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She smiled at him seductively before raising a hand and tapping him on the chest. "At least change into some fresh clothes. Then we can go."

"Alright, baby. That I can do."

Heather slid around him and delivered a firm smack to his butt as she headed for the door.


"And when we get back, your ass is mine!"

Darius chuckled as he pulled off his shirt and made his way to the closet.

"Yes, dear."

* * * * *

It was a busy Friday night at Dango's Dugout, a favorite haunt of Darius' with great pub food and lots of big screen TVs. He wasn't there to watch sports tonight, but to catch up with his best friend. After a solid meal, he and Markus sat in a quiet corner booth sipping their beers while Heather was off chatting with her girlfriends and playing bar games.

Markus had been Darius' friend since high school and he'd always been what you might call a 'cool cat.' His success with the ladies had been legendary in their youth. He looked like a beat poet in his flat cap and aviator shades.

The shades were off for now, sitting on the table beside his beer, but Markus oozed style from the rest of his ensemble as well. He wore a light burgundy jacket around his white and blue striped button-down shirt. The top few buttons were left undone to show off a little skin and the rest trailed down to his stylish leather belt, light green trousers and shiny brown Oxfords. Darius was dressed more simply in a white and green baseball shirt, cargo pants and sneakers.

The place was jumping, but it wasn't so loud they couldn't hear each other. They'd picked the perfect out-of-the-way table to converse and catch up.

"Man, you ever feel like the whole world is going stark raving mad?"

"All the time my brotha" Markus replied before taking a swig of his brew. "War, poverty, disease, economic stagnation, politicians not doing shit about any of it. Feels like nothin ever gets better."

"I don't mean the big picture stuff. I'm talkin about, like... people."

"People? What you mean?"

"You know, just people getting weird. Going kooky."

"You're gonna have to be more specific. I mean, people go crazy all the time, but not everyone at the same time. I'm not going crazy. Are you going crazy?"

"I might be."

"Alright man, lay it on me. What's troublin you?"

"Ok, I will, but you gotta promise this conversation never leaves this booth."

"Bro" Markus said, setting his beer down and lifting his hands up. "Who you think you're talkin to right now?"

"I know" Darius acknowledged. "Just wanted to emphasize it."

"This is gonna be some shit, isn't it?"

"Heather and I been trying some freaky things in the bedroom lately..."

"Oh shit!" Markus said with a clap of his hands that was trailed by a laugh. "Here we go!"

"But that's not even it..."

"What kind of freaky things?"

"You know, kinky shit. Like, she's in charge and stuff."

Markus' eyes grew wide and bright. He raised a clenched fist to his mouth, sideways, as if trying to stifle a boisterous laugh.

Darius' eyes sunk and he smirked, his expression clearly reading: 'Cmon, bro.'

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry. It's just... never would have guessed you two were into that."

"She's more into it than I am."

"But you're goin along for the ride! That's great, man! You gotta be open to that stuff if you want a relationship to last. Shit gets stale otherwise."

"I know, and I love Heather, that's why I'm doing it. Can I get back to my point now?"

"Yeah, but I want more details later."

"We'll see. Anyway, ever since this started, I'm startin to notice that the world is going upside down."

"Upside down how?"

"Like... it's not a man's world anymore! It feels like a woman's world more every day!"

"Ok, what's wrong with that?"

"Well, I thought we were going for equality and shit! This don't feel like equality! This feels downright matriarchal, to borrow a word my girlfriend loves to use the opposite of."

"Oh, I see. So Heather's become a bit of a feminist, and you're not enjoying the backlash that comes with it."

"It's not just her!"

"Darius, you are familiar with the fundamental laws of the universe, are you not?"

"Ummm, maybe?" he answered sheepishly before taking a long swig of his beer.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

"What action?"

"Men have been in charge for thousands of years! Oppressing women at every turn!"

"Ok, so does that mean it's their turn to oppress us for thousands of years?"

"No! Don't be ridiculous. I mean, that would certainly be a cosmic balancing, but it's not gonna happen like that. What it means is, there's gonna be a period of adjustment while woman are coming into their power. Some, like your girlfriend, are going to discover they very much enjoy that power, in and out of the bedroom."

"You say 'some', but it feels like every woman I meet lately."

"You just gotta go with the flow, man! Everything..."

Shireen walked into the bar and passed by the table they were sitting at. "Hey Dare!" she said with a wave and a smile before noticing who he was sitting with. Her hand dropped immediately. "Markus" she noted, her face turning stony before she strutted off.

Markus and Shireen had interacted many times before. "Clashed" was probably the better word to describe it. They were both type-A personalities which created an instant friction despite Markus' obvious attempts to get in her good graces.

"Hey, Shireen! Lookin good baby!" Markus called after her. "Damn, Shireen is lookin fine! She seein anyone right now?"

"She's got a new boyfriend every month. I wouldn't go there, man."

"Haha... I bet she does. Well, I do love a challenge."

"You say 'go with the flow' like you're all about this kinky shit. You saying you're into female domination stuff?"

"Me? Nah man, not my thing. I had one girlfriend, Amber, who wanted to go there, but..."

"Then how you gonna tell me to 'go with the flow'?!?"

"Because, Heather is obviously the one for you. Amber wasn't the one."

"Sounds like some bullshit to me. Sounds like you talkin the talk, but not walkin the walk."

"Hey, bullshit is you complaining about having kinky sex. Now that's bullshit!"

"Whatever man, you don't even know."

"You're right. I don't know, and that's why I'm gonna order shots and you're gonna tell me more."

Markus raised his hand, ready to flag down their server.

"Oh, we're gonna drink like the old days, huh?"

"That's right, and you're goin under the table."

"We'll see about that."

* * * * *

"Oh god... the hell did you boys get up to?" Heather queried as she closed in on their table after an hour of darts and pool.

"Just a little contest" Markus answered. He was still relatively sober despite the small collection of empty bottles and shot glasses on the table. Darius was less sober, his head not quite laying on the table, but propped up on his right arm.

"I won" he announced with a silly smile. He raised his wobbly left arm in the air. His fist proudly proclaimed victory before it fell back to his side.

"Yeah, I let you win so you'd spill the beans."

"Whateva man, I'm the champ! THE CHAM-PEEN!" Darius laughed at his non-joke and Heather rolled her eyes.

"He divulged some secrets" Markus informed her with a wink. "But don't worry, they're safe with me."

Heather put her hands on her hips and looked down at her tipsy boyfriend. "Since you've decided to make a fool of yourself, we might as well take advantage of this. It's time to get your tattoo."

"Tattoo?" he asked in a semi-haze.

"Yes, the tattoo we've talked about three times. The one you agreed to. Since you're already in your happy place, we should do it now."

"Haha, alright baby... whateva you say!" Darius looked like he was ready for a nap.

"Will they really ink him like this?" Markus asked, pointing to his stupefied friend.

"They're not picky at the shop around the corner and I know the owner. It won't be a problem. Besides, the night air should clear his head a bit." Heather shouldered her purse and gestured toward her man. "Markus, before you head home, you mind giving us a hand? Just until he's more with it."

"Of course" he replied with a mischievous grin.

"You're the best!" Heather exclaimed with a warm smile.

Markus slid his shades into his jacket pocket and reached for his wallet to pay the bill. As he looked over at his henpecked friend, he was already anticipating the next set of wild stories.

* * * * *

Darius awoke in the painful fog of a hangover. The expected headache was present, but there was more than that. He had localized pain in a couple other places. Namely his midsection and ears. He grunted as he sat up and pulled the blanket off him. He immediately noticed something else troubling.

"What the fuck?!?"

His fingernails were painted deep pink. So were his toenails. His torso burned as he swiveled around and slowly got out of bed. He looked down at his stomach and the skin just below it. It hadn't been a dream. He had gotten a tattoo.


'What the hell did I do?'

As he exited the bedroom and walked down the hallway, he could hear the sounds of stomping feet and one of Heather's exercise videos playing loudly. She was doing one of her workout routines in the living room. She didn't notice him until he walked all the way around into her field of vision. The pumping music was only aggravating Darius' headache, but she hit the pause button on her remote within seconds.

"Well hello, sleepyhead! I was starting to think you were going to doze all day. OH MY GOD! Your new tat looks amazing! How you feeling?"

"Like shit."

"I'm not surprised. That's what happens when you get drunk and get body mods."

"Fuck... I need Ibuprofen."

"Go fetch some. Then you can take a look at your new ink and earrings!"

"My wha- goddamn!"

Darius trudged off and Heather smiled wickedly. "Looking good Pookie! It needs to be filled in, but it's a great start!"

Darius slammed the light switch upward as he entered the bathroom. Shock crept over his face as he inspected himself. Shiny, pink earrings were locked in a new set of piercings in his ears. He could see the top of his crotch tattoo which read "Property of." He pulled down his boxers to reveal the bottom half: "Heather." The words were outlined by the rectangular design of a cattle prod. The tattoo made it look like he'd been branded.

All of his pubic hair had been shaved away and on either side of the big tattoo were the outlines of two small flowers. The smaller tattoos were placed in such a way that one might mistake them for two, petal-covered ovaries.

Darius felt numb as he opened the cabinet and reached for the bottle of painkillers. He quickly retrieved two, popped them into his mouth, ran water into his cupped hand and swallowed them down with a cool splash from the tap.

Had he gotten that drunk? Had he agreed to this? They'd talked about a tattoo before and he'd tentatively agreed to one, but she'd never specified the design. Heather said it would be something personal to reinforce their new relationship. He thought maybe that meant a collar design on his bicep or ankle. Nothing this elaborate.

He turned off the light and slogged back to the living room where he found Heather wrapping up her workout.

"You hungry? I'll make you some breakfast" she said between panted breaths. "Scrambled eggs and hash browns! Your favorite!"

He wanted to yell at her. He wanted to get angry. But truthfully, the rancor wasn't there. Somewhere deep down, Darius knew what he'd signed up for. He knew she would push it further. He knew his life wasn't going to be the same after he submitted to her. If he didn't want that, he should've bailed long ago.

Besides, she looked so damn happy as she studied his newly decorated body. Her smile widened and her eyes sparkled. There was no denying it. He was addicted to her happiness and if that meant serving her and becoming an increasingly feminized drag-slut, he would do it.

"Yeah... that'd be good, baby."

Heather took on a haughty demeanor as she turned off the TV and her worked up breathing slowed to normal. She perspired heavily, but she looked lovely, even in her sweats and exercise bands. As she approached, lording her height over him, he felt his cock twitch in its cage. She placed her hands on her hips and stared into his eyes.

"You're gonna eat a good meal and then you're gonna get cleaned up... especially back here" she demanded, extending her arms around him and grabbing both his ass cheeks firmly. "Shireen is gone till tomorrow and I have big plans for your slutty, black ass."

"Yes, dear" he responded reflexively.

"NO!" she insisted, her eyes growing wild as her fingers dug into the flesh of his bottom. "Yes, Mistress."

Darius inhaled sharply through his nose. He swallowed involuntarily. The words came without hesitation. "Yes, Mistress."

* * * * *

He found himself in the same spot three hours later as Heather finished preparing him for their session. After breakfast he'd had a long bath, a thorough enema and a series of "beautifying" treatments. He was tarted up exactly as his Femdom Goddess craved.

Darius wore a new addition to his role play wardrobe, a satin purple dress that began in thin straps over his shoulders and covered his body from his upper chest down to mid-thigh. His only other garments were a matching set of purple arm-gloves, a pair of purple panties and a purple leather dog collar with a matching leash.

He couldn't deny that the silky garments felt nice on his skin. It was one of many new experiences Heather demanded he undergo in recent weeks. His feet being painfully wedged into black high heels was less appealing, but as Heather said: "It can't all be sugar and spice."

Darius' face had been dolled up in several layers of cosmetics, his body doused in perfume and his braids done up in a spiral bun that looked something like a shiny, black bee hive atop his head. With all those "enhancements" added to his painted nails and shiny new earrings, phase one of his evolution was complete. He'd been amazed how feminine he looked when Heather turned him towards the bathroom mirror and revealed his full transformation.

Now it was play time. Heather stalked around him, examining her sissy slut from every angle and making sure she hadn't forgotten anything. She had transformed as well. Heather was sporting a black leather brassiere, leather gloves and leather pants around her enormous legs. Those, in addition to her leather boots gave her the quintessential Dominatrix look for the first time. Darius didn't know where she'd found leather pants that big, but the symbolism wasn't lost on him. She was wearing the pants, now.

She tapped a riding crop in her hand as she circled him. Darius waited for her to speak. Heather smiled, then walked past him. She headed to the bag of toys sitting in the living room.

"You handled your new mods well this morning, so I think you deserve a reward."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Heather fetched something from the bag and approached him from the back. She spoke into his ear. "Oh, don't thank me yet. You don't know what the reward is... Hands behind your back!"

Darius obliged and Heather seized his satin-clad forearms. Darius heard the clicking of metal as she applied the handcuffs to his wrists. They didn't feel nearly as rigid as usual.

"Since you've been good, you get the fuzzy cuffs."

Her heels struck the hardwood floor loudly as she stalked around to his front.

"And the other half of your reward is... a few hours out of your cage."

She reached below, lifted the end of his dress and felt his cock cage through the silky panties. She massaged him a bit, his penis bulging painfully against the restrictive metal before she chuckled and pulled his panties down. She retrieved the key to his manhood from her pocket and gently unlocked the cage that had kept his penis captive for more than two weeks. Darius moaned as his cock was freed, his erection growing as Heather seized it and began stroking him back and forth with her leather digits.

"Yeah, I bet that feels good, doesn't it? I know you want to, but don't you dare cum until I give you permission! If you do, you'll get an ass beating you won't soon forget!"

"Yes, baby."


Darius felt the end of her crop scald his sensitive scrotum.

"AHHHHH! Yes, Mistress!"

Heather eyed him sternly, but didn't admonish him further. She went right back to stroking his cock to full erection. Once he was at full mast, she pulled a condom from her pocket, unwrapped it and smoothed it down his hot, pulsing shaft. She let his dress fall back down, his rigid cock poking forward and making a tent in the silky material.

Heather stood and grabbed his leash, yanking him in the direction of the sofa.

"This way, bitch."

It was difficult walking in the dress and heels with his panties halfway down his legs, but Darius did the best he could. She pulled him to the edge of the couch, pushed him against the arm-rest and placed her hand on his back. "Nice and easy, bend down."

He lowered the top half of his body slowly, the weight of his legs resting against the sofa. Heather lost patience and gave his back a shove. Darius' makeup caked face was pressed directly into the cushions, his pink lipstick smearing on the seat.

"What's my name, slut?"

"Mistress Heather."

"Mmmmhmmm, and what's your name?"



Her crop wailed against his ass, leaving a lash of red, hot pain.

"Skanky hoes like you need a bitch name. Your bitch name is Dana! Now say it!"

"Dana! My name is Dana!!!"


"What kind of name is that?"

"A bitch name!"


"Who's bitch are you?"

"Yours, Mistress Heather!!!"

"Very good."

Heather dropped her crop on the side of the sofa and moved back to her bag of toys. Darius craned his neck and watched her step into the strapon harness and secure it around her waist. Moments later she extracted the monster, white, twelve inch dong and began strapping it into her harness. Darius' eyes went wide. It was the biggest dildo they owned. She'd only used it on him twice and both times had been brutal.

She seized a tube of lube and turned back to Darius. His blonde, BBW, leather-clad Domina strolled back to the sofa with a wicked grin on her face. Her giant rubber phallus bobbed before her like a harbinger of doom. She disappeared behind him and Darius felt gel-like lubricant being squirted into his ass.

Heather poured a generous amount of the lube on the head of her strapon before capping the tube and tossing it aside. Her hunger to fuck him was overwhelming. She lifted the end of his dress without ceremony and brought the tip of her cock to his twitching pucker. Heather pressed it in firmly with no hesitation.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.... oh god!" Darius arms pulled uselessly behind his back. The cuffs rattled as he bellowed into the seat cushions.

She kicked his legs apart, seized his hips and ignored his groans. Her powerful thighs pressed forward, feeding inch after inch of thick rubber schlong into his yielding asshole. He had taken "Big Bertha" before, and today was the day it would become second nature to him. Heather was determined to make the fat twelve incher their new default strapon.

"Yeah, that's it... moan like a bitch! A bitch is what you are and you're about to get fucked like one!"

"Mistress, please... be gentle."


Heather's hand cracked against his right ass cheek.

"Do NOT speak unless spoken to, slut! Are you forgetting the rules already?!?"


"Sorry, Mistress!!!"

She pressed forward again, the massive rubber member burrowing into his ever-expanding tunnel of spongy flesh. Darius grunted and groaned loudly between ragged breaths, trying desperately not to cry out as his Goddess filled him to the brim with impossibly thick cock.

Finally, the rubber balls came to a stop against Darius' ass. Heather looked down and laughed, giddy that she'd been able to bury it deep in record time. She waited as the initial pain of invasion turned into a dull ache in Darius' bottom, her slave bitch becoming accustomed to his new predicament.

She felt up and down his back, pawing him through the silky purple fabric of his dress.

"Hey Dana... Now you have my permission to cum."

Heather's hips drew backward, pulling the majority of the bulging rubber cock from his tight, gripping back-passage before thrusting it home. She established a slow rhythm, lube running out of his violated sphincter and dripping all over the floor. She grabbed his sides with a vice grip, pumping her mega cock in and out of his distended butthole as his cock twitched in its latex sheath below. The rubber balls smacked into his scrotum, an extra ripple of pain to go with each deep thrust.

"You like being fucked with my big white cock, don't you bitch?"

"Yes, Mistress!" Darius answered between grunts and groans.

"Filthy ho... this is what you deserve!"

She began to pick up the pace. Darius' pucker had expanded to the point she could fuck him with ease. Heather let go of his hips, then reached down and grabbed the back of his dress. She balled it up in her gloved hand and pulled on it fiercely. With that leverage, she could use her hips to fuck him, leaving her other hand free to beat his ass.


"Say it, Dana! I love dick!"


"I know you do. And next week we're going back to Queen Shit, and you're gonna go right up to Mistress Veronica and say "Mistress, I need bigger cocks for my sissy ass! Twelve inches just isn't enough!"


Darius moaned as her full, fat length pistoned in and out of his packed pucker with considerable speed. The pain faded away and now the heavenly rubber slickness was gliding through his fleshy walls with hums of pleasure. The cock slid over his prostate continuously. His rock hard member oozed pre-cum as he yanked on his handcuffs in futility.



Darius' load shot into the condom like a cannon. Two weeks of bottled-up jizz erupted into the latex sleeve. His copious ejections created a sizable bulge that hung just below his pulsing cock. Heather never stopped fucking her bound bitch-boy. His body shuddered and pleasure surged through his feminized form as his essence drained away, completely out of his control. His climax rolled on for thirty long seconds, the shock of full-body prostate orgasm completely overtaking him.

As Darius' moans quieted to a pleasurable whimper, Heather brought her fucking and spanking to a halt. She pulled out of his ass with a slimy slurch, then immediately reached below and pulled the warm, bulging condom from her submissive's spent cock.

She walked around to the side of the couch, the sleeve of hot cum dangling from her fingers.

"Open that sissy mouth, now! Stick out your tongue!"

Darius opened his painted, pink lips and did as he was told, his tongue extending as far he could. Heather dumped the scalding custard into his mouth, pinching the condom downward until every bit of hot sludge was dumped onto his tongue and slid into his whore mouth.

"That's it. EVERY DROP, DANA! You will eat every load I allow you to cum for the rest of your bitch life! Got it, skank?!?"

Darius swallowed, the pungent paste passing through his throat reluctantly. "Yes, Mistress."

Heather tossed the empty condom on his back before crossing back to her toy bag. She returned just as quickly with a thick, red ball-gag and head-harness which she quickly strapped around Darius' face. The rubber ball filled his mouth and forced his jaw open wide. His nostrils and taste buds were overwhelmed with the smells and tastes of rubber and cum.

She headed back to his ass, still bent over the side of the sofa. Her mega cock bobbed below, dripping lube on the floor in her wake.

"When I'm done with your slutty ass, that sad little clitty of yours is going back in its cage for a month! Maybe longer!"


"But that won't be for a while, Dana... You got to have your fun. Now Mistress is gonna have hers!"

Heather reached down and slipped her fingers underneath the leather of her harness. She found the controller for the egg stimulator that was fixed to the base of her strap-on. It hummed to life gently, sending deliciously pleasurable waves to her clitoris that radiated down through the rest of her vulva.

Her shiny, bulbous curves pressed forward and sank the monstrous cock back into Darius' abused pucker. She let out low moans as she established a moderate pace of wet, sloppy fucking. Blotches of crimson entered her cheeks as her deep-dicking intensified. Heather's thrusts grew forceful as she drew new levels of pleasure from the anal assault on her feminized bottom bitch.

Darius lay across the sofa with his ass in the air, his body being throttled back and forth with his hands clad in fuzzy steel behind him. He drooled all over the rubber gag as his satin-clad frame was pummeled and his feet ached in high heels. His eyes glazed over as Heather's endless ass fucking strummed his prostate and racked his body with paralyzing bliss.

If it wasn't already, it became clear over the next few hours that his chastity, feminization and submission would become the new "normal." There was no going back.

- - - - - - - - - -

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