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I tried to stick with my standard routine. Coffee, gym, shower, work...but that day I just couldn't get motivated because I couldn't get her out of my head. Like always my thoughts were filled of my best friend from high school. She was actually my first love and even though I tried to date other women they just couldn't compare. When we both bloomed into young women, I immediately knew the magnitude of my feelings for her but was too scared of losing my best friend and therefore was silently tortured.  We slowly drifted apart from each other when we went to two different colleges. But today, I just couldn't stop wondering if her hazel eyes could still cut right to my core.

 I tried to clear my head with an extra vigorous workout but it didn't work. Being self employed provided the time to take really good care of myself. I was proud of being 32 but not looking it. I am 5'6" toned body, olive skin and long dark brown hair that framed my thin face that was complimented with high cheek bones. Although right now it was Eva's body that was clouding my every thought.

 A few days ago I ran into her mom and was happy to find out that she was planning a trip back home for a family reunion. That evening my memories quickly turned into a sultry fantasy. The thought of her eyes gave me chills and an all too knowing warmth deep inside. Before I knew it my hands went from lightly caressing my full 34C breasts to frantically grabbing for my vibrator. My panties were soaked more than ever.

Waking up the next morning I realized that I was hoping for too much. My friend is straight and I'm sure married with kids by now.

None the less an old friend would still be comforting. I decided to reach out and see if we could hit it off like old times.That evening I opened a bottle of wine to calm my nerves and dialed her number. After a few rings the same soft, gentle voice that I remembered answered "Hello?" With a brief hesitation I said "Hi Eva, it's Cassie! How the hell are you?"

We ended up talking for over an hour about nothing impaticular. I was relieved that she seemed happy to talk to me as well and we went right back to being friends. While we talked, I noticed that she dodged some questions and would always find a way to turn the conversation back to me. Which wasn't unusual, she always had an overwhelming kindness about her.

I was delighted  when she said she wanted to get together for coffee the upcoming week while she was in town.  As we said our good byes I was already looking forward to our upcoming date...after double checking that I hit "end call" I scolded myself out loud, "A date? Oh, you are crazy,  she doesn't even know you're a lesbian!" And repeated to myself, "It's not a date!"

During the next couple of days my thoughts would drift off, imagining Eva's tan skin, long strawberry blond hair, oh and those eyes! Then I would have to snap myself out of it. "Damn it, stop with the fantasies!", I would tell myself. I was so afraid of messing up a rekindled friendship, due to my over active hormones. "Oh god, did she drift away BECAUSE she realized that I was a lesbian?", I ask myself! My mind was my worst enemy, always going a thousand miles a minute.

One morning I was running late and planned on getting a coffee on the way to the gym. I hurried into the local coffee shop, swinging the door open in a fury and there she was... beautiful as ever! She wore a light green sun dress and my eyes drifted down her perfect body to her exposed tanned legs. Immediately I was snapped back to reality when she said, "Cassie, you haven't changed a bit, always going full speed!", as she threw her arms around my neck in a warm hug.  Enjoying the light scent of her lotion during our embrace, I couldn't help noticing the feeling our breasts pressing together as my arms held her around her toned waist. There goes my mind again, "Stop it!" I yelled inside my head.

I quickly apologized for not realizing that she was already in town, a whole two days before the weekend. She said, "Well, it's a long story...I just needed to get back to something familiar." She smiles at me as her soft warm hand touches my arm and with that, my thoughts started drifting. "Wait..." I tell myself, " Did that just happen or did I just WANT it to?"                               

After talking a few minutes, Eva reminds me of my mad entrance into the coffee shop and says that she better let me get back to my day. I assure her that I was just headed to the gym and it wouldn't kill me if I missed one day. Once hearing this Eva asked if she could tag along and that it might do her some good to vent some frustrations. I say, "Of course! It will give us even more time to catch up!" But already my mind is racing down a dangerous path. I couldn't stop, all I thought about was how good she would look in tight workout capris, that would show off her perfect taught ass...yes, I couldn't help from grazing it with my forearm as I released her from our hug! A tank top that would inevitably be stretched across those perfectly shaped breasts which were bigger than mine or better yet, a more revealing sports bra which would let me sneak a few peeks at her toned stomach.

"Cassie? Earth to Cassie?" My eyes snap back up to Eva's face. She giggles lightly and repeated, "What gym do you go to?"

"Oh yeah, um the one over by the old bank." I answered.

"Cool, I'll meet you there after I run by the hotel and pick up my workout clothes!" She said with a smile and was gone. Driving to the gym my mind went into overdrive asking myself all sorts of questions, "Why IS she in town early and what's the long story?" "Why was she staying at a hotel and not her moms?" "Wouldn't her mom be something familiar? Her touch is better than I remembered, wait or did I just dream that?"

I get to the gym and start stretching, when my phone rings. To my dissapointment Eva explains that her mom is freaking out about all of the upcoming arrangements and will have to cancle. Although she would love to go to dinner.  I accepted excitedly and planned to meet her at a nice restaurant down the street at 7 that night.

The rest of the day was shot, I couldn't concentrate. AlI I could think about was her. Wishing that I got to see her skin with a light sheen of sweat during a workout and with my devious mind, how a glow from sex would only make her more radiant.

Seven o'clock finally arrives. Entering the restaurant I nervously scan looking for the woman that has captured my every thought, soon my mind starts torturing me with scenarios of doubt, "Did I get stood up?", "Did she see me and leave after noticing I was wearing a shapely dress with a little extra cleavage showing?" When suddenly she appeared. She wore a shoulder revealing grey dress, her hair was up with a few soft curls cascading down her back, my heart skipped when she smiled and walked towards me.

As we talked, I was finally honest with her about being a lesbian although held back telling her how I felt about her. She seemed a little surprised but also a bit concerned which was confusing. However I did noticed that as we chatted she would only refer to past lovers as "them or they" never by name or gender specific as "he". What  did that mean? I tried to remind myself, not to screw up a perfectly good friendship and not read into anything too much! Was I reaching again? I'm sure that it was my own imagination and wanting when I thought I caught her stealing a glance.

I made it through dinner without hitting on her too many times as I tried to stay away from any comments that were too obvious. Listening to her talk, I was transfixed on her eyes, full pouty lips...everything! My mind was enjoying having her right in front of me. I was soon feeling a wonderful warmth brewing deep inside...  it took the last bit of will power to not kiss her.

 I will admit through dinner we both enjoyed a little too much wine and decided to share a taxi at the end of the evening.The first and closest stop was her hotel and chills went up my spine when she asked if I wanted to come and continue catching up.

"This IS happening!", my mind raced.

As we exited the elevator, her room was the very first one and I took my chance. While she fumbled with her room card, I gently pulled her arm to spin her to face me. I leaned, brushed a few curls of hair off of her cheek and gently kissed her.

Her eyes got big and she pulled away! "Oh my god, this isn't happening! " I thought. I quickly apologized and ducked back into the elevator, and only heard a faint attempt from her "Cass....wait...?"

My taxi ride to retrive my car and the drive home was horrible, I cursed and screamed at myself for trying such a stupid move. When I got home, I knew I couldn't sleep so I changed into an old pair of blue jeans, put on my favotite t-shirt. I typically liked the way the gauzy material hangs but still clings to my braless breasts but tonight I was too upset to think about that. I walked into my kitchen barefoot and grabbed another glass of wine.

With more wine, I got up the gumption and decided to call her to explain my apology. With my glass of courage, I didn't care if I woke her. I had to try and put this behind me.  She quickly answered and I started rambling out my rehearsed opening before she could say too much. She finally said with a firm enough voice to get my attention, "Cassie, stop!  I'm not mad at you, I'm a lesbian too, !" A rush of relief came over me.  But since she pulled away, I was still terribly embarrassed that the attraction wasn't mutual and continued to ramble nervously. I slowly calmed down and finally started talking in a more rational mannor although was too humiliated to broach the subject of me kissing her. Luckily we quickly went back to being best friends.

We continued talking... Soon our conversation revolved around old flames, what went right, what went wrong, what we desired mentally and physically.  As I listened to Eva's relaxed voice describe what she wanted and needed, my mind found the motivation to fantasize...showing her some of my sexual secrets and desires. I noticed, ooohh that wonderful warm feeling again. The warmth progressed into a tingling sensation and then I got goosebumps when I feel my dampness moving past my heated folds to soak into my panties.  I couldn't help but let my hand drift down and slowly rub my pussy. I continued listening to her soft voice and noticed that the tone was steadily getting more sultry. That's when my hand went inside the front of my jeans.

My middle finger slid easily and parts my labia. "Oh my god",  I  thought to myself! I can't believe that just listening to her made me that wet! I lightly slide my finger in and out of my wet folds when I accidentally let out a slight moan, "Oh no, tell me she didn't hear that!" I pray to myself.   In a low voice that's almost a whisper I hear, "Cass, are you touching yourself?"

Too paralyzed to say anything, I held my breath. Even though it was only a few moments, it felt like an eternity. Eva broke the silence by saying ,  "Does it feel good? "

I still couldn't talk although my once frozen hand slowing starts to move again. I slowly work my hand lower, my middle finger teases the entrance to my love hole and hungrily accepts two fingers in with ease and my palm gently works my clit.  Eva breaks the silence once again saying, " Does that make you feel good, sweetheart? ". Remaining free from words I let out a "Mmhhmm" sound for an answer.

The sensation that I was on the cusp of earlier is now rushing through my body.  I try to speak and can not. With a slight curl of my fingers, I release another audible gasp. Eva interrupted me with a playful but stern tone, "Do you want me to do that for you ?". I couldn't help but let out a halfway response between a "yes"  and a higher pitch moan through my slightly parted lips.

She ushers me closer to a overwhelming sensation of lust when she entices me with the words "Do you want my hands on you....thrusting in you?"

I tease, wishing her into an unspoken dare, "Oh Eva, don't start something you can't finish! "

With a certain satisfaction in her voice I hear the words I so long for, "Well, you know where I am."

I didn't need more of an invite than that and certainly wasn't going to allow any time for her to change her mind.

I remove my hand, licking the juices off of my fingers. The taste gives me a tantalizing chill up my spine! I am suddenly sober and determined, I grab my keys and rush out the door.

 Sliding through the elevator doors before they were fully open I hurry to Eva's door but before I could knock,  the door swings open.  Our bodies collide and I feel her wonderful body through her thin cotton pajamas. Our lips desperatly crash together and our tongues are exploring each other's sensitive taste buds. She pulls away from me and my heart stops until she gives me a devilish grin and asks, "Oohhh, what DO I taste on your tongue Miss Cassidy?" I shiver at the use of my full name and being scolded. I then receive the most lustful kiss ever. Her lips grazing mine, her tongue dancing around my mouth trying to steal any left over juices that I might still have lingering from when I sucked my fingers clean.

My eyes widen, "Wouldn't you rather taste me?" she asks. Instantly, I get the most wonderful ache that spreads across my whole pelvis. How did she know  for me talking dirty was like adding gasoline to an already raging fire?! I can only respond with a moan in her mouth when she resumes with another kiss.  She pulls me into her room letting the door

shut behind us. Turning our bodies in unison, she pushes me until my back thuds against the wall. My hands move from her waste lower on to her hips, when she suddenly grabs my wrists and pins them on the wall above my head. Another but more powerful ache rushes through my body. In past experiences I was usually the forward one during sex, although was fully enjoying letting Eva take control of me. She ghosts her lips from mine over to nip at my earlobe playfully and then flicks her tongue against my neck.

Eva pulls back slightly, her eyes stare at me and hold me relentlessly. One hand remains ahold of my wrists while the other hand lightly traces down my cheek and neck, down my stomach and finds the hem of my shirt. The heat radiates between my bare flesh and her hand as she travels up until my right breast is resting on the back of her hand and she gives me a possessive squeeze on my ribs. I bite my lip trying contain a groan and try to appear that I have control of my hormones even though I am now completely submissive for this stunning woman.

Leaning in again her lips gently touch mine when her tongue grazes my lower lip. I part my lips slightly and want her to explore more with another kiss but she pulls away. My eyes trained on her beautiful lips, she runs her tongue across her lips to entice me further.

For a quick second my eyes flutter as a whimper of desire escapes my lips, "Please", I whisper.

Her eyebrow raised slightly, "Please, what?" She responds with a cocky grin.

"Please don't tease me", I pout. Although so thankful that she knew I didn't truly mean it. Again she ghosts her lips across mine gently nipping at my lip. I wet my lips in anticipation when I feel her move down my jaw to my neck, planting wet kisses down to my collar bone. My head tilts back when her left knee pushes in between my legs, I pull my right leg up to wrap around her. Eva's hand moves to grab my tense buttocks when I instinctively wrapped both of my legs around her waist, locking my ankles behind her back. Her tongue now lashing at my sensative skin. She had me pinned against the wall and I couldn't help but whimper when she starts tempting me further with a series of pelvic thrusts.

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more teasing and was going to plead for her to take me! My eyes open with excitement by her words, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

My throaty growl of a reply indicates my need. Eva supports my thighs and carries me further into her room and with surprising ease throws me on to the bed.

My heart is now beating with a wild pace as she straddles my hips and pulls my t-shirt over my head. Our lips finally meet once again, her hand moves behind my neck and pulls me in harder to our kiss. We both moan in response to the passion we are sharing. Her hands moving to cup my face briefly, finger tips moving down both sides of my neck and to my shoulders gently pushing me down on to the bed. She also quickly removes her tank top, I can't help but blink my eyes slowly and sigh in awe of her beauty when her breasts bounce slightly once they are free from being restrained.

Her willpower is amazing and gives me a rollercoaster feeling because after she rips my jeans from my hips and thighs, her hands slow to a crawl to remove my panties.

 I am so lost in my want and need for her I didn't realize that she stripped off her high cut boxer shorts, only to be hung up on one of her ankles.

"My god woman, you are killing me!" I beg her to stop teasing me!

 Eva does not heed my desperate tone and kisses up the inside of my thigh but stops short of my throbbing pussy. I whimper with anticipation and gasp for air when I feel the sensation of her warm breath on my glistening cunt.

I held my breath until I felt her warm lips lightly kiss my mound but unexpectedly yelp with pleasure when she rams her tongue deep in my folds and just as quickly withdraws. Her unpredictable rythm leaves me swaying on a cliff of desire. She raises to where I can only sense her but only touches me with flick of her tongue across my body as she slinks up until our eyes meet. Her eyes were wild with lust and the green flecks in her hazel eyes burned darker than I have ever seen! I felt like I was her prey as she slowly stalked me. My breath was quivering and ragged when I exhaled because I had never been so excited, especially this quickly. When she resumes back down to my neck, I tilt my head back offering myself to her and can hear her breath was heavy with desire as well.

With one elbow by my head supporting herself, Eva takes my earlobe between her teeth and more goosebumps erupt across my body when I feel her other hand cup my pussy and asks if I've been a good girl. I pant with excitement and try to push my vagina closer to her hand but she pulls back and repeats,

"Have you been a good girl?"

"Yes, now fuck me, please, you HAVE  to fuck me!!" I plead

"Too bad, I only fuck bad girls", she whispers in return.

I growl in frustration but truly enjoying this game we are playing. Through pursed lips I whimper "Please honey, you know I need fuck me!"

I'm rewarded when Eva starts stroking my slit with expert experience and lets me know that the urge was getting overwhelming for her too with a quivering, throaty whisper, "I know there's a bad girl in there somewhere and I won't stop until she is screaming my name"

Her fingers finally fill my aching hole with a piston driving motion and slowly withdraw even though I plead her not to! Her pace builds and with only a few consistent ramming motions I'm  already heading to that free falling sensation and buck my hips against her hand. My hands clawed at the sheets in a panic as I loudly pant out a series sounds, incoherent words and demands, "MMMMM....AAAHHHH....JUST LIKE...RIGHT THERE! OH MY GOD, DON'T STOP FUCKING ME!" and she didn't! Even though my back arches off the bed and my whole body was suffering from muscle spasms she barely slowed her pace. I tried to hold on to anything within arms reach. Overwhelmed with the constant attention my pussy was receiving it didn't take long, my eyes went wild and my mouth tried to scream but couldn't as a second more powerful orgasm headed towards me like a freight train. I was fucked beyond belief when she started using her knee behind her hand for extra force and continued this way with the most ferocious rythm! My mouth gaping open with no sounds escaping only enouraged her actions. I finally mouth the syllables of her name, after a few more tries I scream "WHAT THE.....YOU....OH, GOD.......EVAAAAAAAHHHH!"  The sultry vixen that had complete control of me slowed her pace but continued a few more strokes to make sure that I was utterly spent.

Still coming down from my body shaking high. I open my eyes to find Eva still  hovering over me . I feel something and immediately get chills when I realize that Eva was so turned on, her pussy had a string of her sweet juice that had dripped from cunt and landed on my thigh. Seeing it glisten  I knew I couldn't wait any longer to taste her. She caught the motion of my eyes and knew what I wanted. I licked my lips as she moved up to straddle my face. I immediately dive my tongue and lips into her deliciously soaked pussy. My tongue is coated in the sweetest taste I have ever had! I worked my tongue in a series of small circles across the sensetive tendrils of her labia just missing her clit. Once I could feel her body start to sway, I changed to quick piercing flicks on her swollen button of nerves. Eva's fingers weave into my hair and pull me harder into her delicious cunt. I would nibble and gently let my teeth drag when I would release her sensitive skin. Giving  her slight twinge of pain with an immediate soothing sensation when I would suck on her soft folds of skin. Drunk on her taste and a feeling of lust through my body makes me moan from my own pleasure. Eva feels the vibration and involuntary bucks her pussy against my mouth again and again and I wrap my arms around her thighs and hold her firmly. I can't take my my eyes off of her beautiful silhouette as she rocks against my face. Knowing how close she is to coming on my face makes me growl again with desire! That was all she needed to take her over the crest of passion and tumble down the wave of pleasure. Feeling Eva's juices flow across my face and into my mouth is almost enough to give me another ogasm. I arch and curl my tongue to try and keep as much of her sex on my taste buds where I can savour every drop of her!

After she regains control of her quivering body, she starts to swing her leg away from my head, I surprise her by flipping her on to her back and lower my body to hers. I couldn't get enough of her. I swirl my tongue around her still stiff left nipple, nibbling playfully.   I move my hand down her flat stomach squeezing firmly periodically as my hand travels across her to her pelvis and down until my hand rests on her slick hairless mound. Continuous attention to her nipple awakens her desire again. I gently push and rotate the heel of my hand agaist her clit slowly until I could feel her need. Sliding my middle finger into her made my own body ache again. Eva then looks at me and waits until our eyes are locked together, raises an eyebrow and smirks at me when she tighens her muscles. She controls her grasp around my finger and shows that she still dominates me and controls this wild fuck session. We both moan from our overwhelming feeling and ache, I continue to stroke her tight pussy. Feeling her warmth grow with every flex of my hand. I hear her moan even louder when I swiftly add another finger inside of her. I now can feel her clamp on my hand uncontrollably. I elicit a deep moan from Eva when I rotate my wrist to push against her tight walls. Pushing her hips lower trying to get me deeper, I flicked and curled my fingers, while grinding my palm against her. Looking into her half lidded eyes flutter in passion, I saw flecks of gold brighter than ever. Moaning between breaths, Eva gasps, at first barely audible but quickly turning in to a crescendo of cries, "OH BABY....PLEASE.....BABY....YES....FUCK ME BABY!" a victorious smile covers my face, I love be called pet names!    Mewling incoherently, I knew I had her again! Eyes now tightly shut, chest heaving, back arched she dug her head into the pillows. Gasping for air she screams for me and drops to the bed in a flood of sensation.  I love feeling her squeezing and pulsating around my fingers. Once she completely relaxes , I slowly slide my fingers out of her warm, wet pusssy. Eva responds with a slight whimper of dissapointment. Falling victim to her juices and scent once again, I lick and suck my fingers hungrily.

Both of our bodies had a sheen of sweat from our ferel sex session and I gently kiss and lick her salty skin in the valley of her breasts before falling next to her in satisfaction. Withdrawing from our earlier game of dom/sub, Eva turns and lays her head on my chest.


Sun shining past the edges of the curtains, afraid to move and remove myself from what could only have been a wonderful dream. Eva's head remains resting on me.  I then realized that it's not a dream and she was awake when I felt her eyelash lightly brush my skin. Giving her the opportunity to pretend that she was still asleep, I whisper my daunting question of why she pulled away from my initial kiss. Eva immediately looked up into my eyes and replied,  "I didn't want the evening to end but I was afraid...." I furrow my brow in confusion. A fearful look crosses her face as she contimplates finishing her thought. I reassure her when I caress her her cheek with my thumb and gently brush her hair beind her ear. She continues, "I always wanted you for more than a friend but didn't want to "just" have sex with you! I couldn't hold back any longer when I heard you moan when we were on the phone".

I start to talk although she cuts me off and her words escape quickly but in an aprehensive tone, "...because....I...I'm in love with you!" Her eyes dart away from mine as she lowers her head. I slide down into the bed until we are facing each other and wait for her to return my gaze.

"Eva, I wanted you in my life, even if it was just as a friend but I hope you know, I can't go back to being just friends now... I want and need you."  My heart skips when I see her beautiful smile. I equally confess. "You were my first love and now I know only true love! "

I am then rewarded when she gently crawls on top of me. The kisses we share are different...gentler, full of love and passion instead of the wild lust from the previous night. Her lips are the most lucious thing I could ever imagine,  our tongues are tangled in a beautiful dance.  The desire is stirring in both of us now as she slowly begins to grind her vagina into mine.  I can't help but nip at her full soft lips. The heat shared between us has a new type of spark.  My left hand pulls at the crease below her perfectly shaped ass to assist in the pressure between our bodies. She gently runs her finger tips along my skin as she raises my right arm above my head although this time she slides her fingers between mine and we lace our hands together as we continue to make love to each other. A slow but wonderful moment builds. I bend my right knee and slide my foot up until it is flat on the bed. I arch my back and hip and grind into her harder as she gracefully runs her blunt finger nails from my ass along the back of my thigh. This sends a skittering sensation across my skin and I moan into her hot mouth and I feel her smile into our kiss. She grips behind my bent knee and we continue to move in unison. I see flecks of gold in her hazel eyes but somehow the color is even more intense and burns brighter than the previous night. We actually stop kissing because we are both gasping for air, warm breathes washing over each other's faces, foreheads touching, eyes locked.  I know Eva can look right into my soul and we are then both moaning together as we crash through the exticy of love! We both reach our first climax of the day quickly and simultaneously. Her glorious body falls on to mine

 I am mesmerized because I realize that I just experianced something completly new to me. This is the first time my eyes remain locked during any passionate moment. I never realized that in the past I would advert my eyes or close my eyes all together just to avoid too long of a gaze.

Both being excited about our revealed love for each other but regaining semi normal breaths. Eva looks deeply into my eyes with her beautiful glow and asks, "Would you be my baby if I was your girl?"  I respond by gently rolling her over until I have her directly under me. I can only respond, "I would love nothing more....." I resume kissing the full length of her body with warm, wet kisses as I whisper against her flawless skin, "but right now I need to make up for loss time....."

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