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It was a normal crown for a Saturday. You had your basic drunk guys trying to woo their skank of choice, the lonely drunk who thought if I go to a club and drink alone I'm not a drunk. As always you have the 18 year olds who try to get alcohol anyway they can.

A few shots in and I was dancing with random girls of all different types. The single moms, the college students, and even a widower. None of which intrigued me. This 18 year old redhead (I assume due to lack of liquor in her system) asked me to accompany her to the bathroom. I saw the devilish grin on her thin face. I would have my fill tonight. I bent down and whispered in her ear "let me get some drinks" I gave her a wink and we parted ways. As I approached the bar I saw her. She was sitting there silently rejecting every man whom approached her.

I approached her and offered to buy her a drink, she shook her head. As I turned to walk away, remembering the readhead tramp awaiting me, she grabbed my arm. She stood there before me and I could see her full form. Her bust form had curves right where they were needed. I know that I've pulled the sword from the stone. I grin and with confidence begin " change your mind?" She raises her fingers to my lips and leads me by the hand to the dance floor.

When we reached our destination she turned her outstanding ass towards me. I eagerly take my position behind her. She begins to gyrate against me. I quickly forget the redhead from earlier. We continued to dance as the people beside us fade away. An hour or so later she turns to me, and rises her lips to mine. We lock into each other and the faded faces in the crowd vanish. When we break the kiss I stumble for words. Eventually I manage "Are we going to your place or mine?" Her silently reply was to point at me. As we get into my car to had to my apartment it is then that I realize she has yet to speak?

Still even after finding my parking spot and the three flights of stairs still not a single word. As I stumble to unlock the dead bolt she is grabbing my crotch, I can't believe I have the busty vixen to myself tonight. Not a step after the door is closed she was tearing off my sports coat and she shimmied off her dress. Here I stand in front of this busty beauty and as I scan her body she smiles. She slowly reaches behind her to unclasp her bra. I watch is it slides free of her arms and drops and reveal to me the greatest tits I've ever seen.

I lose control, no longer do I speculate on her silence. Instead I focus on the bountiful fun to be had in the coming hours. I lower my head to her breasts and suck on her tits, sucking in as much as I can. I continue to fondle the other breast as I suck the right on. I stop only to look up at the joy in her face. I kiss her lips and raise once again, I turn her around and smack her ass and direct her where to go. "Down the hall on the right, my room now!" She eagerly smiled and ran off. God her ass is great when she runs.

As I walk down the hall and turn the the corner I see her already lying on her back beckoning me. With her seductive eyes and wicked grin she calls me towards her. I crawl onto the bed, between her legs and I kiss her inner thy. I begin to pull on her final article of clothing, these sexy lace panties are the only thing that between me and my prize. I bite them and with my hands pull them down. She lifts her butt up just enough to pull them free. I sit back for just a moment to take her all in, I grin knowing all this is mine for the taking.

I return to my position between her legs and begin. I slowly spread her lips and flick her clit with my tongue, this pussy in front of me is the only thing in the world at that moment. I continue to eat her sweet pussy taking in as much of her scent and juices I can. Before long she arks her back and screams in ecstasy. I think to myself "damn it made her cum with just my mouth, tonight will be fun."

As she recovers from her intense climax I am standing next to the bed slipping a condom over my rock hard cock. I pull her towards me. I tell her "I am going to fuck you now!" She simply nods, but her eyes scream "please! Fuck me please!" I drag her to the edge of the bed and I open her legs wide. Her legs sticking straight up resting on my shoulders I begin to press against her sweet opening. I press hard against her and I realize just how tight this pussy is. I push harder and the head slips in. The first sound she made was a combination of pain and pleasure. She just continued to nod and bite her lower lip. I slowly inches forward, I knew I had to get all the way inside

At about half way her moans and yelps were mostly pleasure. So I decided it was time to go for broke. I asked if she was ready and still she nods. I grabbed her curvy hips and with one swift push I was in. Her screams of pain lasted only a few seconds. Following were the moans and yelps of ecstasy. Her pussy so tight, her body so perfect, could I be fucking a virgin? I picked up pace and grunted with each thrust. Her screams and moans only fueling my passion. I feel myself coming close to climax so I pull out. Her eyes filled with sorrow that I've finished, but we've just begun. I being my lips to hers and I kiss her with passion and power of a thousand suns.

I crawled up behind her on the bed. On our side I lift her left leg enough to fit my cock back where it belongs. I start fucking her once again, still with as much power and passion as before. Again she screams louder and archer her back. She cums for me again and gasps for air. She rolls towards me, facing me now and kisses me. When I see she returned to this world I asked "want to ride?" She smiles and nods and I roll to my back.

She first slides up my body and kisses me, she then throws one leg over me and props her self up. She grabbed my dick and positions it at her opening. And with precision, she impales herself on my pole. As she started to get into a rhythm she bends down to kiss me once more. Then as she rises she removes her hands from my chest. Bouncing ever faster she runs her hands over her big beautiful breasts, over her sexy stomach, up her neck and through her hair. This women is so sensual, so seductive, how could she be a virgin?

She rides me hard, she wants me to cum. As she continues to scream and moan I feel myself coming closer. I grab handfuls of her ass at a time, I play with her tits and pussy all while she fucks me. I tell her I'm clove to climax and she does the sexiest thing yet. She opens her mouth wide and points. This vixen wants me to cum in her mouth. That was enough for me. I begin to match her rhythm thrusting upward to meet her pussy. I'm fucking her as hard as I can. Her breathing becomes more erratic and I know she will cum soon, for the third time of the evening she climaxs, and this time hard. As she falls over I pull out and drag her once more to the foot of the bed.

Giving her little time to recover I begin pounding her pussy once more. This girl wants my cum , who am I to deny her that. As I feel my balls churning she again points to her mouth. I quickly pull out and rip off the condom. She eagerly crawls to the edge of the bed and takes my cock in her mouth. A second later I am shooting my seed down her throat and she swallows every drop. Exhausted we both crawl to the top of the bed. I position myself behind, my limp dick fully satisfied. I drift into a great sleep next to the busty vixen I just fucked.

I awoke close to 9am to see she has left. All that remains beside me is a note. I rub my eyes as I reach for the letter. All it said was "thank you for being the man who made me a woman" it was signed with a heart and an XOXO. I Place the note back it's position and stare out the window. I close my eyes remembering the night I had. All I could think was "I was right, she was a virgin."

The End.

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