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I was really looking forward to working again, but the boys have taken it to become my new bodyguards and follow me everywhere.
"really Paul your checking to see if my food was poisoned" i say rolling my eyes at his failing attempt to save my life. I made myself a fresh bowl of cereal and wandered round the flat thinking of something to do. Nate walked in to the living room, shirtless, soaking wet. looking at him now was getting me all hot and bothered. I really want to fuck him again. But for the past few days, Nate has been really distant from me, he doesn't say anything to me and when he does, he just mumbles and he always avoids eye contact.
I left the room and decided not to sit in on that conversation. In my room i began to get myself ready for work when my phone began to ring. i quickly picked it,"hello, Roxie speaking."
"Roxie babe, its me Devon." a posh voice says down the phone.
"Devon, oh my god, how are you, its good to hear from you, how is everything?" i asked sitting on my bed. Devon, is my cousin he has been living in Paris for the past few years so i haven't heard off him in awhile, but he is back home visiting for awhile. "So when do i get to see my loving cousin?" i laugh down the phone.
"How about tonight?" he says in his boyish manner.
"oh i'm working tonight. at the minx club." i said guilt filling my voice
"i shall meet you there then." he said and hung up. I finished getting myself ready for work and walked into the living area, i never fail to turn heads with these guys. i laughed and sat down and drank some coffee. "Well i'm heading off to work now." they nodded, but I know i will see them there.
i pulled up to the club and parked my car in view of the main door. I walked in through the side door and into the changing room where Lottie was there to great me. I hugged her warm body and i felt safe. "you ready for tonight Hun." she asks while i got myself ready. i nodded and looked at her wrist, that's new i thought. "who is the bracelet from?" i ask curious of her new boo. she giggled and grabbed her wrist lightly.
"Oh this, Its from Paul. Isn't beautiful. he is an amazing man." sh says i was confused for a second, with all my drama going on I had no idea what was happening with other people around me. "I thought you guys haven't seen each other since Game night" i said in a quizzical tone.
"we have been seeing each other for awhile now, and needless to say the sex is amazing." i cringed at the last part.
"i really didn't need to know that Lottie. he is my roommate." i say fighting the urge to gag.
"Talking of hot roommates whats happening between you and Nate?" she asks while helping me with my hair.
"nothing, nothing at all." i say sighing
"really nothing even after all that you have done for each other. wow that's bad."she says sitting next to me.
"I know but I don't know how to bring things up with him. Lately he doesn't speak to me, and all i can think about is how much i like him and how much I want to fuck him again." i say blushing slightly at the end.
"so the sex was good." Lottie leaned in which is her way of saying more details please.
"God the sex was great." and for the next ten minuets we were discussing how great Nate and Paul's sex lives were, and while we were talking i kept on thing on how much i liked Nate and I wish he would just talk to me. soon it was time to jump on stage and i saw at the back the boys and a face caught my eye near the front. Devon. once my number was up i had a round of applause and Devon presented me with roses. I smiled kissed his cheek and looked up to see Nate walking out he club. What was his problem.
my shift went quickly and soon i was sat in the changing room with Devon and Lottie, talking about the last few months. about my drama Lottie's sex life and Devon's life in Paris. we went to the bar and while the other two had beers, i stuck to coke. I had no idea where the other guys went until Paul had Lottie in her arms and was kissing her passionately. Kevin was beside him rolling his eyes.
"where is Nate?" i asked wondering where he was i really needed to talk to him. Kevin shrugged and i introduced everyone to Devon and we all made our way back home laughing and talking. When we got home Paul and Lottie went to bed, Kevin watched tv and i was showing Devon around,we came up to my room and on opening the door we saw Nate and a random girl fucking like rabbits in my bed. i screamed at the sight and everyone came running and saw the now interrupted couple in action.
i slammed the door shut and i heard scrambling Paul and Lottie were back in Paul's room while the rest of sat watching nothing on tv. the strange girl walked out my room looked at me apologetic and left. Nate followed and looked at me with shame. "what the hell where you doing, with her, in my bed?" i yelled at him.
"You are one to talk you moved on with this posho here so why couldn't eye or do you want me to be alone Roxie" he yelled back
"What, moved on, i haven't moved on, this posho is my cousin who i haven't seen in years you douche bag."
"i should go"Devon says and walks swiftly out the door. i stood there shaking with rage, and Nate just looked surprised. I pushed passed him and stormed into my room. I spent awhile ripping the bed sheets off and putting on fresh ones, i locked my door and laid in bed thinking of what just happened.
i was angry at Nate but i could fight the feeling of being turned on. watching Nate fuck another girl was very arousing. soon my thoughts had shifted and i was thinking of him and many different women fucking, while i thought of this i felt my hand slowly start to caress my body i played with my nipples for awhile and then slowly moved my hand so it was cupping my mound. I slipped in a finger and slowly began to finger my pussy gradually adding a couple more fingers and building speed. i used my thumb to strum my clit and before i knew it wave after wave of pleasure came over me. as my orgasm subsided though, my thoughts were back on Nate and how he could do something like that and how could i like a douche like him. I soon found myself falling into a confused sleep.

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