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As I turn back to my beer I see two friends talking and drinking their coffee smiling at each other. They see me looking at them and start to laugh, as I get up to catch my train, they look and smile at me. When I get home all I can think about is the two ladies at the station.
Day 2
I go to work the next day still thinking about the night before, wondering if I will see them again that night, I walk into the station bar after work and to my amazement, they are both there at the same table, smiling and sipping their drinks, as I turn to look around the room, I see they have gone, I turn back to my beer and wonder who there are and where there are from. I catch my train home still thinking about the two ladies.
Day 3
Same old routine of getting up, going to work, but my mind isn?t on my job, all I can think about is seeing the two ladies at the station. The day drags on and on. I leave work later than usual, when I get to the station late, I have missed my train home. I go up to the bar and order my beer, the first one goes down so fast, so I order another one, I looked round the room and look at all the new faces, but to my disappointment the two faces I wanted to see were not there. So I drink my beer and go wait for my train, as I walk down the platform to my train, I catch a glimpse of the two ladies sitting on a bench on the next platform. I stop and look at them and smile to myself, as I stand there looking at them, they look straight at me and smile, my train arrives and I walk to get on my train with a smile on my face.

Day 4
With a spring in my step, I get to work, I get called to see the boss, with apprehension I knock on the door, as I walk in the his office, he asks me to sit down, I move to the chair and sit, he starts telling me that im being moved to a different part of the company and that I start the next day, so my boss gave me the rest of the day off, so I cleared my desk and went home. (tbc)

ok here is part 2

Day 5
I go to work filled with anticipation at not knowing anybody and not knowing about the new job. As I walk in to the office, I see some familiar faces, im told my new boss wants to see me, to tell me what ill be doing in my new job, as I walk into the office I have a total shock when I see one of the ladies from the station sat outside the office, she smiles and tells me to go in. as I walk in I get the second shock, the other lady from the station is in there, with a smile she asks me to sit down, she asks the other lady to bring in some coffee. My heart starts to race with the excitement that I feel. As the office door opens I turn to look, the secretary walks in with the coffee. I get up to help her with the door, I am told to sit back down with a start, I sit back down in the chair, she puts the tray on the table and passes me a cup of coffee, I thank her for the coffee as she passes one to the lady behind the desk. She then turns and leaves the office, but she is also told to sit down as well. The lady behind the desk asks me for my name, I start to tell her, my name is Keith and then I ask the ladies for their names, the lady behind the desk tells me her name is Diane and the other lady tells me her name is Dee. We sit quietly for a time, it was only when Dee got up to leave that we spoke, I was then told where my new job was going to be and what I would be doing, I got up with Dee as she was going to show me where my new office was, as I left the room Diane asked me why I had never said hello to them at the station, I blushed and said that I was shy, she smiled, I walked through the door closing it behind me, as I followed Dee down the hall to my new office, I watched Dee walking in front of me, my eyes moving up and down her body, I smile to myself, we get to the office and she opens the door, I brush past her as I walk in, she follows me in and closes the door, we sit and talk about my duties and she shows me where everything is , we start chatting again getting to know each other. She tells me that she has worked for Diane for 9 months and that she came from a different part of the company just like I did, and that she really enjoys working for this department as there is only 3 of us here. As Dee moved in her chair her legs opened slightly, so I could see what she was wearing under her skirt, a pale blue thong, she catches me looking at her and she smiles and closes her legs. I say sorry for what I had just done, she gets up still smiling as she does, im still red faced and look down to the floor. I hear her foot steps as she walks over to my desk, she sits down in front of me, I start to say something but she puts a finger to my lips to stop me, as she sits there her legs open slightly, so I can see up her skirt and her pale blue thong she has on. I move my hands slowly to her legs and as I slide them higher she opens her legs wider, I start to get the scent of her warmth, my hands move up over her knees and to her thighs, as they get higher I hear her sigh, I then start to feel that she is getting wet and her breathing starts to change, I slide a finger up and over her pussy lips, then the phone rings, its Diane asking Dee to return to her office and for me to go with her. As we walk to the office I place a hand on Dee?s shoulder and I say to her that I would like to continue it at another time, she says that she would like that to as if felt great, because she had got so wet and turned on by what had happened, and she would like it to go further.
we get to Dianes office and she asks me if i like my new office, i say that i do very much and i liked the view. the rest of the day was busy with finding where everything waa and talking to customers. i did not see much of Dee at all, i left work at the usual time and i get to the station. i see Diane and Dee sat at the table, i order my beer quick and drink it down fast, as my train is about to leave, Diane calls me over to her and asks me to sit down, i sit down with then as my train had just left, we sit talking and laughing and after a while i get up to go catch the next train. i tell them both that i will see them at work the next day, saying good night to them both i catch my train, still thinking about Dee and what had happened in the office that day.

part 3
day 6
it was raining very hard on the way to work, i got soaked to the skin, as i walked to my office Dee called me and said that Daine wanted to see me, i turned round and went to Daines office , i knocked on the door and walked in, i said good morning to her, she told me that she is going to be in a meeting for the rest of the day, and that there was some paperwork she needed me to do. i told her ok i would do it and left the office, walking back to my office i grabbed a coffee to warm myself up, i find a towel in the office and dry myself off abit. there was a knock on the door, it was Dee, she came in to tell me Daine had left for her meeting, as i put my skirt back on i hear Dee leave the office. i go to my desk and start going through all the papers on my desk. after about a hour i asked Dee if she would bring me in a cup of coffee and for her to get her self one too, she knocks on the door and walks in with 2 cups, she puts them on the desk, i told her to sit down for a while and drink her coffee as we had been busy with all the mornings mail, she walks over and sits in the chair, as she is sat there the same thing happens again she slightly opens her legs so i can see her thong and the colour of it, but to my suprise i cant see a thong she didnt have anything on under her skirt. she smiles at me seeing the look on my face, she gets up and walks over to me and sits on the desk infront of me, she opens her legs so i can take a closer look. i move my hands to her knnes as they touch her skin she sighs, again i move my hands up her thighs to her shaven pussy, my finger brushes her pussy lips and she draws a deep breath and shivers, my finger slips inbetween her lips, i feel how wet she is as i start to move the tip of my finger to touch her clit. i stand up and kiss her full on the lips, kissing her with more passion than i have ever given a woman before, my hands move to her breasts, i start to rub my hands over her nipples feeling them get hard under my touch, i start to unbutton her blouse and take it off, i see that she has no bra on under it, i move to sit down again and work my way down her body, my tongue finding her left nipple, i start to roll my tongue around and around it until it is hard, i then move over to the right nipple and do the same again, i move my fingers down her stomach and find her wet pussy lips again, i slide a finger between her wet lips and find her clit once more. moving my finger round and round Dee's breathing gets heavier the faster i go, i start to run my tongue down to her nipple and her stomach, as i move lower i start to smell the scent of her wetness, i lay her down on the desk and open her legs wide, i start to kiss the inside of her thighs and across to her pussy, i move my finger away and replace it with my tongue, running it up and down her slit, tasing her sweet juices, i open her lips wide and start to flick her clit with my tongue, hearing her start to moan louder as i do so, my tongue moves faster and faster, as she gets louder, i move away from her clit and down to her warm love hole, i push my tongue deep in her and she gives out a little squeel as i go deeper and deeper. i move back up to her clit and start to work on it faster and faster, then before her moaning gets louder i slide 2 fingers deep in her moving them in rythem of her hip movement, she atarts to move and shake as she gets close to cumming, i keep licking her clit and pushing my fingers in and out of her , un til she lets out the loudest scream as she starts cumming, her orgasm seemed to last forever, she started asking me to stop, as i moved my face away from her pussy, i pulled my finger out, i moved my finger to her mouth and asked her to suck it clean, i then kissed her and pulled her up so she was now sitting up and smiled at her. i sit back in my chair still smiling, Dee gets up from the desk and walks away, she goes back to her chair. the sweat running down her face and body, she smiles back after some time she gets up and walks over to me, she says she wants to take me to her place, i get up to move and she tells me to undress without a word, i do as she says , letting her see for the first time my rock hard cock, as i walk past her i feel her pout her hand out to stop me, i turn to her and we kiss long and deep, our tongues probing each others mouths, she then pulls away and tells me to sit down, i go to the chair and sit down, as i sit there watching her every move, she walks over to my chair and sits down, after a long pause she asks me to come over to her and sit on the desk., Dee stands up infront of me and we start kissing again, as we kiss she pushs me down on the table, i feel my cock press against her stomach, as i lay there she starts to kiss my stomach, she works up over my chest and to my neck, kissing and softly biting, she sucks on my nipples and they get hard, this makes my cock twitch, she moves down my stomach again and then to my thighs, moving her hand she takes hold of my cock, and starts to gentley move her hand up and down my length . my breathing gets heavy as she works my cock, she then starts to move her tongue up the inside of my thighs until she reachs my balls., she starts to lick them i jump with the pleasure, she slowly sucks one into her mouth, then she takes the other one in and sucks alittle harder, after a while she takes my bals out her moth and runs her tongue up the full length of my manhood, as she reachs the tip of my cock she stops and looks at me with a smile, she then takes the tip of my cock with her tongue and she flicks it, she then starts to move her tongue arounf the tip and after a while she takes me into her mouth, sucking slowly at first but getting harder and faster, she takes my balls in her hand and softly squeezes them, she is sucking me faster knowing im getting to the point of no return, my breathing gets heavier and heavier the faster she goes, i start to moan as i feel myself cumming, i try to move away as i cum but she keeps on sucking me, sucking all the cum out my cock into her mouth, she swallows all i give her, some dribbles out her mouth. as i lay there breathing still heavy ,Dee stands up and looks at me, with the same smile that i had , knowing, she gave me the same smile to me as i had gave her. she sits next to me on the desk, we looked at the time and see that Daine was due back in from her meeting at any time, without a word we got dressed, we kissed one last time as she left the office, Diane calls me into her office, and asked me if everything had gone alright without her and i told her yes everything was fine.
day 7
no work today, but my mind was still on the events from the day before, i got up out of bed and went to get a coffee, as i stand in my kitchen, there is a knock at the door, as i open the door, stood there waiting for me to answere are Dee and Diane, i asked them in.....
if you want to find out what happens next just ask ok.

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