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I feel him growing in the small of my back and he starts to fidget. I ask what he is thinking about, and he tells me not to say a word. I quietly let a little laugh escape and he rolls me to my back sharply. I look to his eyes, expectantly. He asks will I do as I am told? I grin and say I will.

He reminds me, I am to remain silent. He tells me any noise, will result in punishment. I say I agree and he smiles, so slightly. I had spoken. He places his hand across my mough and gently shakes his head. He reaches to his weekend bag, and pulls out a gag. He fits it to my mouth. I can taste the rubber on my tongue, and I twitch it over the insert of the gag. I keep watching his eyes.

He puts his legs out straight and pulls a few cusions over his lap. He motions for me to lie across his lap, on top of the cushions. He positions me, so my breasts are higher than the rest of my body.

I can feel the warmth of my juices now.

He unbuttons my shirt to reveal my naked breasts. Both of his hands take postitions, one on each. He takes a handful and holds them firmly, gently squeezing them, releasing them slightly, then squeezing again. His hands are so warm and soft. He starts to softly, almost not touching me, to run his hands all around my breasts. His fingers move to my nipples where they start to roll my nipples between his fingers, tightly. I try to squeel and he just squeezes tighter. It hurts, but I like it. He places his finger in his mouth, then rubs my nipples, in turn, with his wet finger.

I am pulsing now. I can feel the moistness between my legs grow more and more.

He reaches over me now, and flicks his tongue over my left nipple, so it only just makes contact. He moves to my right nipple and does the same. He starts to lick harder now and starts to push his tongue harder into my nipples. He opens his mouth right over my breast as far as he can and sucks me into his mouth. He holds me inside his mouth then releases me slowly scraping his teeth gently over my nipple as it comes out from his lips. He does this again and again.

I close my eyes. He flicks me on the forehead, so I open my eyes. He tells me if I want to close my eyes thats his choice. He reaches to his bag again and pulls out a black blindfold and fits it over my eyes. He goes back to sucking in as much of my breast as possible.

I can feel my juices start to run down my pussy and dripping down between my butt cheeks. I start to try and move my breasts up further to his mouth. He tuts to me, and I feel and hear him as he reaches for his bag once more.

He pushes me off his lap and makes me kneel up and facing him. He takes off my shirt and glides his fingers over my pert and errect nipples. He stands me up. He pulls down my trousers and then my panties. I am stood on my bed, totally naked now, wearing nothing by my gag and blind fold. I feel my juices start to run down my legs. My pussy is so wanting and I feel myself pulse.

I feel his finger as it so gently touches the hairs on the outside of my wanting pussy. He strokes me. Me gives me a gental push and I am now leaning up against my wall. The coldness on my back, make me draw in a sharp breath. He pushes me further so my whole body is firmly pressed against the cold wall. I feel his hands grab hold of my legs and spread them wide apart. I know what is coming and am so ready. He opens up my lips and I feel his tongue slip into my wanting and very wet pussy. His tongue glids up and down licking up my leeked juices on my legs cleaning me, to make me ready for more. His tongue inserts right inside me and I hold me breath. In and out, in and out his tongue works me to a climax, but he stops just before I cum. I can feel his breath, so I know his mouth is close, and I am so wanting. He comes back to finish me off by flicking his tongue faster and faster just in front of my swollen clit. I swell, swell, swell and I feel I am exploding. I shake violently and me knees turn week, but he hold he with his hands on my hips so I cant slip to the bed. He keeps his tongue laid flat against me as I cum all over his mouth and tongue. He tells me he likes the feel of my pulsing on his tongue and my taste. As I start to slow my shudders, he starts to clean me with his tongue, ever so gently.

He pulls me by my hips to the bed, where he lays me down. He lays me with my legs wide open and my arms way to my sides, spread eagled. I feel the bed move as he sits back, to just look at me he says. He props me hips up on several cusions. He tells me he just wants to look at me, look in me. I start to squirm at the thought of him looking at me this way and he tells me, that is enough and I am being naughty. I hear him reach for his bag once more.

He ties my left leg first to the corner of the bed. Next my right leg to the other side. He lays across me and pulls my left hand to the corner of the bed and ties that too. He ties my right hand in the same manner on the other side. He sits back to look at me again, tied to the bed, hips right up in the air exposing my pussy, my blindfold still in place and gag still holding my silent. His hands start to stroke my feet as I feel his eyes running up, down and in my body.

He reaches for that bag of his and I feel something cool being inserted into my pussy. I feel straps being tied round the tops of my legs. I feel the vibrator switch on as it. He has that on slow. Oh the sensation. He sits and watches me. He turns up the intensity and watches me. He now turns it up to full. I have never used a vibrator in this way before, knowing he sits and watches as it works on me.

Again he goes to his wonderful bag. I hear a click as a bottle cap is flipped open. He starts to dribble an ice cold fluid on to my legs while the vibrator continues to buzz inside me. He draws a line up my leg and down the other to my ankle. He starts again and draws his line from the top of my pussy up to my breasts where he cirlces each one. He stops, but not before adding a couple of drops to each nipple.

He starts to rub in the fluid first at my feet. He massages firmly, but gently. He starts to massage up my legs working the fluid into my inner thighs then outer thighs and on to my stomach and up to my chest. His hands slip and slid over my breasts working the fluid deep into my skin. I feel my nipples skip inbetween his fingers.

I am moist, again. Very moist.

He moves lover and starts to massage my pussy around the still buzzing vibrator. His hands, both of them, work the fluid from his hands into me. He takes his hands and squeezes me, holding the vibrator as well as me, softly at first, then firmer and firmer. He inserts one finger and rotates it round my soft, warm, moist walls, pushing the vibrator along with his finger. How much more can I take? Finally, he removes the straps of the vibrator and takes it out of me, and rets it, still buzzing on top of my swollen clit. He inserts a second finger and continues circling me. I feel another finger, then another. He is trying to get as many fingers in me as he can. He starts to fuck me with his fingers. He pushes in me hard and pulls out softly. Again and again. He takes out all by two fingers which he uses to keep my pussy lips open, the other fingers, holding the vibrator in place. He inserts his tongue, deep into my gapping pussy. He tries to roll his tongue round the walls of me. In and out, round and around he goes. He senses I am reaching a climax, and starts to work my clit. He takes out his fingers but inserts one back in me deep and just wiggles it, whilst his tongue works flicking over my clit and I feel myself swell, swell, swell, and I release, again over his face. His tongue sits on my clit as I release. Once I have calmed, he switches off the vibrator and he begins to clean me up. His tongue runs up and down my pussy as if he was a dog, scooping as much of my juices as possible. He inserts his finger and tries to make sure he gets as much of me as possible out and into his tongue.

Before I have had time to calm all the way down, I hear his zipper and I feel his cock against my pusy, rubbing up, then down my pussy. His hands take hold of my hips, and he enters me sharply. He rams me, again and again, getting harder and harder as I feel him about to explode and shoot his load inside of me. He pushes one last time, as deep and hard as he can and holds himself there, as I feel him cum. I use my internal muscles and queeze him. I let him go. I squeeze him. I let him go. I continue until I feel him start to relax.

He pulls him self out, removes the cusions from under my hips and lies next to me, making no atempt to release me from my bondings. His hand rests on my breast and with his thumb gently rubs my nipple, while he quietens his breathing. After what seemed like hours, he finally gets up and removes my gag. He kisses me tenderly on the lips. He removes the bongings on my left ankle and kisses that too. Next my right ankle, then my left wrist and finally my right wrist kissing each one as it is freed. Finally my blindfold is taken away and kisses both eye lids. He looks deep into my eyes, and thanks me.

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