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She was lonely and forever in search of love. She went to a community college and got average grades. All the boys ignored her; she was just too plain. But things were about to change.
The girl, named Raven by the way, was surprised one day when she saw the eyes of a very handsome dark haired man roaming up and down her body one afternoon in psych class. She blushed and looked away, but when she returned her focus to the lecturer the eyes were still there, green and piercing, ripping her clothes off with every glance. She felt excited in ways she had never dreamed of. Her cotton panties began to get soaked. She rubbed her hips together trying to take full advantage of the attention.
That night, while laying awake it bed, her fingers slipped into her dripping cunt at the thought of that strange man in her class. Her orgasm and masturbation ritual, which was usually a way to get to sleep, was now filled with a new excitement and as her hands began to caress her entire body, she came with an intensity she could not believe. In the calm afterwards she thought about tasting her self, just to be extra dirty, but decided not to. It was just too weird.
Raven looked forward to class the next day but to her dismay, the beautiful man was not in class. She sulked quietly until quiet near the end of class; her dream man appeared and with an excuse to the teacher, took up his regular place. She had heard his voice; it tingled in her brain, deep and pleasurable. She thought about penetration, oral sex, and so much more.
She thought about this man more and more, and one day, during one of her many daydreams, he was there, right next to her in the grocery store buying oranges and cucumbers. She shirked away but he was kind to her, funny even making crude comments about the produce. She laughed and thought it was cute. He told her his name was Alex, and gave her his number. Raven called three hours later and set up a date. She sounded very very desperate.
They dated, kids stuff really. Movies, carnivals, classically cliché things that made her feel comfortable. He was polite and firm. She was afraid to upset him and always tried to be as pretty as possible on her dates. He had her by a leash, she loved it. They kissed, but anything else was avoided almost awkwardly. She would put out, she made that clear, but he just ignored her body. Sometimes she felt ugly and beautiful at the same time. This frustrated her very much.
Raven began to masturbate more and more. The loved the juice running down her legs and thought of cock non-stop. Alex was driving her crazy and she wanted sweet pleasurable sex and told him so. "You want sex?" he asked almost jokingly, "then you have to play by my rules." She was thrilled a little kink was always welcomed. She had been a shut in for so long and a virgin for twenty years. Fantasies were her forte.
They began to kiss passionately in her apartment living-room/kitchen. He broke it off quickly and saliva dripped down her small chest into her cleavage, dripping into her bra. She felt ever inch of her body on fire. She wanted cock! "You?ve got to promise me" he said, that once we start, there is no going back, do you understand?" She nodded and he kissed her on the head. "Meet me at my house tomorrow." And he left.
Alex?s house was a secretive place that Raven barely went to. She went up to the door in a robe and not much else and rang the bell. Alex was there waiting, she was late and he was pissed. Something had changed about him; he seemed more grim, more focused, more within his element. Raven was a little nervous, would he beat her?
He led her to the upstairs bed and all of her worries vanished. She felt his large hands explore her outer lips and go deep inside her. She could almost taste his cum as he sucked on her small tits. All of a sudden the room went black as a cloth was put over her mouth, the last thing she remembered seeing was a small shadowy female figure come out of the closet.
When Raven awoke she was tied up in the basement. The smell of chloroform was in the air and in front of her stood her lover Alex, still clothed and a naked hairless girl next to him. She was yellowish with large blue eyes. A black band was around her neck and her head was pointed down, making her look helpless and sad. She was fingering herself constantly to "keep herself warm for her master".
Alex gagged Raven and whispered in her ear:" This is my first wife and slave; she is to be called the First. You will be my second, do you understand?" Raven shook her head and Alex grabbed her nipple sending pain throughout her body. She began to cry and nod "yes yes" immediately.
Torture and conditioning began and Raven was being fully turned into another number. She was beaten and struck until she bled. Vaginal secretions were poured onto her as the First became excited. She was not shaved, like The First, and her armpits and pussy began to grow a fine layer of fur. She felt wild, and soon enough she began to enjoy the torturous pain. At night she was massaged and brought close to orgasm. Large dildos were put into her ass and vagina and set on vibrate while she slept. She woke up from wet dreams constantly only to find a bald slave either watching her intently or curled in a fetal position.
Raven was told she had dropped out of school and quit her job, Alex had arrange everything. She was let down from the chains a new person. She was a little weak and ate heavily. It had been weeks since her last real activity. She had become a new person. Her bush was large and unkempt, her nipples were red and puffy and she had the posture of a sexually molested beast (not far from the truth). She desired more and more sex and soon she would have it.
She was no longer a virgin, dildo and fisting had broken her hymen long ago, but the first real penis in her was soon to come. Alex approached her at the table where she and The First ate and unzipped his pants unceramonially. The basement was dark and unfurnished with an old carpet, the walls were cracked and beat and the single light from the ceiling gave the basement the appearance of a slasher film. This is where Raven would finally be fucked in. He and the First began to suck on Alex?s enormous cock. She ate it and licked his ass and balls; they fingered themselves almost to orgasm until he was nice and hard.
The first bent down and began to eat and lick Ravens hairy cunt. Waves of pleasure enveloped Raven as the long tongue reached into her. Alex slowly crept up behind his first lover and deeply penetrated her hole. All Raven knew of this was the sudden gasp and the slight lull in pleasure. After Ravens first orgasm, Alex pulled out of The First and made raven suck him more. It tasted of precum and ass. Alex had been sodomizing the poor creature.
Alex started fucking Raven and as his cock slid in and out of her the First covered her in saliva, finally resting on Alex?s cock and Raven?s swollen clit. Alex moaned in pleasure and orgasm as he sprayed his two slaves with cum. The white liquid ran down their faces and into ever crack and crevice. It stained the ones skin and got stuck in Raven?s hair. The two were put into a room, chained up without cleaning and left to contemplate their fates as Permanent slaves with each other.
The End

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