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Granted, if Melissa did take the pill, she would be the seventh person so far. He needed a success, so stepping out like this was making him nervous. The last three pill users had been mistakes, and one of his assistants was still cleaning up one of the messes.

"Yes, it is. I am looking for a taker."

"So what?s it do?"

"Do you know what an anthromorph is?" he asked taking a sip of beer.

"Like a werewolf?"
The comment made him snort, which in turn made him foam beer out of his nose. She was laughing, and X struggled to find a napkin to save himself from his predicament. Her laugh was melodious, and X remembered his wife fondly. This woman was dangerous. Someone who could make him break his vows. Nose wiped clean, he gathered himself for an explanation.

"You read a lot huh?"

She looked down at the floor again.

"Yeah," she said.

"That?s great. Difficult to come by someone I won?t have to explain every bit too."

He laughed again and took another sip of beer. His comment worked in building her confidence back up, and she looked at him.

"So what?s you name?"

"You know, I hate giving it out and so normally I have people call me X. You seem to be someone I can trust. My name is Theodore Johann-Lee Schrodinger."

"You know how to peek a women?s interest Theodore. "

"Please, really, call me X."

She took a sip of her drink, the first time she had the entire conversation.

"Okay X, so anthromorph?"

"Oh, well see my product is something that allows that to happen. It makes a person take on the characteristics of an animal. It also boosts confidence and has some weird side effects that we are testing out."

"So the secrecy?"

"It?s enough to cause a major issue in the free world."

"Are you wanting me to take it?"

"I was thinking of it yes. My issue is the side-effects."

"What happens?"

"A person does take on physical attributes of an animal, but it?s also true if they chose an animal that is aggressive, that becomes a part of the equation too."

"So if someone were to pick wolf, they would become more predator like."

"Yes, and the second issue is that it increases the sexual drive to almost an unfathomable level. The longer a subject remains aroused, the more and more it takes on the appearance of an animal. We have one person who became a mouse and had even reverted to the size. It also can reverse the aging process."

"So there are dangers to it, but you are right about one thing."

"What?s that?"

"It is a help, and it is super dangerous to allow public knowledge of."

They both sipped their drink, and X enabled her to process all he has told her.

"You?re not really gay are you?"

He again laughed but let the question remain unanswered. Even if he affirmed it, he doubted she would believe him, and he wanted her trust. If he denied it, she would most certainly make a move on him, and X would not have denied her. The pair went back to silence, sipping their drinks and watching the pool game across the bar unfold.

"He?s good," X said.

She remained silent. He hoped he hadn?t blown the whole thing with his refusal to answer her question.

"It can?t be real, your pill."

"It is. You want to try it?"

"What animal would I think of?"

"I tell people to choose their favorite."

"Mine?s a squirrel."

"That?s perfect."

Again back to silence and observing the pool game. The man that was Carol?s neighbor made a final shot and ended the game. He left the bar after paying his tab.

"Looks like the game is over."

Again, no reply from her. The woman was lost in thought, and so X finished his beer and went to walk to the bar.

"Are you coming back?"

"Should I?"

Her gaze fell to the floor yet again. X wished she had more confidence. He was one of the few people had paid attention to the reclusive girl. So he went and got another beer. His intention was to go and play a game of pool, but as he headed that way, she met him before got to the playing area.

"I?ll take it," she said holding her hand out.

X smiled at her.

"Not here Melissa, I have to give it to you somewhere else."

It sounded worse than it did, but she walked with him outside and out to her Jeep. The thing was old and rusted, but it was one of her pride and joys.

"So here it is," he said. The blue tablet was in a single dime bag. She reached up and took it from him.

"I will warn you, take it when you get home. As soon as you swallow the pill, think of a single animal. When that is done, do not leave your place for a whole day. Afterward, contact me at this number," he said, holding up his card.

"Will it hurt?"

"I don?t know. I have never witnessed the change being that I have always felt that it?s too intimate to watch."

"Oh well, what now?"

"Go home, take it or not, but call me if you do. The pill will break down in twenty-four hours on its own. Part of an insurance policy. If you haven?t taken it, there will not be another chance to."

"I understand. Any animal? Even extinct?"

"I haven?t seen someone do that, but for safety, I would stick to still around."

"I know just the one," she said.

X smiled and then she did something so unexpected that X was at a loss for words. She hugged him and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Relax. Something spontaneous to thank you, for the trust and opportunity."

He smiled again but gave her no other words as he walked away. She had disturbed feelings in him that he had long crushed. He never got sexually involved with any participant because of his wedding vows. His wife was a monster now, but he still kept faith in restoring her humanity.

Melissa watched X leave her, and she drove home. Thoughts wondered about which animal to choose and if this was wise. She technically had a day to decide, but by the time she pulled up to her cabin, Melissa had decided.

Inside the door to her cabin, Mellisa followed her routine. That meant immediately pulling her black dress over her head and hanging it on a hook by the door. Mellissa preferred to be naked, and if she could, she would be naked in public and all times. It was the native dress of humanity, and she hated that there was such a negative connotation with it. At least she was able to be naked in the woods, but when the family with children moved down the street, it had diminished the opportunities for that. Her heels joined the many that were on a shoe rack, and she headed to the kitchen.

Her cabin wasn?t very big. It had a kitchen and a living room which were across from each other and divided by a hallway. At the end of the hall was a small laundry room on the right and on the left was a staircase that led to the second floor. On the second floor was the lone bathroom of the cabin and two bedrooms. On was her sleeping quarters and another was a room with bean bag chairs and filled bookshelves. When Melissa had moved into the cabin, it had been a blessing that she was able to get the internet. That allowed her to order many books online and kept her busy writing when she could.

After filling a glass of water, which always had a tinge of a copper taste, Melissa went to the living room with the glass and pill. On her couch, she considered all of the possibilities of taking the pill and all of them without. What sealed the deal is that not taking the pill would continue the lonely life that she had. That was something she wanted to avoid, and so the shimmering blue tablet was washed down with a gulp of water.

Melissa sat on the couch for a long while, nervous and almost in a panic thinking that she had made the wrong decision. So engrossed in thought that, she ended up passing out on the couch. The room filled with the sounds of cracking and pulsing glows in a hue of bright blue.

Pounding and shouting awoke Melissa. She awoke confused and realized that the pounding was on her front door, and the shouting sounded worried. Groggily, she got up and made herself decent before opening the door. She was greeted by her neighbor whom she had the crush.

"About time. I was about to call the police," he said.

"What? Why?"

Then he just stared at her, like her question was out of left field.

"Well, there was a weird light out of your place almost a night ago, and I saw you with that guy at the bar. I was worried."

"Oh, well I'm all right," she said. The shyness she had still present, but Melissa was taken aback by the fact that the man she was crushing on had even noticed her.

"So we haven?t talked before. I?m Randy."

"I?m Melissa. Would like to come in for some coffee Randy?"

"Ma?am, it is almost six. Coffee would be a bad idea this late."

"How about dinner then?"

The request surprised them both. Not that Melissa minded making it. She had plenty of food for two, but when he accepted and told her he?d be back in an hour, she almost leaped for joy when the door closed. It took her nearly half of the time to get ready. Each minute left her with butterflies in her stomach, but she didn?t mind.

For dinner, she prepared a walnut caramel apple-glazed salad with feta cheese and many different types of vegetables. She found that as she made the salad, it was almost impossible to keep her hands of off the walnuts, and she found herself consistently eating a handful of the unshelled nuts. The wine was poured, and she looked to figure out what else to make. She decided on some pasta and rosa sauce. No meat, though, being that Melissa was working on being a vegetarian. She hoped that wouldn?t be an issue with Randy, but as she ate another handful of walnuts, she notices that her nails were darker. X?s words of how pill takers began to anthropomorphize the more they became aroused went through her head. It was cause for panic, but a knock on the door made her push the panic to the side, and she opened the door to a handsome looking Randy.

"Wow, you look beautiful," he said to her.

"You're good looking too," she replied. He laughed, but as Melissa closed the door to her cabin, she couldn?t but stare at his attire. Tight Jeans, Red flannel buttoned shirt and hiking boots. He was hot, and Melissa almost attacked him. There was so much going on with her that as that sat at the table chatting, her thoughts were more of sex.

"So you don?t do meat?" he asked.

"I try not too. I love animals."

"Ah, well the salad is exquisite."

"Oh I love walnuts," she told him. Her fork sunk into the flesh of one before she popped the tasty morsel into her mouth.

"So take it that?s why you are up here in the woods?"

"The love of nature? Oh, yes. It?s so peaceful and allows me plenty of time for my interests."

"I like woods because of the remoteness. Not a big people person."

"Me either."

She giggled behind taking a big bite of salad, and their conversation moved into family, hobbies and work. Though Melissa rarely did work. She did do some editing every week, but that money paid for the little expenses she had. When her parents had died, she had inherited a substantial amount of money and so didn?t need to work.

Randy told her that he worked as a mechanic for about ten years before retiring and concentrating on engineering things. They were both around the same age. He was 28 and she 26. They consumed the food and wine and eventually moved to the couch for their conversation.

"So I've seen you around a lot," he said.

"I do try to get out."

"Especially at night."

She blushed. There was once when she was masturbating on the porch she could have sworn she saw someone, but now she knew for sure that someone was Randy.

Melissa wasn?t sure who made the first move, but soon they were in each other?s arms passionately kissing. His hands made up her dress and her legs spread automatically to allow his fingers to work into her. She rubbed him through his jeans and eventually the two were almost naked.

"What the shit is this?"

There was a tug on something on her. Something that shouldn?t have been there. Melissa got off the couch and saw a big bushy red tail poking out right above her behind. The thing was getting bigger, but Randy was already moving away from her.

"What kind of freak are you?"


"I?m not doing this. No fucking way."

The door slammed shut, and Melissa collapsed onto the floor crying. The man she wanted, longed for, had turned into someone who now rejected her. Just like when she was a kid and the other school children . When she called X?s number, he only told her he was on his way. When X arrived, he found Melissa in a heap on the floor balling her eyes out.

"You said this would help. He hated me."

X was at a loss for words. Instead, he sat next to her on the floor. Eventually, she moved to lean on his shoulder and cry there. He just let her sob and felt terrible that the woman?s experience with the pill had been a bad one. When the crying stopped, he looked over to her only to be met with a fierce and passionate kiss. It was against everything he stood for, and X did try to pull away, but Melissa wasn?t having a second rejection that night.

X?s shirt was torn away from his body by now clawed hands. Her nails had gone completely obsidian. Again, X tried to get away as she worked on undressing him, but her soft bushy tail wrapped around him and kept him within her grasp. Never before had X gotten himself into this situation, but he accepted that they were going to have sex and so became a more willing partner.

As much as Melissa needed the sex, the acceptance that it would bring. X needed it more. Six years he had been celibate. Any thoughts of lust quickly made him feel guilty for betraying his wife. But tonight with Melissa, those thoughts were overwhelmed by her eagerness and aggressiveness. In a surge of strength, he managed to push just far enough way to get his hands to his zipper. No sooner had he managed to get them undone than they were torn away from his body. She sat on his lap and sank down his length.

"You're a lot bigger than I would have guessed."

"And you?re a lot tighter."

"Am I? I haven?t done this a lot, but I?m not inexperienced in this."

To emphasize that fact she rolled her hips.

"Where did you learn such things?"

"Books can be a lot of help. Now hush. I?m a squirrel, and we alway get our nut."


She slammed X back and began to bounce herself up and down. While she impaled herself over and over again, X got to get a good look at Melissa for the first time since coming over. Before, she was a small woman with good features. But now, her mammaries were swollen big like basketballs. Her nipples were thick and with each bounce, the mammaries bounced off his chest and each time, think nipples poked into it. Having enough, his fingers sunk into the soft flesh to lift at least one of the nipples up to his lips. It was enough to cause her pause, which X needed.

"Oh X, I need this. Why would you say that you were gay?"

He talked with his mouth full. The words were so muffled that he couldn?t even understand himself, but whatever vibrations reverberated from his sucking lips moved the anthropomorphic squirrel into moans of pleasure. So much so that the tail had moved from being wrapped around his chest and around his neck. It was pleasantly soft and the fur smelt of moss and rivers. It?s when it started squeezing that X had a problem. No matter how much he slapped, groped or squeezed, Mellissa seemed just to think it was meant for rougher sex. His vision blurred, and black spot began to appear and then grow in his image. Purple, he panicked and tried to shove her away in a final attempt to save his life. All of a sudden the pressure around his throat lessened, and he gasped in air in gulps.

"Oh my god X."

She pulled off of him and staggered away. The loss of weight on him allowed him to curl into a fetal position and catch his breath. When he opened his eyes, he opened them to a clear glass of water. He accepted the glass and drank the water.

"You got to be careful with that tail of yours; thing will kill someone."

"Normally your supposed to tell a girl her body kills."

"Yours does, just with a tail," he said laughing.

"You?re not mad?"

X looked into her golden eyes.

"No, but if we are to continue, I?m taking charge. Plus we couldn?t make you into a liar."


X stood up and grabbed her tail and pulled her against him.

"A squirrel always gets her nut right?"

His member rested against the crest of her ass, and she almost purred with his words. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her neck and forced her to walk over to a wall. She planted hand on the wooden barrier and X lifted her tail up. He slid right back into her, well after some fiddling with the awkward position. They both gasped and then X took the pace slow, concentrating on keeping himself restrained from release.

"Oh X, please more, harder," she pleaded.

X noticed the round ears poking out from her ginger hair. Close enough to bite, so to speak, so he did. His teeth sank into the fur of the ear, and Melissa screamed her encouragement. The slapping of their bodies meeting grew louder.

"Oh X-m oh-I,"

X was surprised that he outlasted Melissa. She shook violently as she came, but X kept going. He didn?t want to stop, and she begged for more, but his resistance eventually wore down and in a final push into her, he released. X couldn?t help but wonder what he was going to do as ecstasy overtook him. He collapsed against her, his face against hers and his hands on the wall.

"Wow, six years huh?"

"Yeah," he said.

"We can?t repeat this can we?"

"I?m afraid not."

Her perception was again spot on. He hadn?t mentioned his wife, but she had figured it out.

"Do you regret this?" she asked.


There was a tightness around his shaft a squeezing that let him know he was still in her and still hard.

"Well, let?s enjoy this before we can?t."

"I should stop."

But he didn?t. Their sex began again on the wall and then moved to the moved to the couch. He bent her over the arm of the couch, had her spread, even let her use her tail on him (though it was kind of embarrassing for the both of them). Then they moved to the floor, got some water, then the shower and eventually collapsed in a heap on her bed almost four hours later.

"Wow X, that was something," she said.

"For being out of practice, I?ll take that as a compliment."

She curled up to him, her tail laying across her hip and his groin. It moved in swishes.

"So what now? I can?t stay?"

"I know, which I have a solution, but it causes issues too."

"Are you married?"


"That?s why the lie?"



"No, she isn?t well, I can?t go into yet. Let me tell you what I have in mind and if you like that, I?ll tell you the story of how I ended up here."

He was surprised that she wasn?t angry or even pushing for answers.

"Okay, so what?s the proposition."

"First, why can?t you stay?"

"Because Randy?"

"Oh, the whole reason I?m here.

"A little sex X and you forget huh?"

He laughed.

"Well, I could kill him, but Randy hasn?t done anything wrong."

"He called me a freak," she said. He could anger in her voice.

"I know, but still, you changed, Randy did not."

She was quite, mulling over the words and realized X was right. Even though Randy turned out to be an ass, he was not at fault for what she tried to force.

"What?s your education?"

"I graduated with a Bachelor's in English with a minor Sociology and Chemistry."

"That?s good. I find myself in need of another assistant. Come with me and I?ll make sure you have a fun exciting life."

"What about love?"

"You?ll have opportunities for that I promise. But right now, if Randy decided to escalate everything, you aren?t safe here."

"Can I bring my stuff?"

"Personnel effects and clothing. Much will have to be left. Anyone you know who can take care of this place?"


"Give them a call and have them pack it up. You will return one day I think."

"So what now?"

"I?m poofed. Plus, we are going to have to move out soon. Get another shower and pack up, by the time you do, I?ll be ready myself."

"Are you leaving me here?"

"With Randy about?" he said, untangling himself from her and moving to the door. "That man is just gathering thoughts before he makes a move. I?ll stay here and wait for you."

"How do you know that?"

"By the way, I watched him play pool the other night. He is aggressive and a man of action."

With that, X left her to pack and headed downstairs to gather his clothes. He didn?t even remember taking his shoes off, but he was glad the things were deck shoes. Within an hour, she was following him in her Jeep. X knew she did not want to leave the rusting antique behind, and it suited him better that she had personal transportation. They pulled away not even noticing that Randy was observing, almost in plain sight, from the trees.

The rugged outdoorsman was waiting until their taillights disappeared before breaking into his neighbor?s cabin. Randy was sure she was some monster and needed to be dealt with. An abomination to what was natural. He was upset when he figured out that Melissa had no intention to coming back. The place was clean, but all of the clothes were gone, except for the shredded white collar shirt on the living room floor. She had escaped, and as Randy went through the rest of the cabin, he found a weird looking business card with a number on it. At that moment, card shaking in his hand, Randy vowed that he would find Melissa and this mysterious man and get answers as to what was going on. Maybe he could fix Melissa and if not, he would take care of the abomination in more permanent ways.

X and Melissa pulled up to the B&B he was staying at. A place called the Lazy Pine and for the past month and almost over five grand later. X had called the place home. Packed and ready to go, the pair left the town of Dursk and headed to one of the laboratories that X maintained. He was nervous about taking Melissa to this particular lab, but after hours of travel, he couldn?t care less. Hopefully, his wife would be in a good mood. The two drove through an old dirt road and to the first lab that X had established. His wife was in there, in a glass cage, probably sleeping, but one of his most trusted assistants would be inside.

X was a very wealthy man. He invested young, using student loans when he was in college and ended up scoring big. His net worth put him within the top twenty or so richest people in the world, but his identity had alway been X. They pulled up, and each got out of the respective vehicles.

"This is a gorgeous place X," Melissa commented.

"Thank you. It was the first place I ever bought."

Melissa examined the building. It looked straight out of a current home catalog. There was so much shiny metal on the outside; Melissa wondered how the house wasn?t seen through the woods when they were driving up.

"So Melissa, you wanted to know about my wife."


"Well, you?re about to meet her."


X laughed.

"Don?t worry about anger. She will be different from what you?d expect. Let?s go in. I bet the one who watches over this place is out."

At least X hoped the man was out. The dude was a weirdo, very reclusive, but he was super smart, and that intelligence was one of the only reason he trusted the man alone with his wife.

"She isn?t gonna mind?"

"My wife is almost gone. You will understand in a second."

The couple arrived at the door, which was a dark slate of metal but next to it was a pin pad and a palm reader. X used both, and the door popped open, revealing nothing but darkness.

"Hold on; there?s a light somewhere. Charles must be out."

X went into the dark and with a click, the interior of the house came illuminated with a brightness that put the day to shame.

"Too bright?" she asked.

"Oh, it helps with her."

"Your wife?"

"Yes, she prefers the darkness, so the light keeps her placated."

"And she?s locked up?"

"Yes, come on in. I?ll show you."

Melissa did as she was bid, now tied to X and having little choice in other options. X noticed that Melissa had reverted almost entirely back to human except for the round ears parting the hair at the top of her head. That might be a permanent feature but with only five happy users of the pill, X had no data to back up the thought.

"So, you will be studied a bit while you?re here," he said.

"That?s fine, though I can offer a suggestion to you already."

"What?s that?"

"You should find a couple to take the pill together, Will help in both sexes agree."

X liked the suggestion, but all he offered was a nod as the walked into the interior of the house. The walls were bare, and the furniture was sparse.

"We have to go downstairs. Be careful, the first step is steep."

He led her to a door and into the basement they went. Everything was wrong; X could feel it in the air. He heard noises, like the sounds of intense fucking. X and Melissa stumbled upon a scene that neither wished they had. Melissa could only surmise that Charles was currently humping it out with X?s wife. She looked over in horror at X, but he just watched the scene. The woman underneath Charles was screaming in ecstasy.


Her voice interrupted the two lovers. They were in a glass case, and the door was closed.

"He doesn?t know it yet, but being that we are here now, she won?t let him leave that room alive."

Melissa was confused, but Charles went back to fucking the woman.

"You guys have a weird relationship."

"Well, you haven?t seen why yet."

The shrieks of pain were a complete surprise. Melissa watched as Charles just disappeared in something that Melissa had no words to describe.

"She was dying from a rare disease. We had just married after being together for four years, and she was dying. I and another searched in desperation for a cure. We found it, but she is the first user of the pill. It was great at first," X said, telling his tail in a solemn tone. "Within hours of taking the pill, she began to recover. A full day later, she was back to her old self and out of the hospital. They were confused but we went home to here and for the first time in a year, I was happy. Then she began to change."

He paused.

"What went wrong?" Melissa asked.

"She began to change. It was little things at first. She wanted more sex; she became more aggressive, and then her body started doing weird things like oozing. See, my wife doesn?t get the anthropomorphic effect; she got more of a "my body can become anything." She kills through sex now, often by exhausting her partners until they expired. Other ones she just absorbs into her. It worse when I am here, and she tries for me. The more I?m around, the crazier she gets. I?ll have to find someone else to run this place."

"That?s why the experiments. You?re hoping to reverse the pill in some way or bring her back to being close to normal."

He smiled at her, but it was fake. Melissa saw an almost defeated man in that moment, and she vowed then to help him in whatever ways that he needed.

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