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Eve and Kent were going about their weekend routine, laundry, cleaning house and having a big breakfast together. They enjoyed their lazy days off on the weekends, because it was one of the only days that they were able to share together. See the work schedules that they kept didn?t always permit time to share what they liked. It was a sacrifice they made when taking these schedules to be able to have the house that they do, and the time off that they enjoy together. Eve and Kent were able to share themselves too. They came into their relationship in a more open arrangement. They were committed to each other, in fact they actually married to show that level of commitment, but they liked to bring others into the bedroom for fun. Eve had an almost insatiable sex drive, and Kent was willing to allow her to find others to satisfy this urge, while still being married to him. They had rules they followed, but as time progressed, she was able to bring men into the home for him to watch, or for her to play while he was working. She was sexually satisfied this way, loved her husband, and he loved watching or hearing about her pleasing a man. Part of what he adored he said, was that he knew exactly what it felt like with her, and how amazing she made a man feel when she did certain things to him, and he would wait for that moment until she did it to another to see their reaction as well.

Today was no different. They belonged to an online site that catered to those in such arrangements. They had been chatting online with a man that said he was experienced in playing with couples, and really enjoyed having the wife while the husband watched. Kent liked this idea. Vincent had invited Eve to lunch on Monday, but Kent wanted to meet him as well, so he went looking to see if Vincent was online. He was. So Kent and Vincent chatted online a bit, Vincent had just returned home from a weekend at the beach. They made plans to go for coffee that afternoon. Eve took it upon herself to shower and dress special for the occasion, in case all went well for the first meeting. It was cold out that day, so she had to wear more than she was accustomed to wearing on a first "date". She wore a short black skirt, purple halter, black cardigan and high black boots. Kent didn?t dress up; he wore jeans and a polo shirt and figured it wasn?t him that was the interesting party there. They went to the coffee place and ordered and had a seat by the door. Eve sent a text message to Vincent to let him know that they were there and to also let him know where they were sitting. Vincent walked in, dressed in a sweater and jeans. He addressed Eve, then Kent, and went to get coffee. Kent returned and they all sat together and chatted about where they were raised and the weather, and the predicted snow storm. They laughed and talked about places up north that get snow measured in feet instead of inches, and all got along and drank their coffee. Kent excused himself to go to the restroom and Vincent and Eve talked a bit. He asked her if there were any surprises, and she said no, and she asked the same in return. Vincent?s response surprised Eve, he said, "No only that you are much prettier than your pictures tell you to be." Eve was flattered and she asked Vincent what his plans were for the rest of the day. He said he had some reports to finish writing for work, but had a couple hours free. She wanted to take him home. When Kent returned she asked if that would be okay. He was pleased that she wanted Vincent to go home with them, and agreed to the meeting. Vincent would follow Eve and Kent to their house, not far from where they had coffee.

On the way, Kent and Eve spoke of the situation and Ken assured Eve that she was free to play with Vincent however she chose to play. He would sit on the chair and watch them play and only join in if asked by Vincent or Eve. Eve liked this idea and was looking forward to playing with Vincent. When they arrived at the home, Vincent had a look around, and stopped in the living room. Eve and Kent have a large sailfish above their mantle, and it is quite a conversation piece. There is a photograph underneath it of when they actually caught the fish. Vincent asked about it and Eve told him how it was caught, it is her fish, and she actually reeled it upon the boat, not Kent. Kent in turn went upstairs to turn on the lights, and make sure that the bed was made for Eve. Eve and Vincent stopped talking and began to kiss, slowly and tentatively at first, then more deeply and passionately. Vincent stopped her, and looked at her and smiled, and told Eve, "Wow, you really know how to kiss." Then he started to kiss her once more. She stopped it this time and asked him if he would rather continue this upstairs, and he agreed. She took his hand in hers, and walked him upstairs into the master bedroom.

Kent was sitting in a chair in the room and Eve and Vincent went to the far side of the bed. She leaned in and started to kiss him again, deeper and with her hands wrapped around his neck. He stopped her, and told her that she had too many pieces of clothing on and something needed to be removed. She undid the buttons on her sweater?and he slid it off of her shoulders. He then felt her breasts through the silky material of her blouse and realized that she wasn?t wearing a bra. He moaned as he began to feel her through her blouse. Untied the top, and lifted it over her head to see her naked breast before him. He cupped them and teased the nipples until they were standing stiff in his hands. He then took his hands and slid them under the waistband of her skirt and slid that to the floor. She stood before him in a pair of sheer black panties with little pink bows and boots. He loved the way she looked at that moment and told her so?then he moved her backwards, and laid her down on the bed. He unzipped the boots, and slid them down her legs and on to the floor one by one. Then he reached up and took hold of her panties and swept them off her legs flinging them backwards behind him. She looked up at him from the bed, and watched as he slid off his shirt, and then his jeans and let them fall on the floor as well before moving to the bed to take her in his arms, and kiss her deeply once again. This time he was feeling her body under his hands as he continued to kiss her. She played with the hair on his chest as his hands moved over her breasts, teasing her nipples, then his hand moved over her stomach, and between her legs, spreading them apart as he did so. He reached her, and used his fingers to spread apart her full lips, feeling her warmth and growing wetness as he did this. The longer they kissed and the more he touched her, the wetter she became, moaning softly as he began to stroke her clit. He then broke the kiss, and moved himself further up the bed so that his hips were in line with her full mouth, easing his hard cock between her lips, she lapped it up like she was starved for it. Licking it, and taking it between her lips, and all the way into her throat, as he moaned from deep inside. She continued to use her tongue and her lips on him, making him buck and move. He stopped her, and pulled back. She looked up at him questioning, and he said, "It?s my turn to be able to taste you now." She moved farther back on the bed as he slid his body between her legs, placing his tongue where his hands had been before. She arched her back and moved herself into his mouth further. He used his tongue across her full lips, and into the divide to separate them, teasing her, tasting her before allowing her to feel his tongue touch her clit and make her moan deeply. He could feel her wetness even more now, smell her scent and taste her flavor all the while giving her immense pleasure with his mouth. He moved his hands to use his fingers with his tongue on her pussy. She moved against him moaning louder and louder until she erupted in spasms and deep guttural sounds of her orgasm. Her sounds because words expressed through clenched teeth, her body arched against his mouth, and he juices flowed harder, gushing onto his tongue, bathing it with her flavors. He giggled a little, liking what he just did to her and standing, he reached around her thighs and climbed onto the bed pushing himself deep inside her as he did. She again arched into him, finding their rhythm and moving together as one. He began to push harder, and faster, as she began to have another orgasm while he was inside of her. He liked this, and rode her harder, her hands reaching outward from her body, fingers clenching the blanket as he continued to ride through the intense pleasure that she felt and gave him as she tightened around his hard cock.

Suddenly he pulled himself out of her, and pulled her naked body towards the side of the bed, and told her to get on all fours. She did as he asked and instead of entering her again as she thought he would, he instead began to use his tongue on her again. Lapping and drinking from her as if dehydrated and her nectar was the only thing that would keep him alive. Using his goatee, and chin to tease her now sensitive clit as his tongue became the tool used inside her. She writhed against him again, and again she had the blankets curled between her pretty, red, polished fingernails. Her moans deepening and her pussy quivering, he suddenly stopped and entered her again, this time from behind. He keeps her orgasm going as he thrusts himself deeper into her, and then stops, and tells her, "Damn, you?re too tight, I have to stop." Her reply is, "That?s what happens when you make me cum so much and so hard." They laugh and take a minute to breath, before he starts kissing her deeply again, lying across her on the bed. Pushing her back and thrusting himself into her again. She is truly enjoying the feel of him inside her, and how he moves her and makes it feel even better. He continues to thrust inside of her, and she met his every move. Hot, sweating, unending, and passionate. He stops and kneels next to her and lets her taste herself on him. She takes him all in, licking him clean of the juices that she left all over him. He shakes, and begins to stutter, and pulls himself out of her mouth. They laugh, and he moves her to go back inside her warm wetness. He loves how wet, soft, warm and tight she feels against his hardness. He loves how he just glides in and out of her and she tightens around him as she cums again. He wants to cum, but wants it to last, so he repeats that several more times, from her mouth to her pussy and back. Finally he just cannot take it any longer, and thrusts himself into her waiting mouth, feeling her tongue lick at the tip of him while her lips encircle the rest of him. He starts to move faster, until he explodes inside her waiting mouth. She feels his cock spasm against her lips as he empties into her mouth. She takes it all and swallows it down, smiling at him as she does. He leans back against the pillows, and she rolls back on to the bed. Both breathing hard, sweating. They look at each other, and smile, she says, "Wow, it?s not cold anymore in here." He looks at her, and says, "That was amazing! It was so many things and sensations that I didn?t think I could handle all at once." They then look at Kent who has been watching this entire time. He is naked and panting as well. He watched them and enjoyed every minute that they had together. Kent told Vincent that he was welcome back whenever his wife liked. Vincent asked Eve, and she said whenever he could, it was an awesome way to spend an hour and a half. She thought to herself, it was a great way to exercise and not be at the gym either. Vincent leaned over and kissed her deeply before getting dressed. He helped her sort out her clothing from his on the floor. Kent and Eve walked Vincent to the door and let him out. After Vincent left, Kent took Eve into his arms and kissed her deeply, letting her know how turned on he was with watching her play. He then took her hand and led her upstairs to continue with her in his own way?..

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