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The duvet had fallen to the floor; she lay on her front with her gorgeous arse in full view. I was so tempted to bury my head in it but thought I had better not wake her.
I went downstairs and started to make myself a coffee. The door to the kitchen opened and in walked Emma. She was wearing a white housecoat which was untied and as I looked her up and down I could see her flesh through the gap. ?Thanks for last night? she said ?you?re a wonderful fuck?. ?So are you ?I replied. And with that she started to move towards me, as she did so she let her housecoat fall to the floor and she stood before me naked. She had a fantastic body with smallish perfectly round breasts but her nipples were large and now stood out proudly in front of her. We embraced, her nipples pressed against my chest, and she pushed her pussy against the bulge in my briefs. Our tongues explored each others mouths. She pulled down my briefs and admired my huge erection. She down on her knees and took the whole of my cock into the mouth, deep throating me.
She could see I was close to cuming so she pulled away, ?I want your cream in my cunt not in my mouth? she whispered.
She pulled me into the lounge and we collapsed onto the sofa, she parted her legs, her moist pink pussy lips were open and I pushed my cock between them, thrusting deep inside her love hole. She moaned, pushing her crutch as hard as she could against my throbbing cock. She moved her hand against my balls, caressing and teasing, ?Cum in me? she pleaded ?fill my pussy with sperm?.
I didn?t need a second invitation and I pounded her wet cunt hard and shot my thick cum deep inside her.

In our passion we hadn?t noticed that both Lynne and Doug had come downstairs and were watching our show. Lynne was slumped against Doug?s body and was gently rotating her bum against Doug?s growing erection. Lynne looked at me as she did this and said ?I don?t think I gave you permission to fuck Emma; I think you need to be punished, what do you think Doug?? But Emma answered for him ?Oh yes Lynne, he needs to be punished, he dragged me in here and fucked me without my consent? she smiled playing along ?What should we get him to do??
?I want to see him suck Doug?s cock? Lynne said ?he?s never done that before, and then Doug can cum in his mouth and he can swallow it all.?
?Ooooh yeah? said Emma, ?that?s hot, ok with you Doug??
?Yeah, that?s fine with me, but I want another taste of Lynne?s pussy first.?
?Don?t I get a say in this?? I enquired, ?I don?t want to suck a cock?.
?Oh come off it? said Lynne, ?you?ve been eating yours and others spunk for weeks now; you licked his cum out of me last night, aren?t you interested in tasting it fresh from his dick? I can tell you are, look your cock twitched. I?d love to see you blow him?.
Once again my growing erection had given me away. Ever since I had eaten another blokes cum out of Lynne?s pussy I had secretly desired to suck cock. I?d tasted his spunk the previous evening from Lynne?s cunt; she was aroused by the thought of me doing it, so why not.
?Ok, but you need to help me? I said to Lynne. ?Don?t worry, babe? Lynne said ?I?ll guide you. But as for now as you?ve cum in Emma?s pussy I better clean that up. Doug, you can eat my cunt and arse while I?m doing that?.
Emma parted her legs and a globule of my cum trickled out down Emma?s thigh. Lynne knelt by the sofa and kissed Emma on the lips. Emma opened her mouth and they feverishly explored each other mouths with their tongues. As Lynne worked her way down Emma?s body to her tits Doug moved up behind Lynne. He grabbed her buttocks and parted them revealing her tight arsehole. He pushed against her bumhole trying to open it with the tip of his tongue. Lynne sighed just as she was sucking on Emma?s nipples, which caused Emma to moan out loud.
Lynne moved further down Emma?s body, past her belly to the neat triangle of pubic hair above Emma?s pussy. She could smell the aroma of my cum and Emma?s juices mixed together, she licked the cum on Emma?s thigh just before she thrust her tongue into her creamy slit. Doug had his tongue buried in Lynne?s arsehole and his erection looked massive, he was loving the taste of Lynne and he changed his position so he could eat Lynne?s sweet pussy.
Lynne finished cleaning Emma up and looked at me, I could see my cum and Emma?s juices in her lips and she came over and kissed me, It was so erotic to taste Emma?s juices mixed with my cum from Lynne?s mouth, and my cock grew harder. ?I think your ready? said Lynne as she moved her hand onto my cock and started to rub it. ?Here she said, go down on your knees and follow what I do?.
So we both knelt down in front of Doug. His cock had grown even harder and he groaned in pleasure as Lynne took the head into her mouth. Lynne bobbed her head up and down and then pulled away and kissed me, I tasted Doug?s musky aroma from Lynne?s mouth. Whilst kissing me she moved both our mouths to Doug?s throbbing cock. She again took it in her mouth and looked me in the eyes encouraging me to do the same. She kissed me again and my tongue touched the tip of Doug?s cock so I had both Lynne?s tongue and Doug?s cock pressed against my mouth at the same time. Lynne moved one hand to the back of my head and pushed me down onto his cock. With her other hand she started to wank Doug?s shaft.
I now had the head of Doug?s cock in my mouth and Lynne?s hand was rubbing it - with each stroke her hand hit my chin. Encouraged I took more of his cock into my mouth; it didn?t taste too bad.
Emma shouted our ?Go on Doug, fill his bitch mouth with your sticky cum?. Lynne?s strokes increased and I felt his knob end swell. He was about to cum. Fill my mouth with fresh male seed for the first time. With one final yank from Lynne Doug grunted and his hot semen shot into the back of my throat. Wave after wave flooded my mouth. I swallowed, and as I did the next spurt dribbled out of my mouth down my chin, but I got into a rhythm and swallowed all that he had produced. I pulled away. Lynne smiled ?You look hot with cum on you chin? she said. And she scooped up the cum that had come out of my mouth offered it to Emma who greedily licked her finger only to then kiss me. They wanted to ensure I swallowed a full load of cum.
My cock now needed sorting out and Lynne knelt down and thrust her arse in the air. Still moistened by Doug?s licking I pressed my cock against Lynne?s arsehole and I slipped in easily. Emma moved down and started to lick my shaft as it pushed in and out of Lynne?s hole. It was too much and I erupted in Lynne?s tight arsehole. As I withdrew Emma licked my shaft clean before devouring the spunk I has shot into Lynne?s bum. Lynne cried out in ecstasy as she reached yet another orgasm. Emma then kissed both me and Doug so we could both taste Lynne?s cummy arse from her lips.

As Lynne and I made our way home we looked at each other. ?You?ve had you lesson in eating cum she said; I hope you enjoyed it?.
I nodded; I could see I would have to be practising this lesson a lot more in future.


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