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"I know Jane?s there. Get over here right away! She hung-up and paced until they arrived, rushing outside to meet them. "Quick?in the attic!" she exclaimed in a whisper. Sandy and Jane looked at her and then exchanged glances. Once they were all up in the attic, Jane said "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Lorelei began. "Well." She breathed out. "Michael and I have been getting to know each other a bit more." She turned a shade redder and just exploded " He showed me his boner and made himself squirt, and he let me touch it and rub it and I put it in my MOUTH!...Oh god you guys?we did all kinds of stuff! "

Jane looked at Lorelei with total shock "LORELEI!" she shrieked " What the hell!" She looked at Sandy who was sitting there with her hands over her mouth and her eyes bugging out. Lorelei quickly explained how she had gotten brave and asked Michael to come to her room. She told the girls about how she really just wanted to ask him a few questions around if he ever thought about sex, and how that led to him getting a very noticeable erection. " God?it was right there. I couldn?t help but see it. So?I asked him about it."

Sandy whispered "You asked him about it? What on earth did you ask?

"I asked him what caused it and he said it was me. Well?not just me, but me and the fact that we were alone and asking each other about sex stuff. He seemed to like my boobs, so I grabbed them in my hands and teased him a bit. Really I just kind of cupped them and looked at him." Lorelei then told them about coming right out and asking if she could see his cock. The girls just couldn?t believe it. They were so silent, you could hear their hearts racing. " Did he just?.pull it out? Asked a giggling Jane.

"Mmmmm not quite. This is where it got really weird?well not weird, just kind of wild. He wouldn?t show me his penis unless I showed him my vagina." Lorelei paused and looked at the girls. Sandy said "You didn?t!" Lorelei blushed and said "Yeah?I did. Before you knew it we were naked! God you guys, his penis is huge! He thinks it?s small but it isn?t! And?it looks sooo good. I mean the shape and everything. It looks sooo nice. I was just soaking wet from looking at him.

Jane piped up "Did you touch it? What did it feel like?

"At first we just looked, and then I asked him if he?d make it squirt. He said he needed to rub it up and down to do that. I asked him to show me and then he asked if I played with myself ever." At this, the girls drew in their breath and waited. " I told him I did."

Sandy gasped "God Lorelei, girls aren?t supposed to do that. Never mind telling a boy they do that. What did he say?"

"We?ll, really you had to be there. We were being totally open and honest and just really into learning. Kinda like us three, but with a boy. So anyway, we just masturbated in front of each other, and when I was having my cum, he squirted on my face!"

"Ewwww!" said Sandy "You let him do that?"

"God Sandy, I was in the middle of my cum. I didn?t know he?d do that. But it really wasn?t bad at all. Just kind of warm and a bit thick and really sticky. But my God you guys. It shoots out of him in huge spurts! It doesn?t just squirt. It shoots hard!"

Jane then found her voice and looked at Lorelei and asked "Blow job?"

Lorelei giggled. "That was yesterday. We got together again and started necking and dry humping. We had our tops off though because Michael really never got to feel my boobs before. God, he sucked on them for ages while we dry humped, and god?his mouth felt sooo good on my nipples. I got sooo wet again. Anyway, I had another cum! God it was sooo good! So, after I calmed down, I made him stand up and I got on my knees in front of him and took off his shorts. I asked him if I could taste his penis, and he had absolutely no problem with that."

All three screamed in laughter at that.

"Anyway, before you knew it, I was sucking and licking his thing and I made him shoot. I even took his first shot in my mouth. I wanted to taste it, and you know what, he just loved it when I did that. He said boys love it when they can shoot on girls faces and in their mouths. Apparently it makes them feel manly, and actually, it made me feel like?more mature or something. His stuff is not great, but not horrible either."

Jane was first. "God Lorelei, you lucky brat. I wish I could have seen that. I wish I could see a boner."

Sandy then said "You are sooo lucky! Michael is so nice and you got to have almost sex with him. I?m so jealous." She kidded.

"That?s not the end." Said Lorelei "He licked me like Jane licked you Sandy. Only he licked me for ages and fingered me at the same time, and when I was near my cum, he stuck his finger up my bum!"

"What! Oh God! Why?" asked the girls in pretty much unison.

"He said it seemed natural, and that he heard some girls like it. It shocked me at first, and it kinda hurt for a tiny bit, but God, after that, it felt sooo great. I orgasmed like crazy. My bump was sooo sensitive after."

"But?.well?what about?you know?well?poop?" asked Sandy. Lorelei and Jane giggled and Lorelei said "I guess it isn?t a problem unless you really need to go. Otherwise, it?s just not there."

"How can we get him to show Sandy and me his boner? asked Jane.

The girls then talked and planned for the river.

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