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The thought of you arouses my desires, the dreams i have of you further fuel the flames of passion burning in my soul and loins.

I sit here in my truck, the dark parking lot of the hotel thoughts of you racing through my mind as i wait. My pulse quickens and i feel my body tense with every car that passes by wondering if it's you, disappointed when it isn't, then anticipating again as the next approaches.
after a few minutes that feel like hours a truck pulls into the parking lot accross from me and my heart beats out of my chest as i wonder if it's going to be you that steps out.
Then the door opens and you step out i see you look around wondering where i am or if i'm here yet, I open my door wondering what you will think of me, then i step out and walk over to you. I feel my face flush and my heart flutter as i approach you, my nerves feel as if they will jump through my skin, I can't wait for what i know is in store, but i know i must for a few more minutes at least.
We stand there and chat for a little while, then i ask you if you would like to see the room.
You say sure, so I take the key and open the door to the room I rented when I arrived
The room is nothing special, just a T.V. , dresser, a couple of end tables, the bathroom, and of course the bed.
Neither one of us though really cares about the room at this point, just being together no matter where it is
becomes a great relief to us as we realize that we are really here and finally the waiting is over.
I take you into my arms and squeeze you tight against my body, you feel the soft and hard parts of me against you and I run my hands down your back until they settle on your ass and squeeze you.
I then pull away just enough to lower my lips to yours and gently taste the sweet saltiness of our first long kiss.
our tongues intertwine and dance with each other as I run my hands back up your body and run my fingers through your hair.
After a few moments I run my fingers under the back of your shirt and lift it up and over your head, then i let you take off my shirt, I unfasten your bra, and as our bodies are revealed to one another we embrace in another long wet kiss.
I lay you down on the bed face down and begin to rub your shoulders, i massage them slowly and gently, yet firmly, then I rub down your back carressing the muscles there and ending any tension in your body.
I pull your pants down your legs along with your panties, slip them over your feet, and then throw them in the corner of the room.
I rub down your body massaging and carressing your ass and down your legs relaxing them and you as i go.
Now that you are naked, you decide it is time that i be too.
You unbutton my jeans and slide them down with my boxers, and i kick them into the corner beside your clothes.
I lean down and kiss you again long and hard as i feel your skin against mine so soft and supple, so sexy.
I lay you back on the bed, and crawl up beside you, i kiss down your neck and chest till my mouth reaches your nipple, I tease it with my tongue flicking the tip of my tongue over the end of it and then swirling my tongue over the stiffening flesh there. After thouroughly teasing the nipple I suck it into my mouth massaging it with my tongue as my hand teases and twists and pinches the other...... After several moments I switch sides and suck on the other nipple and play with the one i had sucked on before.
I then kiss down your body, down your torso and stomach down, down, down, till I reach your hot little pussy, I lick around it, never letting my tongue touch it, teasing the area all around it with kisses. Finally I let my fingers spread apart your moistening pussy lips, and my tongue finds your pink little clit, I roll it around the tip of my tongue teasing it until it begins to stiffen, When it does i suck it into my mouth so hot and wet, and i suck on it like a nipple, letting my tongue rub and massage it as i finally taste you. I suck hard and long and let my fingers play with your pussy as I do.
I slowly insert 2 large fingers into your wet little slit, and as i suck your clit I begin to work them slowly in and out of you, then faster and harder as you get wetter, then as they begin to slide in and out very easily I begin to thrust them in harder and faster and sucking on your clit in the same tempo until i feel you tighten on my fingers and your cum coats them and my mouth sucks on your little clit until i feel your first orgasm with me ending.
I lay down on my back and tell you to sit on my chest facing away from me so that i can eat your pussy while you play with my cock.
I lick and suck on your pussy lips as my fingers once again find their way inside you, and as i feel your warm wet lips kissing my cock i moan into your pussy with ecstacy, i feel your lips and tongue working over my cock as you start to suck on it sliding up and down over it as you play with my balls, I finger your pussy very slowly but as my cock gets harder i go faster and faster, licking your lips as i feel myself growing inside your mouth.
We do this until I make you cum again, pouring your hot sticky sweet juices all over my chest, making my cock even more rock hard than it already is.
I roll you over onto your back again, and crawl down between your legs, I spread them apart gently with large hands and begin to once again devour your little clit, I suck on it and play with it for a while, then i start to finger your pussy again sliding my fingers deep inside you as i suck your little clit into a frenzy, then I pull my fingers from your pussy, i spread apart your ass cheeks, and I let my tongue lick and flick over your tight little hole, I put my fingers back inside your pussy, and finger fuck it slow and deep as i lick your ass, as I lick I increase the speed of my fingers until I am thrusting into you furiously fast, I fuck you hard and deep as I lick, and you cum again very hard squirting all over me and the bed.

Finally I pull my fingers from your dripping little pussy, and move up the bed to kiss you hard and deep on the lips, I lift your legs up onto my shoulders, and I take my cock and tease your pussy lips with it, I rub it on your clit before I finally push it into your hot little pussy, I wrap my arms around your legs as I slowly start to thrust in and out of you, very gently at first, then harder, then almost forcefully as I pull you into me with each thrust, I fuck you faster and faster slamming into you and pumping you so hard it feels as if my chest will explode, then just before that happens I feel your pussy clench down on my cock as you cum hard drenching my cock with your juices, Then I feel myself cumming deep inside your pussy filling you up with my sticky cum as i hold you firmly against me until my cock stops twitching inside you and our orgasm is over.

I then collapse beside you on the bed, pulling you near to me and resting your head on my shoulder, i carress your back and hair as i feel you starting to fall asleep on me, and i cuddle you tight as you do.....

You awake blinking your eyes sleepily as you see me laying beside you.
I smile seeing that you are awake and say
"So are you ready for round 2 ?"

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