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"Enter!" Came the reply after several seconds, and the young boy stepped in.

Sir Javid was inside, standing in front of a mirror as he got dressed. He wore only undergarments in bed, as Arthur came to discover over the months, and now he stood there admiring his chiseled body in the mirror.

"Ah, there you are boy." Sir Javid said, beckoning his squire to enter. "Come in, quickly, and close the door behind you."

Arthur obliged and quickly stepped in, closing the door behind them quietly. It had been only a couple of days since they had arrived at a castle, which he had learned was named Castle Tharfield for the Tharfield family that ruled over the lordship of the region. It was the first time that Sir Javid and Arthur had settled down anywhere since they had begun their travels together, and Arthur could tell that the knight was beginning to get uncomfortable with too many people for too many days. It seemed that they did not have a choice, however. The young boy that he had rescued from the bandits was his responsibility until he recovered, and that meant that Sir Javid would have to wait until the boy was recuperated under Lord Tharfield?s doctors.

That was not something Arthur minded, though. The longer they stayed here, the longer he could rest and play with the other children at the Tharfield court. Being out on the road had been becoming terribly tiresome and boring.

"Come now Arthur," Sir Javid urged. "Before anyone comes and disturbs us. The hospitality of this castle has come in exchange for any sort of privacy it seems."

Sir Javid reached down to the waistband of his undergarments and pulled it down, revealing his unerect cock. Arthur looked down at the stirring member, and then back up to the middle aged man. Sir Javid wore a lustful grin as he moved toward the bed, laying back down on it and waiting for his squire to come and service him.

Obliging the knight, Arthur went forward and knelt at the base of the bed, on his knees in front of the only semi erect cock. His hands went forward, resting on the knight?s knees, before sliding along his bare thighs toward Sir Javis?s privates. Arthur stopped just short however and let his hand linger on the man?s inner thigh, his small hands brushing gently against the dark brush that was Sir Javid?s pubic hair. Arthur paused for a second and looked back up to Sir Javid, grinning playfully. He knew how it just tormented the knight when he did this, and Arthur loved teasing him.

"Oh, you little tease." Sir Javid whispered softly, grabbing on a handful of Arthur?s dark hair and pulling the boy?s head closer. "You sure do know how to make a man beg for it, don?t you? But we don?t have time for that today, Arthur. Hurry up, or someone will interrupt us"

Giggling softly to himself, Arthur nodded as he reached forward to grab the older man?s cock and balls. Even soft Sir Javid?s cock was still impressive, hanging limply from Arthur?s small hands. It was both heavy and and difficult to move around, and it felt almost like wrangling a big python or cobra to the young boy. Arthur often wondered how penises could possibly get this big, as he could never imagine his small balls and cock getting big and thick enough to possibly weigh this much in his hands.

Wrapping his fingers around the penis, Arthur let it glide over the tip in sensual strokes as he slid his hand up and down, prompting Sir Javid to groan in pleasure.

"Oh yes Arthur." He moaned. "Like that. Just like that. You make me feel so good."

Arthur had gotten to know very early on what Sir Javid would like and not like during these private sessions between the two. During his first days as a squire, and upon being introduced to the sexual services Sir Javid has expected of him, Arthur had tried to resist, shaking his head and pulling away from the decorated knight as he stammered in about how he didn?t want to do it. But Sir Javid had reacted violently to that display of reluctance, grabbing Arthur by the wrists so forcefully that it hurt, and threatening to send him home to his village and destroy his family. Now Arthur was only a kid, and didn?t know if Sir Javid could have actually went through with his threats, but he knew better than to test the knight.

In time, Arthur realized that it wasn?t actually so bad; Sir Javid would be happy every time Arthur did that for him, and would treat him in a way that he was never used to being treated as a commoner. Sir Javid would hug him and kiss him, and give him so much affection that Arthur would feel like a really special boy, and that made him happy. Soon, Arthur even began to try and surprise Sir Javid, purposefully waking up in the middle of the night and surprising him by pleasuring him under the blankets when they were out on the road. Those days used to be hard, with Sir Javid often fighting off bandits and helping the people of the kingdom, and those visits that Arthur had paid to the knight?s bed in the night had really worked to improve their mood. After all, if Sir Javid was happy, Arthur?s happiness would normally follow.

And now, as Arthur began to increase the speed of his strokes, Sir Javid began to moan louder.

"Take of your tunic."

Arthur paused and looked up to the knight.

"Hurry up." He said again, pushing at the boy?s small frame with his feet. "I?m getting close."

Once again, Arthur obliged without question as he hopped back up to his feet and began to take his clothes off. Sir Javid did not like when Arthur questioned his demands during their sexual episodes, and the boy also learned that he sure as hell did not like being so close to orgasm and having to wait for the euphoric release.

So Arthur quickly slipped off his simple tunics and jumped back into position between the knight?s legs, and began to stroke the throbbing hard cock once more. His body was slim and wiry; Arthur had always been thin, though he was sure that the lack of food might have something to do with that too, but he was fairly tall, taller by an inch or two than most other boys his age. His skin was a little tan from all his time out on the road with Sir Javid, and his legs had become slightly more shapely from their time walking on the road. He also had what some might call a cute butt, again from all the time he had been spending on the road.

"Oh yes," Sir Javid grunted as he reached forward to hold Arthur?s small, pale face in his hands, caressing his adolescent features. "Faster, Arthur, milk those juices out of my big, hard cock."

Arthur smiled as he stroked faster, grabbing at the knight?s enormous ballsack with the other hand. Another thing that Sir Javid just loved was when Arthur would tease and play with his balls close to orgasm. And so that was what he did, caressing those huge balls with the palm of his hand as he let his finger prod and poke at the man?s perineum, just above his anus.

This seemed to drive Sir Javid over the edge as he began to buck his hips up in rhythm with Arthur?s strokes.

"Come on, you little boy slut. Come on, I?m almost there..."

Arthur felt Sir Javid?s fingers move around his face, and soon felt his thumb pushing against his lips. Arthur simply shot the knight a crooked smile as he allowed the man?s thumb inside his mouth, closing his pink lips around it and sucking on it as he swirled his tongue all around it.


Sir Javid suddenly pulled his thumb out of Arthur?s mouth, instead reaching over to grab at the back of his head forcefully. Arthur let the knight pull him down so that one of his hands was now pressed against the floor for support, while the other was still stroking the knight?s cock.

"Open your mouth." Sir Javid demanded as he sat up, eyes wide and full of lust.

Arthur knew what the knight wanted, he liked to watch as his cum spurted all over Arthur?s face and eyes, and sometimes even straight into his mouth. Arthur always thought of himself as straight, however, and did not like when Sir Javid would do this, but once again he knew better than to protest.

Opening his mouth, Arthur stuck out his tongue slightly for Sir Javid as he kept up a constant pace of stroking, and the knight groaned louder as he approached climax. Soon, his fists tightened, clamping around the boy?s head until it was a little painful, and thick strings of semen began to shoot out right at Arthur?s mouth.

Sir Javid was an extremely powerful ejaculator, shooting his thick ropes of cum with so much force that it had hurt the first time he came on Arthur?s face. Even now, when Arthur was used to it, the force of the cum slapping into his tongue and the back of his throat kinda hurt, but not enough for Arthur to even wince of course.

Finally, after what seemed like a bucketload of cum, Sir Javid?s penis stopped shooting in his mouth, and he released the vice-like grip on his head. Arthur let the semen stay on his tongue for several seconds, however. Instead of swallowing it, he let the cum pool on his tongue and stuck his tongue out a little further at Sir Javid to show him what he had done. The knight smiled down affectionately at Arthur and ruffled the boy?s dark hair.

"Good boy." He said, his voice low in the ecstasy of post orgasm bliss. "You make me feel so good, Arthur. Now swallow my cum for me, will you?"

Closing his mouth, Arthur nodded enthusiastically as he gulped the white liquid down his throat.

"Cute." Sir Javid smiled and held onto Arthur?s chin, turning the boy?s face as if inspecting him for several seconds.

Arthur let the knight do as he please. He liked to see him like this, happy and blissful. Surely Sir Javid deserved it after all the people he has helped already. Even though Arthur might not like the things that Sir Javid made him do, his discomfort was a small price to pay if that kept Sir Javid happy and well rested.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and both Arthur and Sir Javid quickly scrambled to their feet.

"Pardon me Sir," a voice called from the other side of the door. Arthur looked to Sir Javid in panic. They were both naked, and if anyone found out... Well, Arthur didn?t know what would happen, but he got the feeling most wouldn?t actually approve of their sexual activities.

"Quick," Sir Javid urged, pushing the young boy into the closet. "Stay in here, don?t peek, and don?t make a sound."

Arthur, once again the dutiful squire, obliged, and crawled in the closet, still naked. He could feel the cool touch of wood against his naked skin as he leaned backward so that his round butt pressed against the old wood. Outside, Arthur could hear as Sir Javid put on some clothes hurriedly, and rushed to the door.

"Yes," came the knight?s voice as the door opened. "Sorry to keep you waiting, I had overslept."

"It is no problem at all." Came the reply. "As the intendant of this castle, I only wished to check on you. How has your room been thus far?"

"I like it just fine, thank you for asking."

"That is good to hear."

There was a short pause then, and Arthur frowned as he continued to listen.

"Are you alone, Sir?" Came the voice, and Arthur?s heart skipped a beat. Surely, Sir Javid would have thrown the boy?s clothes under the bed, hidden from sight. He was too smart not to do that. Why then would that man be asking that? It was a curious question.

"Yes..." Sir Javid finally responded, as if a little uncertain. "I am. Is there a problem?"

"No problems at all Sir. I just wanted to be sure we were alone before I delivered my message. Lord Tharfield wishes to inform you that his people are in position now, and are ready for the ambush. A carrier pigeon arrived today also with news unobtainable elsewhere that the carriage will pass through this route in two days. No one knows the woods like the men we have stationed there do, and after the attack is successful, the guards will never be able to find them, or who had been behind the attack."

"Oh, I see... I am sorry, I had not known that you worked directly for Lord Tharfield. If you had told me before-"

"-I do a lot for Lord Tharfield, Sir. Many of his more unpleasant businesses are managed by none other than yours truly. Now, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave. Thank you for your time, Sir."

And with that, Arthur heard the door close. Pushing open the closet door, Arthur poked his head out and looked around. Sir Javid was just standing there, dressed in casual clothing, with hand on his hips. Something seemed to be bothering him as he remained standing there in front of the door, so Arthur stepped out of the closet and approached.

"Sir Javid?" Arthur asked, his voice barely a squeak. "Are you okay?"

The knight spun around as if suddenly remembering the boy. "Arthur, why yes of course, everything is fine." Sir Javid smiled and reached out to Arthur, putting a hand on his shoulders. "I guess it is getting late though, so we?d better start getting ready for the day. What do you have planned for the rest of the morning?"

"Um, nothing actually." Arthur said as Sir Javid stepped past him and began to change into a more formal attire. "I?ll maybe just look around the castle, explore for a little bit. But in the afternoon I?m supposed to see Flynn and keep him company. He was the boy that we rescued from the bandits."

"Oh of course," Sir Javid said without even looking back.

Arthur stepped forward behind the knight and paused, as if considering whether he should speak again or just change and get out of here. Sir Javid was a busy man, and he knew that he did not like being disturbed when he was in a rush. Nevertheless, Arthur had so many questions about the exchange that Sir Javid just had with that stranger that he could not stop himself from asking.

"Who was that earlier?" Arthur asked. "At the door."

"Just some servant." Sir Javid waved off dismissively. "He had news from Lord Tharfield."

Arthur frowned. The voice earlier said that he was an important person, who handled lots of Lord Tharfield?s businesses. Surely he couldn?t be just a servant.

"Why was he talking about ambushes and men in the woods?" Arthur pressed. "Are we going to leave soon?"

"No Arthur. That was just something Lord Tharfield and I had been speaking about. The bandits have been bothering the villages around the lordship for quite some time now, and this ambush would?ve been a big blow to the bandit leadership."

Sir Javid suddenly paused as he was buttoning up a red and gold shirt, and glanced back to Arthur with serious eyes.

"But if the bandit leader catches wind of this plot, the assault would?ve all been for nothing. All that gold, and months of planning to prepare for this would have been a waste. This has to stay a secret, okay?"

Arthur was about to nod once again, but then stopped himself. Something didn?t make sense, and he could not agree to keep quiet about something that sounded quite fishy.

"But that man earlier was talking about carriages, or something." Arthur said. "Bandits don?t travel in carriages. That just doesn?t make sense. The man said the ambush target was a carriage-"

Before Arthur could finish his sentence, Sir Javid has spun around and lashed out at the boy, pinning his still naked body down on his bed face first. Arthur yelped and tried to struggle, but the knight was too strong and wrestled his smaller body down into submission.

"I said," Sir Javid said, eyes furious and tone stern. "It is a secret, and has to stay a secret. Do you understand? It was a simple question, Arthur."

Arthur felt the man?s hands close around his bare shoulder hard enough for it to start to hurt, causing him to wince. He was terrified; Arthur knew that Sir Javid had a darker side, and so he had always tried to please the knight and do as he says. It seemed however that today, Arthur had pushed the knight a little too far.

"Okay," Arthur?s voice came out like a small squeak. "I?m sorry, I?ll keep it a secret."

But that was not enough to convince Sir Javid, and he gave Arthur a hard smack to his bare butt with his open palm, causing the boy to yelp again.

"Promise it." Sir Javid said coldly. "Swear it on your family."

"I promise," Arthur said, his small hand balling up into fists as Sir Javid brought his hand down on his butt once more. "And I swear it on my family. I swear I won?t tell anyone, I swear it!"


Arthur felt the weight on his back disappear as Sir Javid got off him, and the boy quickly spun around to find the knight back at his mirror, dressing himself as if nothing had happened.

"Now quickly, get dressed and get out of here." Sir Javid said without even turning to Arthur. "And make sure no one sees you on your way out."

And so Arthur quickly slipped his tunic back on, and the hurried out the door, pausing to glance back at the knight once more before leaving.


"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Not even kidding, I heard them clear as day."

Arthur was sat down on the side of Flynn?s bed as he was most afternoons, chatting and talking about what he had seen that day in the castle. Flynn was still confined to the bed and was terribly bored, and so Arthur took pity on him and tried to give him a sense of what it was like to explore the castle by relaying stories of his own experiences to the other boy. He would tell of the interesting things he?d seen or heard during his day, and Flynn would sit there listening closely to every single word that came out of Arthur?s mouth.

And today, Arthur could not help but mention of the conversation he had heard between Sir Javid and that mysterious servant of Lord Tharfield. Sure, Arthur had sworn on the lives of his family not to tell anyone, but like most boys, Arthur could not help but confide in his closest friends the mysterious things he had witnessed.

But of course, Arthur had left out the part where he had been in Sir Javid?s room, jacking the older knight off just minutes before he had heard the conversation. He had instead told Flynn that he was outside, just about to see Sir Javid when he heard someone talking with Sir Javid and hid around the corner to listen.

"I did ask him what it was about after that." Arthur said. "And he told me it was something he and Lord Tharfield had been planning for a while to strike at the bandit leaders in this region."

"But you said they mentioned attacking a carriage? Why would bandits travel by carriage?"

"That?s exactly what I asked him."

"And what did he say?"

"Well," Arthur paused, and decided that he should leave out the part where Sir Javid pinned him down and threatened him. "Sir Javid didn?t want to talk about it anymore, and told me that it was supposed to be a secret. If word leaks, Lord Tharfield would have wasted a lot of gold, he says, and so he said it was better if I didn?t know much. I wasn?t even supposed to know anything at all in the first place."

"I dunno," Flynn said, frowning. His face was fair and smooth, and Arthur thought the other boy looked pretty cute when he frowned like this. "It all just sounds pretty fishy to me."

"Exactly." Arthur agreed.

"I found out during my time with Sir Egan that many of the nobles were unhappy with the King and the war." Flynn said. "There?s been a lot of court politics and infighting going on, and maybe what you heard had something to do with that."

"Most likely."

"Do you think we should tell someone?"

Arthur thought about this for a moment but then shook his head. "Sir Javid made me swear on my family not to tell anyone. He?s a pretty powerful man, I don?t wanna wait to see what happens if he finds out I told somebody."

"Oh." Flynn bit his lip, then glanced away.

"What does it matter anyways?" Arthur continued to say. "We?re just a couple of squires. Even if we did tell someone, they wouldn?t believe us, and then we?d be punished afterward. It?s better not to say anything at all."

Arthur turned to look at Flynn, who sighed and shrugged.

"Can I trust you to keep it a secret?" Arthur asked, suddenly afraid that Flynn might blab to somebody.

"You know you can trust me Arty." Flynn said, and managed a half hearted smile. "Your the only friend I?ve had in so long. Your secret is safe with me."

Arthur smiled back, happy that Flynn thought of him as a friend too. During their time in the Tharfield castle, Arthur had made sure to keep Flynn company, and in the process, had managed to establish a close friendship with the other thirteen year old boy. In truth, Arthur had not had a friend since he left his village, and other than his companionship with Sir Javid, Arthur had been terribly lonely. Befriending Flynn was the best thing that had happened to the boy since he had become a squire.

But surely Arthur?s loneliness was nothing compared to what Flynn was feeling. Arthur looked his friend up and down. Flynn was laying on the bed under the blankets, as he had been for the past days. Other than Arthur?s visits, Flynn had only doctors and the four walls of his room for company. And before this, Flynn had even had to watch as his knight was killed, and was taken prisoner by bandits for weeks. Arthur had listened in on the conversation between some of the doctors after they had just arrived, and heard them talking about some damage to his private areas, inflicted on him by the bandits.

Arthur felt sorry for him. He couldn?t imagine how defeated and tired Flynn must?ve felt, and even now after everything, how depressing it must be to be confined into a bed. Arthur laid down on the bed beside Flynn, and turned over to look at his friend. Flynn was staring up blankly at the ceiling, thinking about something. Arthur guessed that being alone so often made one more introspective, and so he let the silence hang over them.

But as the two laid there in silence, Arthur began to let his eyes and mind wander. Flynn was about the average height for their age, which was slightly shorter than Arthur. His body was also slim and his skin was smooth and mostly hairless, with only a few thin strands of blonde hair growing from his arms and legs. Arthur wondered suddenly if he had any hair down in his private parts. He knew that it was at about this age that boys would begin to grow hair, but he also knew that some boys were slower while others were faster. Arthur, while he was physically more developed than other boys in terms of height, did not seem to be able to grow much pubic hair yet, however.

Looking back up at Flynn, Arthur saw the sadness on the boy?s face, and decided that he would finally do something nice for his friend. He had been doing it for so long to Sir Javid to keep him happy, why wouldn?t he do the same for a friend?

Shooting closer to Flynn so that their elbows were touching, Arthur put a finger on his lips as Flynn looked to him and gave him a curious look. Arthur knew that servants often passed by Flynn?s doors in case he needed anything, and he did not want them hearing anything.

Slipping his hand under the blanket, Arthur placed a hand on his friend?s chest. And then he slid his hand down and pulled up Flynn?s tunic so that it was up to his arms and chest, and began to feel his friend?s bare skin. Flynn?s eyes went wide as Arthur began to caress his smooth chest and belly, letting out a soft gasp as those fingers began to slide in circular motions around his navel.

Arthur grinned at seeing his friend react this way. He had remembered first seeing Flynn naked when they had just met, and remembered his embarrassment at being naked once they were alone together in the carriage. It seemed to Arthur that Flynn had not yet begun to experiment with his sexuality much as of yet, and so Arthur just knew that he had to do this.

Letting his hand slide down further across his belly, Arthur let his fingers slip under Flynn?s pants and loincloth, and found his friend?s hardening member. To his pleasant surprise, Arthur found that Flynn did indeed have a small bush of pubic hair at the base of his cock, and he allowed his fingers to play with the hairs for several moments.

Soon, Flynn?s cock eventually grew to its full four inches as Arthur continued to play, tease, and stroke it with his fingertips. Arthur was becoming quite the expert in giving pleasure to penises, and while he normally felt a little disgusted about doing it for a man, he had no qualms about doing this for a good friend like Flynn. With his other hand, Arthur began to play with the rest of Flynn?s now exposed body under the blankets, letting his fingertips circle his nipples and caressing his inner thighs and balls as he continued to stroke.

For his part Flynn could only close his eyes and enjoy the new sensations of pleasure that was washing over him. His breaths were getting more ragged and his grunts became more audible. Arthur knew that if he had been less shy, Flynn would have smiled happily along with Arthur as he pleasured him.

After several more minutes of stroking, Arthur began to allow his other hand to hover at the tip of Flynn?s small cock. Flynn began to moan louder as Arthur started to circle his foreskin with the other hand as he kept up a continuous pace of stroking, and soon Flynn?s body began to trash against the bed.

Arthur knew that he had to be close now, and remembering what Sir Javid had liked, began to stroke at Flynn?s perineum with a finger.

"U-Uh Arty..." Flynn barely managed to say between his whimpering of pleasure. "I... I-Ah!"

Flynn?s body spasmed as he reached orgasm, and Arthur felt wetness form around his fingers as his friend spurred his semen. But Arthur continued to stroke his cumming cock, milking every last drop of cum from his friend?s cock and sliding the foreskin up and down quickly over the sensitive head.

After several more seconds, Flynn?s orgasm subsided, and Arthur stopped stroking the now softening cock. He grinned at his friend, and for the first time Flynn looked to Arthur, unable to meet his eyes as he blushed madly.

"My blanket..." Flynn said. "I-I messes up my blanket."

Arthur chuckled and pulled his hand out from under the blanket, showing Flynn the cum on his fingers.

"I know," he said. "And you got my fingers too."

Flynn?s face reddened even more. "Oh... I?m sorry."

"It?s not a problem really." Arthur laughed. His friend?s sexual naivety was too funny. "It was something I wanted to do, specially for you. Did you like it?"

"Yeah." Flynn grinned sheepishly. It wasn?t something I?ve done in a while, and I?ve never had anyone else touch me like that before. It felt nice."

Flynn was reluctant to say more, but Arthur didn?t need him to. They were both young, with raging hormones and discovering their sexuality. Neither of them could possibly resist the urges of masturbation, nor would they give up the opportunity for more sexual adventures together. But Flynn seemed to be feeling a little awkward, as the orgasmic euphoria subsided, and Arthur wondered if he had perhaps been too abrupt.

"You?d better get it cleaned up then." Arthur said, referring to the blanket, as he pulled his friend?s shirt back down and his pants up. "And I?d better leave now. I think one of your doctors should be coming soon, right?"

"Oh, y-yeah." Flynn said, still slightly flustered.

Arthur simply smiled at his friend, and turned to leave. As he got to the door however, he heard Flynn calling after him, and paused to turn back to him.

"I-I really enjoyed what you did." Flynn said, tripping over his words. "It felt nice, and, uh, I hope we can do it again sometime."

Smiling, Arthur winked at Flynn. "You can bet we will."

And with that, he left.

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