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Finally his dad met his stepmom who had a young daughter about his age. Where as Jesse with tall with dark hair Anna was a short blonde and just seemed to bounce around the house with too much energy. She was always trying to get him into sibling bonding activities like family game night and even sometimes join in some call of duty. This week she had stumbled onto some new craze and was shut up in her room which was fine by him since he could get back to video gaming.

They both got home after school and went their separate ways once they got inside and spent the next two hours separate until their parents got home from work to start dinner. The peace didn?t last for long as there was a loud thud when Anna threw his door open. "Hey, you wanna see what I learned".

"Ugh, can?t you see I?m busy" Jesse responded

"Yes I can, but your definitely going to like this one." She said back and plopped down onto his bed while she waited for him to log out.

"Ok, what?s going on" he said as he turned his gaming chair around to face his bed.

Anna got a big smile across her face and said "hypnosis, I?ve been studying all week and it?s supposed to make you be able to make suggestions to others so they can study better, or even do whatever you want. Do you wanna try?"

Jesse who didn?t buy into this stuff agreed to it. "So, what do I do?" he said

"Ok so I got these headphones here that you put in. They are going to play this really special music, then all you have to is sit in the chair and relax. If nothing happens at first just hang on a bit." Then she added "It isn?t suppose to work on everyone and this is my first time."

Well this will be easy he said sliding the earbuds in. The music was really weird it had some deep tones that slowly seemed to be rising in pitch but when he listened closer they never actually got any higher. It was weird so he ignored it and just listened to his sister as she told him to close his eyes and that he would nod off at the count of three. He guessed he was supposed to be in a trance now, so he just pretended to be asleep for a bit. He must have fooled her because then she said "When you wake up you will think you have been awake the whole time and tomorrow will be excited to have me hypnotize you again." Anna then said "Wake up"

So he took off the headphones and said look sis I don?t think the hypnosis worked on me I was totally awake the whole time so maybe we can try again tomorrow ok?"

"Oh, darn she said rolling her eyes. I guess we will." As she went to hop off the bed he said "Well I think it?s only fair if I get to try and hypnotize you now."

"Ok" she said

"Hang on let me grab the book for a crash course" The reason he wanted to look at the book was because he had remembered hearing on the internet something about how you needed to lock in the commands with a keyword or some object for it to work. While he read through the book his sister went to the bathroom. By the time she was done he had found it and was ready.

Anna sat down in his gaming chair and he gave her his expensive gaming headphones to put on instead of her little earbuds. Once she had started the music he told her to relax and how to listen to his voice and that she was getting sleepy. "On the count of three he said you are gonna drop into a deep sleep." One, Two, Three" When he said this he saw her head drop a little bit.

"Now sis how are you feeling"

"Ok" She said in a flat tone. He was so excited he had her right where he wanted so was so under his control.

"You sure?" He asked "It is definitely getting very warm in here, you are getting very warm to?" he said

"Yah it is kind of hot in here, I wish I hadn?t worn this sweatshirt"

"No, you like that sweatshirt instead you want to take off your sweatpants since it is so warm" Much to Jesse?s surprise she actually did pull her sweatpants right off, and she wasn?t even wearing any panties at all. He could see her pussy with its little bit of fluff on it. Instead of asking her to spread his legs he had to calm his racing heart, just in case she was faking it he didn?t want to dive in to soon. So he decided to play it safe.

"Anna when you wake up you won?t notice your pants are off, you will go around the house until our parents come home just as though you had your pants on, and when they get home you will go put them back on and not even notice." His dick was getting so hard just thinking about her walking around the house all day he had to add in some more fun. "Anna when you see me staring at you from now on you are gonna like it, and it will make you horny and want to do something sexy just to tease me, but if anyone else is around you won?t."

"Ok" she said

"One last thing if I say the word potato you fall into a deep sleep, and it will be this same very deep sleep you are enjoying right now. Anytime you wakeup out of a deep sleep you will not remember anything that has happened. Now except this time when you wake up you will think that you got tired and almost fell asleep but won?t think I was able to hypnotize you and will be very excited to try and let me hypnotize you tomorrow."

"Ok" she said

"Oh, and one even more last thing. When you come to my room after school tomorrow you will forget that you were going to be hypnotizing me but instead think that you could hypnotize me anytime you wanted and that I need the practice.

"Ok" she said

"Now you may wake up" he said

Anna opened her eyes and looked up at him and said "Sorry I think I might have fallen asleep so you couldn?t hypnotize me. Do you want to try again tomorrow, you could use the practice?

"Yeah I guess so" he said pretending to look dejected.

"That?s ok not everyone is good the first time. Well I?m gonna go get a snack downstairs I?m kind of hungry."

"Well I am gonna get some more gaming in, I might come down later to get some food."

She turned to get up to leave and then said "Hey when did these get in here? Are you stealing my clothes?"

Thinking quickly, he said "Oh, no they got mixed up in my laundry. I was gonna give them back."

She walked out of his room throwing her pants over her shoulder as her half-way naked frame made him get even stiffer. He didn?t want to follow her downstairs right away so he decided to play another round of capture the flag.

After he was done with that he put on a different shirt and decided to go downstairs to see what she was up to walking around without pants on. Wen he got downstairs he came around the corner to the kitchen and she was leaning over the dishwasher putting her plate in it. Her butt was sticking straight up in the air and he could see her snatch so easy it was like he could reach out and touch it from there. She must have heard him walking down the hall because she looked over her should at him. God she looked so hot he decided he had to fuck her, so he said "potato".

She gave a little head twitch so he guessed it needed to get ingrained again. She did give a little smirk and reached back behind herself with both hands and spread her cheeks wide pulling her pussy lips apart so he could see right up inside her. Then she said "So what are you doing, now gamer boy?"

"Um" he said trying to think "Maybe watching some TV"

"Sorry, she said my show is on so either you watch what I am, or you get nothing"

"That?s fine" he said "I?ll just go on my phone then"

Anna walked over to the couch and flopped down on it with one leg up on the couch and the other hanging over the side spreading her legs to reveal her pussy again.

So he sat down in the chair adjacent to her so he had a good view of her. She ended up putting on some rerun of the bachelor, which was fine by him. He was more concerned with playing with his dick without letting her know, but she was so engrossed in the bachelor she wasn?t paying attention to him.

She even lifted her shirt up a bit so he could see her stomach, which pushed him over the edge. He came so hard, turning sideways so that she wouldn?t see. Not long after he heard the garage door open which meant their parents were coming home. Anna got up and headed upstairs leaving him sitting there to wait for his parents to come in.

End of day 1

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