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So we devised a plan where she would get the women in her dorm to play a game of strip checkers, to see how the game was played. They set it up to have 5 members on each team, and each person took turn , but when a checker was lost ,every player on that team had to remove that article of clothing. As it worked out , they enjoyed it, and challenged them to invite guys from the men?s dorm to a game. We had 6 players on each side, so we set up some rules so as not to have end up as an orgy . Rules were no intercourse, no cameras or cell phones and if there was a checker to jump, you had to jump. So we?ll start the game as I remember it. After about 5 moves, the men jumped a ladies checker, which said on bottom of checker accessory , so ladies took off watches. The ladies in return, jumped 2 checkers jacket and underwear men took off their jackets, but did not have to take off their underwear, because to lose your underwear, you need to have lost your pants and also two underwear checkers. The men next jump a checker that read pants, so ladies lost their pants, now have their panties in full view. Now it goes along about 7 moves without a loss, next men lose checker that says tie, so if they have a tie on, it must come off, then ladies lose a checker that says panties, but do not remove till they have lost two panties checkers, but men are ever hopeful. Ladies make a fatal mistake and lose a checker, but winds up to only be an accessory , but this puts the men in place to get a king, and this allows them to top off their king with the underwear checker they had lost earlier, giving them maybe some breathing room The king turn around and jumps the ladies checker that says shirt, leaving the ladies in their bra and panties, nice view. But by jumping that checker they lose the king, top checker they had regained was underwear and the bottom checker was also an underwear checker, but are safe for the time being because they have not lost their pants yet. If they should lose their pants before getting any of the underwear checkers back , they would lose both at once. The men now jump a bra checker, and the ladies remove their bras, leaving them bouncing free. Ladies now jump a shoe checker, and ladies are in position to get a king, and get back a panties checker. The men also have a checker heading to get a king and take back an underwear checker. Thing are really getting hot, so we are taking a break for some cool water, and the ladies are going to give the men a lap dance, facing them so as their boobs are about in the men?s faces. That will really heat things up The ladies make another mistake and moved toward the men?s king but fogot, if a jump is available, they must jump. So the jump a men?s checker that says shirt, so me lose their shirt, next men jump a checker and get a panties checker, leaving the ladies in trouble. Now the men have a king and 5 checkers left, with a an underwear checker lost and one on their king. They also still have on their pants, to the displeasure of the ladies. The ladies have a king and four checkers, with a panties checker on top of their kig and one lost, they are also pant less and braless. One false move and it could be all over, exposure time. After a few moves the ladies are forced to give up a checker, they lose their shoes. But they head for another king and get back one of the panties checkers. The men now head for another king and regain an underwear checker. The men?s king is in hot persuit of the ladies, but the ladies get the men in a position where they must jump ,and in so doing will lose that king. The ladies lose their shoes, but take the men?s king and take back the underwear checker, so now it?s three ladies kings to the men?s one king and four checkers. The men move quickly to get another king and inso doing recover one of the underwear checkers. So at this point in the game , the men have not lost their pants, and the ladies are just in their panties. The men get another king , but it hard to capture a king without losing one. PS we have a rule that you can?t set in one place and move a king back and forth between two spaces, so as not to have to move around the board. Now the men who have more checkers decide to give up a checker so as to capture one of the ladies king. So the men lose a king and an underwear checker, but capture the lades king and recover the panties checker. Thing are looking bad for the ladies, with only two kings left and n way to ever regain any of those panties checkers. The men go into a meeting and decide to give up another king to capture one of the two remaining kings, the ladies have. It is risky, but they go for it. The ladies jump the king and the bottom checker is pants, so men have to take off their pants, and are now in their overflowing underwear. But now the men get to jump the ladies king and get the top checker which is panties and with luck the bottom checker I a panties checker also. So the men have two panties checkers ,so the panties must go, after a long hard fought battle. We have set up rules so that whichever team loses their undies, they must take them off while standing on chairs for a better view. In future games we plan to have members of the opposite team remove each article of clothing, and with one team without underwear, the girls will give the boys a lap dance, regardless which one is without their underwear. We may sometime get more progressive and have the losers to masterbate or possibly if the group want, perform oral sex on the losers. Then I am not sure who would be considered the loser, but there are all kinds of possibilities. Hoping some other groups, try this. It?s a great way to get up close and friendly, with a lot of people, without having intercourse. If this is enjoyed ,I may try and write, about another of my adventures, a few years back. It was a great way to get to know large number of guys and girls, for fun filled evenings.

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