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Ingen rubrik har angivits än...

I sped to the hallway entrance...the artifact knew that I craved something very raunchy, and I walked slowly down the endless corridor reading doors and stroking my pecker, which I had pulled out of my trousers for use while selecting the area of enjoyment.

I stopped at a door reading, 'Paid jerkoff for college sorority party'. This sounded quite interesting and I opened the door to look inside.

There were two very pretty young women there who sat in chairs grinning at me. I stepped inside and looked at them as they stared at my dick, sticking out of the front of my pants. I'd forgotten that little detail momentarily and tried to zip up, but one of them quickly stopped me..."Leave it alone dork, we're all gonna see it anyway."

My ten inch pecker stood out dripping cum as I looked at them awkwardly. I specified my time interval as two hours and closed the door.

One of them handed me a thousand dollars in cash. "Here's your fucking money jerkoff, don't spend it all in one place." They got up and left the room and we went into a large hallway with a huge set of stairs leading to the second floor.

In a large front room to the right sat about fifty young women, grinning at me and talking among themselves as I entered. They all stared at my huge rock hard peter bodding up and down.

There was an open area surrounded by the many women, and a comfy chair for my use. I stood and stared at them, the money still in my hand. "Ladies may I present our entertainment for tonight, Mr. Jerkoff." They all applauded and cheered as I stuffed the money in my pocket.

She crossed her arms and grinned slyly at me..."Do your fucking thing jackboy, strip off and give me all your clothes."

I did so, looking apprehensibly at the large leering crowd of college coeds, first my wristwatch, shoes, then socks, then shirt, and finally pants and shorts . My long pecker flipped when I pulled my shorts off and the coeds cheered again, making me blush a bit.

I stood there bare naked and the woman grabbed my clothes and locked them in a nearby wallsafe.

"You get them back when you give us what we want jackoff!", she grinned wickedly. "You better fucking earn your money or we'll shove your ass outside and call the get what I mean?" I nodded shyly in acceptance and stroked my long dick.

She handed me a shotglass of clear liquid. "Spanishfly boy, you gonna have a good time tonight!"

I gulped down the bitter liquid and scrunched up my face at the taste. They all waited and grinned, looking at each other. Almost immediately my balls became hot as fire and my poor dick got even harder, if that was possible. I sat in the chair which was good for this purpose since I could put my feet up on the side rails opening my peter and balls to the crowd while I entertained them.

I began to breathe very heavily and I was so fucking horny I couldn't stand it. I sat and flipped my dong back and forth and then flipped it upward and made it bounce up and down a few times.

I looked at the jeering ladies, with my eyes glazed over in pleasure, and jacked off, flogging my pecker rapidly.

The crowd was yelling obscene comments at me as I stroked off and this seemed to make me even hornier.

"Fucking jack your dick off sleazebag, jerk your fucking dong for us!" The girls were going crazy now and looked closely as my face distorted in pleasure from my masterbation.

I massaged my large balls and swung them back and forth several times as I peeled back my foreskin. My peter was dripping cum constantly now and I could feel the huge amount of dickwad in my nuts waiting to be released.

I was getting every kind of obscene and humiliating comment now from the nasty crowd, and there were multiple flashes from the many cameras trained on me.

They looked on me now as a filthy sex toy and were reveling in my embarrassment. I jacked my dick harder looking from one to the other of the many coeds, and I began to drool slightly as I neared orgasm. New spectators were gathering as the lewd show progressed, and I was in a frezy now hotter than I'd ever been.

This level of arousal was unknown to me and I was grunting like a pig nearing my absolute limit.

"Eat your fucking cum you son-of-a-bitch", they began to chant...I was so fucking hot now I didn't care about anything, even the many video cameras I could see capturing the action.

My huge dick was primed for ejaculation and suddenly my face went blank, and I jerked involuntarily upward squirting a thick stream of hot scum two feet in the air as the women screamed.

They were clapping and cheering, as many of them stuck their fingers in their mouths, indicating the retching reflex to my disgusting actions. I was so humiliated and overwhelmed by lust that I just couldn't stop, and ate a large amount of salty slime as it continued to pump from my prong.

I ate all I could and finally took my finger and sopped up globs of cum from my pisshole and ate it as the last drops of goo oozed out.

I retrieved all of the cum I could from my lower area and devoured it...and finally licked my fingers clean, finishing my incredibly degrading ordeal.

I collapsed in a heap in the chair as they screwed up their noses at me and began to leave. The spokeslady looked at me with true revulsion in her eyes and opened the safe, removing my clothes. She dropped them on me like they were contaminated..."I hope you know what you just did disgusting dick jacking fuck..and we got it all on tape."

She sneered sarcastically ..."Get your fucking ass out of here and go spend your money...that thousand is nothing to me...but as this tape is watched over time it will be to you!"

She left me sitting there, my limp pecker still draining semen. I dressed and left...pulling the money out of my pocket.

To my amazement and shame I discovered that the money was fake...all of it. It was authentic looking play money. I knew I would not go back to protest...I'd been had. I'd wanted something very raunchy and got far more than I ever bargained for.

The object knew exactly what I wanted, even better than I did!

As I waited for the session to end I sat in the anteroom smiling...this whole thing was getting more and more fantastic with each voyage!

I waited for my session time to end, to be sent back to real time so I could take a long nap.

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