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If you ask me i think Nathan is Cheating on me ,,,and i cant be embarrassed if he is cheating on me i would cheat on him and thats what i did it was Thursday night and i wanted to have fun, i went to Joe's Bar downtown and ordered a drink "vodka tonic to be exact i have a Fake i.d then this college guy Trevor came up to me "hay let me order you another one " he said in his soothing bruting voice damn this guy was Hott rugged looking and his eyes were grey " "thanks " i said " he motioned the bartender and ordered two more vodka tonics for me and him he had fun drinking and talking "hay you want to go back to my car " he said with a smile how could i resist that he stood up and so did i and we left out together .

i needed a drink after everything that happened it felt so surreal , the whole thing in his room i got blow jobs many times and the one Matt gave me toped the cake , i never in my wildest dreams felt anything like that and it kind of scared me to know another guy was making me feel good , i mean you would be freaked as well ,anyways i got out of my car and headed for the bar until i saw two people having sex i looked further and saw Amber we locked eyes "oh my god " was all i heard her say the guy looked up at me i then heard her say thats my boyfriend " she put on her clothes and got out "you nasty slut " "oh please Nathan like you haven't cheated on me " " i never " of course it was a little white lie besides the B.J i never done anything with anyone else "really " she said "really " i said i could feel my head boiling with anger and all i wanted to do was bash the guy she was fucking he sped off " i'm sorry Nate , she said "you've been distant lately and only want to flirt and kiss me at certain times in school " "so you thought i was cheating maybe i should considering what you just did " "no " she said i walked away from her got in my car and drove it off .

friday was finally here i have my weekend to relax, i went through Friday , you guys know how it is , friday always seem long and i couldnt wait the bell rung and i jetted out past everyone to my car and out the parking lot i got home and went to my room and took off my jeans and shirt leaving me with my boxers and white t-shirt that clung to my body and my white soaks i layed on my bed and closed my eyes then last fridays started rushing back in my head how nathans cock was so big and hot and how i wanted to suck on it again but the chances for that was slim to non - friday was the only day i had to myself five blissful hours at home and with my parents without anyone bothering me , a hour later there was pounding at my door i hurried thinking something happen to someone in my family it was Nathan , he looked furious "um" "are we going to finish this project or what " he said "or what " i said he went up to my room i followed again "are you okay" i asked "im fine lets finish" he looked at me irritated 'i already finished it " i told him "so you want me to fail" "relax i put your name on it , who pissed in your Pepsi" i said "its amber she let some tool fuck her in a parking lot yesterday " i came close to nathan and touched his croch he pushed me away " no!" he said " okay i was only trying ot make you feel better he looked at me "okay , you can " i came closer and pulled him to me " he looked at me i kissed him he kissed me back then i pushed him "okay i'm done " "what do you mean your done " "just what it sounds " i snapped back he smiled "oh there it is " i said he tackled me on the bed he had me pinned down then i turned him over and pinned him down he turned me back over we were laughing but what surprised me more wasn't the giant hard on in his jeans but the fact that he use to make me feel less then dirt and now we were playing around with each other i saw a different side of him that i wanted to get to know even more .

I just stared at him as he held my arms down putting his full weight on top of me . nathan looked me in my eyes but all i could feel was his cock pressed against my cock i wrapped my legs around his and i slid my hands from the back of his neck to his back then to his nice thick ass and i pressed him into me causing his cock to press into mine "ahh " he moaned God it was huge, the outline of his dick looked like he was hiding an italian sasage in his pants i unbottoned his pants and slid his pants and underwear down he took them all the way off he sat up and took off his shirt i took off my boxers and i grabed him he was laying on top of me my legs opened he pressed up against me cock on cock and then we kissed his dick began to jump i started to jack him off then i turned him over and started to kiss him then i kissed down his Hot toned body and i got to that cock i gave his cock a little kick and his body shivered i started sucking him Nathan closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head. I moved my head up and down on his fat monster especially teasing the tip of his cock , it is sensitive to him I stuck out my tougue and licked the tip.nathan moaned with pleasure, I opened my mouth wider and started to suck deep throating again "ahhhhh" he moaned "your the only one who has ever done that to me " he spoke as if he was going to faint I slowly worked his fat tool into my throat and sunk down deep on the lenght of his shaft.. "Damn MAtt" nathan said. I knew he liked it.

I slurped on his fat cock and let it out of my mouth to get to his big hairy nutts i jacked his fat rod as I sucked one of his balls, i had found this to be very pleasurable to nate he likes when i put his balls in my mouth and jacked his tool i gently worked his balls with my tongue.and going down to his asshole and licking it he started wiggling around "oh my god " he started clinching my sheets with his fists "oh yeah that feels good " he said

i stopped sucking and moved up his body we kissed , "nathan , i want you to fuck me " i said "what?" he said "i want to experience it and i know you want to fuck and i heard a guys ass feels much better then a pussy" "okay i'll fuck you " he said i reaches to my draw and took out some ky and a condom and handed it to him he put it on his big dick and lathered it up with Ky i took some ky and put it on my index finger and inserted it as i did many times , to open things up i began in and out and nathan watched me do this he then moved my hand and placed his own finger there he started to finger fuck me my dick started swelling then he placed another finger "are you ready he said " "yeah " i said " i layed back on the bed he spread put my legs over his thighs and pointed his dick head to my hole and then he pushed the head in "awwww" i screamed " I'm sorry " he said he continued slower

I slowly was grinding his dick we were fucking. I had him so hot he kept looking at me as if i was saving his world it was painful but he starting to pick up the pace there was no stopping ."ahhh yeah your ass is great matty " he said pounding me the pain started to reside and the pleasure started to kick in he was putting his whole length in me touching something inside me that felt as if i was having a orgasms inside my body i was moaning "ahh oh yeah fuck my ass" i kept saying , He told me that he had never felt anything like this before. I smiled as he was fucking me "yeah man pussy " he said i laughed as he was fucking me we kissed i felt connected to him and i knew i was in some kind of trouble this was love at first fuck for me ". he was pumping harder . He went crazy fucking my ass but i loved every second of it "oh god it feels ,oh god your hitting my prostrate" i couldn't find the right words for what i was feeling i was lost in a sea of pleasure ..he quickened the pace and really went at it. Nathan eyes were closed and he had a smile on his face then his eyes opened he was lost in pleasure. I'm gonna cum he said he pulled out and i took his condom off

and stuck his cock in my mouth and deep throated him "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he came in my mouth and he was shacking the cum was going down my throat on my chin down his dick on his pubs We were one big sticky sweaty mess. I looked at him and finish off with a cum filled kiss. we had two more hours to spare and he rested his head on my chest "never in my life have i felt anything so mind blowing before " he said " me either " we layed naked in my bed for a hour kissing touching and talking then we took a shower together i washed him he washed me we both got dressed we sat on the bottom step over looking the front door and kissed "Bellini i think your the best kisser " i said "same to you barett " he said with a smile we stood up and he kissed me on my forehead and left i closed the door , sure my ass was a little sore but what happened in my room was the best thing that ever happened to me , but i was suppose to hate him and my intentions were to use what i did with him the first time to my advantage but something inside of me was changing i was Confused ".

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