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Since I was 18 and met my hubby Dee, I have been willing participant in being maneuvered or led knowingly into sexual situations where I was extremely outnumbered or shown off because of my voracious appetite and ability in the area of sucking cock. Dee would let someone, or some guys magically see me going down on him, and inevitably I would gladly show each guy just how good it felt. And I luv being watched, I discovered, and the center of attention in a room full of naked guys, and just get so wet at the idea of being undressed and naked while they?re all still dressed. I believe every girl enjoys this on some level. I just have a husband who saw my pleasure in this indulgence and encouraged me, and even after I gave nine of his frat brothers head in college, and confessed to wanting more, he never stopped encouraging me to explore my desires. Of course, all those times I picked up a woman to join us in a 3 some helped balance things out. But lately I have taken to black men exclusively, except for him, and along the way some escapades have gotten out of hand, much to everyone?s delight!
My first group came in May 2008, a little over six years ago in Paris. We were there for about ten days and after some naked frolicking (it?s true, when I?m naked in public, I frolic! Energized by a joy and energy only available from being naked outside.) on the French Riviera beaches, and a wildly satisfying sex-up upon arriving ? started on the plane actually - with a German Black Man and his nice cock and quick trigger (he came in my mouth in under a minute in the first class restroom and again in the cab driving to our hotel.) He was a soccer coach and former player with more cumming ability than I remember anyone else having to that point. As he left, he gave us his card and said his team played nearby in four days, and he would call us and invited us to the game.
Four nights and lots of sun and fun with the surprising number of Black Men at the beaches in southern France. I surprised a couple of very nice young fella?s with very public blowjobs, then we were back in Paris and at the game. Adonde had very few white Europeans on his team, instead African players from Cameroon and Black Germans like himself made up his squad. They were fit, young and gorgeous and we sat right behind the bench. I wore a short skirt and no panties not knowing I would be sitting with my pussy at eye level right behind the bench. Adonde, I found out later, tipped off several of his players as to who I was and how we met and knew each other. The leers from the players was intoxicating, and when they went up 3-0 late, they started chatting. When the young, very dark skinned player from Cameroon came out of the game, he stared up at me walking to the bench. I readjusted myself in my seat, seeing him stare hard down between my legs and smile. I blushed and played coy when he walked over to sit right in front of me. As he lowered down he turned his head and said, and this is verbatim with an accent: "Hey there, I was hoping you would show up." It blew my mind, and I couldn?t wait to see why for myself.
We spoke with Adonde after the game, and he gave the name of a nightclub to meet at in about two hours. Dee and I went back to the room and fucked furiously for an hour, starting on the elevator since the cute Black desk guy might be watching on the closed circuit as he was prone to doing. I told him I would wave to him going up to our room, so look for me. He said he would and sexually I was wild thinking about it. We showered, I waxed my pussy again and put on a silk wrap around skirt with a tiny top and matching pumps. In America, in most cities this outfit would get me arrested (hopefully by Black cops so I could negotiate for mercy!) but in Paris it didn?t cause any head turning except the welcome kind. We went into the club and got a table in the darkest corner near the bar. We saw several of the players, some already with girls ? all white girls ? entering, including the Cameroon player in skin tight, somewhat transparent mesh-like pants that made no attempt to conceal his enormous cock which lay thick and prodigiously stretched out down his thick right thigh. I felt and heard myself involuntarily moan at the sight. He spotted us and walked over with confidence and some urgency. The music let up for him to speak, like the room was working for him. A 20 something blond followed him and sidled up alongside in a way letting him and everyone know, if he told her to kneel down and suck him then and there, she would. I would have too, and I wanted to, real bad.
"Da coach, he said to find ya here and tell you two he got detained or something and will call you at the room later or early in the morning." He saw the disappointment come over my face. "But not to worry, he asked me to whirl you around the dance floor, and ya know, show you a good time." And he winked and licked his thick lips. I was dripping wet. The music started and he asked me to dance. Before I could answer, he shooed Angel ? his pretty blonde?s name - over to the table telling her to "entertain the gentleman". I saw her hand land on Dee?s lap as she sat down smiling and introducing herself. Walking to the floor with him leading me by the hand, I could see his red briefs under his pants, and lost control and grabbed his ass saying something about being curious about the fabric. He spun me around and I continued inspecting his pants in front, and his growing cock too. He pulled me to him and said something like, "Coach says you are an Angel." I found that interesting for some reason. "Really? Why?" He smiled and drove his hard cock into me, and slid both his hands onto my ass to hold me securely to him. "He says", and he?s yelling this over the music, "that you are the real deal, the real white girl, who loves the Black Man and almost has orgasms giving him head." I didn?t answer, because there wasn?t time for me to think of what to say to that. I just smiled back at him. Ten minutes later I was giving him head in a stall of the men?s room, soon after starting, he blew the largest load of cum into my mouth and down my throat. And the night was just beginning!
I swallowed every last drop being careful not to let any leak away and down my chin. He groaned in ecstasy as I performed on his massive cock for him and heard him say, "Oh, you are the white girl who luvs sucking cock and is good at it from that." I sucked until he convulsed and pulled my mouth off his cock. "I bet you?re one of those white girls who gets all wet from sucking cock, huh?" He helped me to my feet and spun me around, causing me to bend over slightly and arch my back. He rubbed my pussy and said "I knew it, you are soaked Angel." Then he proceeded to roughly and aggressively finger bang me for about a minute, then he stopped and leaned over me from behind, his still hard cock thrusting up between my thighs. "You want to feel my cock in your pussy?" I just purred "um huh," since I could not speak first from the finger banging and now anticipation. "Well, you?re going to have to wait till later, ok?" I tried to steady my breathing to speak, finally whispering, "okay, whatever you say, but can I at least suck your cock some more? You have the sweetest cum, and I never felt my mouth fill up like that before! There was so much!" He stood me up to face him. "Of course you can, I will let you know when I want you to again, ok?" "OK", I agreed, then we exited the stall. I rinsed my mouth and asked him to kiss me and he finished forcing his unyielding cock back into his tight white mesh pants. Then he grabbed me and pressed me into the wall as he pressed his tongue deep into my mouth with lots of saliva accompanying it. He lifted my right leg and put my foot on the ledge of the sink. Then began violently finger banging me again. The door opened and two white guys walked in and appeared startled but not bothered by the sight. He went on, almost causing me to cum, unbothered by an audience. His fingers were finally still inside my pussy, and he whispered, "I like people to watch me with white girls, especially sluts like you." I felt a gushing of joy and excitement well inside me at the words. I wanted to give him anything he wanted from me. I wanted him to take it.
We left the men?s room holding hands, well actually he was leading me, back towards the table eventually. He leaned me against the little circular table and stood behind me, rubbing his immense cock into me to the rhythm of the music. The blond girl, Angel, was alongside me smiling. Her hand was stroking Dee under the table level. She leaned over. "You sucked his dick already, huh?" She was excited for me and unable to contain herself. "Have you ever had so much cum shoot into your mouth! It?s amazing!" I saw four more of the soccer players coming to join us. As they stepped up to the table, Ronde, that was his name, leaned forward and whispered to me, "why don?t you turn around and kneel and suck my cock now." I didn?t even consider not doing it. The music blared so I couldn?t hear the comments, and it was so dark in our corner, only those at the table saw me go down. After a minute, during which he held my hair and force fed me his cock till I gagged, then he held my nose and pushed it deeper than anyone thought it could go, and I heard Angel tell Dee she can?t do it that deep, he stopped me and helped me to my feet. The guys were eager to tell me how well I had done, then one asked me to dance. Ronde slapped me on the bare ass and said "Dance, and let yourself be who you are! Dance with him, of course!"
He led me to the floor, where he explored my uncovered ass and pussy about as thoroughly as possible without stirrups and while still on your feet. Before the music ended another guy cut in and I danced with him as dirty as before. I danced with all of them. The last guy, after seeing two well-endowed Dutch girls remove their tops on the dance floor, lifted my little top up and began sucking my breasts as we spun slowly. When I finally got back to the table, Dee was just stepping away with Angel, who whispered as she passed me, "your husband beaucoup cock too, nice surprise!" Dee winked at me. "Going to show her how the cigarette machine works," he said. I found out he fucked her against the side of the machine down at the end of a dark hallway passed the restrooms. While he was gone, Ronde asked if our hotel was nearby, and was happy to hear only a five minute walk. Then he told me the guys asked him if it was alright with him if I gave them head, so they can see "how special you are." He told them it was not his decision but up to me. I asked if I could do it at the hotel since it might take awhile, and if I could do it after he and I go up to the room for a couple hours first, I said because I loved how he kissed me and didn?t think he would kiss me after I do that. He agreed and explained it to them, and they seemed happy too. I looked around for Dee, but couldn?t see him, so the guys spread out to look for them. While we were alone at the table, Ronde nudged me to my knees and I sucked him for a brief, but intense time, and he filled my mouth with another huge, sweet load of cum. They returned with Angel?s hair a bit ruffled. We got our things together and the four of us left. As we walked, Angel confided, "I like older guys, like DD, they really appreciate a young girl, like they never thought it would happen again," she giggled. "With your body and pretty face, he never did think it would happen again!"
We all were touching and feeling as we walked into the lobby where the Black desk clerk now remembered us. He smiled as we waited for the elevator, and I ran my hand slowly across Ronde?s tremendous bulge for him. We kissed, then Ronde ask me to kiss Angel and we did. The elevator doors opened and we ran down the corridor to the room. Inside Angel immediately got naked, like before the door closed! I let Ronde remove my skirt and top, and waited for him to unveil his beautiful cock again, though I could not stop feeling him through the mesh. Dee went out to the balcony after ordering champagne from room service, and turned the Jacuzzi on. He called back asking if we would get the door when the champagne arrived. Ronde answered him, then said I should answer the door naked to fuck with the guy bringing it up. I agreed at once.
Ronde let me suck his cock again, but only because he saw how much I wanted it. After about 30 seconds he moved me onto my back. My legs reflexively fell wide apart for him, and he knelt between them as his cock hung over me beautifully. First he rubbed the huge head up and down, wetting it well with the excess dripping from me in eager anticipation of feeling him inside me. He stopped, and it rested against my pussy letting it free from his grip. He took hold of my ankles ? one in each hand ? and raised them up then back, continuing on until they were pressed against the bed on either side of my head, his arms locked straight holding himself over my now folded in half body. I could feel him trying to adjust his hips to gain full access into my pussy, but his cock?s head was just too wide. I reached with my hands, one on each side and pulled myself open wide for him. He seized the opportunity and powerfully thrust down into me nearly burying the entire length of his formidable cock and knocking much of the wind from me. It was spectacular. For a few minutes he steadily and slowly long stroked his cock into me and I could feel his power with each long deep plunge. I was on the verge of a thunderous orgasm when there was a knock at the door.
"That?s the champagne," he said smiling down at me, "are you ready to answer the door?" I really wasn?t ready for anything other than a pussy throttling which might cause my head to explode, but I shook my head ?yes? instead and told him, "If that?s what you want." He rolled off of me onto his back and my eyes locked onto his shiny wet beauty. I found myself moving to it like a reflex with my mouth open, ready to taste my pussy on his cock. I know more wrapped my lips around it and heard, "C?mon Angel, it will be waiting for you when you get back." I moaned in agreement and released him, getting up now suddenly in a hurry to answer the door so I can get back to him. I swung the door open wide creating enough room for a cart to be rolled in and found myself standing naked before his four teammates from the club. They were about two hours. I froze for a moment then stepped back and invited them in so Ronde could see who it was. They entered with smiles and giggles looking at me like a fat guy looks at desert. Now it was party time, I had a feeling.
TOMORROW PART 2 and the rest of the story

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