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Her feet were aching in her high heels and then she decided to take them off. She could clean the house in her pantyhose just fine. She had been a maid for the Sullivan?s now for three months and frankly it was demeaning. The maid uniform she was forced to wear while resembled the sexy maid outfits they sold at the Halloween store or a fetish shop and those heels, why on earth would you force a maid to wear those stiletto heels while cleaning?

But she needed the job, she just got into Art School and her parents weren?t about to pay for such a frivolous study. They?d rather she went to Med school or become a lawyer. She needed the money, however she didn?t need to wear her heels, right now, if she?d put them on right before Mister Sullivan would return home nobody would ever know. Or would he be watching from some hidden camera?s. She looked around the room and then shrugged. The Sullivan?s owned about every other building in town and they weren?t the most kind or compassionate people, but they wouldn?t spy on her, right?

The melody of the big bang echoed through the house, Manon put down her duster and walked towards the front door. Through the stained glass windows she only saw a silhouette of a lady. She didn?t expect anyone, she opened her door and there stood Lady N, at least Lady N was her code name for this specific project, but off course Manon didn?t know that. Manon just saw a rich lady with a tight tulip skirt, a silky blouse, satin gloves, a pearl necklace and two big black suitcases.

?Can I help you?? Manon asked thinking it was a cousin or a niece from mister Sullivan that would stay over for the weekend. She wished mister Sullivan had said something though, so she could?ve prepared the guest room.

Then the lady held out her hand and sprayed a dollop of reddish-pink smoke into Manon?s face. It made her cough and her eyes started watering.

?What do you do that for?? Manon said a bit frustrated, she was getting light-headed quickly though. The lady puffed another cloud of the reddish-pink smoke into her face and Manon head trouble keeping her eyes open, she was feeling irresistibly sleepy, she started nid-nodding and swaying, her knees started to give way and she fell forward.

The lady skillfully caught her before she would drop onto the ground. ?Good girl,? she said softly stroking Manon?s hair. ?Now take a little nap while I set-up my gear.? From a close distanced she covered Manon?s entire face in the red smoke and Manon went limp in the lady?s arms as she succumbed to the sleep.

When Manon woke-up she was tied down on a chair in the formal dining room. She tried to blink the grogginess away and to figure out what was going on.

?Good Morning, sweetheart.? The lady said, she had been fumbling with some canisters and hoses and now she moved to the front so Manon could see her.

?You?? Manon said as she recognized the lady. ?What did you do to me.?

?Not much.? The lady said shrugging. ?I just gave you some knock-out gas and I tied you down, so I could set this up in piece. The question should be: what am I going to do to you? Or an even better question would be: what are you going to do to Clark tonight.?

?What?? Manon said while frowning.

?Are you a bit groggy still, love?? The lady said. ?Don?t worry I?m not done yet anyway.?

?But... wait... what is going on??

Now the lady reached out her hand and briefly squeezed Manon?s cheek. ?You?re going to help me recruit Clark, and when he?s a minion of mine we?re going to use his wealth and influence to do some sleepy time projects all around the neighborhood.?

?What?s a sleepy time project?? Manon asked confused. ?Who?s Clark??

?Clark Ruben Gabriel Sullivan, the man of the house off course.? She said.

?But how...? and why? And who are you?? Manon asked.

The lady grabbed a silicon breathing mask and placed it over Manon?s nose and mouth, with an elastic strap she secured the mask in place. ?Now don?t you worry about all that.? The lady said in an patronizing voice. ?Lady N will take care of all the logistics, all you have to do is breath.? The lady had a teasing smile on her face. She hopped on the dining table and crossed her legs, her heels dangling from her toe. She was holding some sort of remote control. Her thumb running seductively over the buttons.

?Ready sweetheart??

?No.? Manon said. ?Ready for what? I mean... no. I... I... I want you to let me go.?

The lady pressed a button on the remote and soon the mask filled up with a gas. Manon got sleepy almost instantly, her fingers started to tingle, but right before she passed out the lady changed the smell of the gas. Now Manon was getting more and more aroused, her pussy was throbbing she was squirming in her bounds.

Lady N. leaned backwards and bemused she observed her prey, as she alternated the gasses that would his in the maids face, a sleepy gas to keep her docile, an addictive aphrodisiac, a hypnotic gas that made the girl very susceptible to her suggestions.

It was a cute girl, she thought, and not just because she wore that sexy maids uniform, there was something appealing about her face, her tip tilted nose, her brown glassy eyes, her blond curls. Maybe she could offer this girl a job as her assistant, once she was completely under her control, off course. It wasn?t many little girls dream to be a maid and to be forced to wear such a slutty uniform.

She kept pressing the buttons on the remote, changing the gas in the mask until any and all resistance in the girl faded, until she just accepted her fate as a sleepy plaything surrendered to Lady N?s will.

Lady N checked the time and saw there was plenty left to have a little fun. So she slid her hand into her tulip skirt, her fingers finding her way into the silky smooth panty hose, fidgeting to get her panties out of the way and then she could play with her own tingling pussy. Her clit was already swollen and her pussy lips were wet and slippery.

She rubbed her own clit while she looked at the simultaneously sleepy and horny girl tied down to the dining chair, the mask still firmly attached to her face. She pressed the button for more aphrodisiac and soon the girl was panting and moaning in her bounds.

Lady N rubbed her fingers over her own clit, she felt her pussy tingling and orgasm came tumbling over her like and avalanche. Her hips rocking, her pussy twitching, she couldn?t suppress a few moans of her own accord. She laid back, all sprawled out on the formal dining table, looking up at the chandelier. She had the best job in the world.

?What?? The girl mumbled groggily.

With the remnants of arousal and orgasm still lingering in her body Lady N reached for the remote and with a few clicks on the button she adjusted the gas to give the girl a bit more hypnotic gas and sleepy gas. Then it was time to get to work and start placing the suggestion in this girls head.

Manon was still dusting the buffet in the sitting room, when she heard Mister Sullivan come home. She was quite disoriented for a moment, how could he be home already? A brief glance on the mantle clock told her it was five forty, he was supposed to come home. How come she didn?t do anything but dust today? She sat down on an ottoman and quickly she put her heels back on, right when she stood up and grabbed her duster mister Sullivan walked into the sitting room. He dropped his briefcase on the floor, he kicked his shoes through the room, expecting Manon to clean everything up for him, expecting Manon to bring him his phone charger and a cup of tea.

Manon didn?t do any of that though, instead she walked towards him, she was swaying her hips and trying to be seductive. She pouted her lips and pressed her boobs forward.

?What are you doing?? Mister Sullivan asked dismissively.

Manon knew her behavior was inappropriate, she didn?t want to do this, but she simply had to. She had this overwhelmingly strong urge to seduce him. She walked even closer and with her fingertips she crumpled up the seam of her uniform, pulling the fabric higher and higher until her pussy was totally exposed.

Manon discovered she wasn?t wearing any panties, at the same time Mister Sullivan seemed to notice. She had no clue where her panties had gone, yet she didn?t spend much time worrying about that. She showed Mister Sullivan her pussy and with a sultry sway in her hips she approached him. Her hand on his chest and she pushed him into his chair and then sat on his lap.

?What are you doing?? He asked strictly. Yet he didn?t push her away, instead he laid a hand on her lower back and pulled her even closer, she could feel the bulge in his pants.

?Well I was just thinking, seeing how this uniform obviously comes from a fetish website, that you must fancy me, that you?d like to lick my little pussy.? This was so out of character for her. Manon wouldn?t normally seduce anyone this aggressively, and definitely not her employer. This urge was simply stronger than her, it felt like some primal instinct that was engraved into her brain.

His hand slid down over her lower back and now cupped her ass. He pulled her forward, rubbing her bare pussy over his crotch, rhythmically. She kissed him on the mouth and was delighted to notice he kissed her back.

She bit his lip and then pulled back. She sat down on the chair opposite to him her pussy exposed and with her fingers she pulled her pussy lips to the side. Showing him, her pink inner labia, the frumpled skin, the wet and shiny entrance.

?Come over here.? She said seductively biting her own lip. ?Come lick me, mister Sullivan.?

There was a moment of doubt on his face then he shrugged and came forward. He knelt down on ground in front of her chair and was about to start licking.

Manon grabbed a little capsule that had been hidden in the pocket of her uniform. A moment ago she didn?t even realized there was something in her pocket, yet now instinctively she knew to reach into her pocket, she knew she had to twist the top of the capsule about 90 degrees. When she did that a tiny whirly sliver of smoke drifted up from the capsule and into the room. She had no idea about the purpose of the capsule, yet she knew she had to slid it into her pussy.

?What?s that?? Mister Sullivan asked.

?It?ll make it feel even better for me, and it?ll make it taste better for you, go ahead try it.? With a hand on the back of his head she pulled him close, she pulled his face towards her pussy.

He stuck out his tongue and eagerly he started licking. It was a nice feeling, his tongue was warm and wet and agile. She wrapped his legs around his neck, squeezing him even tighter into her pussy.

Mister Sullivan couldn?t believe what was happening. When he hired her she seemed kind of dull and goody-goody. He?d never expected her to turn femme fatale all of a sudden, yet he wasn?t the kind of guy who would reject a pussy when it was literally shoved into his face.

With his tongue he examined her little crevice, the wrinkly labia, the swollen clit. She smelled amazing, there was an addictive smell coming from her pussy, somewhat sweet and parfume-like almost. He buried his face into her crotch, his tongue swirling around her labia. When he entered her his tongue bumped into the capsule she?d put inside, it tasted delicious. Divine. Again and again he buried his nose into her skin, his tongue reaching deeper and deeper into her pussy. His cock throbbing with arousal, his mind almost delirious from horniness.

Wait, was it just horniness? He was feeling increasingly light-headed and dizzy. She was intoxicating, her little pussy was literally intoxicating. When he tried to look up and get a breath of fresh air her legs clamped tightly around his neck trapping him against the pussy.

There was a moment of panic as he tried to free himself, but a moment later he was distracted by her sweet perfume, tasting her divine nectar. He barely even noticed his consciousness was slipping away. He was so enamored by her, so horny and aroused, and so intoxicated by the sleepy drug that was released by the capsule.

He closed his eyes and he fell asleep with his face buried in her pussy. Manon hardly noticed though. While she didn?t inhale any of sleepy drug, there was still quite a large amount dissolved in her pussy and entering her bloodstream that way. She wasn?t knocked out completely, yet she wasn?t quite aware of what was going on either.

She didn?t notice lady N entering the room for example. Lady N looked down on the two of them, it was quite a memorable image, to see his drugged sleepy body slumped on the ground with his face in between the legs of his maid.

She first dragged Clark to the formal dining room. She tied him down on the same chair she?d used earlier, and then she went back for Manon. She removed the capsule and brought the girl to the dining room too. She didn?t need to be tied down though, she had proven herself to be an obedient little helper already.

Both of them were regaining consciousness quickly. For a while she listened to Clark?s panic and whining and pleas and threats. She wasn?t that interested in what he had to say, she was way more interested in the girl waking up enough to talk.

?What?s going on?? Manon asked eventually, a little bit of slur left in her voice, but lady N didn?t mind, she just smiled.

?I?ll tell you.? She said. ?You have an important decision to make right now, you can either keep working for him, pretending to be his maid, while he?s actually just paying you to prance around in those fetish clothes, or you?ll make a career switch and you come working for me.?

?Is this some feminists thing or something? She can?t sue me, she knew the uniform was part of the job, it?s in her contract.? Mister Sullivan muttered.

Lady N sighed she grabbed the panties of the girl that were still laying around, crumpled them up and placed them in the guys mouth. ?Shut up you.? She said. ?Manon and I are having a conversation. So what do you say sweetheart, I think you?ll like working for me, don?t you think??

?I guess.? She said. ?Yeah, I think I like that.? The girl said.

Lady N smiled. ?Good girl.? She said. ?Now proof it, take that silicon mask and put it over the face of your employer so I can brainwash him.? She gave a little nod to the anesthesia mask and the girl got up from her chair. She picked it up and placed it over the nose and mouth of Clark. Lady N reached for the remote and put on the sleeping gas.

The girl needed little encouragement, she kept the mask firmly over the nose and mouth of Clark, even when he was yelling and squirming and threatening to fire her. She was delightfully obedient. Clark?s protests were fading quickly though, his head was already sinking forward and his eyes were rolling up and away. Lady N waited till he was completely asleep and then she ordered the girl to press the mask against her own face.

Willingly she held the silicone cup against her nose and mouth, and willingly she inhaled more and more of the gas, swaying back and forth until she eventually became so groggy she dropped the mask. Lady N guided her back onto her chair and placed the mask over her face once more. Knocking her out completely so she could first focus on Clark, later tonight she would have some more fun with the maid though.


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