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He introduced her saying she is a great bitch! I fucked her yesterday four times and thought she could satisfy a whole army! So I have invited you all to this party!
The room had a bed in the middle and sofas on three sides and a single chair on the fourth side. He asked me to take this chair and said. You are the referee! We are playing musical chair! You have to ring the bell at every half minute, and the person will have to pass your wife to the next person! I started looking at the watch and Girish took ny wife in his lap playing with her boobs and unbuttoning her blouse. In thirty seconds I rung the bell and she was passed on to the next guy who pulled her blouse away and began groping for the bra hook. The third one was able to free her boobs and took them both one by one in his mouth before the bell rung. Fourth one took a mouthful of her breast and pulled her saree leaving her in petticoat next one removed the petti coat and last one pulled panty down making her completely naked in front of eight men- one of them her husband. All of them clapped and Girish announced the next rule to my wife- now you will start removing clothes from who ever gets you, while the person will keep enjoying your body!
The first was Girish himself. She started unbuttoning his shirt while he took one of the breasts in his mouth and kneaded the buttocks with both hands. This process was slow because she was taking long in unbuttoning them. The men got impatient and demanded that they be allowed to remove their clothes them selves. Girish laughed and agreed. In less than ten seconds, all of them were in their birthday suits. Now my wife was to be passed on in pairs! Two men played with her for twenty seconds. The first one had the top and the next one bottom then she was passed on and the one handling her breasts got the pussy and ass while a new man got the breasts. Soon this was extended to three! Now the first one had his cock sucked by her while the second played with her tits, rubbed their cocks on her boobs and the third played with the pussy, licking and fingering it. A couple of men also fingered her ass. In a few minutes time men had lost all control. All rules were thrown out of the game and Girish lied down on his back pulling Kamala on top of him and entered her pussy. Kamala was offered cocks by two men from both sides of Girish for sucking and she obliged them. A fourth person came behind her, fingered her ass and the opening her ass hole with both thumbs, penetrated her. Two men who had not been able to get any where, came to the sides and began rubbing their cocks against her boobs. The person fucking the ass was the first to go! He retired his penis and sprayed cum on her back. One of the free men immediately filled the now vacant hole. One at the mouth was next to release him and he messed up her face ad hair. Girish said he wanted to cum on her breasts and so came out from under her and making her a little straight asked her masturbate him with breast she cupped both her breasts holing his cock between them and began stroking. He soon had both the breasts covered in his cum. In a few minutes there was hardly any part uncovered. Girish looked at me and said take her to the bath and clean her up. But his friends stopped him! No let us clean her up! And winking at him, dangled their cocks- with our hoses. Girish too laughed. Yes that is a bright idea! Take her to the tub and yes put the stopper in the drain. I took her to the bath tub and blocked the drain. She sat in the tub. The men came and stood on all four sides and began a kind of Jaccuzi! Keep your mouth open bitch- one of them shouted. Piss was bathing her all over- and in the mouth and the cum was also slowly sliding down her body. When they were finished, Girish asked her to lie down in the tub. There was enough piss in it. She asked me to pull her thighs up on the side so her cunt was elevated. He then asked her to pee. She began pissing and her own pee began trickling down her pussy and belly and to the breasts. All clapped. Girish told me again to clean her up and bring back for a one to one union!
I bathed her and sprayed with a perfume and brought her back to the drawing room.
while bathing her, I sheepishly grinned and said, darling you will probably be angry , but somehow I enjoyed watching you- both today and yesterday! She looked shocked. she kept gazing at me for a while then sowly said, to tell you the truth, I too enjoyed it. The guy is great and has fantastic ideas! Girish got into the bed with her and once again a passionate love making began in fromt of every one. Girish told me to keep towels ready. His long cock was sliding up and down her already battered pussy but he continued at a very lesisurely pace slowly increasing as he neared his end. After he was through, I cleaned his cock and her cunt. And looked at the next man to invite him into the bed. The next one irst offered his cock to her mouth, She looked at me and then began sucking like a hungry child licking his softy icecream. H ethen sat down in front of her and made her sit in his lap with the cock comfortably ensconced in her pussy. Holding her hips, he began giving her strokes and sucked her boobs. soon he just hugged her tightly stoppping all movements, after a while they separated and I moved with the towel towipe his cock. His cock, balls and entire pubic are was messed up due to teh position they had enjoyed. I any way cleaned it and them plled back teh skin of his cock to clean from inside and again saw a massive load still inside. My wife was relatively cleaner. I smiled and announced, yes sir, she is now ready for the next gentlemen!
The service continued till morning.

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