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Ideal weather for the middle of summer and perfect conditions for being out on the water. The only problem was, I did not have a boat but my parents did and because of my dad?s work commitments for the weekend they would not be able to use it.

The boat set on a trailer outside of their apartment and had been purchased for fishing on the many waterways and bays in our area. It was sixteen to eighteen feet in length with an outboard motor and basically a run about made for recreational boating. The boat was open but had a removable canvas top that could be used for shade and would comfortably accommodate up to six adults.

I suggested to my wife that we inquire about borrowing the boat and spending the day out on the water. All we needed other than a yes, you can use the boat, was to put together some food and drinks for the day. The yes was easy to acquire especially after our guarantee to return the boat with a full tank of gasoline. We left my parents to change into more appropriate clothing for spending the day on the water. As we did not plan to do any swimming this consisted of shorts, a loose fitting shirt, and soft soled shoes for each of us. Then after picking up food and drinks we returned for the boat and headed off to a public boat ramp about twenty miles away.

We arrived at the boat ramp, and launched the boat into the water without incident. The ramp was on a creek that opened into a larger of the small bays in the area. At its widest point, it is almost eight miles across the bay. There is typically very little boating on the bay itself with most of the boats going into the many rivers and larger creeks that empty into the bay, after fish and crabs. After launching the boat and then parking the car and trailer, I joined my wife on the boat and we headed down the creek and into the bay.

Initially after entering the bay we cruised across the open water at a moderate speed, enjoying the air and occasional salt water spray as it struck our face and hair. Next, we decided to do some sightseeing of the houses that hugged the shore as we cruised about a half mile out from the shore. An occasional small community of about a dozen or more homes that originally started life as a summer beach home. Many recently constructed homes of moderate size and the occasional mini mansion. Mostly the shore line still consisted of miles of farm land.

It eventually got to be mid-day and I pointed the boat towards the center of the bay with plans of our stopping and eating some of the food and having something to drink. I stopped and killed the motor when we were about three miles out, and allowed the boat to drift with the breeze and tide. Looking around the closest boats appeared to be at least two miles away and were fishing in the deeper water. When I stopped my wife went to the rear of the boat and got the food and drinks we brought with us. I joined her and we sat there side by side talking and enjoying the solitude as we had a late lunch.

After we had finished eating and while we were sitting there just talking I leaned over to her and gave her a small kiss to express my appreciation of her. That kiss started and led to other things that were going to happen. At first the kisses became more passionate, with tongues being involved. A kiss like that from her always turned me on and would lead to an almost instant erection. It took only moments for my hand to find her ample breast and start to squeeze her already hard nipple through her blouse and bra. That was her queue to place her hand on my shorts and begin playing with my cock. I replied by grabbing her pussy with my free hand through her shorts.

It only took a few more minutes before both of our hands were under the clothing and making direct contact with our favorite body parts. In addition to her nipples now bring rock hard I found that her flood gates were now wide open. I told her that I wanted to fuck her right then and there on the boat, I did not want to wait until we got home. She helped me to remove all her clothes and asked me to unhook her bra. As soon as her tits were released from their confine I place my mouth around one of her nipples and started sucking on it. As I sucked on her nipples she removed both my shorts and under shorts. I did have to stop momentarily as she pulled my shirt over my head. We both briefly stopped what we were doing to remove our shoes and socks. It had only taken a couple of minutes before both of us where completely naked, on the boat, out in the middle of nowhere. Once again I scanned the water around us to verify that there were no other boats close to where we were.

We were no sooner undressed when she got down on her knees, and took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue and lips worked wonders on my cock as she bobbed her head back and forth on it, taking it deep into her mouth. I have no idea as to how many inches of my cock went down into her throat, with the length of my cock it had to have been no less than three to four inches, her lips were pressing against my pelvic bone. Knowing that I wanted to fuck her she did not attempt to bring me to a climax. When she finally removed my cock from her mouth, I had her sit on the very edge of one of the seats, lean back, and spread her legs far apart. I put my face directly into her pussy with my tongue far inside of her and my nose on her clitoris. After working the inside of her pussy with my tongue, I withdrew it from the inside of her hole and proceeded to suck that delicious nectar out of her. I then moved my mouth up to her clitoris and began sucking on it. I was working it from its sides with my lips and using my tongue on its tip, this caused her to have an almost instant and massive orgasm.

As soon as she somewhat recovered from her orgasm I asked her to lay down in the boat on her back. I positioned myself over her and started a slow entry into her inner depths. The sensation of my entry into her had both of us moaning. Not wanting to make myself cum too soon I was taking slow easy strokes in and out of her pussy. We had been fucking each other for maybe ten minutes when she told me that a small plane kept flying over us. I told her to let me know if she saw the plane again as we continued fucking. It was only a minute or so when she told me that the plane was coming back.

As I continued to fuck my wife I positioned my head to see the plane. I watched the plane as it again approached us, a small single engine aircraft with the wing mounted over the fuselage. It was coming in at a low speed and only a few hundred feet above the water. As the pilot got close to us he was reducing the power of the engine, thereby reducing engine noise, making his approach toward us very quiet. He would make a full half circle around us, just off to our side, with the wing dipped down towards us as he circled, almost gliding as he made his pass around us. As he was flying away from us I could hear the pilot applying power to the engine, flying off to make a turn and repeat the process again.

My wife and I continued to fuck each other the entire time the plane kept flying over, letting the pilot assume that we had not noticed him. By the time we finally stopped fucking she had experienced numerous orgasms and I blew a massive load into her, not our best but one of our better. As the pilot came in for what was to be his final pass both my wife and I stood up facing him. I was still relatively hard and pointing straight out and my wife placed one of her feet on a seat giving him a better view of her pussy, in addition to her boobs. We waved, he tipped the wings several times and made his half circle around us, then flew off. I guess that he figured our show was over since he never returned. We continued to enjoy the rest of our day on the water and laughed together at what we had experienced with the plane.

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