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So I posted on CL that I was looking for a dude to chill with, do normal guy stuff, then use me when we were alone. I found a guy, mostly straight, which I like. His gf lived in another state so he needed occasional release. I told him I could provide that. We chatted quite a bit, about nasty stuff, and I would send him vids of girls getting used the way I wanted to. We both have a rape fantasy, and he mentioned that he like to piss on his sluts. I had never done water sports but was a little curious. So we met up, and had some beers at a bar and discussed our nastiest fantasies. He was mid height, dark short hair, big but not fat and very dominant in nature. He made me call him Sir and called me dirty names like cum whore and cock sucker. Eventually he said lets go back to my place or I?m gonna fuck you or our waitress in the bathroom by force. Thats all I needed. So we left. We got to his place and put some porn on of hot blonde teens getting fucked in the ass, and we both got really worked up.
He started ordering me around, which I loved. I told me to get on the ground and get naked. I had told him I didn?t want to cheat on my gf, but if I saw a big hard cock in my face, I wouldn?t be able to help myself. As soon as he took his pants and underwear off I saw his 9 inch and very fat cock. I honestly tried to hold back, then before I know it I was licking it, and had it in my throat. He took control and face fucked me while fingering my ass. Then he stood me up and made out with my tight hole, he loved my ass. I love having my ass tongued. Than he had me slide his cock up and down my crack and on my whole, then made me suck it. He mentioned pissing but I wasn?t ready. Before long he shot a huge load in my mouth while holding my hair, and let out a very sexy orgasm moan, which made me cum. It was good but the next time was better.
He emailed me a month later, saying he needed a release but I needed to be more willing and open next time. I agreed. He said I needed to get used to the taste and feel of piss. So I went in the shower and pissed all over my self and in my mouth. I got off so much, I immediately was hooked. I loved the feel of it and the taste of it. I started downloading all of the piss porn I could. I love watching hot chicks getting pissed all over and in their asses and I wanted that. I emailed him and told him I was ready to be his piss whore. He said, next time you do whatever I want, and I agreed. The next day I stopped and got some slutty panties, and changed into them in a BK bathroom, on the way to his house. They made me feel so slutty.
I arrived at his place and immediately he said " come to the bathroom with me before we go out." We got in there and he made me put my hard right over the toilet. He pulled out his half hard massive cock and told me to open my mouth. He unleashed a strong stream of piss in my mouth, I swallowed a little but most went into the toilet. I loved the warm feel and how much there was. I always loved cum cause of the taste and feel, and now piss is even better because it taste better and there is way more of it. After he stopped, I suckled on the head a bit to get a little more and he jammed it down my throat. He then told me to put my hand out and covered it in piss and said lets go. As we walked out of his apartment I was cleaning the piss off my hand with my mouth.
We went and got beers at the same bar, and he made me rub his cock under the table a little bit, and show him my panty strap. We talked about more fantasies then agreed to go to a strip club to get worked up. On the way out of the bar we went to the bathroom urinals and as he was pissing I leaned over and sucked it and drank a bunch of his piss down. We got there and I was so turned on watching girls dance on him and see his bulge. We got good and buzzed and decided to leave. We got in his car and all of a sudden he said grab my cock and stroke it so I did. I asked if I could take it out, and he let me. Just like the first time, as soon as I saw it, it was in my mouth. I think I surprised him when I dove in his lap and put his monster cock in my mouth. He then began fucking my head hard and made my eyes water. I was sucking it and using my hand too, when he snapped at me and said "suck it with your mouth not your hand." he fucked my mouth all the way home. Then we got in his parking garage and he really got aggressive and starting playing with my ass really rough, which hurt but felt good and made me moan on his cock. Then he said we gotta go upstairs. In the elevator I mouthed his bulge through his pants. When we got inside his apartment door, he got very demanding.
He said take your clothes of except your panties. He played with my ass more, then told me to walk up the stairs in front of him, walking like those strippers do. I walked like a slut up the stairs and he would stop me and stick his tongue in my hole occasionally. Once up stairs he sat down and put his face in my ass and licked my tight hole very aggressively. Then made me suck it a while saying how I had gotten better. He had his way with my mouth for a while. I had told him a while back that I had a rape fantasy, and that I would never do bareback unless I was forced to. I am sure he is clean, but I still can?t do that willingly, but would enjoy him holding me down and ramming it in me. I thought he would this time, I even rubbed the head of his cock around my hole, and he didn?t do it. Before long he said get down and put your mouth on it, im gonna cum. He jerked it into my mouth while I sucked hid huge cock. He let out a huge scream and dumped seven to ten strings of cum in my mouth. There was so much cum that when I went to swallow it he kept shooting all over my face. It was a true mouthful.
Then he stood up and pointed his cock at me. I knew I was about to get my reward. He stood there for a minute, I liked not knowing when it was gonna come out. Then he let out a sigh and a strong stream hit my chest, but I wanted it in my mouth and face. As he pissed I went to suck it, covering my face and filling my mouth while I sucked it vigorously. I blew a huge load on the floor, even after I came he kept pissing on me, and said he was being an asshole, but I liked it. I went and showered and left.
It was not enough piss, I want more. And I want cock in my ass. I am in the process of seducing him again as I write this. I have big plans for next time, more piss, and I hope he has big plans for my ass next time. I am supposed to meet him tomorrow, I?ll let you know how it goes ;)

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