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"Don't; I'll let you make it up, Dwight. I've never unfairly given out a bad grade," she informed him before kissing him. "Now, I'll give you a different test," she mentioned before letting go of me.


I leaned up, and she took my hand. As she rose to her feet, I did the same, and she escorted me back to the desk.


"Sit down, Mrs. Fuller."


I quickly followed her order, and she lowered herself to her knees. "Just so we're clear," she mentioned, spreading out my legs. "I might be a sweet and sexy lady, but I do have a bitchy side. So, if either of you tells anyone about this, I will fail Al automatically. Do you both understand?" she asked before bringing her face towards my cherry.


"Yes, floozy," I said, advancing her head to it. "Now, it is time for me to grade you."


She wasted no time to start eating my pussy as the pro I already knew she was from the pictures.


"Holy shit, she is the pussy-eating master," he praised her, getting a closer look. "Fuck, she is better than me."


"No, you're the king, Dwight, and she is only the queen. The king always surpasses the queen."


"You're just saying that, babe."


"No, you're better, now start pleasing the teacher before she fails you, dude."


"Sorry, honey, but I'm sure my grade wouldn't affect yours, though," he mentioned before he leaned up and kissed me. "I love you."


"I love you too, now get down there, she could mark as you being late."


"I'm sorry, sweetie, but you'll forgive me, won't you?" he pondered before making his way back down towards her ass.


We kept constant eye contact, and he blindly aligned his wood with her slit. Even as I evidently desired to see Tiffany devouring it, I focused on seeing him commit adultery, right along with me.


"Give this wench all you've got, Dwight. Make her moan and fuck me even harder."


"Yes, dear," he responded before his dick entered her muff.


"God damn it," she whined, bringing her lips off my pussy for just a second.


She got right back to licking my snatch mercilessly, and I placed both of my hands on her desk. I grabbed onto it rather hard and tried to contain myself. Her magical tongue seemed to be even better than I imagined.


"Take it, Ms. Watson, take it hard as the naughty teacher you are," he let out, spanking her too.


'Well, at first fuck, maybe she is just a tad bit better than Dwight, but again, she is a woman and knows how she likes to be pleased,' I thought before I just had to look at him. 'And you are certainly enjoying this fuck session.'


We both blew one another kisses a few times and just smiled at each other, so the lusty connections got even stronger. We both also had to look down and see the other how we were sexually connected at the moment.


I certainly knew that both of us replayed the sexy memory, rather than just thinking about it with Tiffany. Not that we didn't revel in the pleasure we were receiving and giving at the moment, but Dwight and I have our own moment.


With each lick of her tongue on my twat and every thrust of his cock, we all enjoyed ourselves a little bit more. My pussy felt to be on fire because she ate me out flawlessly and did indeed keep the intimacy there, even with Dwight pounding her.


I played with her dark red hair off and on as she fucked me, just letting it go through my fingers. So, I certainly saw her as more of a girlfriend at that moment than just a hot fuck. I couldn't just see her as an opportunity to have sex, but a hot chick that needed it too.


Even with my juice flowing out onto her face, she still managed to keep looking at me nonstop, so I surely knew she did have the same feelings. She didn't see us as bad people that took advantage of her, but as the sexy couple that was the parents of a student.


"Oh, yes, you like licking those lips down there, don't you? You remind me of Lauren Phillips. My hair down there doesn't distract you at all, because you're a pussy-eating floozy. One that helps the principal cheat, that's not nice to her husband, but I'm still sure he'd love to see you two together," I explained before I began caressing her head.


No one added to that, but of course, her actions said everything. Once I finished that sentence, I noticed she slowed down a bit. She still pleased me quite a bit, but she just went down a notch.


I didn't mind at all, because, in fact, I was close to screaming so someone might hear me. Tiffany's tongue did come off my slit completely for just a second, but she let it back onto the bottom of it. Then she gave it a slow, but wonderful lick.


"Just admit it, Monica, she eats pussy better than me, doesn't she?" Dwight asked, slowing down his thrusts too.


"Fuck, maybe a little bit, but I love you, and I can't think of anyone I could ever love more. We're having sex with our son's English teacher. You're pounding her doggie style, bud."


"Well, it is only fair, she does have a better lubed up pussy than you do, Monica."


"That's fine, bastard, enjoy her drenched pussy while you can."


"I love you, Monica."


"I know, fucker," I added, leaning back towards him.


We kissed each other again, but stayed close for the moment. We smiled at each other just then before I went back again. I nonchalantly bowed my head back to Tiffany again and saw her peeking right back at me.


I came off the desk and made her mouth come off my snatch in the process. Then I lowered myself down to my knees with her, and she immediately helped herself to a kiss from me. It lasted for over a moment as I felt her push onto me with every thrust Dwight gave her.


So, I grabbed onto her hands and held them tight to control her a little bit. That worked shortly, but then she parted her lips from mine and slanted her head down a tad. I released her hands, and we both wasted no time bringing our hands to the backs of one another's heads.


We made out again and I felt him keep pushing his rod into her deep. That didn't break the intimacy I felt with her at all and even made it sexier. I didn't know where his hands were, but I surely knew they came onto her jugs or stayed on her butt.


"Holy shit, you two are smoking hot," he moaned.


We kissed for another minute before she abruptly brought her lips off mine and pushed me down to the floor. "And it is only going to get hotter, Mr. Fuller, now I won't show mercy," she advised him before she began eating me out again.


"Please don't either, Dwight. Transform her twat like you've never done before and make it hurt for days to come. So, prepare yourself, you pretty skank, my husband is gonna pleasure you so much that it'll hurt."


"And I'm gonna do that to your pussy too," she let me know before taking my lips into her mouth.


"Oh, you're a hussy mixed with a tart with a hint of bitch too," I moaned, placing my hands on her head again. "Suck on those lips for me, Tiffany, and drink every single drop of my juice too."


I also felt her moving her head back and forth, which made her jerk around just inside my slit, and it acted as a pleasure ball bouncing back and forth quite quickly. I couldn't foresee Dwight ever eating me out that well, so I just enjoyed the thrill the most I could.


Whether she did it slowly, quickly, or somewhere in the middle, I couldn't deny how well she performed oral sex on me. I felt so good that I shed a couple of tears. Dwight failed to bring them up, but I knew he saw them.


We looked at each other for a few seconds, and he just blew me another kiss as he never stopped shoving his dick inside her pussy. Needless to say, I couldn't recall when he fucked me that hard doggie style, so I knew the playing field was, in fact, even between us.


We surely knew that we had a better physical time with Tiffany, but we still knew the emotional support we got from each other was the fuel between us. Nothing and no one could revoke that from us; we had it locked up between each other.


Although, then I had to lean my head back and close my eyes. "Crap, Tiffany, you are something else. Oh, I feel that slick tongue teasing my clit too, that's good. Keep going, you sexy lady," I moaned, caressing her head.


I scrubbed the carpeted floor with my back and butt frequently, and it made me feel even more drenched in sweat, as I felt like I was running a marathon. The whole thing stayed on my mind nonstop, and I just couldn't fully comprehend everything that could happen after we were done.


Regardless of what would happen, I thoroughly savored every moment as if it was going to end in the coming seconds. Although, with each passing minute that went by, I found myself loving the whole situation a little more. 


My legs moved back and forth regularly and hit her a bit, but it didn't slow her down at all. Not one part of my body stayed still, due to the pleasure she was giving me. I couldn?t hold still to save my life, and I knew even if we stopped having sex, I'd still have the thrills in me.


Feeling her tongue in me did just that, but yet, I still tried to hold off from cumming. I knew what she was after, having a lady?s juice wave come her way from me, but I played the reluctant card and tried my best to delay what she wanted.


I also wanted to see Dwight submerge her butt with his seed, but yet, I could surely tell he was trying to put up a roadblock to that as well. Even as we were okay fucking, neither of us were sure if it would happen again.


I studied his face for a moment and just saw the signs so vividly. I couldn't help, but smile. Then when he peeked at me again, I shared that smile with him, and he opened his mouth widely too.


"Cum if you have to cum, dear hubby, douse her butt because we both want to see it."


"You think I'm going to let her get me off before she gets you off, dear wife? She is grading us, remember?"


"She'll give us both A+'s; she likes us too much not to, Dwight. She wouldn't let us undress her and fuck her if she didn't. Maybe we had to grease her wheels a bit, but still, she likes us, and she surely knows how to eat pussy. I know I said it before, but holy shit. If anything, just tell me this, did she blow you any better than me?"


"No, you're the best, Monica, hands down," he moaned, prior to taking his wood out and stroking it.


I made sure to get up onto my knees and get a close look. I leaned right over Tiffany's back a bit and placed my hands on the sides of both her butt cheeks. 


"Here you go, Ms. Watson," he wailed before he delivered his seed onto her butt.


Right after the first stream landed on the target, she shook nonstop. "Oh, yes, Dwight, there is the hot stuff I've been waiting for, now drench my butt," she ordered him before his next shot came out.


I made sure I had him shove out every single drop by smiling at him lustfully and shaking my melons around a bit too. I used his likes to Tiffany's advantage, so she could have a beyond submerged behind and love being with us that much more.


I surely wanted to watch the seed burst out of his cock, but yet, I just decided to keep my eyes on his, and of course, he returned the favor. I couldn't be sure just how much seed he gave her butt and my hands, but it sure felt like a lot.


After his dick couldn't let anymore out, I felt Tiffany rise and peek down. "Holy shit, Dwight, you get an 'A++' for that," she let me know, placing both hands on her butt.


"Me too," I added, coming to him.


We both immediately pasted our lips together and placed our hands on one another's butts too. I could only think that Tiffany was eyeballing us still only a foot away, but we didn't make her wait very long as we made out.


After only a minute, my lips parted from his. "Don't worry, women and their pussies are just more complex, so don't feel bad."


"Okay, babe."


"And I have another idea," I mentioned before I kissed him and nonchalantly rose up to my feet.


I glanced at Tiffany for a second, but then I went around to the other side of her desk. I dropped down to my knees and opened up another one of her drawers, knowing what was in there.


Then I let my hand in there, grabbed it, and came back. "So, what is it like to make love to a woman?" I pondered, holding the strap on.


"The same as having an orgasm for the first time, I guess. It isn't like I've ever used it on a guy, and I don't think your hubby would want it either."


"I didn't have that in mind at all," I mentioned, slipping into it. "Have you ever had both of those holes plugged at the same time, Tiffany?" I pondered before I walked back to her.


"No, that's too far, Monica," she protested, putting her hands up. "That's too intimate; it would just be too much."


"Oh, come on, Tiffany," I said, gently pushing her back to Dwight. "We've gone this far now, what's another sexy mile?" I asked before I placed both hands on her face and kissed her.


Her arms stayed down at her sides, for the time being, she leaned back onto him too. Our bodies came together marginally, and then she encased her arms around me.


"As she said, don't be reluctant, my wife always gets what she wants. She never fails, so just enjoy yourself."


After another pleasurable minute, she gently propelled my lips off hers. "Fine, pushy skank," she said, putting her hand out.


I took it, and she yanked me right to her. "If you let my boss find out, I'll also blackball Al from every college in the state too, do you understand?"


"Yes, slut."


Then she escorted me to the desk and lied down on it.


"You see," I said, getting on top of her. "It is much easier to fuck without all that shit on it," I pointed out before I kissed her and reached down to the dildo. "Just to be clear, you've used it on Mrs. Dawson?"


"Yes, that pink, plump dildo had been inside her slit several times, noisy bitch, now make love to me."


"Yes, Ms. Watson, I'll make you proud," I informed her before I let it venture inside her snatch. "And has she used it on you?"


"Just a few times," she moaned, placing her hands on my shoulders. "She doesn't like being the guy in this scenario, any more questions?"


"Where do you want him to cum?"


"On my hooters."


"Done," I answered before I began making sweet love to her.


"Fuck me; I've never been so in love with you, Monica. I've never been happier to marry you," he let out, closing the gap between us.


"Just remember, dude, she wants you to shoot her bosoms; otherwise, she might fail you on that test."


"It is true, Mr. Fuller."


I grabbed onto her arms and held her tight as the magic had begun. With each passing minute, I had to believe we'd see Tiffany again, but the 'When' was still a mystery. For the time being, I just let the dildo slowly move in and out as our hooters still touched.


We also maintained eye contact again to ensure we had the most intimate sex imaginable. She put it on the record that it would be too much, but as I locked my eyes with her, she lost the battle on the morals and just gave in to the pleasure.


Her desk, with the wooden top, wasn't very comfortable, but we still both enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. I know I felt the connections between us, and surely, she did too as she licked her lips and failed to look away from me.


Even as Dwight moaned and shook around, that didn't distract us from the loving moments we had together. I had never made love to anyone before, but as it was with a sexy woman like her and Dwight fully supported it, I couldn't possibly not love it.


Feeling our somewhat drenched skin rubbing together, it did give me a substantial physical thrill, and it wasn't just from our melons either. Tiffany's body felt to be as soft as a cloud, and I surely felt so good that my body hurt a little bit in the process.


Although, with each passing second, I became a little more hooked on her and ready for more. I certainly knew no matter how much sex that either of us had with her in the future, I found myself sure that I'd never have such intimate sex with her again unless, of course, I decided to have an affair.


I'd never do that, but I did also kiss her numerous times and fail to peek back at Dwight. As far as I was concerned, it was my time with her, and I wanted to milk it for all the sexy goodness it was worth. I certainly did as I made sweet love to her for the first few minutes, but then I leaned up.


"Let's see how much discipline you have, Ms. Watson," I said, bringing my hands to her thighs and beginning to fuck her again. "My titties are going to shake quite a bit, but you have to keep looking at my face. Let's see how well you do when we put you to the test, shall we?"


"I'm a hell of a lot more disciplined than you think, lady. Go ahead, give all you've got and tempt me," she dared me, placing her palms on my butt.


I did just that and fucked her hard. Even with the first thrust, I made the desk come off its legs for a second, but she still didn't take her eyes off my face. All of a sudden, I took the sex up a few notches and started to devour her pussy a bit.


"I never got to do this before, so let's say I'm going to enjoy this, and make your slit regret opening that door, Ms. Watson."


"Then fuck me, whore, don't just talk about it, do it," she whined, slapping my ass.


"Fuck yes," Dwight chuckled.


My knees were hurting a bit, but that still didn't slow me down. Just as I commanded Tiffany, she made sure to keep her eyes on mine. Although, I did see her biting down on her bottom lip, so I knew she was already coming to her limit somewhat.


On the other hand, I could tell that she was just as stubborn as I was, so she wasn't about to go down without a fight. As it also pleased Dwight to see us together, I was bringing out my 'A' game as well.


I went fierce on her for over ten minutes as everyone talked somewhat, but we just uttered short moans at best. I also had the toll coming onto me with pleasure as I felt the strap on coming onto my clit.


It surely gave me quite a sensation just with that, but the emotional thrill was coming to me, I loved her. I couldn't fully understand it, other than it just being hot lust between us, but I did have the feelings for her coming upon me nonstop.


'Wow, I can only guess how unhappy Al would be if he found about this, but we all know that we can keep a secret. I can also look right at your face too, even though I know your bosoms are moving around nonstop, I'm looking right at your pretty face. I'm not also picturing her being Dwight, even though I do have a fantasy of fucking him like this. Well, if this is happening, then I might convince him.


I felt my sweat flowing down my body slowly, but at a high rate. I didn't like it because it meant the toll on me just got a little stronger, but yet, my torso didn't slow down. I just let the adrenaline take over, and her snatch paid the price.


"Holy shit," she cried, covering her face with both hands. "Fuck, I had no idea you could screw a woman so hard. No wonder that bitch Mrs. Dawson doesn't want the dildo inside her cherry. You're turning mine into a shriveled-up prune; I'm having trouble taking it now," she fretted, uncovering her face.


"Yes," I whispered, coming down with her. "You had no idea how kinky we were," I reminded her before kissing her.


She wrapped her arms around me, and I placed my palms on her shoulders too. We looked at each other again and certainly heard Dwight seemingly losing it. By then, I couldn?t even be sure who I was thrilling more, myself, Ms. Watson, or Dwight.


Either way, I did slow down a bit as I felt the toll coming upon me hard, both mentally and physically. After that moment, I just began making sweet love to her, and we both caught our breaths for a moment.


Neither of us broke eye contact, but I did notice that she shed a few tears. I surely knew they were drawn back to the pleasure and discomfort colliding, and not so much that I was hurting her. Nevertheless, I still treated her as the sexy woman I saw her as and let her wear her tears proudly.


"Shit," Dwight moaned.


I kissed her once and leaned up to uncover her knockers. "Douse those jugs, sweetheart."


"Yes, hun," he let out, closing the gap.


We both peeked at his dick in the seconds before he had to unleash his load. "Holy shit, I love you, Monica," he stated before his first stream came bolting out onto her melons.


"I love you too, but give her all you've got, Dwight."


"Yes, dear," he let out before shooting out another shot onto her bosoms.


We had front row seats to see him give her a porn cum shot right to our son's teacher's knockers. I had never ever thought that I'd see anything like it happen, but yet, it did. Needless to say, I delivered quite a lot of my own lady juice to her strap on.


The whole thing lasted for roughly twenty seconds as he gave both of her tits, chest, and stomach six shots of his seed. Each one seemed a little more critical than the last because I couldn't possibly guess just how much he had to give.


"Only for you, babe," he let out before kissing me.


"You fucked another woman and let me screw her too for me, Dwight?"


"Yes, I guess."


I peeked down at her melons and rubbed his seed on both of them. "So, you have me to thank for this seed then, Ms. Watson."


"Thank you then, but may I have another kiss from each of you?"


I instantly dropped back down to her with the dildo still in her twat and kissed her once again. I felt chills go throughout my body as I felt his hot cum on her boobs. Although, I still just kept the kiss brief and rose up off her.


Then he lowered himself down to his knees and gave her his own kiss. I just watched them and smiled, even though their lips stayed together for over thirty seconds. I surely knew that all three of us were on sexual highs, but I knew we'd both love this forever.


I bit my bottom lip, though after those thirty seconds, and then his lips came off hers. "You're my favorite out of all of Al's teachers."


"Good to know, by the way, why did they call us here?" he asked before he leaned back.


"Oh, yeah," she laughed, covering her face with both hands. "I completely forgot."


I got up off her and then so did she, and went to one of her drawers.


We watched her dig through it for a moment before she leaned back up. "Holy shit, this is beyond embarrassing, but I needed Al Faller's parents, not Al Fuller's. I need to talk about him possibly not graduating, but I didn't make the connection until I saw some of Al Faller's recent assignments just now."


"You're kidding, right?" I giggled.


"No, I'm sorry, Monica," she replied, showing us one of Al Faller's assignments.


"Yep, that's not even our son's handwriting, babe," Dwight laughed.


"Oops, I do apologize again, I can't see them, but I know my cheeks are red."


"Yes, they are," I pointed out, hugging Dwight.


"So, we can all just keep this under our hats, right? Especially because..."


"You're having an affair with the principal?" Dwight pondered.


"Yes, I'd appreciate your silence very much, is there anything I could do for you to stay quiet?" she asked, prior to biting her bottom lip.


Dwight and I peeked at each other for a few seconds, but looked back at her.


"Well, maybe you could just invite us for a couple more parent/teacher conferences before the school year ends," I mentioned, closing the gap. "And maybe invite in that sexy principal too, at least once. I like to please my man, and he'd surely love to see me with two women and join in too. Can you make that happen?"


"And I have your word you won't let anything of this spill to anyone at all?"


"Come on, Ms. Watson," I said, wrapping my arms around her neck. "We're horny parents, not blabbermouths. We can keep a secret," I assured her before kissing her.


She took in a deep breath. "Fine, I'll get it done for you two."


"You see, as a teacher, you don't just talk, you have to listen too. If our teacher just told me not to give Dwight a blow job in this room all those years ago, I still would have done it, but would have been better prepared for the punishment."


"Okay, but could you get dressed now? I told Mrs. Dawson we could fuck after this conference."


"Sure," I answered, backing away. "Don't forget our deal, though, and try locking the door when you leave this room. People could come in here and snoop around, and they just might find something that you don't want them to find."


"Trust me; I know that now," she let me know before she kissed me.


Then we all calmly got dressed, and we headed towards the door. "See you next time, Ms. Watson," I told her before the door opened up. "Oh, hello, Mrs. Dawson," I greeted her, putting my hand out.


"Hi, Mrs. Faller."


"Oh, no, we're the Fullers. She asked us here by mistake, but we've just been chatting nonstop for like forty-five minutes now. She is all yours now, though," I mentioned, shaking her hand.


Dwight shook her hand as well, and both of us couldn't stop cheesing to save our lives. Although, Mrs. Dawson chose not to ask us why.


A moment later, Dwight and I left the classroom, and then I pulled him to me right outside the classroom. "And the sexy memories inside that room live on, dude," I pointed out before kissing him.


"Am I really going to get to have all three of you in that room in the future, Monica?"


"You can't put any kind of price tag on love, whether it is money related or not, and I love you, Dwight. I surely wouldn't have given you head all those years ago or said 'Yes.' to your question. Although, I'm sorry to say, you're going to have to go back to condoms though. I can't risk your bare cock being inside two exotic pussies, one is fine, but not two."


"Fair enough," he added before he kissed me again and took my hand.


"On the other hand, what if Al's teacher was a guy?"


"I'd suck his cock right with you, babe, because I love you."


"Correct, now let's go home, cuddle up on the couch in our normal clothes, watch Love Actually, and maybe you may make love to me afterward. You owe me significantly now."


"Fine, boss, but it is unfair to keep score, we're married, remember?"


"Yeah, but I'm the woman, your love for me makes you always give in to let me win. Don't try to beat the system, dude."


"Okay," he whined, opening the door for me.


"You know you love me," I pointed out, walking out the door.


"No need to remind me," he mentioned, following me.

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