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Ingen rubrik har angivits än...

Twisting the handle, I close the door without so much as a squeak to alert you.
I move to the side of your bed without further delay, smiling down at you.
You begin to stir when my shadow falls over your body.
Moving fast, I press my hand to your mouth when your eyes fly open, the startled sound suppressed less than I would like.
Once your eyes adjust to the semi-darkness, you visibly relax, smiling against my palm.
With a nod, I slide my hand away from your face and downward.
You shiver when I reach your stomach, where the hem of your shirt is bunched up.
Your skin is heated to the touch as I slip my fingers beneath the thin material.
Leaning closer to you, I let my mouth rest next to your ear.
Your visibly shiver as my tongue slips out to play along the shell, your body fully awake now.
Bunching the hem of your shirt in a loose fist, I begin pulling up as I whisper to you.
"I promise to more than make up for the sleep you'll be losing."
My breath on your ear causes your own breathing to hitch, and you simply nod in acknowledgement.
My smile going unseen at the side of your head, I press my hand flat against your abdomen and begin sliding upward.
As I trail towards your breasts with my palm, your shirt follows my progress, slowly revealing more and more of you to my watchful gaze.
When it reaches the top of your breasts, I smile and give your ear another lick before moving away.
I slip my legs over your abdomen, straddling you to get a better view of your uncovered chest.
I begin sliding my fingernails along your stomach, moving slowly up to the swell of your breasts.
"My hands are occupied at the moment. Why don't you finish taking that off for me?" I ask with a gesture to the shirt.
Licking your lips, you bring your arms up and start working it over your shoulders and head.
As soon as the fabric covers your gaze, I move forward and press my lips to the top of one of your breasts.
You gasp into the cotton and jump in surprise when my lips lock on the supple skin.
Pressing the tip of my tongue out, I begin laving until my saliva glistens on every bit of the visible skin.
You're slow to pull the shirt further off yourself as my tongue flicks outward and begins sweeping along the exposed flesh.
When the edges of your pink bra cup show the dampness there, I move my head and begin repeating the whole process on your other side.
You finally manage to get your top off, and as it falls to the floor our eyes lock.
"You know what I think?" I inquire while my hands slip up your stomach once more.
Smiling at your inquisitive stare, I curve my fingernails beneath the edges of your bra cups.
You shake as I begin sliding the nails up and down the swell of your breasts, slipping your bra higher and higher towards the top of your curves as I do.
"I think that this is keeping you from having fun. Do you want me to fix that for you?"
As I ask, I bring my nails lightly down and away from your engorged nipples, you begin nodding vigorously.
Smirking, I continue dancing my fingers around the edges of your nipples.
When you start thrusting your chest up to meet my strokes, I slip my hands beneath the fabric and push upwards, finally freeing your globes with a small bounce from each.
In no time at all, your bra is unsnapped, and with shaking hands you pull it the rest of the way free, tossing it to join your shirt once it's clear.
"Now that is a nice sight," I muse as my fingers start dancing around your pointed buds.
You turn slightly red at my touch, my nails lightly tickling your heated skin while I tug on your nipples.
Giving in to instinct, I lean forward and lock my lips around one of them.
When I put my tongue to work on it, you start trembling beneath me.
I continue this way until your hips begin bucking off the bed.
"We should finish getting you all ready for the real fun first, before I get too caught up," I muse with a grin before pulling away.
A small moan of disappointment leaves you as I move, the sound making my lips curve more.
You watch me as I move around your room and slip into your closet, your heart speeding up as you guess at what I'm getting.
When I'm at your side once again, I lightly grab your wrists and pull your arms downward to rest against your legs.
You stare in rapt attention as I slip the first scarf around your right wrist, the smooth, silky fabric sending a shiver through you.
When a knot holds your wrist secured, I take a hold of your foot and lift up and forward.
Sensing my intention, you bring your ankle to rest next to your bound wrist, your breathing speeding up as I continue.
I wind the scarf around, trapping your joints tighter together.
After several passes over the two, I tie the scarf off, effectively making your joints immobile.
Not done yet, I pull the second scarf out and make short work of repeating the process between your elbow and knee.
"Is it too tight?" I ask, slowly caressing the naked flesh of your thigh.
You shake your head silently as goosebumps rise to meet my palm, your face coloring a darker shade of red at the touch.
Nodding in satisfaction, I move across your body, making slow progress of sliding around your ass until I come to kneel on your other side.
No words or gestures are made this time, your left arm and leg coming together with a clear eagerness.
A damp mark begins to form on the crotch of your panties as I wrap two more scarves around you, your body effectively sealed from moving by the time I'm finished.
I grin as I pull the last scarf from my pocket, your expression turning to one of confusion as you wonder what its purpose is.
You don't have to wait long before I pounce, quickly wrapping the length of silk around your head.
You gasp as your vision is taken from you, your other senses slowly taking up the slack of your missing sight.
You hear me slipping across the bed, your heart hammering away as you ponder on what I'm doing now that you can't see me.
My hand on your the curve of your back makes you jump and release a small squeak, the sound swallowed up in the otherwise silent room.
I begin tracing small circles around your spine, the gesture slowly going out further.
As my fingers get closer to your ass, the dark spot on your pink bikini briefs grows larger and larger.
"Getting you all trussed up seems to've made you impatient, sexy," I muse.
As I speak, I slip the hand over the curve of your ass and press firmly inward, rubbing my palm against the wet spot and its hidden source.
Your breath hitches as I slowly rub your crotch, expanding the wet spot until your thighs begin glistening as well.
With an ever-growing grin, I bring my index finger down and begin tracing your pussy lips out on the thin, damp cotton.
Your hips slowly begin wiggling to match my strokes.
When you start pressing back, trying to get my touch deeper inside of you, I decide to end your temporary suffering.
You groan as my hand slips away, only to make a small mewl of pleasure as I untie one side of the strings holding the fabric to your crotch.
I'm slower getting the other side's knot free, my hands brushing against your thigh as it gradually loosens.
When at last it slips free, I lean forward and wrap my lips around the edge.
Shivers run through you as I pull the briefs away from your hips, my breath puffing out against your twitching pussy as I do.
I savor the taste on the fabric for a small eternity before dropping it into my hands, your body fully revealed for my exploration and enjoyment at last.
"What should I do to you, now that you're so very-"
As I speak, I put my hand on the curve of your ass, sending new shivers through you.
The hand slips down to brush over your twitching pussy, the skin coming away damp as I do.
"-naked for me?" I finish inquiring.
You moan as my middle finger slips past your lips, your walls immediately tightening to clamp around the digit.
You shift to press further into my touch, more moans escaping your parted mouth.
"C'mon, now. I can't very well guess what you want, so you're going to have to ask for it to get it," I say with a smirk.
I slow my strokes down, making sure to move my hand according to your hips' bucking so I slip into you only as fast and deep as I want.
The maddening teasing effects you, a frustrated groan escaping you.
"Ple-ease make me cum," you pant.
Smiling, I move my other hand up your side, your back arcing into the touch.
"That wasn't overly convincing on what you want me to do," I retort.
"Please, Sir, I don't care how you do it, please just make me cum for you," you moan.
Grinning, I lean forward until my head is next to your own.
"That's better, pet," I state.
My breath on your ear is quickly followed by my tongue and lips.
As I begin lightly nibbling on the shell and lobe of your ear, my hand on your side slips underneath you.
You gasp as my palm rubs against the swell of your breast, even as my middle finger slips up to run light circles in your hardened nipple.
When I start cooperating with your bucking hips and slipping my middle finger inside of you over and over again, your entire body begins shaking from all the sensation.
My tongue presses flat against your ear's curve and slowly works downward.
I continue moving my head and torso downward, trailing my mouth along the entire path.
I take a brief rest at your neck, your pulse hammering away beneath my tongue.
Grinning, I suck the skin into my mouth and lave the small circle, more mewls ripped from you with every lick.
Your cum begins leaking down my finger, slowly coating my knuckles in your essence.
I slip my index finger in to join it, curving my hand to lie flat against your mound.
Your pussy slowly tightens down on my fingers, causing greater friction as you approach an explosive orgasm.
As I suck harder on your neck, my hand slips up to more fully grasp your breast, especially focused on your diamond-hard nipple.
As I do this, my middle finger curves up to press against your prostate, while I rub harsh circles against your clit with my palm.
With everything happening at once, you find yourself utterly powerless to stave off the cresting wave rolling through you.
You screech as you cum, your juices coating down to my wrist as you violently writhe back and forth against me.
You continue twitching back and forth, even as I remove myself from you entirely.
When at last your body recognizes the sensations being paused, your head hangs limply downward.
Your breaths come in shaky moans, your body shaking as you gradually come down.
I move around you until I stand at your face, a grin on my face and my cock visibly straining against my slacks.
I lean forward to brush your face with my trapped dick, your face becoming even more red at the feeling.
"Mmm? That feels uncomfortably tight. I should take care of that for you, Sir," you offer with a smile.
"Exactly what I was thinking," I agree with a light pat on your head.
I stroke your hair as I move closer to you, only stopping when your cheek presses against me.
You waste no time flipping the head of my zipper up with your tongue, your lips wrapping around the metal once it's raised.
Tightening your hold on it, you slowly drag my zipper downward, your breath puffing out to send twitches through my rigid flesh.
As soon as the zip is undone, my dick falls down through the hole, lightly tapping against your forehead.
You moan at the feeling while your neck cranes upwards.
My hand tightens in your tresses as you move closer, small gasps making my dick twitch before your lips.
I groan as your tongue slips out to dampen my skin, and again when you start stroking me.
When my pre-cum starts dripping on your tongue, you lay a kiss on the tip of my dick and begin sucking air in.
My grip becomes like iron on your hair as you pull more and more of my cum out.
With an insistent tug, you grasp my desire and slip forward, fully engulfing my dick in your hot mouth.
You quickly set a pace of sliding back and forward, your tongue teasing me with every movement.
It isn't long before my own moans sound in the room,
Your lips curve into a smile around me as you bob faster, a mischievous quality growing in your smile with each time you take me deeper in.
Before I can mention it, you throw your head forward.
My train of thought utterly derails as my dick's head pops into your throat, a slight hum from you sending powerful vibrations through me.
With a grunt, I bend forward and pull harder on your hair, pushing further in as I cum.
My grip slackens and you move backward, picking your stroking pace up again.
When every drop is pulled out of me, you slip free.
With your gasps, my cum manages to slip out and roll in small trails down your chin and neck.
"Sorry, Sir," you apologize before swallowing what remains.
It's your smile that gives you away, and my smirk going unnoticed behind the cloth surrounding your eyes.
I slip my slacks down and off as I walk around you, letting you wonder what comes next.
You don't feel the weight of my belt settling on the bed near your bound limbs, a sense of anticipation slipping through me.
"What should I do, I wonder? How do you think I should make sure you remember to always swallow my cum?"
"Hmmm? I don't know," you reply with a grin. "How do you usually punish a naughty girl like me?"
My dick twitches to life at the low, throaty quality to your voice, an almost purring quality to the sound.
"Y'know? I'd swear I make this too easy for you sometimes," I laugh.
You simply smile as my hand begins stroking up and down the curve of your ass, your juices glistening brightly on the thighs under my touch.
"Count out loud for me," I command.
Your head doesn't even finish its nod before I flick my wrist.
"One," you groan as the slap lands on your right ass cheek.
"Two," you gasp, your left cheek trembling from the sharp impact.
I bring my hand down harder on your right cheek, spanking directly overtop the slight pink handprint already present.
"Three," you moan as the shock of the strike rolls through you.
The fourth smack lands on the bottom of your ass cheek, my hand grazing across the skin on its way up.
Your count this time is breathier, your head held up high from tension.
I send my hand down onto your right again, my flattened-out hand giving a sharper report on this contact.
With it, the slight stinging begins to change, your cheek turning a lighter shade of pink from the harsh hit.
On the next strike, you find tears beginning to well in your eyes, the water quickly absorbed into the silk covering them.
There is more of a warbling quality to your voice as you sound out the newest spank, your other cheek becoming the same shade.
Taking a step back, I swing more powerfully this time.
My hand swipes across both cheeks, a dull red glowing on your curves in the wake.
"Eight," you moan, your ass wiggling back and forth as the sting becomes a throb.
I bring my arms out to either side of me and swing both down.
They hit both of your cheeks at the same time, a shriek of surprise sounding through your lips at the sharp stings.
The sensations ride through first your ass, and then up your spine to fill your whole body.
"Ten," you moan, your chest heaving as more tears escape you.
Smiling, I lean forward until my lips are at your ear once more.
"You know better. That was only nine."
Your moan is louder this time, your ass violently twitching back and forth while your blindfold grows damp with darkness.
"Ohhh? I'm so sorry, Sir!"
Grinning, I ruffle your hair before moving back to my position.
The belt feels warm in my palms, the leather seeming almost as eager as your trembling ass in my grip.
"M-Maybe some extras will make sure I don't forget next time?" you ask with that same low, sexy voice.
"We're so in tune," I laugh. "Since you skipped a count, I'll be giving you a make-up for the last one, as well as the real last spanking you deserve. Harder than I originally planned so you'll keep it in mind."
Your ass is practically glowing at this stage, the cum coating your thighs seeming to brighten the red marks on your skin.
I laugh at the small frown of disappointment that forms.
"Don't you worry, I'll make sure that they're very good," I offer.
When you nod, I fold the belt over until it's a loop in my hand, four long strips of leather standing out from my fist.
I bring the belt hard and fast across, striking both cheeks with the harsh leather.
"Nine!" you screech, pain rolling through you and bringing more cum from your dripping pussy.
Staring at your mound, I practice a swing with the belt before stepping to the side.
I bring it in an uppercut motion into your pussy, the four strips of leather striking at the whole of your pussy.
"Ten!" you scream as your body begins violently jerking.
I hold the belt against you as you cum, the leather quickly being coated in your arousal while I rub it back and forth on your engorged clit.
When your tremors slowly subside, I pull the belt away and move once more to your head, pressing the leather against your lips as I do.
No words need to be spoken as you lay a series of kisses on the belt, a flash of tongue making my dick jump to attention.
"T-Th-Thank you, Sir, I'll try to be a good girl from now on," you whisper, your voice once again trembling.
I lay the belt down on the bed and move to your backside with a smile.
"Yes you will. Because only good girls get spankings from now on, understood?"
"Yes, sir!" you cheer, grin back in place once more.
"Good girl. Now don't mind me if I help myself," I say.
You don't have the chance to inquire on my statement as I lean forward and place my mouth on your glowing right ass cheek.
You groan at the touch, your heated skin burning against my lips.
I cool you down slowly, taking my time to lick every inch of your exposed backside back to a less vibrant color.
By the time I'm finished, your pussy is twitching again, your labia also shining red.
"Hate to be accused of not being thorough."
My mouth locks onto your pussy, my tongue giving it the same treatment as your ass cheeks.
The pleasure quickly works away most of the throbbing remaining in your system, my tongue on your clit causing your tiring body to once again buck.
Your hands continue clenching and unclenching at nothing as yet another orgasm approaches, your every breath becoming hoarser and more throaty.
By the time your peak hits, my chin is glistening with your juices, my tongue shoved even more deeply into your pussy.
Then I curve my tongue and press up, the nerves where I touch alighting with pleasure.
You scream as you cum into my mouth, your body thrashing despite the scarves restraining you.
I follow you with my torso, not letting my mouth slip free for even a second as I continue lapping at your tunnel.
Just as the wave begins subsiding, I move my mouth up and again begin laving your ass.
You whimper in pleasure as I slip my dick inside you once again, your walls immediately clamping down on me.
My pace is almost torturously slow, both of our bodies slowly becoming more and more tense.
Even with stamina on my side, I quickly lose myself in the sensations of your clenching walls and begin to speed up.
Wet smacks fill the room as you approach yet another orgasm, your body glistening with sweat from the exertion almost as much as our mixed fluids.
I grunt as you cum once more, your pussy tightening almost painfully around my dick as you do.
When at last you loosen up, your body collapses, your bound limbs falling to either side as you fall to the bed.
Gulping down air, I slip free from you and move one final time to your head.
You simply gasp around my dick as it slips into your mouth, our juices quickly coating your lips as I slide back and forth.
When you suck in air around me and flick your tongue against the underside of your treat, I explode.
This time, not a single drop escapes your exhausted, panting mouth as you continue sucking.
Once your saliva is shining on my dick, I pull free, both of us gasping desperately for air.
Staving off my own tiredness, I get to work on your binds.
First is your blindfold, which reveals half-lidded, glassy eyes when I finish undoing the knot.
Your limbs are quick to follow, the joints locked into place even after the silky scarves are removed.
I begin slowly massaging the muscles, gradually working your blood flow back through the limbs until they fall one at a time to lie limp on the bed.
"You'll hurt your neck sleeping like that," I warn as my arms curve beneath you.
You simply smile sleepily at me as I slip onto the bed, bringing your body down after me.
You press into my touch, making a small purring noise as my arm coils around you.
"Have a good night," I whisper.
You press your lips to mine in parting, your head falling to limply rest on my shoulder the next moment...

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