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She had long dark brown hair and matching dark brown eyes. Due to her average build she had only a modest set of curves, and she believed this modest figure combined with the issues she suffered from was why she had always been single. She didn't really even known if she was straight, bi, gay or whatever else. She thought it was pointless trying to work out such things, she knew she'd never find anyone, that she'd always be single, so such thoughts were pointless.

Laura had a few issues she felt held her back, both in life and love. First off she had just last year become visually impared. She could see a lot, but everything was blurred. This had caused her to fail her college course lat year, especially as her subjects were largely visual based. So she had opted to head back to college this year, undertaking some more appropiate subjects. Next she suffered from various mental health issues. She hadn't been diagnosed with anything, but mild depression, anxiety, emotional detachment and some symptoms of depersonalisation disorder is what she seemed to suffer from. With this in mind she wasn't looking forward to today. Today was her first day at her new college. She new she'd have to go through it friendless and alone, suffer listening to everyone talking about last night or last weekend's massive party. The party she inevitably that she was the only one not to attend, and listen to everyone talking about their brilliant boyfriends and girlfriends, and watch the PDA that made her feel so uncomfortable.

She let out a heavy sigh and sat up on her bed. Despite how awful she knew today would be she guessed she had to get ready. She went through her morning routine, opting to dress in a servicable pair of white trainers, a pair of woodland DPM combats and a Marilyn Manson t shirt. She combined these with a simple black bra and briefs. She did at least enjoy that since she knew she'd forever be alone she didn't feel she had to make any effort to dress in a sexy manner, she didn't have any clothes like that really, she knew whether she dressed casually and comfortably or sexilly she'd still get zero attention. Besides, if the only way she could find love was to dress in a way showing how desperate she was, then she might just prefer to be alone. She had bought a few thongs though. She figured this was a way of making her feel sexier without also showing her desperation, she imagined how nice it'd be for someone to see her in one one day, to rip it off and fuck her nice and hard and deep, but she knew that'd never happen, but she definately liked how they made her feel at times. But she thought wearing one today would only remind her of her lackluster and failed attempts to draw attention without seeming desperate.

Laura made her way out the house, she had lived alone since she was sixteen, her relationship with her parents was non-existent. This she was glad of, she had moved out the second she could, she had never got along or enjoyed living with her parents, though she would like to get close to someone, to have someone to talk to, but her parents were definately people she was glad she wasn't close to anymore.

She arrived at her college not too long later, she had a bit of trouble finding the room her first class was in due to her sight, but after asking around she'd managed to find it. She was also happy to find her support worker for this session waiting outside. She explained she'd just sit at the back taking notes, so as to not make Laura feel uncomfortable, and so she could interact with the other students better. She thanked her, though she knew having her support worker not sit with her wouldn't make any difference to how she coped socially. Her first class soon began, with the teacher introducing the course and such, it seemed interesting enough, so she was looking forward to the teaching at least.

After this the teacher told everyone to partner up for one of those stupid introduction excersises, listing 5 interesting things about yourself. Laura looked around nervously, biting her lip feeling anxious as everyone else soon paired up and began talking animatedly. After a minute or so however she was approached by a a girl with dyed red hair, sporting a friendly smile. To most people she wouldn't have been the most attractive of girls, she was fairly chubby. But Laura never got this, she didn't know how seriously she liked girls, how far she'd go with them. But she knew she found them attractive and liked the thought of doing stuff with them. She knew too that where as most people preferred skniiy but big big titted girls, Laura preffered curvy girls. This girl was a great example as to why, she had a curvy belly, which Laura liked, but also equally curvy thighs and tits. Laura tried not to stare at her though, making a concious effort to look at her face, her cheeks going slightly red and her pussy moistening slightly at her dirty thoughts about this girl.

"Hey, I'm Chloe." she said, moving her chair closer to Laura's.
"Hey, I'm Laura" came her response, still trying to clear her mind of dirty thoughts and just focus on her face. The fact she could smell Chloe's sweet strawbeery perfume making her body tingle really wasn't helping.
"So what are your five facts, I can't think of five just yet?"
Laura again bit her lip nervously, and tried to sound as calm as she could, though she struggled to think of her facts, her mind elsewhere. "Well, umm, I live alone...I like hooro films, I've always lived here, this is my second attempt at college and I like heavy metal music. What about you?"
Chloe again threw Laura her friendly smile "Oh cool. Well I've lived here all my life too, so I guess that's one." she said with a giggle. "I'm into horror films and heavy metal music too actually, my favourite food is Italian, and I've never been out with anyone before." she said somewhat awquardly.
Laura pushed forwards a slight smile "oh cool I guess." she found it a bit weird. Not that Chloe had never been out with anyone, again she got that most people don't like chubby girls, no she found it weird how open she was about it. Laura bit her lip, trying desperately to think of something else to say "So umm, you looking forward to the course?"
"Yeah I guess so, what about you?"
"Yeah it seems intersting enough."
The two then st in an awquard silence for a few more moments before the teacher instructed them to head back to their own seats.
"well talk to you later." Laura said.
"Yeah, seeya." Laura replied. And with that Chloe returned to her seat. As she turned and walked back Laura couldn't help but stare at her huge arse bobbing about as she walked, fuck how much she'd like to ram her face right into that tight crack she thought. She forced herself to turn her attention back to the teacher, she waws breathing harder from her thoughts, her body hot and tingly and her pussy pretty wet now. She was getting nervous Chloe might notice her staring, or one of her other classmates.

The rest of the day went on, mostly just introductory stuff. She only had this one class today, but had more tommorrow. She was pleased for this, Chloe had made her horny as fuck, she could barely concentrate on the rest of the class. Laura mostly just socialised online, so the people she did see walking around town and such came and went quickly, having no real interaction with them. She hadn't really had much interaction with people since her last college course.

Laura madeher way back home, after putting her things away she headed to her bedroom. She lay on her bed and slowly eased down her combats and briefs. She started slowly rubbing her slit, begginning to moan softly. God how much she'd love to see how far she'd go with Chloe, or any girl even half as fit as her. After a few strokes he eased her middle finger into her hole. She started slowly at first, gradually intensifying both her speed and the volume of her moans. Yet another thing she loved about living alone, o worrying about people walking in, no worry about anyone hearing.

She felt her body getting hotter and begginning to tingle, with this she took her briefs and trousers off completely, chucking them to one side. She then slid off her t shirt and undid her bra, chucking them to one side too.As she kept thrusting her right finger deeper and harder inside her she began to caress her tits with her left hand, squeezing her small but perky tits. She imagined again how nice it'd be to ram her face into Chloe's arse. Fuck how she'd like to lick and kiss and suck on that massive arse of hers. Then once her arse was good and wet she'd like to slip a finger into that tight little arse hole. As Laura thought about this she began to move her attention specifically to her nipples, squezzing and tugging on them.

As Laura cam close to orgasm she flipped round, getting on all fours. She liked this as it meant she could pleasure both her holes at once, as well as helping her imagine different scenarios. She often imagined a hot guy fucking her arse hole, her arse punding against his hips as she scremaed his name. Today though as she slid her finger back into her pussy, and slipped another figer into her arse hole, she imagined it was Chloe doing it. Fuck it made her feel so good, imagining Chloe seeing her wide open crack as she worked her arse hole. She imagined Chloe then moving her head under Laura's soaking pussy. She was so wet now she could smell her scent really strongly, she thought it smel nice, making her even hotter. Her moaning reached it's peak, and Laura was fucking her pussy as fast as she could now. She let out one final lud moan as she came, imagining how good it'd be to squirt all over Chloe's face.

Panting hard, she lay with her back on the bed, now hot and really wet from her juices still in her pussy, thouse she had squirted on her sheets and from how sweaty she had gotten. This had been one of her most intense orgasms in ages, though lying now finished she did worry about tommorrow. She hoped it wouldn't be awquard. Seeing Chloe after imagining getting fucked by her.

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