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As he stands up, Harry looks down at the foot of his bed and almost passes out. There lies Narcissa Malfoy, naked as the day she was born.
Damn, he thinks to himself, that wasn't a dream after all!
Harry quietly sneaks to his dresser and fetches a change of clothes before heading to the shower.
On the way to the bathroom, Harry notes that all the Dursley's are still asleep.
Harry's about half-way through his shower when he hears the door open. He turns to see what looks like a dark haired female enter the room. As he open his mouth, Bellatrix says, "Don't worry master, it's just me."
Bellatrix steps into the shower with Harry and takes the soap from his hand. She's very thorough in her washing of him, but she's careful to avoid certain areas of his anatomy. Finally, she soaps up her hand and takes Harry's erect cock and begins to jack him off.
Harry's surprise weakens his control to the point where he loses control in less then a minute, with enough force to leave his head spinning.
After he regains his scattered wits, Harry and Bellatrix step out of the shower and she dries him off before doing the same to herself.
The pair smells coffee brewing as they step out of the bathroom, fully dressed. They slowly head down to the kitchen to find Narcissa already at the stove making a good sized breakfast with Dudley and Petunia sitting at the table with food in front of them.
Bella goes over and pours out two cups of coffee while Harry sits down with his relatives.
Dudley is staring lecherously at Bellatrix until Harry gives him a very light kick in the shin. The boy opens his mouth to speak as he looks at Harry and then promptly closes it when he sees Harry's glare. Shortly thereafter, Dudley quits the table, after eating much less then is normal.
The sisters join Harry and Petunia right after Dudley leaves. Petunia stands up as Harry's getting ready to dig in. "Just a moment aunt Petunia."
Petunia looks at her nephew for a moment before she sits back down. "Yes boy, what is it?"
Harry sighs, "Aunt Petunia, I need your assistance today." Before she can respond, Harry continues, "There's more to my situation with the Black's then them simply being my guardians. For lack of a better term, they're my property; because of a spell I did, they're bound to me and will do whatever I tell them. Do you understand so far?"
"Yes, except how my help would be needed."
Harry reaches up and massages the bridge of his nose, "I need your help with a small matter of discipline. You see, last night Narcissa broke one of my only rules and as punishment, I'm more or less giving her to you for the day."
Petunia arches an eyebrow, "What would you have me do?"
The two make eye contact, "You can do whatever you wish to with her, so long as neither Dudley nor Vernon try and touch them."
"/Anything/ I want?"
Harry nods his head and almost breaks out laughing at his aunt's expectant face.
Petunia stands up, "Please follow me." She then leads the blonde upstairs and shortly, Harry hears a door close.
Bellatrix laughs, "I doubt that we'll be seeing those two for a while master." Harry looks at Bellatrix and she continues, "Master, I can easily recognize the look of a woman who's gone for far too long without any form of release except for her hand."
Harry blushes at the thought of his aunt in need of... relief.
Bellatrix looks at Harry with raw hunger in her eyes, "Master, she's not the only woman in the house in need of relief."
Harry swallows loudly and despite the hand job he got in the shower, he can feel his cock starting to harden.
"Would you please help me master?"
Harry can barely nod his head yes, so Bellatrix takes him by the hand and leads them up to his room.
After the door is closed, Harry can but stare as Bellatrix quickly divests herself of her clothing. As she bends over the end of Harry's bed, she looks at the mesmerized teen. "What's wrong master?"
At her words, Harry starts to intently study his shoes.
After a moment, Bella stands up and walks over to Harry. She reaches a hand out gently tips his head up, "Master, is there a problem?"
"It's just that I haven't... you know, before, except before the spell was cast."
Bellatrix looks at Harry in astonishment, "You mean that the time with Cissa and me was your first time?"
Harry nods his head glumly. "Alright master, if you wish, I'll instruct you as much as I can."
"Thank you, I'd appreciate it."
Bellatrix pulls Harry further into the room and closes the door before quickly stripping Harry down to the buff. She then resumes her place at the end of the bed. She looks over at her master and says, "You'll need to be over here," in a slightly teasing voice.
Harry hesitantly walks over to behind Bella and waits for her to continue.
Bella says, "Now grab my hips." As Harry does, she reaches back, grabs Harry's shaft, and positions it at her pussy. "Good, now push your hips forward."
After the head of Harry's cock penetrates her, Bella releases him and braces herself as the long forgotten sensations overtake her. After Harry's hips are resting against her rump Bellatrix says, "So good. Now pull back until just the head of your cock is still in me." Bellatrix is close to losing it as she feels Harry slowly slide out of her. When just the end of Harry dick is in he stops, "Now master, you just repeat the process."
Harry does as Bellatrix tells him, slowly sliding in until his hips are against her arse and sliding out until just the tip of his penis is in her.
After a minute of this excruciatingly slow pace Bellatrix pleads, "Faster master, please go faster."
Harry gradually picks up his pace at Bellatrix's continual urgings.
As Harry continues to fuck her, Bellatrix reaches down and gently starts to rub her clit. "Good master, now reach down and grab my breasts."
Harry does as she says, and takes the warm mounds of flesh into his hands and instinctively starts to massage them.
Having her master massage her breasts is the straw that broke the camel's back for Bellatrix. She shrieks wordlessly as she climaxes.
The muscle contractions around his cock are too much for Harry and with a grunt he deposits his seed in Bellatrix's waiting cunt.
Bellatrix collapses on the bed as Harry steps back, allowing his spent member to slip from Bellatrix. He quickly moves around to the side of the bed and kneels down, "Are you alright Bella?"
Wearily, Bellatrix says, "I'm great master. That's the best orgasm of my life."
Harry nods as he feels a tingling on the back of his neck as he gets dressed and tells Bellatrix to do the same.
The Bellatrix leads the way downstairs. As she sees a bit of motion in the kitchen, she sends off a stunner.
A moment later, they hear Dumbledore say, "It's only me."
Suddenly suspicious, Harry says, "Step out slowly with your wand away."
Albus steps out of the kitchen and Bellatrix hits him with a Finite Incantatem charm. After that Bellatrix quickly apologizes and turns to Harry to ask about her punishment, Harry raises his finger to silence her, "There won't be any punishment; you reacted exactly the way I would have."
Bellatrix gives Harry a brief smile before schooling her features into the classic look of bored aristocracy that stays put until Harry swats her on the arse.
The two men chuckle as Bellatrix heads for the kitchen. "Would you like some tea Albus?"
"Why yes I would, Harry."
Harry nods towards the kitchen and they step in to find Bellatrix already getting the water on to boil. They sit down as she sets out a nice tea set for two and a plate of biscuits.
"So, what can I do for you Albus?"
"Well, Harry there are several matters I wish to discuss. First though," he draws his wand and casts several privacy spells on the kitchen. "There, now we are free to talk. First I have yet to hear from Cornelius about getting the restrictions lifted unfortunately, so avoid using magic if at all possible. Next, are the any questions you've been able to come up since yesterday?"
"Just one really, is there any chance at all of the spell wearing off?"
"No, you see Harry, unlike its descendant, the Sex Slave Curse doesn't merely force a person to act against their will. Instead it completely rearranges their outlook on life. I haven't had that much time yet to look into the particulars of the spell, but given the goal of the spell and the raw power needed to cast it, I doubt you'll have to worry about the spell wearing off any time soon. Do you have any other questions along this venue?"
"No sir. But that does remind me of something. Bella come over here for a moment."
Less then a second later, Bellatrix is kneeling at Harry's feet. "Yes master?"
"Bellatrix, I confiscated your wand yesterday, how is it that you have it back?"
Bellatrix swallows loudly, "I'm so sorry master, but I stole it back in order to protect you."
Harry can feel the rage welling up inside of him. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before continuing. "I understand your reasons Bellatrix, but I'm afraid I am going have to punish you most severely. However it can wait for now, please continue Albus"
"I don't believe there's anything else. I'm afraid I must be going."
Harry nods his head, "Before you go Albus, would it be possible for you to cast the needed privacy charms on my room so we have someplace we can speak privately?"
Albus thinks for a moment before he says, "It would be possible Harry, but I'd prefer to wait until Cornelius responds to my owl and then teach you the charms and have you cast them yourself."
Harry nods his head, "Thank you, I do believe that is acceptable."
"Thank you," with that, Albus Disapparates.
Harry shakes his head and almost trips over Bellatrix as he stands up. "Oh yes, you. I think I have a suitable punishment for you. You are cut off for the next forty-eight hours. No sleeping with me and no form of relief from anyone else, including yourself."
At her horrorstruck look, Harry can tell he's chosen a truly horrid punishment and for a moment he feels unduly proud. He then looks over to the kitchen clock, almost noon, "Ok Bella, let's try out your cooking skills shall we?"
She meekly nods her head as she stands and moves to the stove.
Harry watches Bella work, almost mesmerized by the swaying of her hips. Harry's considering having her take off her robes when he hears the front door open. He's instantly on his feet and both he and Bella have their wands in hand as they turn towards the entryway. Just as the reach the doorway, they hear Dudley callout.
Harry peeks out and sees his cousin standing by the door, flushed, sweating, and out of breath.
Dudley nods at Harry as he leans against the wall, trying to catch his breath.
"What have you been doing Dudley?"
Dudley glares for a second before he says, "Running. What's it to you?" He closes his eyes for a second before he says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you."
"One moment please Dudley." He whispers to Bellatrix, "Hit him with Finite."
Dudley's shocked as he's hit by a spell. "What was that for?"
"I'm sorry Dudley, but I wanted to make sure no one had put a spell on you so they could control you."
Dudley looks confused for a moment before saying, "Ok, just don't let dad see you doing that."
Harry raises an eyebrow, "Would you like to join us for lunch?"
Dudley looks at his cousin for a moment, "Yes please."
The three sit down to a quite dinner, with Harry keeping a quite eye on Dudley. Throughout the meal, Dudley repeatedly forces himself not to over indulge. Finally, as Bella's clearing out the dishes, Harry asks, "Alright Dud, what's up?"
"What do you mean?"
"I've been watching you, you've eaten at most a third of what you normally do. Now you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but maybe I can help."
Dudley blushes profusely and stares down at the table.
Harry's suddenly struck by inspiration, "It's a girl isn't it?"
Dudley shyly nods his head.
With a big grin, Harry says, "I'm glad to hear it."
Dudley looks up quickly, "You mean that, cousin?"
"Of course I do. If she's what's pushing you to improve yourself, then I'm very glad."
Dudley's eyes quickly shift to Bellatrix's ass for a moment before returning to Harry.
"I'm hoping that the girl you've fallen isn't Bella."
"What? Oh no, it's a girl I met at school, just moved here, names Shaz. But, I was an ass to her and well, I had a nice shiner for two days; but she opened my eyes to how much of a piece of shit I was. I'm trying to change, to treat people better, to try and make myself worthy of her."
As Harry looks at his cousin, he has an idea. "Dudley, would a bit of incentive help?"
"Probably, why?"
"Because Dud, Bella here is from an old Wizarding family. If you want lessons in manners, proper etiquette, that kind of thing, it could be arranged. I'll make you a deal Dud; if you can lose ten pounds before I leave this year, I'll give you Bella for an hour."
"Quite down Dud; the sisters will do whatever I tell them to. Now you won't be allowed to shag her, but anything else. Also, if she chooses to teach you in her spare time, then, that's up to her. I'll be up in my room; I need to do some studying."
Harry walks up to his room, leaving Bella talking with Dudley. When he walks in, Hedwig starts hooting at him. "Oh yeah, I should probably write Ron and Hermione."
Harry sits down at his desk and quickly scratches out,
Hi guys,
Sorry this can't be too long, but I've had an interesting couple of days.
I can't go into details right now, but I'll fill you in when I get to Grimmauld Place.
Not entirely satisfied with the letter, Harry hesitantly attaches it to Hedwig's leg and sends her off. He then gets into his trunk and digs out his DADA book from last year. As Harry starts to get into what he should have learned last year, the door to his room opens. He turns towards the door just in time to be tackled. Raven hair obscures his vision and soft flesh is pressed against his chest as his lips are covered and he's engaged in a very intense kiss. After he manages to break the kiss, he says, "I missed you too, Bella."
Bellatrix's hands sneak under Harry and get a firm grip on his bum. "Master, that fat pig wants me to help teach him etiquette and manners. I want to tell him no, just because of his behavior towards you; but he was so emphatic. I think he truly wants to change."
Harry asks, "So, what do you plan to do," as he roughly grabs a hold of Bella's arse.
Bella reluctantly rolls off Harry and stands up, helping her master to his feet as well, "I plan on teaching him what he wants to know. I was hoping that you'd also be willing to attend." At Harry's arched eyebrow, "Master, good manners are always useful, especially dealing with those morons at the ministry."
Harry nods his head, "I'll think about it."
"Please do master. So, what would you like me to do?"
The mental images seriously test Harry's resolve, but he says, "I was just about to do some studying."
Disappointment shows rather clearly on Bellatrix's face as she says, "Very well master. Would you like some assistance?"
"I'd appreciate it Bella."
They spend the next several hours working on the Dark Arts. As expected, Bella repeatedly offers keen insight on the best way to deal with each section of the Dark Arts.
At about six, there's a timid knock on the door before Narcissa sticks her head in the door. "Master, your aunt wished for me to tell you that supper will be done shortly."
"Thank you Cissa, we'll be down shortly," Harry replies.
Harry quickly puts his books away as Bella dons her robes. He looks at the raven haired woman, "We're going to have to get you some muggle clothing, if just for when you're interacting with my family."
"What would you recommend master?"
"Well, I'd like to see you in a pink t-shirt and blue jeans."
No sooner are the words are out of Harry's mouth then Bella's wand is in motion. She quickly transfigures her robes into a bright pink shirt that's reminiscent of Tonks's hair and about three sizes too small, at least in the chest and a pair of denim hip huggers that she fills out in ways that should almost be illegal. Harry's eyes almost bug out when Bella bends over to pick up something when she's got he back turned to him.
When she turns around, Bella says, "Are you alright Master?"
Harry roughly shakes himself out of the daze, "Yes, but I'm starting to get think about punishing you for tempting me to break your punishment from earlier."
Bella's face instantly goes from seductive to outright contrite. "My apologies master. Should we go down now?"
Harry stands up and leads the way down to the kitchen where he's greeted by one of the biggest surprises of his life. His aunt is standing at the stove cooking. Nothing unusual in that, but the fact that she's whistling merrily unnerves Harry. When he sits down, she turns around and greets him very cheerfully, "Hello Harry, how was your day?"
Harry gives his aunt a very queer look, "Alright, and yours?"
"It was very enjoyable Harry thank you for asking." With that, Petunia goes back to preparing the food.
Narcissa gets her wand out to help, but is instantly stopped by a glare from Harry, "Is there a problem master?"
"Yes, Narcissa, there is. We're in the middle of a muggle neighborhood. It's one thing to use magic upstairs where there's little chance of it being noticed, but down here, anyone could look in and see you. Then we've got a mess on our hands."
Narcissa's face is a study as she contemplates Harry's words. She reluctantly puts her wand away and sets the table by hand.
Not long after Dudley strolls into the kitchen. Where he actually holds Narcissa's chair for her as she sits down and helps his mum layout dinner. He helps Petunia sit before sitting down himself.
Dinner that night is odd; polite, but odd. Dudley actually attempts to hold a civil conversation with Bella and Petunia is actually very nice to Harry.
After the dishes are cleared away, Petunia tells Harry she'll take care of things and to go enjoy an evening with his friends.
Once all three are safely in Harry's room, the sisters instantly strip down to the maids' uniforms. "Cissa, did you use the Imperius on my aunt?"
"No I didn't master; is there a problem?"
"It's just that she's been acting too nice since you're session with her earlier."
Narcissa chuckles quietly, "Master there was no spell directly involved with your aunt's improved mood. As I said, she's simply been without any from of release, except her own hand, for quite some time. She gave me the whole story after I'd help to... relax her. According to your aunt, she hasn't gotten laid in over ten years." At Harry's shocked expression she continues, "It would seem that she only married Vernon because of your cousin and the only reason they shared a bed was because of a lot of whiskey on both of their parts. You see Harry, you're uncle is seeking for the other team."
"You mean uncle Vernon's a..." Harry cringes and his butt automatically tenses up at the thought.
"Yes, he's a poof."
"Merlin I did not need to know that. I'm going to go shower, alone, then I'm hitting the sack. Oh, and Bellatrix, remember your punishment."
Bellatrix is glaring at the floor as Harry leaves for the shower. Half an hour later, Harry's making his way to his room with his hair still damp. When he enters his room, he finds a most interesting scene. Narcissa's sitting on his bed, naked and playing with herself; while Bellatrix is bound to her bed.
He quietly shuts the door, "What's going on here?"
Narcissa grins merrily, "I'm just enjoying torturing my sister, master."
Harry gently massages his temples, "Narcissa, I will deal with you in the morning. For now, untie your sister and get some sleep."
The blonde's face is mournful as she climbs off the bed and walks over to her sister.
Harry climbs onto his bed and is asleep within seconds, unaware of the sisters' plan.

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