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I was sitting in a waiting room waiting my turn for an audition for a commercial spot. I had been doing that a lot lately and it gave me plenty of time to think about how I had ended up doing this.

Just when you think the worse thing in the world has happened to you, something worse comes along to take your mind off of it. My rather ugly break up with my high school sweetheart, who proved to be a two-timing pecker head, was just that sort of incident.

I had walked home from where he had dumped me, literally, to find my house empty. I was an only child and my parent had gone out that night so the house being empty was not too much of a surprise. However, it was three in the morning when I got home and it was not like them to be out that late. I didn?t give it much thought being preoccupied with my own problems.

I went directly to my room that night stripped and got into the shower for what I thought would be the longest shower of my life. I was filthy and hot from my walk home and felt just a little defiled after learning that my supposed boyfriend was getting from someone else what I wouldn?t give him. I had not been in the shower long when the telephone rang.

I got out and wrapped a towel around my dripping body. I picked up the phone thinking it would be my folks calling to tell me why they were so late. The man on the other end of the phone was a stranger and when he had me identify who I was he began with, "There has been an accident?"

With those few words my life finished turning upside down. My parents were dead: Killed in a head-on crash with a drunk driver. The next few months went by in a fog. When the fog lifted I found myself in L.A. trying to start a new life. My parents were only children also, so there was not a huge support group or a strong attachment to the place where they raised me. There was a small insurance settlement and it was that money that was allowing me to pursue an acting career.

I thought of them often as I sat in the waiting rooms waiting to be called, mauled and rejected. The thought of them and how they would have wanted me to succeed at my dream kept a smile on my face and gave me the determination to make it through all of the sleazy producers I had to deal with.

I was about out of money and about out of hope. The show biz thing was nothing like I had expected. It became apparent early on that most casting studios were merely places for directors and producers to knock off an easy piece. I had plenty of offers for that, offers to interview in the nude, and offers for bit parts in porn movies but no offers for any real work. I refused to ?put-out? give blowjobs for extra credit or to strip any further than a bikini. So I was an out of work wannabe actress who was soon to be out of money. Then who knew what I would do?

With these dark thoughts hanging over my head the door pushed open and in walked Tanya. Tanya was the only real friend I had made in my months in L.A. A tall, dark haired beauty with the most fun loving disposition of anyone I had ever known. I ran into her a lot at these interviews-more than anyone else I saw at these places. She never seemed to get work either, which was amazing because she was such a beauty. Maybe she didn?t put out either.

"Hey Sunshine," She yelped as she saw me sitting there.

With no regard for anyone else in the waiting room she came over and gave me a big hug as I sat there. As she did so I couldn?t help but notice how firm she was and how clean she smelled-like sunshine and flowers. Everyone else could not help noticing her long tan legs as her short skirt rode up the backs of her thighs and how her round little butt was outlined my the tightness of her skirt.

"How goes the show biz wars today," she asked?

"About like usual," I replied. In a lower tone I replied, "I have been manhandled once this week, had three offers to admin BJ?s, and two offers as a nude extra."

"And how many of those BJ?s did you give," Tanya asked in a voice loud enough to get everyone in the room to snicker?

"Hush, Tanya," I said in a whisper but could not help smile at her. She was so boisterous and completely at ease with herself and her sex I didn?t think she could be embarrassed. I had to admire her and wonder again how she didn?t get all of the work she wanted. I didn?t think that performing nude would be much of an issue for her and was pretty certain the other requirements would not be much of a bother either.

She just laughed at my embarrassment and gave me another warm hug.

"You know what?"? she asked and then didn?t wait for an answer. "I have a friend with a big house up in the hills and I am invited there for the weekend. I was told that I could bring a friend and you are like my best friend so I am inviting you. Do you want to come and have a relaxing mini vacation with me-all expenses paid? Unless you think you will land today?s part and have to memorize lines over the weekend."

I could not help myself in face of her enthusiasm.

"Okay. If I don?t land today?s part I will go with you.

"Great!" Tanya replied. "But no fair giving blow jobs." This last said once again in much too loud a voice.

"I will pick you up at eight in the morning." And with that she was gone as quickly as she had come leaving a bit of her sunshine scent behind her.


The next morning I was waiting by the curb when Tanya drove up and squealed to a halt in front of me. She was driving a baby blue Mercedes SL with the top down. She had on a mini skirt that was hiked up to her crotch in the small car exposing all of her long brown legs. She had on a silk blouse that was unbuttoned to the right above the navel and her braless state was made more obvious by the wind having plastered it against her breasts.

"Hop in, Sunshine," she said sitting there as the quintessential southern California babe.

"But I didn?t get to ask you about clothes and don?t know if I packed the right stuff," I began to protest.

"Don?t worry about it, Sweetie. We will most likely spend the weekend in bikinis and there are plenty of those already there."

So not wanting to spoil the mood I jumped in and with a squeal and a roar we were off.

Tanya drove just about like I expected her to: With an abandon and disregard for traffic rules that fit her personality. First we were on the freeway where every truck driver got a good look at her magnificent body with her thin clothes pressed against her body. When she passed one of these trucks she would actually slow down so the driver could get a good look. It was lucky that she didn?t cause multiple 18- wheeler pile-ups. I felt like a girl from a convent next to her in my demure blue shorts and white blouse.

We eventually turned off and went up windy roads into the hills for along ways. I realized early on that I had no idea where we were or where we were going but Tanya obviously knew the way very well.

After at while the houses got bigger and much further apart. Finally she turned into a secluded drive and came up to a locked gate that automatically opened when she drove up to it. We drove through and the gate shut behind us with a clank that closed a chapter on my life.

If I had only known then what was in store for me behind that gate?..

To be continued: "Robin Gets Introduced to Bo"

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