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I had the idea that I would only massage women but the school recognizes this idea from male students and they do a few things to encourage being willing to do both men and women. One thing the do is quote some there are more men requesting massage than women. After every class we would all break out the massage tables and they would assign you a partner to practice what we had learned during the class to cement it in our minds. It was several times later that I was paired with another male, much younger than me and soon I realized that I liked another male touching me and there was no touching any part of the body that was considered sexual. Your were supposed to stay at least the width of your palm from their sexual organs and that include cock, pussies and assholes.
I soon graduated and started to do massages for money and soon I was giving massages most every evening after I finished my regular job as a mechanic. It was this one older man that was getting a massage and he stayed fairly relaxed being naked on the table and soon reached down and tossed the towel covering his ass and tossed it to the floor. I just continued to work his backside including her ass cheeks and soon had him turn over on his back. As he did I saw his cock laying between his thighs and it was nearly hard but not stiff. I worked his front side and made sure I stayed away from his cock but I did touch his ball sack as I massaged his upper inner thighs and when I did he spread his legs as if to say massage my balls. As I was finishing up he reached down and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it and he asked if it was ok for him to jerk off to get rid of his hardon. I told him, "No problem here." I watched as he slowly stroked his cock and when the precum started to flow he would collect it with his finger and slip it in his mouth. I felt weird standing there watching him but I just couldn't take my eyes of his cock. It didn't take long before he shot his cum all over his hands and stomach. He licked his hands clean and I grabbed the towel from the floor and wiped the rest of the cum from him including his spent cock and balls. he thanked me and tipped me well.
I had trouble putting that visual out of my mind and soon I was fantasizing stroking his cock as I was laying in bed stroking my own cock. I got a call from him a couple of weeks later and he asked me to come to his home that night and give him a massage. I loaded up my portable massage table and my bag-o-tricks and went to his very nice big home. He greeted me and led me through his home to the enclosed pool area and asked me to set up my table near the hot tub. I looked around and saw that we had a good privacy fence and I started to set up for a massage.
I stripped down to my luck black silk shorts to get ready to give him a massage with the hot tub spilling over the pool causing a waterfall and that was very soothing for relaxing. His idea of relaxing was to strip naked and get in the hot tub to soak. I stood there and just watched as he sloooowly got in giving me a great view of his ass and low hanging ball sack. He settled down and then looked at me and said, "Do you need a special invitation? come in and join me." I knew I wanted to the minute I saw the hot tub so I eagerly shed my shorts and got into the tub and sat opposite from him. We sat there and soaked in the hot water and he placed his foot in my lap right on top of my cock. He then said, "Why don't you start by massaging my feet." I grabbed his ankle and started to massage his foot and he was moaning and telling me how much better it was getting a massage in the tub. I told him that he might drown when I do his backside and he laughed as did I. We made some small talk while I massaged his feet and worked my way up his calf to his knee. I then took the other foot in my lap and started to massage it but I noticed that my cock was getting hard and I knew he felt it. I did that foot and up his calf to his knee. and told him we should get out and on the table so I could finish his massage. We got out and dried off as he settled down on the table and rejected me covering him with a towel because I had already seen his cock and he had seen mine so we have nothing to hide. I thought about taking my shorts off but decided not to.
I began the massage as usual and when I was done I had him turn over and I worked his front side. As I finished his cock was stiff as a board and sticking up in the air. He started to reach down and stroke his cock and I stepped forward and told him to let me do that, it's part of the massage. He didn't resist and just laid his arms to his side as I oiled up my hands and started to slowly massage his cock. I wasn't stroking it, I was massaging but it had the same affect and, without any warning, he shot his load of warm cum all over his tummy, chest and my hands. I didn't go EEEEEW! or YIKES! I wasn't put off at all, in fact there was a feeling of not disgust but of power.....I had his whole wide world in my hands and I could make him cum or not at my will. I cleaned us up with a my towel and he got up and went to the bedroom to get dressed as I packed up my table and bag-o-tricks and moved to the living room to meet him. He paid me and added some extra for the wonderful cock massage and he told me he would call me again in a few weeks.
The next call I got was from a couple that wanted a sexual massage for the two of them and they wanted to stay in the same room to watch me do each one. I agreed and we set a date and time for me to come over to their place and massage them. The last thing she said was that they were bisexual and did that matter to me. I told her, no problem and we hung up. I thought about what she said about bisexual and, because I was so straight, I really didn't know what bisexual meant. In my fertile mind I was thinking that bi means two and that she wanted sex with two men at once, one of my few remaining fantasies.
I went to their home and she greeted me at the door wearing a see thru teddy that left nothing to my imagination. I had to watch her fine ass as she led me to their "Playroom!" There was a king size bed in the middle and a couch and matching chair with a large screen TV. Her husband was sitting on the couch in his boxers and was watching TV. I couldn't see what was on as I set up the table and got ready for their massage and some two on one fucking. He asked me to come sit and talk first and I sat in the chair opposite him. She climbed on the arm of the couch sitting cross legged (Indian style) and that was when I learned that her see thru teddy was also crotchless. I don't remember what we were talking about but he soon glanced over to the TV to watch the screen. I turned to see there was a man and a woman making out on a couch. It was a foreign film with captions on the bottom of the screen and no sound. He looked back and began to talk to me some more. I had a hard time taking my eyes off her wide open pussy that glistened with some pussy juice. He looked over at the TV again and I turned to look and the guy on the screen was unbuttoning her blouse and revealing a grat pair of tits and he was soon sucking and pulling her nipple. We looked back at each other and continued to talk. He turned again to the TV as did I and the man on the screen was removing her skirt and panties and was kissing his way down her tummy to her naval. All of a sudden a big mushroom cockhead appeared and he took it in his mouth and started sucking her cock. I looked back at the couch with my mouth wide open as if I was sucking her cock. I closed me mouth and said that we should get started with the massage. He made sure I knew that he wanted a "Happy Ending" when I was done. I wasn't even listening, I was stunned. he got on the table and I began the massage as she watched me every move. When I was done with the backside, I had him turn over and he was sporting a nice hardon. I wizzed thru his massage and began the happy ending by massaging his cock like I did to my other client. I looked up to see her with her fingers deep inside her pussy and her expression was LUST! As I started to stroke his cock she asked, "Do you ever go down on a man while doing that?" I didn't want to bring her down off her sexual high so I lied and said, "Sure, lots of times." She then said, "I would do A N Y T H I N G to watch you suck my man's cock!" OMG! What have I done? I painted myself in a corner and I'm gonna get some "paint" on me on my way out. I quickly devised a plan. I reasoned that all my girlfriends loved sucking my cock so how bad could it be? I then decided I would open my mouth real wide and slip it over his cock and hold it there for a few seconds and then back off and finish him by hand. I opened my mouth and went down over his cock head and he apparently was wise to my idea and her thrust his hips upward and drove his big hard cock into my throat to my gag reflex. I immediately started to back off and a funny thing happened, I felt the mushroom head of his cock rub the roof of my mouth and I stopped. It felt good and soon I was working on taking his cock head back into my throat but not to the gag reflex but just short as I worked it in and out of my throat until I soon got past my gag reflex and I heard her moan very loud. I looked up with my eyes and saw her having her first orgasm and then I felt his cock erupt into my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could and started to pull out. I didn't get to taste his cum as it shot down my throat. When his cockhead was in my mouth, his second of several spurts of warm thick cum and my mouth was full of his cum coated cock and I liked it. I stayed on his cock until he made me get off and he rolled off the table and laid down on the couch.
She slid down off the couch arm and shed her teddy onto the floor and got on the massage table on her back. I went to the foot of the table and grabbed her ankles and pulled her toward me so that I could lean over and eat her slippery pussy. I dove in head first and ate her for a very long time. She finally asked me to stop and she told me to get on the table so she could suck my cock. She didn't have to ask twice as I shed my shorts and laid back on the table. She stood by my side and leaned over and started to suck my cock like a real pro. I closed my eyes and wondered who I had fucked to deserve this. The next thing I knew he was lifting my balls and licking them as she sucked my cock and then they switched and she licked my balls while HE sucked my cock. That was the first time a man sucked my cock and it was incredible. They say that men are better cocksuckers and I have to agree. They switched back and forth a few times and I lost track who was sucking and who was licking! It didn't matter as I shot my load in someone's mouth and when I opened my eyes they were standing on each side and leaning together open mouth kissing and passing my cum back and forth between with some dropping on my tummy.
When I finally came back down to earth I got up and dressed and then gathered up my things and left. I never looked back. I don't even remember the drive home and when I woke up the next morning I got on the computer looking for some cocks to suck...but no luck.
Right on schedule my regular hot tub guy called for another massage and he told me not to bring my swim trunks because we were going skinny dipping before the hot tub. I brought my table and bag-o-tricks in and he had me set them down and told me to get naked. He took off his robe and stood naked in front of me and watched with earnest at my swelling cock. he turned and dove in the pool and I followed. We swam around and played grabass for a while and then he got out and told me to join him in the hot tub. I went over to the tub and climbed in and sat down on the bench seat. He got in the tub and walked over to me and held his half hard cock in his hand and said, "I think it needs some attention." I didn't even hesitate since our grabass play had me hard and my tongue was also hard. I reached up and held his cock out of the water and leaned forward and took him into my mouth and soon into my open throat. He held my head and fucked my throat with his cock for several minutes. He soon pulled his cock out without cumming and said, "It's your turn to get a massage tonight."
We dried off and he offered me a beer as we set up the massage table and soon as I was dried off I got on the table face down and he began to give me a very good massage. When he got to my ass things started to heat up as his finger tips grazed across my sensitive hole. I jumped from the touch, another first, my fingers were the only ones that touched my asshole since I was in diapers. It felt good but it shocked me. He told me to relax and spread my legs. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time and soon I had a finger in my ass working inside as far as he could. Then a second finger joined in the fun and finally a third finger was really stretching me open. I was too dumb to know what was going to happen next. He pulled his fingers out and lubed up my asshole to ease the slight pain he caused. He then climbed up on the table, kneeling between my spread legs and her laid on top of me. He supported his weight off as he slid his body up and down my body. I felt his hard cock poke me a couple of times and then he raised up and grabbed his cock and laid it on my ass as he started to grind on me again up and down. I felt his cock slide between my cheeks several times and then I felt his cock head touch my hole and he pushed it inside just a little and let me relax. he told me to accept what he had to offer me and I will be glad I did. He then pushed a little further and the pain went minimal and soon it turned to pleasure that I never felt before, another first!. It wasn't long before he was deep inside my bowels and pumping me hard and fast. I felt his cock jerk and felt the warm cream fill my hole and he collapsed on top of me making it hard to breath. He soon got his second wind and started to slowly fuck my ass with his half hard cock for some time until he got hard again and began to fuck my ass some more....needless to say I was pushing back with him to get him deeper. He finally dropped a second load of cum deep in my ass and sloooowly pulled his deflated cock from my asshole. He had me turn over on my back and he began to suck my cock and he really sucked it good as I painted his tonsils with my cum. He invited me to spend the night and we got into bed and I was spooned up behind him. I soon felt my cock start to wake up and I pressed it into his asshole. He had been fucked many times and my cock went in with very little pressure. I worked it in slowly feeling something new to me, fucking someone in the ass and I really liked the feeling. I won't say it's better than pussy but it's better than some. I can't believe I waited so long!

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