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"Bella. It's not what it looks like i can explain ..." Syxx said leaning up facing towards bella. Bella started to cry and shake her head before running off. "BELLA!" syxx ran after bella and grabbed her. "LET ME GO YOU TWO TIME LYING CHEATING BASTARD !!!" bella screamed and constantly hitting syxx trying to break free. "BELLA LISTEN TO ME "syxx grabbed both of bella's wrists." I'm sorry. Ok? i'm sorry. I know that i said it would not happen again ok i'm sorry. "

Bella broke free of syxxs grip and slapped his face as hard as she could. "I deserve that." "YOU DESERVE ALOT MORE THEN THAT YOU LYING ASSHOLE!!" bella started to walk away from syxx crying again and syxx didn't stop her.

Perstina came out with a yawn "oh good morning syxx.? You ok syxx?" Syxx looked back at perstina. "Bella knows. When i woke up she was standing outside the tarp how long i don't know. I can say that i DO deserve the wrath of a goddess for breaking my promise. "

"Syxx if it means anything I'll explain to her that it was mostly my doing and she does not know about the letter." Perstina said walking up to syxx and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Honestly i don't want people to know about that. I'm gonna go do some errands and be back hopefully before lunch. "Syxx said heading back into his tent and grabbing his gear.

At the goddesses house

* Knock knock * "bella? Can i come in?" Perstina said opening the door. "GO AWAY" bella grabbed her bedside lamp and threw it at perstina. Perstina quickly ducked as it shattered in the hallway. "Bella. I just wanted to talk and explain what happened. "

Bella rolled over turning her back to perstina. Perstina walked and sat at the edge of the bed. "Bella the reason you saw what you did wasn't because of syxx. It was because of me syxx had nothing to do with any of it. Granted he did say he would not do it again but the reason we did was syxx lost his mother. "" ..... "" syxx was vulnerable because he had lost his mother i only offered the suggestion because my mind kept thinking about what it must have been like for sera to experience that kind of feeling. "

"I do not expect you to forgive me but i want you to forgive syxx. It was never his intention to have his way with me. Please think about it." Perstina said leaving the room.

At Fergus's armory

"Ah there you are syxx your sol katti has been repaired so the damage on it is not as noticeable when you brought it in." "Thanks Fergus i appreciate the repair job." "What happened to your face?" Fergus said as to regards to bella's hand print "huh? Oh nothing bella slapped me for some unknown reason." "hm well heres some ointment i keep on me for when my hands blister"

"Thanks" syxx said applying it to his face then hanging it back. "If anyone needs me tell them i have some things to do over at the volcano." "Got it."

As syxx left Ferguss armory he went to the volcano and started to practice his sword style against some monsters to get his mind off of what had happened with the goddesses.

Goddesses house

"Hey have y'all seen syxx?" "Not since this morning anut why?" "I heard about what you two did from bella" anut said putting her hands on her hip. "Oh did you now? Geez i'm never gonna hear the end of this am i? "" well that depends on how good it felt. "

"I'm sorry?" Perstina said with a confused look on her face. "You know, when you and syxx were getting it on how good did it feel ??" "anut !!" Perstina said hitting anuts arm in a way saying drop it. "Hey it is not my fault you're the one who did it. I call next."

"WW-What ???" Perstina said with a big confused look on her face. "I know i did not stutter perstina. Since you and sera got a turn only fair that the other goddesses get a turn also. And i want to be the next one to have sex with syxx. "Perstina spat out her water in disbelief on what she's hearing.

"Well i'm gonna go look for him." "If you're looking for syxx no one knows where he is" lednas said walking in. "I didn't hear much so don't worry." "Hm well i'm still gonna ask around."

Later that day

"There you are syxx. I've been lookin for ya." Anut said signaling him to come to her. "Why is that?" Syxx said with a 'i do not care' look on his face. "Come with me i wanna take ya somewhere. "Anut said leading syxx to the portal.

Inside the desert

"Why are we inside the desert for it's freaking cold out here." Anut gave a seductive smile. "Well i brought you out here so we can't be bothered. Plus with all the talk about you having your way with sera and perstina i was wondering if i could get next turn. "Anut said sitting down.

"Um why?" "Because you already fucked sera and perstina ..... now i would like my turn." Anut said taking her top off exposing her brown erect nipples. Syxx had to keep himself from allowing his jaw to drop at anuts beautiful brown tits.

"I spy with my little eye someone's getting happy." Syxx walked to anut and started motorboating her tits as anut leaned her head back then forced syxx to the ground. "I'm gonna have some fun breaking you in ..." Anut said with a distinct look in her eye.

"What do you mean?" Anut forced all of syxxs armor off then took off her short shorts and starting sucking syxxs cock. "Holy shit that feels good." Syxx said in disbelief as to how well anut was at giving him a blowjob. Anut reached her hands up to syxxs body and violently scratched down on him.

"AAHAAHOOW" "shush you're ruining my focus." Anut said and went ahead and deep throated syxxs manhood and shortly after syxx came down her throat.

Syxx was lying there panting as to how good it felt to get his first blowjob. "Alright now that you're on your back i think i'll help myself." Anut pushed herself onto syxx and starting fighting against him. "Come on you want me to stop fight back. "Anut said she started scratching down his body.

"This really hurts you know?" "Come on syxx fight back if your not gonna fight like a bull i'll break you into submission so come on start thrusting." Right after she finished her sentence syxx started to thrust in various directions as anut fought to try and tame him.

"MMMMM thats what i want. Fight like a bull boy" anut said trying to keep syxx under her control as she started to twist his nipples "oow. You want a bull anut you got one." Syxx started to thrust up and down in various directions making anut moan like they were wild animals fucking each other.

Anut was enjoying her ride on syxx as she started to feel the strong urge to cum from the pleasure of having syxx fight against her. "Holy shit i gotta cum." "You wanted me to fight your getting one." Syxx said starting to thrust as hard as he could then gave one final push as he shot his load inside anut as she pulled syxxs face into her tits.

* Pant * * pant * "damn that was good syxx. I knew if i applied the right force it'd be the best sex we both had." Anut said rolling over. "We need to get back before people noticed we're gone. Here get dressed head back first i'll come back a lil bit after you to avoid suspicion. "Anut nodded as she got dressed.

Anut went back to the house and told the goddesses where syxx was and syxx went back to his tent and slept after the exhaustion that had transpired.

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