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A beautiful day outside, suppose to get up close to 80 outside without any wind. I was at the Post Office getting the mail, thinking that I might just blow the afternoon off and go golfing. Besides it was my birthday, my last year in the 50's.

Then I saw her, it had to be her. I have not seen her in over 4 years, but she look almost the same. I was sure it was Tina, as I walked up behind her and said, "hello sweetheart long time no see." She whirled around, and said, " why hi Russ how are you, you are right it has been a long time?"

Let me tell you a little about Tina. She is about 5'5" has blonde hair, soft brown eyes, a beautiful body, great breast 36C I think, slender waist, nice ass and legs, she told me she works out almost everyday in the morning for about hour and a half. She was wearing a tight pink blouse, and a white skirt about half way to her knees, with white sandals. For a lady in her mid 50's she is drop dead gorgeous.

We chatted for a while, and then I said,"guess what?"

"I don?t know, what," she responded.

"Today is my birthday, do I get a birthday kiss from you?" I asked as I moved over to give her a kiss.

"Not here in the middle of the Post Office, in front of everybody," she said as she put her hands out to stop me.

Right by my PO box is a portable set of boxes that makes like a wall that can hide you from the main walkway of the Post Office. I took her hand and walk over to my box and twirled her around into the corner.

I bent down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, and she whispered, " happy birthday." I stepped back from her and opened my mail box and retrieved the mail. I looked back at her and she was still in the corner, smiling at me, with a twinkle in her eye.

"Do I get a second kiss?" I asked her with my fingers crossed. She nodded her head yes.

I bent down slightly and gave her a very passionate kiss, as she put her arms around my neck, and drew me into her. She parted her mouth, and I could feel her tongue make contact with my lips. I slowly open my mouth and let her have access. Every nerve ending in my body was alive with the electricity that her kiss was generating. I could feel myself start to sizzle from the lightning bolts, as they coursed through me.

As we ended the kiss, and our lips parted from one another, I said, "wow that has to be one of the best kisses that I ever received, my body is still alive with the electricity that you generated with that kiss."

She stilled had her eyes closed and her mouth was slightly parted.

"I think I can see some smoke coming out of your mouth." I kidded her.

"WOW I think you just lite my fire," She puffed back at me.

"How about an early lunch?" I asked her

"Sure I don?t have anything planned, why don?t we," She replied back to me with a smile.

We walked a couple blocks to a restaurant on the river and had a nice lunch. We filled each other in on our lives, she told me that she was separated from her husband, and that things have really gotten bad. I told her my wife pasted away 6 months ago. We finished our lunch and I headed back to the office and went through the mail and then took off for the golf course.

Tuesday morning my insurance agent gave me call and wanted to know if I heard the news about Tina. He filled me in that over the weekend her husband beat her up and she was in the hospital.

"I just saw her Friday at lunch time." I told him.

He told what room she was in, I hung up the phone, and I took off to the hospital. She was on the fourth floor, and when I got there the nurse stopped me.

She told me, "that Tina was not receiving any visitors right now."

"Would you please tell Tina that I am here," I asked her as I told her my name.

She came back and told me to go right in.

OMG I just about wanted to cry, she look horrible. Her face was black and blue, her eyes were almost swollen closed, she had a piece of tape across her nose, usually means it is broken. She had 3 cracked ribs, a bruised lung, kidney and spleen. Numerous bruises over her body and legs. Her lips were puffy and split.. I could just kill the bastard who did this to her.

I didn?t really know just what to say. I held her hand and gave it a reassuring kiss. I asked the usually dumb question, are you ok, how are you feeling, anything that I can get for you, etc. She just look at me and tried to smile, but I could see that it cause her pain to do that.

"Can you tell me just how this happened?" I asked her with some concern in my voice.

"I have not told anyone what happen, not even the police," She responded with some difficulty.

"You just can?t keep this inside you forever, you need to talk about what happened," I said as I tried to cox the information out of her.

There was a long paused in our conversation, as she looked away from me. She then pointed to her water glass, and I grabbed it and held the styrofoam cup with the straw up to her mouth, so she could take a drink.

She looked back at me with tears leaking from her eyes, and I gave her a tissue to wipe them away.

"If you don?t want to talk about it, I will understand," I said as I tried to console her.

"No I should talk about it," she said softly. "I got home in the late afternoon Saturday from shopping at the mall. Ron and his friend Pete were sitting at the kitchen table drinking. As I walked in they started to talk to me in vulgar language. Ron suggested that we have a three way fuck session. He said that Pete would just love to give me a good fucking. He said it has been a while and I must be aching to have my pussy fucked by a good hard cock. I told them off and turned and left to go to my bedroom. The next thing I know Ron grabbed me and spun me around and ripped my blouse right off me." She paused to catch her breathe, and pointed to the water cup for another drink.

She took a long drink and paused to collect her thoughts. I sat there and did not say anything, just waited for her to continue.

"I kneed Ron in the groin area, and grabbed a vase and hit him over the head. As I was standing there, Pete shoved me real hard against the wall, where I bounce off it and slumped to the floor kind of stunned. I guess Ron went wild, and I ended up like this. I don?t remember much after that as I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up I was here in the hospital." She said as she finished up her story.

"What do you want to do about what they did to you?" I asked her.

"I don?t know," she replied with a teary voice.

"I have an attorney friend who owes me a big favor, what say I give him a call and and have him stop here and talk with you, and give you some options on what to do," I said to her with some conviction in my voice.

She just nodded her head yes.

I called Eddy and told what has happen and told him to bring his good camera also.

Eddy arrived about 30 minutes later. He took a lot of pictures, telling Tina that the bruises will heal over time, and the pictures were good evidence for court. I left the room while he and Tina discussed everything. He left after being there for 30 minutes.

"I will get back with both of you at a later date," He told us as he was leaving. He also said "I will get a restraining order against your husband as soon as I can."

As they say time will heal all wounds. By the first of November Tina was pretty well all healed up. She had hired Eddy to handle her divorce. Eddy attacked her husband with vigor and asked for the moon. At the end they settled out on him buying her share of the house and paying off a portion of his pension to her. He also got them to cover all of her health care coverage until she is covered by medicare. They also covered all of Eddy?s fee and expenses. Finally payout was around 350 thousand dollars. Part of the deal was she won?t press any charges for his attack on her in September.

They went to court the last week of November. They judge who heard their case agreed to everything but dismissing the charges. Instead he put her exhusband on 1 year probation and kept the restraining order in effect for a year. If he keeps his record clean then the charges and order would be dismissed.

Our chamber association has it?s annual Christmas party the first weekend of December.

"Would like to be my date for the party," I asked Tina.

"You know it might be just what the doctor order, yes I would love to be your date," She responded to me with her dazzling smile.

We had a great time at the party, she looked beautiful, the food was great, and we danced the night away. We got back to her house after midnight.

"Would like to come in for a cup of coffee?" She asked me.

"I would love to," I replied back to her.

We got into her house and I took her coat and hung it up with mine. We walked into the living room, and she spun around and put her arms around my neck.

"Thank you for the date," She said as she gives me a kiss.

We kissed passionately for a few minutes, as my hands are roaming over her lovely body.

She broke the kiss and held her hand out to me. We walked to her bedroom hand in hand.

When got to her bedroom, she kissed me passionately, then looked softly into my eyes.

"Please make love to me, make feel like a woman again, ", she softly cooed to me.

We stripped our clothes off, and laid down on her bed. We started to kiss softly at first and then with more passion. Our tongues gently danced together, showing the passion we had for each other.

As we kissed, my hand was busy on her 36C breast, rubbing and massaging them, making her nipples stick up like little minute man missiles waiting for launch. I broke the kiss and started on her ear tenderly licking and nibbling on it. I kissed her slender neck, and softly gave it love bites.

I stopped at her breast and started to lick at her nipples, and gently nibbled on them. She gave a couple of gasps at that.

"OOOOO God that feels sooooo good, keep sucking and biting my nipples," She purrs at me.

"Feel how wet I am," She says as she pushes my hand down to her pussy.

I start to rub her outer lips, and she is right, as there is moisture over her pussy lips. I slowly inserted my fingers into her snatch, and started to work it a little bit. Her pussy was just sopping wet, and I could feel her liquid gushing around my two fingers that I had inside of her. I started to rotate my fingers real slow at first, gently teasing her pussy. She was thrusting her hips into my fingers, demanding more. I started to pick up the speed and moved up the her sensitive spot on the roof of vagina. I hit that a couple of times and her hips came right off the bed in hot pleasure.

All this time I was sucking feverishly on her nipples, and she was moaning in pleasure.

Slowly I lick and kiss my way down to her pussy. I stop at her belly button and lick and suck on it, giving her some more pleasure. I continue down through her trimmed bush to her pussy, and start to lick her outer lips.

She spread her legs wide, and I put my mouth over the top of her pussy lips, and sucked on them, like a hoover vacuum cleaner. She was squirming like a worm on a hook, as I continue to pleasure her.

I worked my tongue into her wet pussy, I licked and sucked on it, and on her clitoris, till I could feel her orgasm start to build up. She hit like old faithful the geyser, dousing my face full of her warmer orgasm. I did my best to lick and suck it all up, but it was like she threw a bucket full of cum at me.

As I came up for some air, with her cum still dripping off my face, she was squirming and twisting around, with her eyes closed, and then they popped open and she said to me.

"I want you in me right now, fuck me as hard as you can.", she said with a wild lust full look in her eyes.

I moved up and filled her cunt with my cock, and fucked her as hard and rough as I could. Her pussy was hot, and it was not long and my cum tube and nuts were filled with her heat. I could feel that good feeling of cum ready to explode.

"Tina baby I am ready to cum.", I warned her

"Go for it baby, fill me with your seed, plant it deep.", was all that she said.

I dumped a load into her, that made her belly button pop out, sure felt like ten ropes of cum that came out of me into her waiting pussy.

Neither one of us has had sex in a long time, and we were both spent physically. I rolled off her, and she rolled into my arms and we both fell asleep.

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