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You could sense the building excitement; it was time to feed. We consisted of a harem of six girls ruled by two dominant males and my heart was racing; I?d been chosen as bait for our next victim and stood naked so that all present could examine and approve of me. Hands glided over my body as they passed by and my skin tingled and sang. I?d been anointed with Jakata, a narcotic balm that glistened in the moonlight and made me radiate sex, filling the air around me with overwhelming pheromones. I knew I?d be irresistible and I was filled with confidence; it would be a good hunt tonight.

One of the girls stepped forward and painted my lips claret red, the drug contained within making them swell, a sweet promise of ripe succulent fruit. A kiss was all that was needed to make any man fall under my spell. His resistance would crumble within seconds and his subsequent erection would last for hours. A simple white dress was placed over my head, the hem so short that it barely covered my aching sex. The bodice pinched and narrowed my waste and pushed my breasts up and outwards to where two lace straps secured the garment on my shoulders with simple bows.

I was ready. I took the Ferrari and drove to ?Annabel?s? our favourite hunting ground. It was a nightclub where men and women gathered to pair off and fuck in the countless secluded alcoves and snugs that littered the upper floors.

It was early and the dance floor was all but deserted.

I was going to make the pack proud and bring home a prize of such power and beauty that they would honour me with such reverence and would enable me to take my place as dominant female. This would give me the right to be fucked by our males before they were able to mate with any other member of the pack ? and oh, how I wanted their cocks.

I was approached by numerous men as I stalked through the jungle of bodies, searching for a worthy man, and I rejected them all; I would not accept an easy kill over a spectacular one. I found you at last, an athlete, tall and strong, talking and laughing with friends and I began my seduction at once. A kiss was all that was needed, but that I would use as a last resort. I smiled inwardly, snaking onto the dance floor so that I was directly in your line of sight. My body moved instinctively, slow and sensuously like a panther moving invisibly through the forest and at once your gaze fixed on me. As I danced men approached, but I ignored then, my eyes boring into you. At last you put down your drink and came to me, charmed by my undulating body as it swayed like a cobra about to strike.

"I?m Woody." You offered, standing still while I continued my seductive manoeuvres.

My eyes slowly wandered down to your bulging pants. "I trust the name is well earned." I purred.

"Would you like to join us?" You asked hopefully.

"No sorry, I have to leave." I enjoyed seeing the devastation on your face and smiled reassuringly. "but you?re welcome to join me."

Whether it was me or the Jakata, was not clear, but it took no more than a heartbeat for you to desert your friends for a beautiful stranger. I took your hand and led you towards the door, my elongated stride extenuating the movement of my hips and I could feel your eyes burning into my ass.

If you were shocked by the status of the car, you didn?t let it show and we calmly raced through the streets to pull up outside of the tall apartment building. In the elevator I pushed the top button for the penthouse and waited for the inevitable. You leaned forward and kissed me; now you were mine. Our passion grew with each floor and when the doors opened you had already raised my dress in readiness for your entry. I was naked beneath and my excitement made my thighs glisten. We hurried to the apartment where you tore the dress from me and threw me to the carpet, unaware of the dark shapes and bright eyes that lurked in the shadows. You fucked me hard and without consideration, your lust driving your cock deep inside. I came at once, a side effect of the drug, and moaned and cried as my body spasmed in ecstasy. You screamed and filled me with seed and now the others stepped forward. They?d allowed me the privilege of being the first to enjoy the feast, but now it was their turn. The girls descended like ravenous beasts, ripping the clothes from your back, their nails tearing at your skin, while I lay beneath, impaled on your unwavering erection. I was distraught when you were pulled from me, but waited my turn to come around as the girls rode you one by one, each desperate for cock. I saw an opportunity and stepped forward, lowering my dripping cunt over your face. You gratefully accepted my gift and slurped and drank our combined juices, bringing me to delicious orgasm again and again. Your balls must have been long empty, but your cock was unflagging as the girls fucked and fucked without relenting. Those waiting contented themselves with licking and kissing you and each other wherever they found available flesh, their hands and fingers stroking and scratching, but none dared challenge me for my throne. I sat sobbing in my delirium until two dark shadows stepped forward menacingly. The women backed away as the two enormous men approached, naked and erect. For a moment I held my ground, but then I too scurried away on all fours.

Jake, the larger and more dominant of the two picked you up like a rag doll and threw you onto your belly raising your hips so that you presented you tight anus to him. Mike, raised your shoulders so that you knelt on all fours and raised your chin. Without the need to command you, you opened your mouth and his huge throbbing cock barged its way in. Jake pressed the head of his shaft to your ass and after brief resistance he slid his oiled member inside. The men fucked you together and as your body rocked and shook. I took a risk and slid beneath you and took your still erect cock between my lips. Had either of the alpha?s objected I could have been ripped apart, but they were engrossed in their own enjoyment of you.

You moaned and wept as you filled my mouth and I swallowed every delicious drop. Men had frequently died as a result of our rough treatment, but you held strong revelling in your torment. At last when our men had had their pleasure you were allowed to rest, though as you slept my lips remained wrapped around your shaft.

As dawn broke you stirred and I stirred with you. There was no sign of the pack, only two naked bodies lying in a pool of sweet and cum. You salvaged what you could of your clothes and I drove you home.

Although you had no memory of the true events of that night, you were filled with the overwhelming knowledge that you?d had the fuck of your life and would never see me again.

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