my cock into her asshole. I had the best seat in the house. I watched her stuff it in her rectum, I watched her rectum open up to accept it, and I watched it devour my entire cock and then try to suck my balls up into it too. She fucked me with the same intensity that she had earlier. I had never done anything like what I had done to her?never. I got sex with the woman on top, I had my cock in her mouth, and I got anal sex, what more could a guy want. She promised me a great blowjob after our drinks and snacks.

That offer is what caused me to cum inside her rectum.

We drank, we snacked, and we rested. I fell asleep on her breasts. Two hours later I woke up with her sucking on my cock. What a way to wake up. Kit was very talented and I came shortly.

She put on some music and danced for me in a very sexy and sensual manor.

There was a knock on the door, the clock read midnight plus one minute. Kit went to the door and peeked through the tiny hole. She then opened the door and dragged the boy inside.

Then Kit stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips as she said, "I don?t remember inviting you boys to our party. Your friend will just have to tell you all about it tomorrow. Now go away so I can fuck his brains out."

The door was closed, the deadbolt and the security latch were locked, and then she started laughing.

As she pushed him to the bed and sat on his chest she asked, "Just what were you thinking?"

Surprised he answered, "I?m a nerd and the guys always pick on me. When I told them about you, they called me a liar. After seeing you naked and telling them what you were going to do to me, they might become my friends."

Kit replied, "You don?t need friends like them."

She let him up and came to sit next to me. Then as she placed her hand on my crotch she said, "This is one of the biggest computer nerds in America. My husband wants him to go to work for his company. That is why I?m here, to persuade him to join my husband?s company. The only hole in my husband?s plan is that I have already fallen in love with this computer nerd here. If he asked me to go home with him, I would. I?d leave my husband and all his riches for a nice sweet caring guy like this."

I looked at her and asked, "You would?"

To which she replied, "Yes, I would. If you do decide to work for my husband and you make me part of the deal, that bastard would hand me over in a heartbeat. I?m only his trophy wife anyway. He fucks his secretary but she isn?t pretty enough for him to show off?and seduce future employees."

The boy asked, "Would your husband really give away a beautiful women like you just to hire a computer nerd?"

Kit laughed and said, "To get this particular computer nerd?yes?he would."

The boy said, "I thought that all of you beautiful cheerleader types went for the jocks."

Kit smiled and said, "We do. My husband was a jock. He invested his money wisely and now he owns the company." There was a long pause and finally she said, "I had forgotten what love was. This man reminded me tonight."

The boy said, "I guess I should be leaving now."

Kit said, "I can?t cheat on my new boyfriend. However, what if I let you fuck me with that cucumber that you are holding."

He looked down. He had forgotten all about the cucumber. Kit leaned back and placed her feet flat on the bed with her knees bent and spread. The boy came over and started poking that ice-cold cucumber into her hot box. She liked it, the boy liked it, and I liked it.

What I really liked was when she called me her boyfriend and told him that she wouldn?t cheat on me. I decided to take her up on her offer and work for her husband?s company?but only if I got her.

I did get her, he divorced her and I married her. He was willing to double my salary and throw her in.

We are expecting our first child.

The boy at the hotel became popular for a while and then he faded into the woodwork like I had in school. He finished college and came to work for me in my department. His wife was a former cheerleader and our wives are the best of friends. We both smile whenever we see a cucumber.

He once told me that my wife was something else.

Funny but that was exactly what I told her ex-husband when I told him that I had gotten her pregnant.

The End
She Was Something Else

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