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Instantly she knows that something wasn't right here. The position she was lying on the bed, all spread out, wasn't natural to her at all. She usually sleeps on her side in roughly the fetal position. As she opened her eyes to get her bearings, she realizes that she cant see because she is blindfolded. Scared, Kim attempts to reach for the blind fold to remove it from her face. She cant. There is a rope tied around her arms holding her spread out and also to the bed. An attempt to kick reveals that her legs are tied as well. All she can see is an edge of light that is sneaking in under her blindfold around her nose. She feels a slight draft across her body and she realizes that she is naked. She whimpers.

The sound of a boot walking on a hard-wood floor is heard. It creaks and pops the way old hard wood does. The steps sound heavy.

"I see you are awake." she hears a man say.
The voice sounds very friendly and slightly familiar. She strains her brain to try and recognize the voice but the low throbbing of what feels like a hangover gets in the way. She had been out dancing the previous night but blacking out was not a common theme in her life. She could only remember having three drinks. This usually got her a nice buzz but she can hardly remember a time where she drank more than that. She was not sloppy. She must have been drugged.

Her thought process was interrupted by the voice again. "How are you feeling this morning?"
she quickly turned her head in the direction of the voice as if she were going to stare him down. The blindfold prevents this stare. The motion causes the dull throb to get worse.

Kim's dry mouth and lips fight to find words. A breathy "wha-" is all she can muster on the first attempt. "What did you do to me?" her second attempt, more successful.

"Oh, nothing yet. ...I mean, if you want to call bringing you over and taking care of you after you drank too much "nothing."" His indignant tone was almost sarcasm. Kim couldn't tell. "You can thank me later for washing your clothes," he added at the end.

She was still confused. She felt the pressure of her bladder pushing against her. She was apparently holding back a nights worth of drinking, that she didn't remember partaking in. "I need to pee" she said. The heavy boots walked across the floor again. There was a long squeak and the thud of a door. The walking trailed away deeper into the building and faded. "I need to pee!" she said a little louder.
"Hey!" she was now almost shouting "can you let me pee?"
Kim was now more scared than ever. She was tied down, naked, in an unfamiliar place and her bladder was feeling like it was about to burst. "Somebody!! ? HELP!" she began to scream.

This went on for a minute or two when the footsteps were heard again. The door opened quickly.
Her captors voice was heard again. "I assure you that you can be heard by nobody but me. Yelling is useless. But, I do have work to do so I cant have you up hear blubbering on like this. I will have to ask you to shut up"
She continued anyway. She was yelling and sobbing over what he had to say.
Without warning an open hand struck Kim's face with quite some force. "I told you to shut up! Do you understand me?"

Kim, now crying loudly more than yelling, nodded her head and mumbled out a meek "yes."
She continued to sob loudly .

"This wont do" the man behind the blindfold said. He walked off quickly.
As he was leaving Kim repeated her plea through her cries, "I just want to go pee." The blindfold was getting wet from tears and her nose began to run.
The man quickly returned. "I didnt want it to come to this" he said as she felt him kneel down beside her on the bed.
She felt the man get incredibly close to her. His hands then picked up her head for a moment and slip something between her head and her pillow. He felt something start to wrap around her face. A hard bit of rubber touched her lips. "Open" he commanded.
She did not.
"I said open up"
She did not comply.
The man took his hands and began to pry her mouth open. He squeezed her cheeks the way one would squeeze a dogs cheeks to get the dog to open up. The pain was incredible. After a few moments of resistance, she gave in and opened her mouth. Quickly a rubber ball was placed in there. It was almost too big to fit. The man strapped on the ball gag and got off the bed. "Maybe that will keep you quiet so I can work." She heard him walk across the room, shut the door and walk away.

She was alone. She still needed to pee. Kim writhed there, struggling to get free. She was torn in what to do. If she struggled, her bladder hurt more. If she sat still she could hold it. She wanted out. She tugged against her restraints, both arms and legs. They had almost no give to them. She tried twisting her arms and legs. Nothing helped. The more she struggles the more she had to pee. Maybe thirty minutes of fighting with the ropes had worn her muscles out. She was not sure on the time. There was no way to know. She decided to pull with all of her limbs at the same time with all of her might. She began to pull. She strained against the rope. She was making the nose that weight lifters make as they put all efforts into a lift. She kept pulling. She hit her breaking point. All the power in her body was uselessly being wasted on the ropes and now she had no more strength to hold her bladder anymore.

The hot urine shot out of her pussy. She could feel some of it running down the crack of her ass and pooling there. The rest of it sprayed out with force from her struggling with her bondage and the shear volume of urine she was holding back.

Her legs were wet to her knees with her own piss. She could smell it. All she could do is sit there, wet, and cry.

Several hours went by. The pool that formed around her ass was not soaking in to the mattress. It must have a rubber liner or be an air mattress with real bedding on top of it.

The footsteps approached again. The door opened. The door closed. "Oh, I see you made a bit of a mess" The kindness had returned to the mans voice. This is when he sounded the most familiar. The voice sounded like the man was trying to disguise himself. "let me clean you up."

The man walked out of the room and a rummaging was heard coming from outside the room. He walked back into the room and stood next to the bed. A stack of towels was placed on her stomach. She felt him place one between her legs sopping up the puddle under her ass. As the towel was doing its own work there, the man was busy wiping her legs. He worked his way up her legs. As he got closer to the now wet towel he replaced it with another. He was taking his time cleaning her and the bed. Once again he moved the towel sopping up the bulk of the urine.

"Lift" he said.
She did not know what this meant. The look on her face must have been one of puzzlement.
"Lift your ass up a bit so I can clean under you" he explained.
She tried to take as much weight off of her ass as she could. She didn't lift too high mainly because she couldn't.
The man took a towel and wiped the bed as dry as he could under her. He dried the cheeks of her ass and the inside of her thighs. He spent a good amount of time there.
Kim heard him breathing a bit deeper. She was scared.
He then took the towel and dried her pussy off.
The man took a deep breath that was audible to Kim. She could feel him staring at her nakedness. Then she felt one finger running up the length of her pussy, then down. Now two hands were touching her folds, spreading her vagina so he could get a better look.
"That looks good" he said to her. "Do you like the way I touch you?"
She did not respond.
He stopped touching her and stood up on the mattress. Kim could hear him breathing heavily over her for a few moments. She did not know what he was doing, but that soon was known.
She figured it out just as he heard him groan, but a moment before the first drop of cum hit her face. It hit half on the blindfold and half on her right cheek. The second drop fell almost square on the ball of the ball gag and splashed to the right a bit to the corner of her mouth. She couldn't keep it from sliding into her mouth from there. She was now sure it was cum. She was no stranger to sex and was familiar with the taste of cum.
Under different circumstances this situation could be hot. She was into light bondage with her boyfriend. But being that she had no idea what was going on or who was cumming on her face, she was totally scared.

The man finished his orgasm. A few more drops of cum hit her face neck and chest. The man chuckled a little to himself and left the room once again, slamming the door on the way. He left Kim there alone again. She did not want to swallow the cum that had managed to find its way into her mouth. She had little choice. The ball gag was keeping her from spitting and she could not flip over to keep it from the back of her mouth.

Again, several hours went by. She was worn out. Kim fell asleep leaving the cum to dry on her face.

Kim woke up to the sound of voices. The voices were through walls and a bit far away. One was the man who had been holding her captive. The other was a woman's voice. She could not make out what either one of them were saying, just the tone of voice. There was an excitement to it. The woman was almost giddy.

The two voices stopped for a moment. Two sets of foot steps approached the door, that Kim was tied up behind. She started to struggle again and make any kind of noise. She was actually doing a good job of it and was feeling hopeful that she would be heard.

Her hopes were dashed as the door flung open and she herd the man say "Look. Isn't she delicious?"
his female counterpart did not speak right away but after a moment she replied "She is hot," emphasis on the word "is." She asks "What should we do with her?"
"That" the man paused there for inflections sake, "is up to you."
"So, she is mine?" the woman asked with excitement.
"Well... no, but you can do what you want with her"
"Nice..." the woman said as they both walked out of the room closing the door behind them.

Kim did not know what to expect. She had just been shown off by one stranger to another stranger. She felt humiliated. What else could she do at this point? She was tied down with no hope of escape. Was the only thing left submission?

She did not have time to contemplate that. The door was opening again and she heard the woman ask "Are you sure that this is OK?" The man must have nodded because the next thing Kim heard was the woman saying "Good. This is going to be hot"

There were light footsteps over to the edge of the bed. Then she felt the bed being pushed down as someone got on the bed with her. She could smell that the person on the bed was the woman. The feminine scent of perfume gave this fact away. The woman's hands were cool as she lay one hand down on Kim's lower stomach. She rubbed Kim back and forth just above the pubic hair. Then the woman began to run her fingers through Kim's pubic hair. She played with it quite a bit.

Kim then heard the sound of a wash cloth being rung out slightly. A moment later the hot, wet washcloth was resting over her entire pubic area. From her belly button to where her ass crack met the mattress was covered in wet heat. It was pressed down on her pubic hair above her vagina. It was pressed into her Labia. It was pressed as far down into her ass crack as they could reach. It was a very hot washcloth. It almost hurt her sensitive pussy and gave her a good startle when the heat reached her asshole.

The cloth was pulled away and the sound of aerosol was head. The woman then began to spread what was just sprayed out of the can on the entire area that had been covered with the towel. The smell revealed that it was shaving cream. Kim could hear the girl giggle as she lathered Kim's pussy.
There was one other thing that Kim could hear. It was the click of a camera. Kim tried to angle her head to see out of the gap in the blindfold by her nose. All she could see was the flash going off every time she heard the camera click.

The shaving began at Kim's stomach even though there was no pubic hair there. Kim usually kept trim but not shaved. Her boyfriend always wanted her to shave but she never did because she felt that it made her feel like a little girl. She was trimmed from the night before when she went out to the club so she wondered shy the shave started there.

The shave continued. Every few seconds the camera could be heard. The woman was whispering an a soothing voice "everything OK?" Kim didn't know how to respond to her. The shave was not hurting her, but she was doing it against her will.
The woman's voice did not seem to mind a lack of response from Kim. "Ooh, you have such a lovely pussy" The camera clicked. "I cant wait to play with it"
Soon Kim was left with no pubic hair as far down as her asshole and a camera was full of pictures of her tied up getting her pussy shaved by a random woman.
"Was that so bad?" the woman's voice asked as she squeezed some lotion out of a tube.
Kim hesitantly shook her head no.
"I didn't think so" was whispered back.
A second later the shocking cold of lotion was felt on her skin above her vagina where her pubic hair used to be. The lotion warmed up quickly and was rubbed into the entire area. Her stomach, labia and asshole got a smooth lotion rubdown, the camera documenting it all.

The woman did not stop there. Once the lotion was all rubbed in the woman kept massaging the outer labia of Kim's vagina. The woman leaned close to Kim's ear and whispered "you are so sexy." as she leaned back she ran her hand down Kim's chest, stopping at the nipple to give it a little pinch.

The man piped in, "That is so hot. I'm getting worked up watching you with her"
The woman replied "yeah?"
"Well how about this?" the woman leaned in and licked Kim's freshly shaved, spread pussy. It caught her off guard and Kim jumped a bit when the tongue touched her.
"Don't be scared" the woman said to Kim.
The man took a step closer. "That is awesome. I am gunna have to fuck you now"

The woman got off of the bed and Kim could hear the sounds of zippers, and clothes hitting the floor off to the side of the bed. She then heard them giggling to each other wrapped up in foreplay. Kim could almost tell the moment they started fucking. She heard him ask her "that good?"
All the woman could reply was a breathy moan. The sounds of sex filled Kim's ears. The moans of pleasure, skin slapping together, and heavy breathing filled the room.

Kim began to wiggle her head around. She wanted to get away from this couple that was fucking each other while looking at her tied up on a bed. As Kim wiggled the blind fold started to come off. She kept using her shoulder to move the blindfold little by little. The couple did not seem to notice. They were going a it pretty hard. Finally after many tries, the blindfold came off.

Kim looked down at her legs spread by the ropes tying her to the bed. She saw hew freshly bald pussy. Then looking beyond the end of the bed she saw a video camera.

Something was confusing to her though. Things looked familiar somehow. Then it started to all fall together. She turned her head to the side to look at the couple fucking a few feet from her. Her newly found suspicions were confirmed. She was in her own house on an air mattress in her guest bedroom. Her boyfriend was there next to her facing slightly away fucking the woman from behind. The woman was bent over standing with her hands on the dresser. Kim even recognized the woman. It was the girl from the club last night that she had pointed out as hot to her boyfriend.

She was relieved and suddenly, this situation got very hot. She and her boyfriend had discussed going deeper in the world of bondage and humiliation and they had also discussed a threesome. This was both. Kim found her pussy getting very wet. She watched her boyfriend fuck this hot girl from behind for several moments. Finally, she caught her boyfriend's eye.

The two stopped fucking. The two stood there, him hard, her wet and dripping, and they looked at Kim with huge smiles on their face.

The woman looks down at Kim's wet pussy. "I'm not letting this go to waste"
Kim's Boyfriend smiled. Kim smiled back as best she could with a ball gag in her mouth.
The woman fingered herself and began to go down on Kim. Kim's boyfriend went around the bed and got the video camera and began to film as he pleasured himself. Kim was getting into it now. She was grinding back on the woman's face. Kim's boyfriend was creeping up to her while he stroked his cock. He pushed the head of the woman away from Kim's pussy. He then proceeded to shoot cum directly onto Kim's stomach and clitoris, and let it drip down the folds of her vagina.

After her was done shooting his cum the woman smiled a devious smile and began to lap up the cum. She held as much as she could in her mouth and undid the ball gag on Kim's face. Once the ball was out of her mouth she kissed Kim, pushing her boyfriend's cum into her mouth. They both kissed, swapping cum and making a mess on their faces. The woman pulled away and finished the job she started. Kim came quickly. This woman knew what to do with her tongue.

As Kim lay there catching her breath, the boyfriend and the woman quietly got up and left the room and shut the door.

"Hey! ...Aren't you going to let me up?"
her pleas, almost humorously, fell on def ears.

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