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Bother Ricky hadn't yet left for work, so I couldn't yet begin my private "pleasure party", the one I'd been eagerly anticipating since he'd agreed to let me borrow his sexy movie. I decided I might as well get some sun, and positioned myself on one of the lounges, laying out my towel and leaning back. The warmth of the sun felt wonderful, and I felt myself kind of dozing as all the sexy images of the past day flooded through me. Seeing my brother stroke himself...and squirt. Lewdly displaying myself to him while I caressed myself, my lower lips wide open to his gaze. Watching his penis get big and hard...just from looking at me. Watching him pee...and then shake and "milk" his penis. "Gotta make sure I got it all so I don't drip." was his mumbled explanation. The few minutes I'd seen of his movie, the one he was watching while he stroked his penis. The sights of the guys and girls...their bodies...their...everything...the things they did. I awoke to the sound of my brother's voice.
"Jesus, sis, don't you ever get enough?"
As I came out of my fog, I realized he was standing at the foot of the lounge, looking down at me. I also realized that one of my hands had found it's way into my panties. Strangely, I didn't panic. Instead I kind of slowly stretched, opened my eyes, and looked at him.
"Well tell me there any such thing as enough?"
He just chuckled and grinned, turning away and heading for the door.
My senses and full awareness returned quickly. Ricky was leaving for work. I had the house all to myself. I rose and walked into the kitchen, just as Ricky was closing the door behind himself on the way out.
"Perfect!" I thought, already racing ahead to how much pleasure I was going to give myself the rest of the afternoon.
When I heard the car start and pull out, I knew I could get started.
I had already kind of formulated my plan for this afternoon, and just needed to go "shopping".
I moved to the refrigerator, opening the door and then the bottom crisper drawer. I rummaged through it briefly, selecting one good sized carrot.
I moved to the sink and turned the water on hot, holding it under the flow until I was satisfied that it had reached a decent temperature. (At least on the outside!)
I started to leave the kitchen when I noticed the bowl of bananas sitting on the counter. The shape caught my immediate attention. Unlike the carrot, they were someone curved, particularly at the one end, and I wondered...
Since they were already at room temperature, I simply grabbed one on the way out the door. I looked at it as I headed up the stairs. Bigger than the carrot, (though not as long),...still...the curve in the shape...
I was already getting wet.
I got to my room and dumped my "toys" on my bed. I picked up and opened the cover to Ricky's sexy movie, put the DVD in the player and hit "play".
While all the copyright warnings and threats were flashing on the screen, I hurried down the hall and retrieved the electric toothbrush from the bathroom.
The warnings were just finishing as I returned to my room, and as the main menu was appearing on the screen, I turned down my comforter, grabbing all three pillows, (I have a queen size bed), and propped them up against the headboard.
I climbed up onto my bed and leaned back against my pillows. I made one last check to make sure that all of my "toys", as well as the remote control were in easy reach.
I knew I had a few hours with the house to myself, and was determined to take my time, and not rush things. I wanted this to last.
I settled myself, leaning back, raised my knees and spread my legs. I pushed "Play" on the remote, and, just as the movie was starting, had a thought.
I pushed "Pause" and jumped out of bed. I grabbed the frame holding my free standing full length mirror and moved it over to the foot of the bed. I placed it right next to the edge, careful that it's position wouldn't interfere with my view of the screen. I adjusted the tilt a couple of times, hopping back up and off the bed, until I was sure it was just right.
I could see the TV screen clearly, but if I looked a little to one side, could see the reflection of me on my bed. I raised my knees and spread my legs again, and hit "play". As the movie started, one hand automatically went between my legs, teasing my lips in a gentle caress.
My finger continued teasing my lips. I could feel myself getting wetter as the opening scene unfolded.
Just a guy and a girl, hugging...kissing. Their hands began wandering all over each other, and the undressing started. The tops came off first, revealing his hairy chest, and her frilly bra.
More kissing...more groping.
She was unbuckling his pants as he hooked his fingers in her skirt and slid it down her legs.
She began lightly licking his nipples as he reached around her and unhooked her bra. It fell away and the camera zommed in for a close up of her breasts. "About the same as mine," I thought to myself. (Mine are 36C)
He began to caress, tweak, and pinch her nipples, but even though they hardened, they didn't grow all that much. (Please understand that although my breasts are only average, my nipples are exceptional. When aroused (or cold) they will grow to a solid 1/2", standing stright out from my breasts.)
She dropped his pants, and his briefs, and gripped his penis. The camera zommed again as she began stroking it, letting me watch close up as it became bigger and started to get hard. He hooked his fingers in her panties and tugged them down. She stepped out of them and turned, the camera focsing on her now naked pussy.
She had no hair down there!
Well, just a little bit, a tuft right at the top of her slit. But her lips and the sides of her pussy were shaved clean!
He reached a hand down between her legs and began caressing her mound, as her hand movements on his penis increased in tempo.
I reached down and tugged off my own panties, once again raising my knees and spreading my legs. I glanced into the mirror and looked right at my hand as it returned between my legs and began lewdly running one fingertip up and down my lips.
I watched the penis on the screen grow big and hard and increased the tempo of my finger on my own lips.
I pushed one finger up inside me as I watched her move down and lick his nipple, first one and then the other. (My brother Ricky loves it when I lightly caress his nipples, though I've never tried licking them.)
The guy appeared to be getting really turned on, breathing heavily. I pushed a second finger up inside me, whirling them around until they were very very wet. I withdrew them and held them up to my nose, inhaling my scent deeply, and then slowly pushed them into my mouth.
I licked and sucked on them slowly, savoring my taste, and watched as the girl's mouth left his nipples and began moving further down his body.
This time I put three fingers up inside me as I watched her mouth get closer and closer to...
"No way!" I thought to myself. But somehow I knew what was about to happen...and my fingers started to move in and out of me. I was soaked...dripping.
On the screen, she didn't do what I thought she was going to do. She moved lower still, and, sticking out her tongue, started licking all over his balls. Around and around she went, until I could see them wet from her mouth.
I reached for my carrot, replacing my fingers inside of me. I slid it in and out of me. The outer skin of it was a little rough, so I went slow and gentle as I watched what happed next.
His balls were glistening now, wet from her mouth, and what she did next stunned me. She raised his legs, pushing his knees back against his chest, and pushed her tongue against his little back hole!
I couldn't believe it!
But at the same time, it was kind of a turn on. It was!
My hand and the carrot started moving faster as I watched her licking, teasing, kissing, probing his little hole with her tongue.
She kept this up for a minute or two, then went back to licking all over his balls.
The camera shot on screen was alternating between her tongue and his face. He was obviously enjoying every second of her tongue's attention, both around his balls and in his back hole. His face was flushed, his breathing heavy.
I pushed the carrot all the way up inside me, and felt a twinge when it hit my cervix. I tried to calm down a little, and returned to a steady motion, going all the way in (as far as I dared), and out on each stroke.
On the screen, she moved her tongue away from his butt, and took one finger, pressing it against the opening to his back channel. She pushed harder and I gasped as I watched her fingertip disappear up inside him.
"No way!" I thought to muself, but the carrot was moving faster. Without even thinking about it, I moved my free hand to my butt, and pressed the tip of my middle finger against my own tight little back hole.
I pressed a little harder...and still nothing. I pulled the carrot out of me and replaced it with my finger. Pushing it all the way up inside of me, I twirled it around until it was coated with my juices.
I pulled my finger back out, replacing it with the carrot, and moved my hand back to my butt. When I tried to push my finger up inside of me this time, my tiny back door opened, and my finger moved in.
What a feeling!
Both of my holes were filled!
The girl on the screen pulled her finger out of his tiny hole, and joined it with her middle finger, then touched both against his back channel, and pushed BOTH up inside him! The camera cut away to his face, and he appeared to be loving it. She started pumping both fingers in and out of him, and I started moving the carrot faster, even as my own back door finger started to move.
On the screen, she licked his balls for a few more moments, then took her free hand and grasped his penis. She brought her mouth up to its head and then, sticking out her tongue, started probing his tiny pee hole...
His hips began rocking as she opened her mouth and took his penis inside. At first it was just the head, but then she started taking more and more into her mouth, until, finally, she had his entire penis in her mouth!
"No way!" I thought to myself. "That thing is way too long to fit into her mouth!"
Without even realizing what I was doing, I pulled the carrot out of my pussy and brought it up to my mouth. I parted my lips and pushed it inside. As I watched the girl on the screen start pumping her mouth up and down the full length of her lover's penis, I started pushing the carrot father and farther into my own mouth. I felt the tip start to enter my throat.
I gagged...almost choking...and quickly pulled it back out.
On the screen the girl had stopped her up and down movements and had paused, her lips against the guy's skin, the entire length of his penis in her mouth.
"No way!" I though again to myself. But somehow the carrot found its way back inside my own mouth, and I started pushing deeper.
Again, I felt the tip start to enter my throat, and again, I started to gag. This time I didn't jerk it back out, but just left it sit there. For the next several seconds, I continued gagging, thinking I was going to throw up.
But after a few more moments, the gagging passed, and I felt my throat relax. Encouraged, I tried pushing it in a little further...everthing still OK.
I pushed further...and further. When I felt my fingertips brushing my lips I realized that I had the whole thing in my mouth! (Well, mouth and throat.) I couldn't believe it! This thing had to be a good seven or eight inches long! And I was swallowing all of it!
Secretly thrilled, knowing how much of a penis, (carrot in this case), I would be able to fit in my mouth, (when the time came), this exercise, however, wasn't doing anything for the burning ache between my legs.
I removed the carrot from my mouth and put it back in my pussy, starting a gentle in and out motion. The finger in my little back hole was soon in the same rythm as the carrot sliding in and out of me, and I watched as the girl on the screen removed the guy's penis from her mouth. She turned around, straddling his head with her knees, and lowered her pussy to his mouth as she took his penis back into hers.
Both the carrot and my finger started moving faster as I watched him stick out his tongue and begin licking up and down her lips. The camera zoomed in for a close up as he began licking her clit.
Licking her clit!
"Wow," I thought. That must feel like...feel like...feel like...heaven!
Both my finger and the carrot were flying in and out of my holes as I watched him torture her clit with his tongue. I felt my orgasm approaching.
On the screen, she had removed her mouth from his penis and was now panting and groaning, her hips rocking back and forth, mashing her clit against his tongue.
I started moving the carrot in and out of me faster and faster, the finger in my tiny back hole matching the rythm.
The girl on the screen arched and froze, letting out a small scream.
That sent me over the edge. I pushed both the carrot and my finger deep up inside of me and came...shuddering and shaking...and came...jerking and quivering...and came...and came...and came...
I collapsed back onto my bed even as on the screen she collapsed down against him.
"Wow!" was all I could think. Imagine a tongue on my clit...coming in a guy's
As my breathing returned to normal, I felt myself strangely unsatisfied, even though I had just had a killer come.
"I want something more..." I thought to myself.

To be continued...

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