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So many beautiful creatures to take in, but my gaze fell on one in particular. Her name was Sarah. Sarah was about 5 foot nothin', with B cup breasts and a mouth-watering ass. I had known her through the last year of middle school and into my sophomore year of high school, and I knew her fairly well. She was intelligent, kinda girly?I would find out later, to my perverse glee, that she was a pageant girl?and witty enough to flirt with the best. As I glanced at her, she looked up, smiled, and gave me a wink. Not sure what it was, but there was definitely something that was irresistible about her. At that moment, I imagined myself destroying her, bending her over and pounding her until she screamed, and then fucking her face mercilessly until I spewed my giant load down her hungry throat, then pulling out and just staring at her tear streaked face. Oh yeah, I wanted her badly, and I would have her.

Now, don't be misguided by my seemingly iron-clad confidence, I'm no stud, but I'm not bad looking either. I'm a hair over 6'4, fairly broad, with dirty blond hair, green eyes, and a 6 1/2" penis. Like I said, nothin' too special, but a little better than average, if I do say so myself. Anyway, I was confident not because of looks, but because I have always been comfortable around women, I'm not what you would call the nervous type, and because of this, I have developed fairly good skills in the area of flirting. I have found that girls will trip over themselves for a witty guy. Thus, my confidence.

Class was somewhat uneventful, the teacher lectured while we took notes, but my mind was in another place. I couldn't help but fantasize about the horrible things I would do to her body, how hard I would fuck her, how much she would scream in pleasure. I had to continually adjust my jeans to accommodate for the growing erection hidden there. I would have this girl, and soon.

As the bell rang, I stood and grabbed my stuff, making sure to hang back enough to get the opportunity to talk to her. As she walked up to me, she smiled.
"Someone's happy to see me", I said.
"Haha, maybe there was someone behind you I was looking at", she said with a wink.
"I'm crushed", I replied, "So what are you doin' Saturday?", I asked as we walked towards our next class.
"I'm gonna be busy", she replied.
"Oh yeah", I said, "busy with what?"
"You're gonna laugh", she said with a blush.
"Me? Never!", I countered with a grin.
"I have a pageant", she said, not looking at me.
I barely stifled a demonic laugh.
"A pageant, huh?" I said mischievously, "Let me hear your pageant voice".
"No!" She exclaimed.
"Haha, why not?", I asked, "I promise not to laugh".
"Fine", she relented, then in the girliest, most sugar-coated voice I have ever heard she said,"Hi, I'm Sarah Matthews, and I'm a pageant girl".
I was hard instantly, it was one of the most provocative things I'd ever heard. The innocence in that voice was almost maddeningly sexy.
"So if not Saturday", I said,"how about we hang out at my house Friday night, we can watch some horror movies", I suggested with a devilish grin.
"I would love to", she replied, with a devilish smile of her own.

As she walked into her classroom, I continued toward my own, feeling like I was floating. Besides sex, there are very few feelings that can top asking a girl out and it being a success. You feel like a king, having conquered all. It's an extraordinary feeling.

The rest of the week flashed by, and before I knew it, the final bell had rung. As I got in my car, I plugged in my iPod, changed it to my most feel-good song, and blasted that shit. I was pumped, nothin could bring me down. As I pulled into my driveway, I once again rejoiced that my parents were taking an extended vacation, leaving me to do as I wish.

As I entered the house, I set my stuff down, and hopped in the shower. Sarah would be over at 7:00, leaving me plenty of time to set things up. While in the shower, my thoughts continually came back to where I wanted to take things tonight. I imagined her begging for my cock, pussy overflowing for juices, craving my dick. I would eat her out, licking and sucking her outer lips, before fucking her with my tongue and playing with her clit. I would make her cum harder than she ever has before, screaming my name as I pinched her nipples, sending her into a truly massive orgasm. Then I would fuck her, hard and fast, with no mercy, I would flip her over into doggy as I pounded her, pulling her hair as i did. My dick was rock hard at these thoughts, but I didn't jack off, I would save all of my cum until tonight, when I would fill her stomach with my thick cream.

After I got out of the shower, I dried off, put on a nice shirt and jeans, gelled my hair, and put on some cologne. I then went into the kitchen, and assembled the necessary ingredients. I decided I was going to make gourmet pizzas. I had about another hour before Sarah showed up, so I had plenty of time. After the pizza was done, I took it out of the oven and set it on the counter. Just as i was making some popcorn, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and my heart stopped. She looked fuckin' hot! She was wearing a red flowy shirt that accentuated her curves, and my favorite thing of all, yoga pants, perfectly complementing her already beautiful ass. She walked in and gave me a hug, then asked what smelled so good.
"That, my dear girl, is homemade pizza" I replied with a tinge of pride.
"You made pizza!?", she asked, eyes wide,"that's fuckin' awesome!"
I chuckled "Yes ma'am", I replied," just for you".
She smiled.
As we ate the pizza, we flirted back and forth with each other, trading jabs and compliments. I was distracted by how good she looked, I wouldn't be surprised if I stuttered a little, but she didn't seem to mind, I think she liked the attention.

After we finished the pizza, I turned off the lights, and searched Netflix for a cheesy horror movie. I settled on one, and we curled up on the couch to watch.

The movie was a cheesy slasher movie, with extra gore and a side of ridiculous, but as each jump-scare occurred, she became seated more solidly in my lap. Throughout the movie, she began to wiggle that perfect ass of hers, looking back at me with a sly look on her face. I leaned forward and grabbed her, I then leaned towards her and kissed her. As the kiss became hotter, she opened her mouth, creating a space that was quickly filled by my tongue. I reached up her shirt to discover?to my arousal, and surprise?that she wasn't wearing a bra. I began to fondle her tits, caressing her nipples and feeling the shape of her soft tits. I twisted her nipple, eliciting a low moan into my mouth as she arched her back towards my hand. She was hot, and I knew without even reaching my hand in her panties that she was sopping wet. I quickly discovered how right I was when I slipped my hand into her pants. As soon as I came within inches of her hole she shuddered, I thought she might cum right then, all over my fingers. I moved my hand lower, And began to play with her clit. She screamed into my mouth as an orgasm hit her. I laughed silently to myself, this was gonna be fun. She began to fondle my dick through my jeans, rubbing her hands over my hardness. I broke away from the kiss.
"What do you want?" I asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.
"Your cock", she replied, looking desperately horny.
I could see sizable wet spot forming in the crotch of her yoga pants.
"What about my cock?" I said, teasing her.
"I need it, now", she replied, looking even more hot and bothered by the second.
I laughed. "Unzip me", I said.
She did, without hesitation. As my cock sprang free, I watched her involuntarily lick her lips, she wanted it, bad. I stood up so that she kneeled in front of me, my hard cock staring her straight in the face. "Suck it", I commanded.
She was completely subservient, I liked that. She took my cock into her mouth slowly, tenderly sucking on the head, then moving on to lick the shaft. Again, I laughed.
"Not like that", I said gleefully, "like this. Open your mouth."
She did, unquestioningly. I immediately shoved my cock down her throat, brutally fucking her face, reveling in the pleasure created by her hot mouth. I brutally fucked her face, becoming increasingly turned on by the tears streaming down her face. I let her come up for, and after one quick breath, she shoved my cock back into her mouth, as deep as possible. She was loving it! I continued to fuck her face, loving the sound of her gagging on my cock. I then laid down on the couch, pulling down her yoga pants, and sitting her on my face, then pushing her head down onto my cock. As we 69'd, i began teasing around her beautiful pussy, licking the outer lips, straying ever closer to her hot hole and engorged clit, but never quite making contact, she was going crazy. After about ten minutes of this teasing, I slowly dragged my tongue from her hole to clit, taking special measures to ensure her clit received optimal amounts of attention. The moment my tongue made contact with her clitoris, she screamed into my dick, the vibration from this almost causing me to blow my load right then and there. Luckily, I was able to restrain myself from ending the fun early. I continued to eat her pussy, bringing her closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. I then inserted two fingers into her, slowly rotating them, pushing them into her tight crevice until the knuckle, then finding her G-spot, I began to play with it, while at the same time sucking her clit, drawing the alphabet with my tongue. The effect was immediate, she seized up, going completely still as I continued with my ministrations. With the force of a tital wave, her pussy gushed juices as she orgasmed into another plane of existence. She screamed long and loud into my cock, it was too much, I came harder than I though possible, filling her mouth and throat with gallons of my cream. Even in her euphoric state, she swallowed every last drop. We both just lay there, her on top, too stunned to move. She was the first to recover, she slowly slid my dick out of her mouth, I was still rock hard, then, like a woman possessed, she positioned herself, and slammed her hot, dripping cunt onto my cock. She rode me like she was trying to catch a train, harder and faster than I thought possible. She quickly rocketed into another orgasm, and stopped riding, the pleasure to intense for her to think. I used this opportunity to flip her over onto her knees, and as I grabbed a handful of her hair, I began to slam myself into her vaj, delirious with the pleasure, she was screaming in pleasure, and I was moaning with each thrust, both of us knowing that we could not last long at this pace. As she continued into another earth-shattering orgasm, I held off for as long as I could. Finally, just as I was about to cum, I pulled out, flipped her around, and shoved my cock down her throat, pumping the largest load of my life down her throat, pulling out to shoot my last spurts on her face.

As I lay there, completely and utterly drained, she began to scoop up all the cum on her face, and lick it off her fingers. When she got it all, she sucked her fingers one last time, winked at me, and in that orgasmly innocent, sexy, unbelievably girl pageant voice, she looked me dead in the eye, smiled and said "Thank you!"

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