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I know that I do not just want to have sex with you; I want to make love to you. I want to show you sensitivity and passion that I have for you. I want to make you go to a state of complete relaxation and bliss. Most of all, I want to prove to you that no one can be as good as I am to you. I have a couple of things in mind to show you how I am better than any guy out there, not just with sex but with the way I make you ready.

So the first night that you come to my house, I want to have everything ready for you. First, I have picked out a sexy outfit from Victoria Secret?s for you. It is a thong and camisole set that is light pink and made from silk. The panties have a low dipping front panel that barely covers your mound and a small string around your hips and between your legs. Right above your ass, the strings meet with a triangle of small jewels, highlighting your perfect butt. The top is snug fitting and very thin. I can only imagine your hard nipples poking through the soft fabric when you put it on. The front makes your tits look bigger than they are while the bottom comes to your mid stomach, still enough to show off the new belly button ring that I got for you to wear for special occasions just like this. The back is all string, criss-crossing your smooth skin to hold the front tight to your body. I got you a new belly button ring after looking for ever for one that I like. I finally settled upon a dangling ring that is all diamonds. It has one big one on the ring with three smaller ones that hang in a line from below. I can?t wait to see it hang as you are bent over me!

These will fit into my plan later, but the first thing I do to you when we get home is to hold you tight. I hug you close, feeling your body next to mine; feeling you breath and feeling your heat. I kiss you deeply while hugging you, playing with your tongue with mine. I pause to look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you and how much I care for you. I kiss you again before I lead you into my bedroom. I have all my candles burning and some soft music in the background. I don?t want the TV on tonight because I want your mind clear of all distractions, just you and I. The room is dim as I set you on my bed and start removing your clothes. I know you think I am planning on just taking your clothes off and starting, but I have a lot more planned than that. I take off your shoes and socks and then stand you to remove your jeans. You have cute little black panties on tonight but those won?t last long. I leave those for last and focus on your t-shirt and bra. Those come off easily without me touching any sensitive part of your body except for kissing your lips periodically. Now for the panties; I take them and slide them over your hips to the floor. I can see that your pussy is already moist and your hair is trimmed. I love the way your body looks naked, so I lead you to the middle of the room and ask you to stand while I admire you from all angles. You feel embarrassed but I comfort you with deep kisses and nibbles on your ears and neck. I spread your legs about a foot apart to accent your butt and crotch. I don?t want to forget this night, so I bring out my camera and ask if I can take a few shots. I tell you that I don?t have anything to look at anymore to jerk off when you are not around and you finally agree me to take a couple of shots.
Even with the room warm, you are shivering slightly now from excitement and from the chill so I run a bath for you. I put a lot of bubbles in the bath and make the water really warm to relax your body and mind. I lead you to my bathroom, which has candles lit all over it. I help you in the tub and smile as you gasp at the feeling of the hot water when you first sit down. You ask me to get in, but I want to focus on you tonight, so I stay out but take off my shirt and shorts. Now I only have my boxers on and my erection is starting to show. I can see you stare at it but I don?t allow you to touch it or see it yet. I start to wash your back with a soft sponge and soap. We talk with each other while I wash you only interrupted when I stop to kiss you. You turn towards me in the tub and I wash your chest and stomach. I am gentle around your breasts as your nipples are becoming more and more sensitive as the night goes on. They are already very hard and erect, glowing a pretty pink in contrast to the rest of your breast. The warm water helps them recede some as I move down towards your stomach. I ask if it is okay if I give you something. I tell you that you don?t have to wear it all the time or at all if you don?t want to but I thought it would look really good on you. I bring out a small white box as you say okay and show you the belly ring I got. Your eyes light up as I tell you that I think it would make you look even sexier as I already love the shape of your stomach and mound. I help you put it in and lightly kiss your stomach right above your hair. I tell you to stand up and turn around as I wash your lower back and down towards your butt. Your skin is wet and slick and looks so good, it is all I can do to keep from kissing you all over. I pull your cheeks apart slightly and wash in between your legs. You stick your ass out towards me and lean up against the shower wall. I run the sponge all along your thighs and ass, cleaning your skin and letting the bubbles tease your senses. I take my hands now and soap them up. You slide towards me a little more spreading your legs as far as the tub will let you as I massage your thighs, starting with your knees and slowly moving up. I brush your pussy lips quickly but move straight to your butt, squeezing and kneading your ass. I play with your ass crack and run my finger from the small of your back down between your cheeks. I approach your asshole and cause you to whimper with anticipation. I wash you well, running little circles around your hole with my fingers and pressing against your opening. I don?t want to go in yet, but I want to make sure you like the feeling of my hands around your asshole. I turn you around now to face me and pull you close, kissing from your belly ring all the way up to your lips. I wash your stomach and start on your vagina, running the soapy sponge all through your twat and around your thighs. I use my hands again and gently wash the soap away from your lips while rubbing your hood and brushing my fingers inside of your lips. Soft sighs escape from you again as you lean towards me, grabbing my shoulders for support. Your pussy is very wet now with both water and your juices. I taste them quickly from my finger tips before standing and kissing you, wrapping my arms around your glistening body.

Now I sit you on the edge of the tub and ask if I can do something special to you. I want your skin to be smooth around your pussy tonight so I ask if I can shave you. You are hesitant at first until I run my fingers through your lips again finding your clit under its hood. I kiss you while playing with your button and promise to follow your directions and be very careful. I pull off my boxers and show you that I have shaved the area around my dick and didn?t have any problems. You stare at my hard cock now as you agree to allow me to trim you up. I get some shaving gel and start by rubbing the cream all over your crotch. I have a new razor and with your help slowly start shaving the hair from your mound. I quickly finish the front, washing the excess with warm water and my hands. I keep you excited by rubbing your lips between every couple of strokes with the razor and soon I start on the more sensitive area. With your legs spread, your lips are full now, swollen with excitement. It is actually easier for me to shave you sense I can get a better angle and hold your skin tight. Soon, your pussy is clean and totally smooth as I gently wash your area with warm water and my hands. I ask if you approve and the have you sit one more time to rinse the soap and bubbles from you before helping you out into a towel.

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