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I pulled my top up slightly, then changed my mind and pulled it down again so that my 34B breasts could be seen clearly over the top of it, pushed up by my black basque, the lacy edge of which was also visible. I smile, noting my slim figure and firm ass as I grab my jacket and leave.

When I get to the party there are already a few people there, well, I say "party" it was more a gathering of my boyfriend?s friends with beer and music. Most of them looked like they?d already got down to some serious drinking, and not one to rock the boat, I grabbed a beer and joined in. I always get horny when I drink, I was hoping that everyone would get bored and start to leave early or fall asleep so that I could go upstairs with Jamie and have some fun.

Several hours later and I had lost count of how many bottles of beer I?d had, it certainly felt like I?d had a few, but I was beginning to get bored, nothing was happening, and no one was leaving. Even worse was the fact that I had just discovered that three of his mates were staying the night. It wasn?t until about one am when people started leaving, and I leant over and started to nibble Jamie?s ear, knowing the effect that it had on him, but all he did was move away slightly and put his hand on my thigh. Soon, most people had left, and the only people left were me Jamie and Jamie?s friends, Ben, Jason and Sam. This wasn?t going to be fun at all.

For a while no one said anything, then Jason decides that we all have to play a game, "I don?t want to play your stupid games" I think, "the only game I?m interested in at the moment is ?foreplay? with Jamie". I moan, but somehow I get roped into playing. Jason explains the rules to us, I don?t pay much attention, its something to do with rolling a dice, drinking and taking clothes off. Well, I figure there?s one good thing about this game then. Ben is the first to be required to undress by scoring a three, he takes his socks and T-shirt off before faking modesty as he unbuckles his jeans. I watch him undress and note that he?s carrying a little extra weight around the stomach, not so much as to be off putting, but that of a student who enjoys excesses. I keep my clothes on for the first few rounds as the lads began to strip. Then it got around to me again and I lazily tossed the dice across the floor, it went further than I had planned so that I couldn?t see it.
"Three!" someone informed me. I smiled to myself; maybe this wouldn?t be so bad after all. If I was going to strip in front of a group of men, then I?d give them something to watch. I went over to the hi-fi and turned the volume up slightly, then skipped through until I found a suitable track. It was obvious what was coming next, I could feel their eyes on me as I walked back across the room and they all moved back to give me space. I started to dance in time to the music, moving my hips in time to the music I removed my jacket and flung it onto a vacant chair behind me. I leant forwards giving them a good view down my top at what was barely concealed beneath and as I straightened up I ran my hands over my breasts and down under the edge of the fabric, lifting it slightly to reveal the tight fitting material of my basque. I moved towards the sofa where Jamie and Ben sat staring at me and wiggled my ass in time to the music, I felt one of them squeeze it slightly and I smiled again. Turning around I pulled the top over my head and deposited it next to the on the sofa. Jamie didn?t seem too bothered by the fact that I was stripping in front of his friends, so I went over to the others and continues to dance, shaking my ass for the benefit of those behind me and pushing my tits into Jason?s face. I saw him briefly glance at Jamie, but what he saw obviously assured him that it was OK to touch because he reached out grabbed my tits through the basque, massaging them between his hands. After a moment I stepped backwards and started to unbuckle my belt, I slid it out of the belt loops and folded it in half, snapping it tight with a satisfying crack, then I discarded it and my hands moved to the button on my tight fitting jeans. In one movement I undid it and lowered the zip, I positioned myself so that all of them could see my ass as I bent down to lower my jeans. Jamie loved my ass, and now he and the others got a great view of it, my thong leaving little to the imagination. I was wet at the thought of what I was doing and I was sure they?d all be able to tell through the thin material. I danced around for a while longer in my fishnet stockings that were held up by suspenders attached to the basque, then I walked back over to my seat and sat down. Sam moaned,
"Aww, don?t stop now, it was just getting good!" I looked at him, it was clear the he was already hard.
"Yeah", Ben agreed, "You can?t stop now." I looked at Jamie who just shrugged at me, but I could see that his hands were rubbing themselves across a growing bulge in his shorts, so I got back up and continued to dance. It didn?t really take that much persuasion; I loved the fact that I had this power over them. I moved over to Ben and straddled him, grinding my hips against his, I felt him expand more beneath me and he reached behind me to squeeze me ass and pull me in against him. He moaned slightly as moved along his length in one long slow movement before dismounting and returning to dancing. I was so horny I thought I might explode, I needed their eyes on me, I needed their lust. I perched on Sam?s knee as I started to unhook the suspenders from my stockings, they were the type that don?t really need the suspenders to hold them up, but I used them anyway because I had planned to look the part for Jamie that evening. I felt hands running over my back and unclipping the first of the hooks at the top of the basque, then the fingers slipped inside and cupped my naked breasts, I realised it was Jason, as Sam continued to undress me. He pinched my nipples hard making me yelp with shock. The last hook on my basque came undone and the item was removed from my person leaving me in just my stockings and thong. I noticed Jamie get up and leave the room, but was too preoccupied by the hands at my breasts to think too much of it. Ben was sat there with his cock in his hand, enjoying the view. I wanted his cock I realised, I needed to feel it in my pussy, I was desperate to relieve the lust inside of me. Suddenly I felt myself being pushed onto my back and then Jason?s warm mouth on my breast, I couldn?t help but gasp and my head rolled back. I heard Jamie come back into the room just as second tongue brushed across my other nipple. I was in heaven in the hands of these four men.

Then I felt my hands being dragged behind my back and I looked up to see Jamie, he tied my wrists together with a piece of rope and then tied my elbows together forcing me to pull my shoulders back and push my tits out. I heard something whirr and looked up to see Sam pointing a video camera at me, I tried to move away from the camera but Jamie held me and whispered in my ear.
"Relax baby, we?re going to have some fun, and you?ll love it, I promise..." he sucked on my earlobe sending tingles down my spine and I did as he bid me. Jason came over and resumed sucking my breasts, my erect nipples became so sensitive it was almost painful but he continued to suck and bite and role them between his fingers. I would moan and catch my breath alternately as he varied the way in which he assaulted them.

Then Ben came over and almost tore my thong from me then he spread my legs wide giving the camera a clear view of my shaven pussy. Jason moved off, leaving me to Ben, who began to massage my clit making me moan, soon my breathing was becoming faster and I could feel myself getting hotter, my body began to shake as the orgasm began to build and a moan escaped my lips. I was on the verge of orgasm when he stopped and standing up from where he had been kneeling he shoved his penis into my mouth. I gagged slightly from shock but composed myself and began sucking on his hard cock, running my tongue over it and loving the taste. After a while he placed his hands on the back of my head, controlling my speed and forcing his cock deeper into my throat. His breathing became heavier and he began to grunt as he drew near to climax, I felt him twitch between my lips as he thrust himself into my throat and left his load on the back of my tongue. I swallowed it and licked the rest off cock. I noticed that Sam had moved to sit on the end of the sofa in order to get a better shot of my sucking Ben?s cock, he winked as Jason came back over for his turn. He held his balls in front of my mouth and I licked them before sucking them into my mouth, he groaned and his fingers again found my breasts before he pushed his dick into my mouth. Ben had only been of about average size, but Jason was much larger and I couldn?t accommodate the whole of his length. Before he came he pulled out of my mouth and came all over my face and tits, laughing he smeared it completely with his hand then made me suck his fingers clean.

Sam came over next, swapping positions at the camera with Ben who lowered the it to my pussy. Sam knelt between my thighs and began to suck on my clit, I moaned and I felt myself getting wetter, leaving a wet patch on the chair. His tongue felt amazing as it danced across my labia and probed at my pussy, it felt like it went on for hours, every time I got close to orgasm he would stop and start doing something else. Soon I was begging him to let me come and even the slightest touch made me quiver but he continued to tease me. He lifted his head for a moment to give me a chance to catch my breath, I looked at him through teary eyes, he was attractive enough, Chinese with long hair, labret piercing, tall with broad shoulders I wondered if he had a large penis to match. My thoughts were interrupted as he pushed a finger into my pussy. I moaned. He changed fingers then pushed both of them into me at once, finding my g-spot almost immediately. At first he moved them slowly in and out, pushing against the front of my pussy, I could feel waves of pleasure washing over me, leaving a tingly sensation all cross my skin. I moaned as he became faster rubbing my clit with his other hand, I was shaking violently when I suddenly tensed up and exploded. I felt a gush of liquid being forced from me but Sam wouldn?t stop. I tried to close my legs but his wide shoulders prevented me from doing so, it occurred to me that his mouth was on my clit again and I immediately succumbed to a second orgasm. Before I had even recovered from my second orgasm he had me on my back with his cock inside of me rubbing against my swollen g-spot, I moaned and pushed my hips up to meet his as he thrust himself back inside me. I came several times before he finally showered my insides with cum, then he left me there exhausted but they weren?t done with me yet.

I was still breathing heavily when Jamie came over, he untied my arms and retied them in front of me. I protested as he positioned me to kneel by the sofa so that my ass was in the air but I had little choice in the matter. He slapped my ass hard and spread my cheeks for the camera. Then I felt his warm tongue slide along my ass crack, I shiver at the sensation, then he finds my ass hole... As he tongue pushes its way in I feel like I?m about to melt and I let out a long slow breath at the pleasant sensation spreading out from my ass. After a few moments he stops and get up to whisper something to Ben, who disappears from the room. Jamie kneels behind me once more and I feel a moistened finger slip into my ass, his other hand finds my already swollen and sensitive clit and it doesn?t take long before I?m trembling beneath him. Ben comes back and hands something to Jamie, I don?t turn round, I already know what?s going to happen. We had been preparing my ass for almost two months, and now he was going to take me. I felt something long and hard and well-lubed slide into my ass, I knew that the camera would be watching suddenly it buzzed into life and I moaned as the vibrations passed through my abdomen. Jamie slid the vibrator in and out of my ass and I pushed my hips back against his hand. When he decided that I had relaxed enough he left it there a moment while he lubed himself up and then I felt the toy being drawn from me, I felt empty for a moment, and then his cock pressed against my sphincter. At first it wasn?t too bad, but then as he entered me fully there was a flash of pain and I screamed, for a moment he was still as he allowed the pain to subside. I couldn?t believe that this was happening, that I was having anal sex for the first time in front of Jamie?s friends and it was all being recorded on camera. I gasped as he started moving again, my ass felt as if it was on fire, I was glad that we?d taken the time to condition my ass first. Soon I felt his hips against my ass and the pain began to subside, Jamie reached over to untie my arms and the moved me around so that I was sitting on his lap with his penis buried deep inside of me. Jamie had me spread my legs to show my pussy to the camera again and I began to masturbate, still horny despite the number of times I?d came already, everything was recorded.

Jason got down next to us and I was told to kneel on top of him, I did so, too drunk and too tired to argue. Suddenly I was aware of having both of them inside me, I moaned as they fucked both my holes, I wasn?t sure how much of this I could take, I felt so full and it was amazing, all I needed now was something in my mouth. Ben obliged. When they had all came I collapsed on the floor, cum running from ever orifice. I felt used like a cheap whore, and I loved it. I wanted them to come at me again in my dazed and aching state and I wanted them to fill me with their cocks again.

I woke up the next morning in the arms of Jamie, the others were collapsed about the room. I wormed my way under the blanket to wake Jamie up in my special way. I hoped they?d all be up for more fun today.

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