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She had just a clean bra and panties on because that was how she was dressed yesterday and as she knew it excited Peter then so it should now. There was a tap on the door and then it opened and somebody entered the passage and closed the door, she thinking about it later assumed it was Peter a little early. She rose from the bed and looking towards the passage she said "Your early but never mind as I am" and she only got the "read" of ready out when Ernie appeared and asked what was she read for. From starting to race in expectation of Peter and his cock her heart nearly stopped and she came over faint. She managed to control her condition as Ernie walked across the room, "I um" she spluttered fighting to find an answer to his question. "I just meant you were back early, wasn?t the trip due to leave at half past?" "Yes it was but there has been some mix up with the drivers, you know what these locals are like" he replied. "The trip is due at around quarter past now so I thought I would pop up to see how you are and lucky I did because I must have flicked the catch up when I went out as I have just opened the door, anybody could have walked in on you I am sorry for that". She was relieved by the way he seemed to be taking the blame for the door being on the catch, but what came next nearly caught her out again particularly in the light of having seemingly bypassed the "I am ready" statement. "You seem to be ready for going out a bit early, perfume and slap on to have a rest?" He queried. "Ah well the perfume helps to cool me down and there was a bit of noise outside that was spoiling my rest so I just sat and relaxed by fiddling with my make-up", had he been convinced because if he had not she did not know what to say next. The other thing that was working on her mind was that at any time Peter could come knocking at the door and then what.
In readiness for Peter and wanting maximum penetration from the beginning she had arranged the hard pillows ready for her hips to rest on, now Ernie was putting them straight again she waited for him to comment but he didn?t. "Right then" he said "If you are ok I will go for the bus and leave you too your perfumed sleep and hope that someone turns up in your dreams that warrants your time spent with the old slap", he kissed her lightly on the forehead although she had proffered her lips, and left making sure the door was locked she breathed a sigh of relief. She was not happy with the near miss of Ernie catching her and Peter and she was thinking that the last thing Ernie had said as he went out the door was odd to say the least, what was "If someone turns up in your perfume dreams" did he know something, she thought not as she believed that he would go ballistic if he knew anything, just as she was thinking this there was a slight knock on the door. She went to the door and asked who it was a familiar voice replied Its Peter, with beating heart she opened the door and let him in.

"What happened" he asked "I was crossing the landing when Ernie came round the corner and I had to pretend to be a bit lost". "I know he came back" she said, "He entered the room and thinking it was you I said "Your early but never mind as I am" and I went to say ready as he came through the curtain, I nearly died". Peter had by this time crossed the room, he took her by the shoulders" It?s okay, I watched him leave and he got on the bus so he won?t be back yet". She nestled against his chest, "Well thank goodness for that you have put the catch on the door?" she asked "Yes" he replied. "Well" she said pushing her hips against Peter?s thighs, she could feel his erection rising in his shorts, "There is nothing like a bit of danger for arousing one quickly" she said "So shall we commence?" she asked. Paula did not give him time to answer before she had deftly undone his flies and started to push his shorts over his hips. "Your in a rush" he said, "I know" was her reply as his shorts fell to the floor, "Your not slow yourself" she told him as he removed her bra and took hold of her breasts she shuddered, "Lovely" she whispered taking hold of his fully hard cock, "Let the fun begin" she said.
She seemed able to push the narrow squeak they had just had to the back of her mind or a least allow the fact that she had her hands round Peters amazing penis again to blot out any problems. She began to stroke his foreskin and was ecstatic when it swelled even more under her fingers. "Come on" she told him and led him to the bed by his manhood she sat on the edge and manoeuvred herself and him so the tip of his engorged cock was inches away from her mouth. She could not control herself any longer so she pulled him close and licked the end of his cock, it tasted like her fingers had yesterday so now she wanted to find out if it all tasted like this so she slipped her lips over the end of him and proceeded to take his knob into her mouth, this was her first time seriously giving a man a blow job. Peter let out a groan as her hot mouth enclosed him, next she began to play her tongue around his glens and suck. Paula as enjoying this start to an afternoon of sexual pleasure, she was drawing him into her mouth as she sucked and to make sure he did not get away she put her hands round his buttocks and kept him in place. She moved her hands until her fingers were beginning to feel the valley between his buttocks. Her fingers became entwined in his anal hair and she was tweaking it as she worked is cock in and out of her mouth, she moved her right hand round his body until her left hand was playing with his anal hair and her right hand was playing with his testicles. Paula was working his penis with just her lips and tongue, she would plunge her mouth over this hard shaft until it touched the back of her throat and then pull her mouth up the length of it using her lips and tongue until she had the end just in her mouth, and this was doing great things for Peter. Peter was unable to do a lot except play with her head and hair as her mouth worked wonders on his knob, Joan was not keen on doing this to him but he had experienced a couple of blow jobs from oriental ladies when he had worked out east but this was something different that Paula was doing to him, he had paid the eastern ladies for the pleasure whereas Paula was doing it for the pleasure of them both, he knew he would not last much longer. Then he felt his juices rising now he knew that Joan, his wife was not keen on having him in her mouth when he was leaking never mind when came and so to give Paula time to take her mouth away he groaned that he was coming any time. Paula heard him say that he was going to come but she wanted to have him fill her mouth with his creamy spunk. She realised that again this was totally out of character, she would only lick Ernie?s a little and never had the nerve to even taste his come never mind have it splashed straight into her mouth. She opened her mouth enough to say "Let me have it all Peter" and Peter did. Paula knew that now was the moment he was going to discharge himself into her eager mouth, she was working hard to get him to his climax because she could not wait to taste him. She felt him go tense and his body went rigid, she kept sucking hard and using her tongue to bring him off. Peter groaned some more then with a shout of "My god I am cuming" he started to explode into her mouth.
She felt his already large end grow even more and then his spunk was blasting across her tongue, the first load powered down her throat as the force with which it arrived made her swallow before she could taste it but she made sure that she would get to taste the next emission by not swallowing. She did not have to wait long as with a second loud grunt he pumped a second helping of his milky secretion into her willing mouth followed by a third serving. Paula now had a mouthful of his come and she was working it all round her mouth and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. The texture was like thick custard and the flavours were out of this world. There was a slight saltiness in the background but the rest was hard to describe and as he now shot another fresh load into her mouth she could taste him even more. She kept playing with his balls but removed her left hand and clamped it round his still throbbing shaft, he twitched and pumped another globule of his come into her mouth this was the last powered delivery he made so now she milked him with her left hand. She opened her mouth and he could see that it was full of his emission she was working it round her mouth tasting and obviously enjoying the flavours it began to leak out of the side so she swallowed it all, "That tasted fantastic, it was not what I expected but it was marvellous all the same. I will definitely want to try that again if you want to" she told him. Then she milked his shaft and collected the last drops into her mouth and finished by giving the end a kiss, "Lovely" He heard her say. "I have never had a blow job like that before" he said, "Were on earth did you learn to do that". "That?s the first time I have ever done that, I have not even done it to Ernie, I could not face the thought of having the discharge being deposited in my mouth and the possible taste of it. But when I saw your penis and the juices leaking from it yesterday I knew that I had to taste it so I licked but could not wait to get you inside me so I did not go for a full job. Whereas today I wanted to suck you until you were empty and I knew I could wait for the rest so I worked on having you come in my mouth, which you did with some pleasure on both sides. I did not really think it would taste so good and that there would be so much of it, I would like to do it again sooner rather than later, but the rest of me is wet and waiting so shall we get on".
Paula stood up and before she could do anything Peter had his fingers in the top of her knickers and with one swift move lowered them to the floor, he now had is head opposite her hips and consequently in line with her pubic hair. "I love your hairy Minge" he told her, "I like how you have to work your way through the forest before you get to the prize". He pushed his face into her crotch and took a deep breath, "I also like the way you smell, its very alluring". Peter stood up and Paula sat down and rolled over giggling reaching for the hard pillow that Ernie had replaced on his side of the bed, she rolled back and positioned her hips on top of it thus presenting her vulva to Peter opening her thighs wide she told him. "I am all yours to do what you like with" she told him. Peter did not need any telling he at once climbed on to the bed also and pressed his hand against her breast, she shuddered. He moved his right hand across her body, exciting and arousing her. She felt him slide is hand down over her stomach and into her pubic hair, then his fingers were playing with her outer lips and she had started to climb the stairway to cloud nine. He moved his head down along her body, she had her hands lightly holding each side, as he progressed he kissed and licked her body until he reached her pubic hair.
She suddenly cottoned on to the fact that he was placing his face in between her thighs, was he really going to give her a mouth job, she opened her legs wider but he did not need any encouragement and she felt the tip of his tongue pass over her outer lips this made her shudder and think of what was to come. Paula asked him if it did not smell, "As I told you I like the way your vagina smells, it is not awful, it is the smell of a woman?s genitals when she is sexually aroused, and all that does is excite me more and like you wanting to taste me I need to sample your flavours". With this he used his thumbs to spread her pubic hair outwards so revealing her aroused labia to his gaze he then lowered his head and ran his tongue over her outer lips. "Oh my goodness" Paula said "I think I am going to like you doing this to me, carry on pleeease". Peter went down on her with a renewed enthusiasm; she felt his tongue forcing its way into her, opening up her vaginal entrance and causing all sorts of new sensations. As well as pushing his tongue inwards he also kept running it up and down her labia, he was driving her crazy. Paula could feel the slight roughness of his tongue rasping over her sensitive areas, and then he would plunge into her only to commence licking again.
"Peter, Peter what are you doing to me? I am reaching heaven here and am going to explode at any moment". She had hold of his head and was thrusting her hips upwards pushing her vulva into his face; she could hear the slurping noises he was making so she knew she was wet and that he was lapping up her juices straight from her minge, as he called it. "Oh my god I am there, you wonderful man, take me drink me do anything you like with me". Then Paula began to grunt and with each grunt she exploded with pleasure, sending copious quantities of her fluids gushing out into Peter?s waiting mouth. He did not stop licking her but kept working is tongue into and around her vagina. "I feel I want to talk dirty" she said. "Be my guest" Peter replied in-between licks. "I don?t want you to stop licking my cunt, but I also feel I need your cock up there pretty soon, to feel the size of it stretching me until I might burst and then filling me up with your hot spunk". He got the message, but that was his intention, to bring her up to the boil once more and then slip her a full length. Paula was aware of him still licking and probing her and knew she was rising towards another climax, were all the liquids came from she had no idea but the sensations while delivering them were amazing. She was conscious of him moving but the thrills from his tongue were clouding out most other things. It even passed through her mind that if Ernie walked in she could not stop Peter doing what he was doing as it was so good, perversely this only seemed to heighten her senses.
Paula suddenly realised that he was not tonguing her and was about to cry out when her labia were forced apart and her insides exploded as Peter thrust his magnificent cock right into her. In one massive drive he plunged his wondrous shaft in to her right up to the hilt. She instantly hit another climax but it kept getting better, he did not stop with one thrust but pulled him self down until he was nearly out of her and then drove back into her. She wrapped her arms and legs round him and told him "Just ride me to heaven", she used her heels to make sure he was penetrating her as far as he could. With her up on the pillow and her thighs wide open he was bottoming her on every thrust and she was revelling in it, she kept whispering his name and expletives. "Peter keep fucking me put all of that cock in my twat and fill me up with your red hot spunk, keep doing it until you are dry because I want every last millimetre of you in me". She could feel his cock end pushing deeply into her passage with spectacular results and then he rammed everything he had deep into her and held it there, she knew that this was what she had been waiting for and almost screamed as she felt his end swell, then she did scream as he pumped her full of hot sticky come. She let out another yell as again another load of this fantastic fluid spurted from the end of his cock, three times he erupted deep inside her and she hugged him to her holding him in with her heels and moaning "Peter oh Peter". He tucked his knees up and took his weight on his arms. Paula said "Don?t rest on your arms just lay on me I can take your weight and it is nicer to calm down close together, and just leave him in there to soak a bit". It crossed Peter?s mind that she was seeing more than just sex in this now and it bothered him it might develop into something else especially when he saw it as a pleasant way to pass an afternoon.
"You know that Joan and I are leaving tomorrow" he said. "Yes she was talking about it at the table last night and it crossed my mind as to what was I going to do with myself tomorrow afternoon without you to keep me happy". He paused for a moment and then said "You know yesterday you told me that it was the stretching that was giving you the greatest turn-on". "Oh yes, it seems that as my fanny is distended by your bigger prick then I get all the fireworks from it and this leads me towards those fantastic orgasms", she replied. "Well I was thinking, you know Harry that I know from work and is here for another two days, he has a bigger penis than me. It is not a lot longer but it is thicker than mine and perhaps you might like to be stretched a bit more by him to keep you happy tomorrow". Paula was taken by surprise at this suggestion, "I?m not sure, would that be a good idea, I don?t know". Peter said "I was not trying to pass you on as it were but you seem to have such a lively time and I was wondering what you will do tomorrow I just thought that you might like too". They lay there while Paula thought about Peter?s suggestion; he was laid lightly on top of her with his shaft still pretty hard buried in her vagina. She was still holding him in a very personal way her arms wrapped softly round his body and her legs round his buttocks, it was this feeling that she was seeing more in this than just sex that bothered him a little. Paula was thinking about the idea, and the more she thought about it the more she liked it. She had seen from a distance as it were and he seemed a nice sort of bloke, no roughness or crudity, was she getting worked up just thinking what it would be like with yet another man, she made a decision.
"I think I would like that and I will take your reference as an okay on his behaviour". Peter smiled, "He is okay, he is a gentleman I have never seen any nastiness in him at any time in fact he is very laid back sort of guy". "Okay that is settled then, tomorrow I get Harry but today there is nearly an hour before Ernie is due back so what are we going to do until then?" she asked him with a twinkle in her eye and a wriggle of her hips, he was still partially hard inside her and she guessed there was some more life and action to be had from his cock yet. "Well how about some doggy style action" he said. "Sounds good to me "she replied. Peter lifted himself onto his arms and pulled his cock out of her, this action alone set her off again. Paula rolled over on to her front and raised herself onto her knees, presenting her rear end to him. Pete positioned himself behind her and began to manoeuvre his erect cock into her vagina again. They passed another half-hour with him just thrusting his cock into her and her trembling and shuddering with the fabulous effect it was all having on her, at last he admitted that he was spent and there was nothing left in the old tubes. He extracted his flaccid rod from her genitals and rolled over but she was not finished with him. Paula decided that she was going to clean him up and if he did get another hard on she would attempt to work him off once again.
She rolled over so that she was laid right up against Peter; sliding her hand down his belly she buried her fingers in his pubic hair. She changed her position so that her head was on his hip and her face was inches from his genitalia. She could smell the aromas from him, some of them were her own as his cock was covered in the remains of both their climaxes. She removed her hand from his hair and took hold of his seemingly lifeless penis, lifting it up she laid it on his belly and started to lick the underside in long gentle strokes. The flavours were fabulous, there were more than when she sucked him off so the additional ones must be her own from inside her vagina. The excitement was getting to her and she was beginning to enjoy this new experience, she licked all round his testicles and lapped up the remains of their come. She had not missed the fact that what she was doing was getting to him, his erection was rising again and it was making him moan. Paula decided that maybe with the right sort of sucking and licking she could get one more ejaculation out of him. She moved up a bit and slid her mouth over the top of Peter?s cock, this time she worked his foreskin up and down with her hand and just used her mouth and tongue on the end. "My god woman I can?t take much more of this" the last word came out as a hiss as she sucked yet another loud of his spunk out of him. She did not stop but kept the discharge in her mouth and carried on licking and sucking. Until with a pleading of "Please make this the last one" Peter managed to come once more just a little spurt and that was that. This time she was finished and removing her mouth from around his cock she swallowed the mouthful of his sperm she had been savouring. Paula gave to fast shrinking dick a last lick clean and then called it a day. "Jeez I am knackered and I feel as though you have sucked the guts out of me.

After dinner Ernie suggested a quiet walk round town which appealed to Paula particularly after her energetic afternoon, although he was unaware of the enthusiasm and vitality with which she embraced her afternoon "Siesta's". After about an hour they made their way back to the hotel and went into the bar and lounge were there was usually some entertainment. As they entered Paula saw Peter and his wife Joan sat with another two couples she suggested to Ernie that they go and sit with Joan and her husband, Ernie agreed but it was really Peter that she wanted to sit near. Paula could feel her excitement rising as they approached the table, when they reached the table Ernie placed himself next to Peter. Pleasantries were exchanged and the evening progressed with much laughter and friendliness but all the time Paula had this urge to be closer to Peter. Ernie left the table to go to the loo after a bit and Paula took the opportunity to move next to Peter, directly she sat down she could feel the electricity start between them and from his reaction she was sure Peter could feel it too.
Joan was chatting about something and Paula could not really hear her so she leant across Peter with her right arm on the table and joined in the chat. As the conversation went on she had a thought about what to do with her left hand, when she had this idea. So still talking to Joan and the others she let her left hand roam underneath the tablecloth until it found Peter's thigh, as her hand touched the top of his leg he jumped. She moved her hand towards his knee and then curled it round so that as she moved back her fingers were tracing a line along the inside of his thigh he let out a little shudder, so he likes it she thought and is not trying to stop me. Ernie came back and did not say anything about the seating change and as she was talking to Joan why should he suspect anything. Peter had moved his legs so they were pretty wide part so she was able to delve into his crotch feeling her way round to find his manhood. It did not take her long to locate his hardening penis and she could feel it pushing his shorts out, just the touch of it made her excited bringing back memories of the afternoon.
While feeling Peter's cock was OK feeling it inside his shorts was not, there was only one real place she enjoyed having it and that was inside her. She knew that this was impossible here in the lounge bar of the hotel so she would have to go for the next best thing and take him in her hand this could be almost as exciting. She slid her hand into the leg of his shorts and soon found what she was seeking the hot growing end of his cock so with an easy move and almost a flick of her wrist she freed this thing of wonder. She slipped her hand round it and began to slid his foreskin back over the growing end, she was always amazed how when the foreskin cleared the ring at the back of the head the head seemed to suddenly grow as if the skin was holding it in. His foreskin cleared the ring and she was pleased to feel his end rapidly grow, she pulled the skin as far back as she could she knew Peter liked the feeling of release that this action gave him. Paula shifted her hand so that her palm was under the head and proceeded to work his skin up and down his shaft with her fingers, it only took a few strokes for her to feel the arrival of a quantity of his juices. As the juices ran out of the end of his penis into her hand she let out a little sigh. She knew that from now it would get better and it would not be that long before he was shooting a load of his hot sticky seminal fluid into her hand that was of course if he let her take him all the way.
Paula spread the first charge of slippery juice round the end of Peter knob and then milked him for some more; it was not long in coming. She now formed her fingers and thumb into a tube and using the slimy contents of her palm she forced this tight ring over his glans, she kept pulling and pushing this tightly over his end and she knew he was responding to it. She was quite oblivious to just about everything else so how she kept in the conversation she never knew. Peter obviously liked what she was doing as he straightened his leg to accommodate her stroking, then he could take it no longer and his leg started to shake he was coming.
Peter?s spunk spurted from the end of his cock, she gasped as the first load splashed hotly across her hand, three times it happened and each time Paula managed to keep it all in her hand. Then using her fingers she milked him of a last drop still keeping it all in her hand she now wondered what to do with this delicious handful of Peter?s climax, she wanted to eat it but knew that that idea was out of the question, how would it look if she brought her hand out from under the table and started licking it clean and when asked what it was telling people that it was Peter?s semen that she had just extracted from the end of his cock. Instead she held her hand out under the table and allowed the contents to drip on the floor before wiping the residue on the underside of the table cloth. She had become so engrossed in what she had been doing that she had not been paying attention to what was going on round the table, she realised that everybody was looking at her. Had she let out a cry as Peters spunk arrived in her hand or was it something else, it was something else in fact Ernie had asked her if she was okay because she looked a little odd. She shook her head, "Sorry I was miles away, I am all right I think the heat gets to me occasionally".
It was at this moment that another couple arrived at the table, it was obvious that Peter and Joan knew them. Peter introduced them as Sofia and Harry, Paula sensed a slight emphasis on the name Harry as Peter turned to her, he was about the same build as Ernie and Peter but her inside information from Peter was that he was well hung. He shook hands all round and when he touched Paula?s hand she could feel the spark pass between them, so he was eager to, she could see from the lingering look in his eyes that he was clearly up for tomorrow afternoons little rendezvous, she felt the excitement rising already and had to force herself to let go of his hand before it was observed that she was lingering over the handshake. The rest of the evening passed noisily with only a raised eyebrow from Peter and the occasional small but discreet smile, as things worked out Paula did not even manage to thank Peter for anything but she felt that he knew she was grateful especially after the under the table hand job she gave him.

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