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[Oh I have been waiting on you. I stretched out in my chair after you left. I started rubbing my clit.
Just closed my eyes and thought of you.

It got really hot in both places (the room & me)
I started removing my shirt. I was starting to get
antsy. I slid from my clit to my lips gently inserting one finger and starting moving up & down. It was only seconds before I had to have more.

I took my other hand and started pinching my nipples & squeezing my tits. Thinking about
you can be very intoxicating.

I pictured the two
of us, lying on a blanket in the countryside. The trees were swaying and the birds were singing.
It is the most beautiful place in the world at this
moment. I am lying on my back with my right leg
lifted. You crawl and hover over my body, taking
in the view. I can feel the heat between us. I
can feel your breath on me as you slowly flow
towards my lips.

You slowly reach down & kiss me tenderly. I feel
your hands roaming my silky skin. The kiss is like
a bon-fire on a cool night At the Lake. You
start kissing and licking as you go down my body.
You nibble on my nipples and squeeze my tits.

I feel your tongue licking its way down my stomach & thighs. You blow like a small breeze into my lips. I moan in delight. You start going down lower. Please I beg, lick my pussy. You smile that
wicked smile and return to my legs.

Once you see that you are truly torturing me, you return to my clit and slip your tongue in. Gently in and out. Without notice I feel your tongue ram into my pussy. I scream in ecstasy. You start eating & licking my juices. I can not control myself. I have the most amazing orgasm.

The feeling of power running through out my body is incredible. I have never wanted you in me more
than at this moment. I am just about to cum again when.............................

You released my hips and gently licked and kissed
your way up my body. As I am lying beneath you
the desire in my Lyons are almost unbearable. I
am squirming wanting you more & more by the
second. I feel like I am going to explode. Please I beg, please is all I can say.

You caress my lips softly as you make your way
to my ear. You whisper so lightly I feel a twinge.

You whisper once more just a little louder this time.
I heard "I want you to scream my name"
I opened my mouth, but I could not make a sound.

The feeling between my thighs were incredible. We could feel the moisture dripping down. I could
feel your hard member just above my lips. My
pussy was so wet I had become dry through out.

Before I could move I felt your hard cock enter into my pussy as far as it could go. I suddenly found my inner voice as I screamed "Oh My God Please Fuck Me" . The more I moaned the hard you slide in and out. I was grinding your cock as much as I
could stand. I new it was time to cum once again,
and I new you could not stand my hot firey pussy. You would cum in me so much I was floating. I
Love the feeling of you inside moving, gyrating.

I could feel the ecstasy in me rising. We screamed
together as we were cumming at the same moment.

We lay still feeling the togetherness. I feel you sliding from inside. I sliver down just enough to
take your cock in my mouth to clean you. I love
licking my juices off of your cock. It always makes me tingle. I know there will be more shortly.

As we feel the fresh breeze upon us. I tell you I
would love to take a dip in the lake. We stroll
down to the water. Stick our toes in the warm
water. It feels so rejuvenating as we are in each others arms, our bodies submerged in the water.

After a few minutes in your arms, I feel urges raise up again inside my body. I feel your cock lifting in the water to meet my sweet pussy lips. You pull
me closer and whisper " I must have you once again, my angel.

We start towards the blanket we had just made love on. When you pull me in the direction of the
old shelter nearby. There is nothing really inside
the tattered old building, but a few counters.

Before I realize whats going on, you pull me really
close in your arms, kiss my lips. whisper in my
ear and then briskly bend me over the counter.

I feel your tongue on my checks as you kiss & lick
them. I can feel your hands roaming up & down
my body. The seem to stop on the lower part
of my hips. Then, as I breath a sign of relief, I feel them start across the checks of my ass and I feel your hard cock once again between my thighs.

As you take me from behind. I scream in delight.
I can feel your cock ramming my pussy as you
fuck me with rage. The rage that has been building inside you for so long. I tell you I have
never been abused like this and I never knew
until today how much I wanted to be your fuck
slave. I wanted you to give it all to me. I wanted
more & more as you fucked me.

Just as I think I have postponed the orgasm, I felt rising ~I scream "Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes as you slip your finger in my ass. I then squirted all over your cock. You continue to fuck me harder and harder. I I know you are going to explode in my pussy any moment.

Then as a butterfly slowly flies by my face and I feel relief inside. Because I know you are getting ready to cum deep inside of me. At that very moment I feel your fingers on my clit, rubbing and sliding into my pussy as your cock is removed and
slid to the opening of my ass.

No, I don't think I can stand your huge cock in me like that, I proclaimed. And without even considering the claim, I feel as you shove your hard cock all of the way into my ass. After I regained somewhat of my composure, I took a deep breath and whispered to you to "take me"

I could see the disappointment in your eyes. I
found my voice and said I am so sorry, as I breathed heavy. Between breaths I tried to regain some strength and stamina. I wanted to share
how you made me feel. I leaned back as far as I
could and tried to take even your balls in with me.

I looked back at you and said the one thing you
have been waiting on all day. "I want you to
Fuck me as hard as you can. I know I am not
suppose to ask for things like that, because I
am a lady. But I will be your lady in public. In
the private places in our world, I will be your
whore any time you please."

After some time had passed and the sun started
disappearing behind the clouds, we knew it was
time to go back.

As we started back to reality, we spoke very little.. I wanted to share myself with you more, but we both knew we couldn't right now. As we were approaching the outskirts of town, we leaned in and gently kissed. After staring into each others eyes we said our goodbyes.

As we went our separate ways to our homes. We
knew our family's would be waiting. I knew in my heart we would never be. But I will always relish
the time we had.

ps If we don't meet again, please enjoy me in
your dreams.

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