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I first saw Maggie on the train going downtown. She sat across from me as I read the paper. I glanced at her when I thought she wasn't looking. She was stunning with short red hair, t-shirt and jeans which molded perfectly to her body. What really attracted me to her were her green eyes.

During the ride, I kept glancing at her by looking at her reflection in the window. With five stops left before the final station I introduced myself (Rich) and we found out we only lived a mile apart. We also discovered that we attended the same high school.

Maggie told me she was a student at the University and also worked in one of the labs, she lived at home with her parents, two brothers and a sister. Her three other sisters were married.

I told her I was living at home with my father and two brothers, mom had cancer and passed away the year after I graduated college.

When the train reached its final stop Maggie and I walked out together still talking and asking each other questions. Outside the station we had to go separate ways but agreed to meet back at the station at 3:30 pm after work.

It seemed like time was standing still. When 3:00 arrived I hurried to the station. Maggie was already there waiting. She smiled grabbed my hand and said "let's go"! We ran to the train, as we did I could not help but watch her body move and she boarded the last car with me close behind. She pulled me in next to her in the last seat of the car. She told me that she had seen me checking her out by looking out the window at the same time moving her hand up my thigh and pressing her breast against me. Maggie said that it had gotten her excited and her panties wet. I was startled but said nothing as she whispered in my ear "that's the nicest thing a guy has done". She told me she got tired of getting hit on and listening to the same pick up lines. As Maggie talked, I could feel her press against me even harder as her fingers gently moved over my now hard cock. Thank God no one else was in the car with us.

I placed my hand on her thigh and began to slowly move up her leg. Maggie would have none of that, she grabbed my hand and pushed it up against her pussy. Even with her jeans covering her I could feel the heat coming from her.
We started to masturbate each other. As Maggie reached orgasm she pushed her face into my chest to muffle her moans of ecstasy. We both came together just in time or we would have missed our stop.

After we exited the train, I put my arms around her and gently ran my tongue over her lips getting them moist. Maggie did not want to go slow and grabbed the back of my head pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I pulled her up against me and felt her pussy against my cock, her breasts were pressed against me. When we broke from our kiss I could not help but look at her with her nipples sticking out and she in turn looking at my hard cock.

I grabbed her hand and told her we could continue this at my house because everyone worked the night shift at their respective jobs. Maggie did not hesitate, so we ran to my car. As soon as we got in, she reached over and freed my cock and began stroking slowly up and down the shaft. I could feel precum running down my cock and Maggie looked at me licking her lips then bending over, running her tongue up my shaft taking all the precum in her mouth. With her finger she scooped up the rest from my cock and spread it on her lips, sucking her finger dry.

We finally arrived at the house and ran inside. I led her to my room and Maggie told me to lie on the floor and enjoy the show. She stood over me and began to run her hands over her firm, slender body starting at her thighs. As Maggie explored her body she began to move her body seductively. She placed both hands over her pussy still covered by her jeans and rubbed herself to another orgasm. By this time I had freed my cock and was stroking with one hand and caressing my balls with the other. Maggie looked down and all she could say was I'm cumming again! She arched her back and her nipples were pushing out from her t-shirt. Keeping one hand on her pussy she moved the other one to her tits and pinched her nipples and exploded into another orgasm.

oooooooooooh Rich I never had soooo..... many orgasms and we haven't even fucked yet. Maggie told me to stop stroking my cock, that she was going to take care of it. With that she moved her hand from her pussy and I saw a very big wet spot on her pants. She slowly slid her jeans off revealing a pair of high cut black lace panties. Maggie smiled at me and asked if I liked what I saw. I told her I loved it and she told me she had another surprise. With that she lowered herself on top of me, we shared a deep probing kiss while she pulled my t-shirt up to my chin.

Kissing, licking my chest Maggie alternated between sucking and licking my nipples which became hard and erect. She continued down finally reaching my throbbing cock. She looked up at me and that's whenI noticed she still had on her t-shirt. I reached down to pull it off, she stopped me telling me to be patient. Then in one motion she took my entire cock in her mouth sucking gently then hard. I told her to stop before I came but she kept it up and when I was ready to explode she released my cock and started stroking it with both hands. I could feel the first wave of orgasm coarse through my body as I came it shot onto my stomach. Maggie lowered her face closer and the next one shot all over her mouth another one over her hands with the final stream of cum covering my cock. She sat up and began licking, sucking her fingers dry, then lowered herself licking the cum from my cock then moving up my stomach making sure she got every last drop. Maggie, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. She again sat up straddling me and removed her t-shirt to reveal a black lace shelf bra.

I let out a moan of approval as I looked at her hard nipples and realized that her tits were bigger than I thought when she pressed against me on the train.
Maggie your even mor stunning now and with that she removed her bra, reached down and slid off her panties and told me to close my eyes and not to peek. I promised not to as I felt her legs moving on either side of my face she then told me to open them. What I saw was my first shaved pussy, Maggie asked if I liked it and before I could respond she reached back put a hand on my cock and said "yes" as it throbbed and grew harder. She lowered herself onto my face and I kissed her pussy lips taking in her sweet smell. I ran my tongue over the outer edges and as I passed her opening would push my tongue a little deeper each time. At the same time Maggie would grind her pussy into my face trying to get my tongue even deeper. She reached down, exposed her stiff clit to me and I sucked on it, put it between my lips, rolling my tongue over it. I cupped both tits in my hands and began rubbing, squeezing them. Maggie was now begging me to pinch her nipples as she rubbed her clit and I kept moving my tongue in and out of her pussy. We built a rhythm and she yelled out

Oh My God!!........ Faster....... Harder.......I'mcummiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg.......Rich!!

I then felt her sweet juice flow over my mouth and face. I took what I could in my mouth. She moved down and payed on top of me, we shared a deep gentle kiss sharing what I realized were our juices, she still had my cum on her lips.

Rich, now I want you to fuck me from behind and hard. Her pussy was still wet and she told me to push my cock all the way in. When I did that, she started bucking against me as hard as she could. At the same time she reached back and was working her clit as I caressed her tits and nipples. I told her I was about to cum and started to pull out when suddenly she pushed back telling me "No you don't, I want to feel you come inside me"! That's all it took and we both exploded in orgasm. Maggie dropped to the floor, rolled on her back and took my cock in her hand pulling me up her body. She looked at my cock, then her tits and I understood. Without a word I rubbed my cum covered cock on her breasts and nipples. I lowered myself next to her and we both licked up our juices from her breasts.

We lay, holding and caressing each other for a long while before getting up to shower. Afterward I drove her home and told her I would call in the morning.

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