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It just so happens that even though we thought we were being quiet enough , we made a lot of noise and Sandy and her friend Julie heard most of what was Happening .

Let me tell you about Sandy.
Sasha and Sandy are half sisters from different fathers. She is half Spanish and Irish, dirty blond hair and very fair skin, with just the most beautiful clear green eyes I?ve ever seen.
She is young and very hot looking. It runs in the family because her sister Sasha is also gorgeous.

Julie is the same age as Sandy; they have known each other since childhood. She also is blond fair skin with blue eyes and very pretty, also let?s not over look the fact that she has nice tits as does Sandy.

Sandy mentioned that she heard Sasha and I having sex on Friday night, even though Sasha and I did have sex, most of the sex that night was me and Sassy, which you can read about in The Forever Secret. Sassy is Sasha?s best friend, however Sandy thinks it was Sasha, and I didn?t tell her it wasn?t.

Sandy told me they had that they gotten very turned on while listening to Sasha and me do it. You see Sandy and Julie are both virgins, but are at the age where they are very curious about sex. They know a lot but have no experience. Sandy has known me for a long time, even though I am two years older; she is very at ease with me and said I am easy to talk to. Sandy Said she would tell me her very most private secret if I would tell her about sex with her sister Sasha, her eyebrows lifted and she smiled ear to ear when she said (her secret) so I figure it must be a pretty good secret and of course I love to hear other people?s secrets. I especially like secrets about sex. I told her we would talk on Saturday when Sasha is gone to cheer leading camp, which would be an overnighter.

On Saturday morning after Sasha had gone to camp, I knew Sandy was home alone, her parents were also gone for the weekend, and Julie is spending the night, but won?t be over until later in the afternoon. I knocked on her door, and Sandy greeted me with a smile and a hug.

Sandy and I went into the living room and we were just talking when I guess she was a little impatient and said well you going to tell me about it. I started by telling her about the first time her sister and I had sex, I told her how amazing it felt when I slipped my dick in her wet slippery pussy for the first time, I told her all the juicy details, It was very erotic talking to Sandy about sex, I could see that Sandy was totally aroused by my talk, and so was I. my dick had gotten hard and I was having a hard time hiding it, Sandy was wearing a flowered loose dress, he looked very sexy . She couldn?t help but notice that I had a hard on and kept looking down at my bulge so I told her that talking about it was a turn on, she said that she was comfortable talking to me about sex, but that it was a turn on to her also. I told her about how a guy?s dick gets big and hard when we get turned on and that?s why my dick was hard. The next question she asked blew my mind, my heart jumped with the thought. I couldn?t believe what I was hearing, she said, will you show it to me, now my dick was really hard and the first thing out of my mouth instinctively was I?ll show you mine if you?ll show me yours. I thought she was just kidding around with me, but then she said OK.
I asked her if she was really serious, and she smiled and said yes I would really like to see it, but please don?t tell anyone. At this point I was pretty turned on, my dick was hard as a rock, and I can tell she was too. I said ok. I moved over to the couch, pulled my sweats down my dick was standing strait up hard as it can get. Sandy?s mouth dropped at the sight of my dick, it was the first dick she had seen other than the boy?s that she baby sits. I felt like we were little kids, sneaking around showing each other our privates for the first time. All she said is that is really big, this is a really hot turn on and I agreed. I said, with a shit eating grin on my face, do you want to touch it? She just reached out and wrapped her hand around it; I was in heaven, almost ready to cum. I had pre cum on the tip of my dick. I explained to her about cum and pre cum, she put her finger on the pre cum and commented on how slippery it was. I told her that if she didn?t stop I was going too really cum.
Sandy removed her hand and just stared at my dick. I could tell she was very turned.

I said ok Sandy; I showed you mine, now it?s your turn. Sandy had a reluctant look but she knew a deal was a deal. I pulled my sweats back up and moved off the couch and let Sandy sit in the same place. She had on a flowered dress, she reached under and pulled her panties off, and I still couldn?t see anything but I was panting like a dog with anticipation waiting for a treat. I told her that this is really hot and that I am so turned on, She sat there a little embarrassed; I said its ok were both in the same situation, I was also embarrassed, it made her feel more comfortable for me to admit it. She lifted her dress up to expose her pussy to me; when I saw it I was ready to cream my pants, I asked her to spread her legs so I could get a better look and she did. It was a beautiful pussy with pink lips glistening wet around the pussy hole, she was hairy but not so much that hid all the details of her pussy, I could see the crack from the top rite down to her pussy hole. The hair on her pussy was light brown, trimmed around the bikini line. I asked if I can touch, she said yes so I reached down and put my hand on her pussy. Positioning my finger at the hole and gently touched her pussy, it was so soft, I slightly slipping my finger in. she reacted by putting her hand on mine and giving a slight pump. Her pussy was oh so soft, but before I could push it in again, sandy jumped up and put her panties on smiled and said how embarrassed she got. I said it?s ok. I was also embarrassed, but that I liked what we just did; Sandy said she liked it to.

Now it was time for Sandy to tell me her big secret. She confessed that when she and Julie were much younger they had felt each other up and showed each other their small boobs, and also looked down each other?s pants at each other?s pussies. I said that?s hot, is that it, she told me on Friday while they were listening to us having sex they were again feeling each other up, she told me they French kissed, hugged and rubbed their tits together. She said it was hot. They agreed that they were going to do more next time. This talk was a real turn on to me; I asked if she liked it, her reply was that they both liked it a lot.

I suggested that when Julie comes over later, she talk to her about doing stuff tonight since her parents were gone and Julie was going to spend the night. I told Sandy If they decide to do it tonight , I would love to watch and maybe help them get started and show them both what to do, Sandy got just the biggest smile on her face, and said it would be cool if I were there. I suggested that she talk Julie into letting me be there, Julie is also a friend of mine, we all live on the same street and have known each other since we were kids although I am too years older. I?ve always thought that Julie?s a pretty cool chic.

Well when Julie eventually got to Sandy?s house. Sandy told Julie what went on today, she told her everything including how we showed each other our privates, also how erotic she felt and what a total turn it was. Julie was turned on just listening to Sandy tell the story. When Sandy told Julie that I wanted to be there tonight with them, Julie was OK with it. Sandy called my house and told me it was cool to come over at 7:00.

Seven o?clock rolled along and I was at Sandy?s door anticipating an awesome night. Julie answered the door with a big smile and a hug. I walked in and got a big hug also from Sandy.
After about 45 minutes had past it was obvious that the three of us felt a little awkward, lost and didn?t know what to do. I asked Julie what she thought about what Sandy had told her about today, I guess that broke the ice, because the three of us started talking again. She said it was hot and that she liked hearing Sandy tell her about it. I told her that Sandy told me about them rubbing all over each other on Friday, Julie smiled and said well you guys were doing it so loud and we got all hot and bothered listening, the three of us started laughing. I was starting to get a hard on again talking sex with these two girls; I was once again wearing sweat pants and starting to bulge, Sandy noticed it and pointed it out to Julie. She stared at the bulge in my pants. I got a little embarrassed and said I can?t help it. It just happens when we talk about sex. Julie had a big smile on her face and said you showed it to Sandy, can I see it too? Now my hard on really grew big and hard. I again instinctively said I?ll show you mine if we all three show each other. The ice was broke. It felt like we were three kids in a candy store waiting for a treat.

Sandy said to me that Julie has never seen one, would I go first, I was sitting on a love chair, the two girls were on the couch across from me. I grabbed my sweats and pulled them down and was sitting there with my dick standing strait up, I?m not big but I have at least 7 to 8 inches. Sandy and Julie got off the couch and were on their knees in front of me getting a good look at my hard as rock dick. I asked Julie what she thought of it. She was panting; she was definitely turned on by it, she said it?s hot. Can you take off all your clothes, and I did. Sandy put her hand around my dick and started to stroke soft and slow, then Julie took a turn and did the same. I reached out and rubbed Julie?s tits she loved it , then I reached for Sandy?s tits, she moved in a little closer so I could get a good feel, both girls had very soft boobs, I was in heaven again.

I suggested that we all get naked,
Julie and Sandy were both shy at first so I suggested that they both do it at the same time, I had seen Sandy?s pussy earlier in the day, now I couldn?t wait to see Julie?s pussy.
Both girls removed there dresses, and all they had on was a bra and panties. Sandy?s panties were white lacy bikini and white lacy bra, Julie whore light blue bikini and blue bra, both girls had a wet spot showing through the crotch. I said ok now the bra, and they both took their bra off at the same time. Beautiful tits on both girls nicely formed soft and bouncy with pink nipples, Julie and Sandy each looked over at each other?s boobs and smiled at each other, I Complimented them both on having wonderful looking boobs. Both girls were all smiles. They knew they were hot looking. I then said now the panties they were both all smiles but hesitant, Sandy went first, Julie watched, it was the first time she had seen Sandy?s pussy except when they were little kids, a lot had changed since then, sandy had a hairy pussy although bikini trimmed and her body was very well shaped, she was gorgeous and Julie and I both noticed it. Julie went next she pulled her panties down and off, my mouth dropped, she was drop dead gorgeous, she had blondish brown pussy hair and was also trimmed around the bikini line both girls had better than hand size tits that were perfectly formed. The two girls were on the couch side by side, I came over to them with my hard on sticking strait out. I wanted to get a good look at their pussies. I kneeled in front of Julie and asked her to spread her legs so I can see it better, she smiled and spread her legs, her pussy hole opened up a little, I could see her pussy lips glistening wet.
Sandy got down there with me and we were both admiring Julie?s pussy, the three of us were really turned on by all of this.
Sandy moved back to the couch and I Pulled Julie down with me and asked Sandy to spread her legs so we can get a good look and she did, both myself and Julie admired Sandy?s beautiful hairy pussy. Without saying a word I put my face up to Sandy?s pussy and started eating hers pussy out she didn?t resist, she just closed her eyes spread her legs and started grinding on my face, Julie reached down and started jacking me off while I ate Sandy out, Just when I felt that I was going to shoot I had Julie stop. I pulled her up by Sandy?s Pussy and she instinctively put her face in it and started working her tongue around like a pro. She loved it, I got up and started kissing and sucking on Sandy?s Pink nipples while rubbing her oh so soft jiggling tits while Julie ate her cunt out. Julie eventually came up for air and started sucking on Sandy?s other nipple. What a time we were having.

I switched the two girls around and Sandy and I got down between Julies legs, sandy said you do it first so she can watch. I put my face in Julie?s pussy and buried my tongue all the way to her hymen she also started grinding on my face and moaning loudly with pleasure, she just kept repeating oh my god, oh my god over and over, Sandy watched while she stroked my dick, when I got close to shooting again I had her stop and put her between Julie?s legs and got her started eating Julie out, she caught on right away, she knows what a girl likes, Julie put both hands on the back of Sandy?s head , it was great to watch. Julie had her legs spread, Sandy on her knees eating pussy with Julie holding on to the back of Sandy?s head guiding it softly. The three of us did this for quite a while, I got the two girls to do other things like 69 with each other while I watched, and also got them to rub their pussies together. We had a great time, they hugged and rolled and kissed and ate and rubbed each other pussies.
The girls had a great girl on girl first experience, with my help of course.

We three sat on the couch, me in the middle making out with both girls; the three of us were still naked however now smelling like sex. I had one arm over Julie while Sandy moved down to suck my dick; she stroked while sucking oh so softly while Julie and I made out. This was Sandy?s first blow job. Julie also wanted to suck so she joined Sandy and they shared the duties. It was so good they were both naturals at sucking. It felt so good I couldn?t hold back any longer and warned the girls I was ready to shoot. Julie wanted to take it in the mouth and she didn?t have long to wait because she no sooner said that when I filled her mouth up and surprisingly she swallowed.

The three of us had a great evening of sucking touching and eating, Sandy fulfilled her obsession and the two girls remained virgins. However we created another secret that night that we can?t tell anyone about.

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