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Finally you speak and I try and hide my smile at your command. Slowly I do as I?m told slipping of my shirt and then my pants leaving only plain black boxers that hardly cover my now painfully erect penis. I see the look of impatience in your eyes and blush badly as I remove my boxers. I am now completely bare, my shaggy brown hair falling in front of my face as my seven inches stand at full attention for your eyes.

Again I hear your voice and bite my lip softly but I don?t hesitate to follow your orders as I kick my abandoned clothing away and sit with my legs spread slowly running my finger tips up and down the shaft of my dick. The teasing feeling and the thought of you watching is making it hard not to moan loudly but I try and stay silent. Your commands come again and again as I slowly squeeze my cock stroking it slow then harder and harder as you say, my free hand cupping and rubbing my balls. The feel of your eyes on me makes every touch feel more intense and I can feel my orgasm coming close.

Then your next command comes and I am eager to obey as I roll onto my front and raise my ass up spreading my legs widely to show you my tiny asshole and wait for your orders. But for a long moment you are silent as I wait silently begging for you to say anything. When your voice comes again my hands follow, spreading my ass cheeks fully one finger slowly rubbing and pressing down on my asshole before slipping in. A low shuddering moan slips from my lips as it enters me and I imagine it?s your finger pumping in and out of me.

My finger moves in and out slowly at first but soon at your command I push another finger in and thrust them deeper and deeper getting faster with each thrust. I moan for my master each time the fingers enter, but again you stop me just before my orgasm hits and force me to remove my fingers. Again your silent as I stay on my knees bent over for your eyes. My asshole begs for attention as my dick throbs badly, my balls sit at the base, puffy and begging to be emptied.

Your voice orders me again and I roll over onto my back spreading my legs widely as you?ve commanded me to. Softly with a knowing smirk you tell me you have a surprise and slowly raise your hand. My cheeks burn red at the sight of the long thick vibrator in your hand, and I blush more as your free hand curls softly telling me to come to you. And I do, slowly I crawl to you on my hands and knees like a slave should approach their master. I watch you carefully as your hand holds the vibrator at it?s base and hold it in front of your own crotch.

I hear your voice again and quickly follow your command pressing my lips to the soft vibrator, slipping my tongue out and against it, soon licking up and down the shaft and swirling my tongue around the tip before spreading my lips and slowly starting to bob my head back and forth taking in more every time. Halfway down I start to gag softly, and then I feel your hand on the back of my head pulling me forward each time shoving down more and more then I can take until my lips are touching your hand and the vibrator is completely down my throat. I can barely breath now and when you remove your hand I drop backward onto my back with my legs dropping to the side leaving me completely open.

Your next command comes and I again follow you though I am barely conscious now, I slowly take the vibrator and rub the tip on my entrance shivering from the feel. In the next moment I thrust it completely inside of me gasping loudly and moaning with each thrust. I moan for my master, begging you to abuse me, to command me, I tell you I?m your pet, your whore, and your toy. Your next command comes and I turn the vibrator on to it?s highest setting, my dick and balls feel ready to explode now but you tell me I?m not allowed to cum.

I?m losing focus but I don?t cum yet, you notice the thrusts aren?t as hard as you want them and your push the vibrator fully inside of me using your foot. The large tool inside me and the maddening vibrations are making me crazy but I listen to you and fight the urge to cum. I?m laying limp now, my legs and arms spread and useless as the vibrator moves and jerks inside me all I can do is look up at you and whimper.

Your foot moves causing the vibrator to move in and out slightly turning inside me and my entire body jerks, I can hear you laughing as you do it again and again. That is when I hear my master tell me to cum, just as you push the vibrator completely inside me again. My balls squeeze up to my dick as it jerks up and down spraying stream after stream of cum out, soon my entire chest is covered and there is still cum slowly draining from my dick. I look up at you as you smirk and tell me I?m a good pet.

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