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I gasped against Mommy's clit as Daddy rimmed me. His tongue danced around my wicked hole, sending velvety ripples of delight washing down to my cunt. I groaned and squirmed, humping back against him as he feasted on me. He did such wicked things to me. He teased me. Loved me. He had me shuddering and groaning and whimpering in delight.

It was such a naughty thing to experience. My heart pounded in my chest. Waves of passion washed out of my asshole to my juicy pussy. I groaned around Mommy's clit, humping back into him. I nibbled on her bud as he did such wicked things to my asshole.

"What are you doing to our daughter?" Mommy moaned. "Oh, Daddy, she's sucking so hard."

"I'm eating her asshole out, "Daddy said, his fingers digging into my rump.

"That would do it." Mommy smiled down at me. "Ooh, keep sucking just like that. You're going to make me cum."

I did. I sucked on her bud while his tongue swirled around my asshole. I groaned, my hips wiggling back and forth. I shuddered as the heat surged and melted through me. My heart pounded in my chest. The rapture surged through me. Juices ran down my thighs.

His tongue pressed against my asshole. My anal ring surrendered to him. His tongue popped into my bowels. It swirled around and caressed me. My back arched. My butt-cheeks squeezed around his face. I whimpered and groaned. His touch was electrifying. It was amazing. His fingers dug into my rump while I nursed on Mommy's clit.

Her juices soaked my lips and stained my chin.

"Yes, yes," Mommy panted. Her eyes fluttered. "Just like that. Ooh, yes, Avalon. You're such a loving daughter."

I nipped her clit.

Mommy groaned and gasped. Her body shuddered. Spicy juices flooded out of her as she bucked on the bed. Her thighs squeezed about my face as she cried out her rapture. Her breasts heaved as her head tossed back and forth.

I licked up her cream while Daddy's tongue probed into my asshole. His hands stroking my rump moved away. Fingers trailed along my butt-cheek, tracing the bottom curve until he stroked his fingers between my thighs. He touched my pussy. As Mommy came, Daddy rubbed up my slit to my clit.

He massaged my little bud.

My head threw back. I gasped out in rapture as Daddy massaged my clit. His naughty finger teased my bud. I groaned at the feel of him. This heat surged through me. I wiggled my hips back and forth. The juices spilled out of me as I feasted on Mommy.

"Daddy! Daddy!"

"Yes, yes, Daddy!" Mommy moaned with me. "Our daughter... She's amazing!"

Daddy growled into my asshole as the pleasure rushed through me. My bowels rippled around his probing tongue. My juices gushed out of my convulsing, pregnant pussy. This wonderful pleasure surged out of me, spilling through me.

Stars burst before my eyes.

They shone so bright as I loved my Mommy's pussy. I lapped up all her cream as Daddy frigged my clit. My juices kept flowing out of me as the waves of pleasure flooded through my mind. I reveled in the rapture.

"Mmm, yes," Mommy panted, her pleasure passing. "You got my pussy nice and ready for your strap-on."

I gasped. I'd forgotten that in my room.

"I'll be right back!" I shouted as I rolled to my right, ripping Daddy's tongue out of my asshole. My entire body still shook and shuddered from the power of my orgasm. I lurched to my feet as I sprang from the bed. "One minute!"

I almost crashed into the door, my legs feeling like rubber. So much delight buzzed through me. Then I was out into the hallway and darting to my bedroom. I burst in, rushed to my dresser, and ripped open my top drawer. Nestled amid all my panties, bras, and frilly socks was the strap-on dildo Heaven gave me.

Such a wicked friend.

I held out the harness before me and stepped into it. I smiled as I worked the vinyl up my thighs, the dildo bobbing and swaying before me. My pussy clenched as I drew it higher and higher. My hips wiggled back and forth.

I groaned as I pressed the dildo's base into my clit. I pulled on the straps, tightening the vinyl about my waist, holding the segmented dildo in place. I stroked it, feeling the bands that led up to the curving hook.

It felt so wild inside of you.

Strapped on, I whirled around, my tits heaving and the dildo bobbing. It massaged my clit as I raced back to my parents' room. I burst in to find Mommy kneeling on her hands and knees, wiggling her curvy rump at me.

"Come fuck your Mommy hard!" she moaned. "Mmm, I need that dildo in me. I need to cum again. Then you're going to get the hottest bedtime story yet!"

"Yes!" I cheered.

I threw myself on the bed while Daddy stroked his cock, watching with his hungry, green eyes. He was so sexy, a man matured to his prime. He had such virility. I just knew that in about nineteen years, he would have the stamina to take my daughter's virginity when she turned eighteen and became an adult.

I pressed the dildo into Mommy's juicy pussy. The hooked tip vanished into her folds as I slid in slowly. The base rubbed into my clit, sending wicked sparks through me. I groaned as I went deeper and deeper into her pussy, her labia swallowing more and more of the wicked toy. She groaned, her back arching.

I slid deeper and deeper. The dildo massaged my base as she swallowed more and more of it. Daddy moved in behind me. I grinned, my pussy on fire. This naughty harness left my pregnant cunt open and ready to be fucked.

"You two look so hot," he groaned. "Both my daughters loving each other."

"We are, Daddy," Mommy moaned, stirring her hips around the dildo. That massaged it into my bud.

I drew back my hips and gasped as the tip of Daddy's slick cock pressed into my butt-crack. He wasn't stroking his cock when I returned but lubing it for my butt. I groaned as he slid his shaft down and found my sphincter. To keep pulling the dildo out of Mommy's cunt, I had to impale my asshole onto Daddy's dick.

I loved my family.

"Daddy!" I groaned as my asshole, relaxed by his rimming, swallowed his lubed cock. The slick shaft slid into my bowels. Daddy's arms went around me. One hand grabbed my tit, squeezing and kneading, while the other hand rubbed at my baby bump, stroking the slight curve of my belly.

He thrust into me.

I gasped and squeaked as the force of his thrust rammed my dildo deep into my Mommy's pussy. My crotch smacked into her rump right before daddy spanked my ass. I gasped, my tits jiggling in his hand and my clit drinking in the feel of the massaging base.

"Daddy!" I gasped, my bowels squeezing around on his withdrawing cock, the velvety friction sending waves of heat to my juicy pussy. Cream spilled down my thighs as I chased his cock, sliding the dildo back out of Mommy's twat.

"Oh, Avalon, yes!" Mommy groaned. "I love that tip. Ooh, fuck me! Ram it into me."

Daddy slammed his hips forward, smacking into my rump and burying me deep into Mommy's pussy. It was incredible. Sparks flared from my clit, meeting the heat melting out of my rump. My pregnant cunt drank in both delights, growing hotter and hotter.

My hips matched Daddy's wonderful rhythm. My bowels gripped his cock, squeezing about him as he fucked me hard and fast. He buggered me. He slammed into my bowels. The heat rippled around me. My heart pounded in my chest as the wonderful fires surged out of me.

My hips wiggled back and forth. I groaned at the heat surging through my body. It was an incredible passion. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut as he buggered my asshole and I fucked Mommy's cunt with my dildo.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I howled. "Oh, Mommy! Daddy's being so wicked!"

"Mmm, he's just fucking your wicked, little asshole hard, isn't he?" Mommy moaned, staring at me over her shoulder as she rocked back into my thrusts.

"Yes!" I squealed, my bowels clenching around Daddy's thick dick. His lubed shaft pumped hard and fast in and out of my asshole, driving me hard into fucking Mommy. "Yes, he is!"

"You just have such a tight, naughty asshole, little Ava!" Daddy groaned, his fingers digging into my jiggling breast while his other hand massaged my baby bump.

My pink dildo buried into Mommy's shaved cunt over and over. Her pussy lips swallowed the segmented bands while she moaned and gasped. Her curvy rump rippled with the impact of my crotch into her flesh.

I shuddered, my bowels clenching around Daddy's cock. I loved the feel of him in me. He rammed into me over and over. He filled me to the hilt with the amazing passion of his cock. Loving my parents was the best thing in the world.

I reveled in our incestuous love.

We were united as a family. And soon, we'd grow larger.

His cock rammed deep and hard into my bowels. My dildo buried to the hilt in Mommy's cunt. She gasped and moaned, rocking back into my thrusts. Her butt-cheeks rippled. Daddy's dick massaged my bowels. Sparks flew from my clit. Daddy's fingers found my nipple and twisted the aching bud.

All these wonderful sensations built and built in me. My orgasm swelled faster and faster. My hips pumped with the frantic pace Daddy set. My hands stroked Mommy's flesh, her skin hot and silky beneath my touch. Daddy massaged my pregnant belly.

"Mommy! Daddy!" I moaned.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, fuck our little girl! Pound her asshole! She's driving the dildo so hard into my pussy! I'm going to explode."

"Yes, yes," growled Daddy. "I want both my daughters cumming. I want to feel your asshole writhing about my cock, little Ava!" He twisted my nipples, shooting electric passion down to my molten cunt. "I want to hear you screaming out in ecstasy on our daughter's toy, Michelle!"

"Yes, Daddy!" Mommy and I moaned together.

Daddy rammed his cock into my asshole's depths. The smack of our flesh echoed followed a heartbeat later by my crotch slapping Mommy's rump. My clit burst with pleasure. Velvety friction sent a wave of heat washing to my cunt.

It was too much.

I exploded in incestuous delight.

I cried out in wordless pleasure as my asshole spasmed around Daddy's cock. Stars burst across my vision as I trembled between them. Daddy grunted. He drove his cock deep and hard into my writhing bowels while Mommy rocked back into my dildo, fucking her pussy up and down the pink toy.

"Yes, that's it!" growled Daddy. "My sweet, little Ava!" He twisted my nipple as the pleasure rushed through me.

Juices gushed down my thighs while the ecstasy burned through my body. It swept through my mind like a firestorm of rapture. I gasped and groaned as Mommy moaned. She slammed back into me, impaling her pussy down the dildo.

"Avalon, honey, yes!" Mommy howled. Her head tossed back and forth. I felt hot juices bathing my vulva, squirting out of her cunt. "She did it, Daddy! Our daughter is amazing."

"She is!" Daddy groaned and rammed his cock into my asshole.


My rump jiggled as hot cum spurted into my bowels. Daddy's incestuous passion flooded my anal sheath. His fingers rubbed at my curving stomach. My asshole writhed around him. I worked out his wonderful spunk. My head swam with the dizzy lust. It was incredible.

Daddy twisted my nipple as my asshole milked his cock. So much of his wonderful spunk filled my bowels. I trembled, holding Mommy's sides while I rubbed my back into Daddy's strong chest. He groaned and grunted, filing me. Loving me.

My orgasm peaked in this moment of wonderful, incestuous passion. We were all united. It was incredible.

For one moment, the three of us were cumming together. It was beautiful.

Then Daddy spurted his final blast into my tight sheath. Mommy whimpered. My orgasm died to dying coals. I shuddered as Daddy pulled out of me. I pulled my dildo out of Mommy, my asshole aching. Though I was buzzing from my rapture, a new excitement built in me.

It was story time.

I ripped off my dildo, rolling the vinyl harness down my slender thighs. Mommy took it from me as I sank down on the bed, Daddy stretching out on my right, Mommy on my left. Daddy's cum leaked out of my asshole as I snuggled between them. Mommy set my strap-on beside the clock on her nightstand then cuddled up against me. I trembled as Daddy was on the other side of me, his hand absently rubbing my baby bump.

I had a daughter growing in me!

"So what happened after that night?" I asked.

"I woke up the next day with a headache and feeling so embarrassed," Mommy said. "I didn't want to leave my room at all. I really thought that I had misread everything about the night before. Daddy had left the house early, so I was all alone. I thought he had abandoned me."

"Oh, no," I said. "That's horrible."

"Really?" Daddy asked. "Sorry to make you feel that way, I was just running some errands." He glanced at Mommy's right hand and the ring she wore there. I frowned at that. It wasn't her wedding ring, which had a big, white diamond on it instead of that little pink one.

"I just wanted to melt away. I thought I could never face your father again," Mommy said. "I kept replaying it over and over in my mind, how close I came to blurting out I love you. After the forehead kiss, I was convinced Daddy just saw me as his daughter. Nothing more. I was resolved to just pretend that it was nothing and try to forget these wicked lusts I had for him."

"You can't do that," I said. "Daddy's so sexy."

"I know," Mommy said. "It's why I started masturbating when I took a shower."

"With the shower head?" I asked.

"Oh, we installed that after you were born," Mommy said. "I was just using my hands. Anyways, I felt guilty again after cumming and threw myself down on the bed. Then Daddy came up and asked if I wanted to go hiking the next day. It was a Sunday. I thought about saying no. Being around him was so hard, but..."

Mommy smiled and glanced with such love at Daddy.

"But...?" I asked, squirming between them, incestuous jizz leaking out of my aching asshole and making a wonderful mess between my butt-cheeks.

"But he just had this look in his eyes, and I knew I would hurt him if I said no," Mommy said. "I didn't think anything naughty would happen, but he was finally coming out of the grief of your grandmother's death. So I resolved to push down my lust and just be a supportive daughter. However..."

"I had other ideas," Daddy said. "I was planning a seduction. Sunday morning came, and we were out early..."


Harrison "Harry" Young ? October 2018

There was a tension in the car as we drove into the Sierra Nevada. The temperature remained warm and pleasant, a good day to go for a hike. It was Sunday, two days after our date. The memory of my daughter's moans as she masturbated in her bedroom echoed through my mind.

Those sweet sounds. The way she gasped my name.

Clint's plan had worked. I had awakened my daughter into being a woman and let her think of me as a man. She looked so cute as she sat beside me in her khaki shorts, her legs lithe and golden. She had on a tank top. She sat awkwardly. If that waitress hadn't shown up, I was certain now that Michelle would have answered my declaration of love as her own.

That she wouldn't think that it was just a father being sweet to his daughter.

Our date had gone a little wrong. Flustered by the emotions, my daughter had a bit too much champagne. I was fairly certain it was her first time drinking, and she was not prepared for it. She was more than a little tipsy when I got us home.

I could tell that she wanted me as she stood before her bedroom door. It took all my self-control not to kiss her right there. Not to thrust my tongue in her mouth as I pushed her into her bedroom and made such sweet love to her.

I wanted her to be sober. To be thinking straight. No regrets. No recriminations. If my daughter didn't want me, then it was better if I just swallowed my emotions. Better that I suffer than to hurt Michelle.

She glanced out the window, squirming. We were up early, but she wasn't the sort of young girl that slept in. She rose with the dawn, energized in the morning to do things like clean the house. When I told her yesterday that we should go for a hike, she was eager for it.

Hiking was something our family did a lot. When her mother, Rachel, was still alive, we walked all over the nature trails in and around Sacramento and the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains. Where I had in mine today was a special place.

The road wound as we entered the foothills. My heart beat faster and faster. I was so eager for this. I knew where to go. My daughter frowned when I made the turn. She glanced at me and asked, "We're not hiking the Truckee trail?"

"No, no, this is a smaller trail. Not as well known. Not many people go here. It's a little remote to get to."

She gasped as the road stopped being paved and became a pothole-ridden dirt road. I had to slow us down as we headed drove down the forestry access road. She grabbed the handle above her door. She held it as the car rocked around, her small breast jiggling.

A bright smile crossed her lips. She squirmed. It did feel like we were on an adventure as I navigated us through the backroads of the Sierra Nevada. The mountains slopes passed us, tress golden with their falling leaves. The sun rose over the shoulder of a peak, spilling warm across the valley. We passed a cliff, a plunging fall on our right. She leaned against the window, staring down at the valley below.

Finally, after an hour, we arrived at the trailhead. There was a small gravel parking area beside a wooden sign carved with some information about the Red Juniper Trail. There was another car parked here.

I popped the trunk and climbed out, my hiking boots crunching on the gravel. Michelle was already opening up the back of the trunk and pulling out our backpacks. They weren't the full packs for a long hike, but enough to hold food and emergency supplies for us both.

You couldn't take chances up in the mountains.

Then she spotted a picnic basket. She pulled it out. "Where did you get this?"

"Your mother and I used to bring that along on our hikes," I said.

"I don't remember Mommy ever bringing this on any hike," she said.

"Not on the hikes we took you on," I said, winking at her.

My daughter stared at me. There was this look of hope in her eyes for a moment, her cheeks burning. "Oh. Those type of hikes."

"You know, our first time was on one of those hikes," I said. "I'm fairly certain that we made you on another one."

Her cheeks went scarlet as she pulled out the basket. She glanced at me, her body shifting. I could feel her wanting to say something. This tension wrapped around us. It was magnetic, pulling me to my daughter.

I held out my hand to her. "Shall we get going?"

She nodded and took my hand. She gripped me, her body trembling. I stroked the back of her hand as we headed for the trailhead, the backpack's weight comfortable on my shoulders. She looked so cute, her red hair spilling about her face, her blue eyes, the same hue as her mother's, bursting with excitement.

Her hand was so warm in mine. Almost burning.

Michelle and I walked in silence. We could both feel it. That we were stepping beyond our father and daughter relationship. The deeper into the mountains we went, the farther we were from the rules of society. The laws that said it was wrong for my daughter and me to love each other didn't exist up here amid nature.

Only instinct.

Birds chirped in the air as we followed the narrow trail as it went up and down the contours of the land. It bent and wound. The trees came close. We passed a rock outcropping that thrust up above us, water trickling down the front of the rock and vanishing into the mossy, muddy ground at the base. Flecks of pyrite glinted in the stone, gleaming almost like gold in the sunlight.

It was beautiful, but my daughter eclipsed it.

Her smile grew and grew as we walked. She gripped me as she licked her lips, pink and plump and beautiful. Her body was slender and lithe. Hiking while erect was uncomfortable, but I couldn't help my excitement. I was so close to my daughter.

After about an hour, a couple was coming at us down the trail, a young man and Black woman, her hair pulled back into a fuzzy ball at the nape of the neck. The guy was White with a dark goatee and designer sunglasses.

"Morning," I greeted in the polite way of strangers passing strangers in the wilderness.

"Morning," the woman said, a bright smile on her dark lips. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," I said, squeezing Michelle's hand.

"Gorgeous day for a hike," the guy said. "One of our favorite trails."

"Yeah, it's a special one," I said.

"Out with your daughter?" the woman asked. "Hi, sweetie."

"My date," I said. "Showing her my favorite trail."

"Oh," the woman said, her voice growing neutral.

Michelle glanced at me, her cheeks rosy pink, this look of joy in her blue eyes. "I'm older than I look."

"Yeah, I had a friend like that. Looked like she was a kid when she was twenty-five." She glanced at me with an almost accusatory stare. She didn't approve at all. "Well, uh, enjoy your hike."

"You, too," I said, keeping my tone cool. I wasn't ashamed of loving my daughter.

The couple headed down the trail as Michelle glanced at me. "You're... date?"

"Of course," I said. "What else would you call going for a walk with a cute girl at your side? Why else do I have a picnic basket."

Her cheeks went from pink to red. Then she pulled her hand from mine. My heart tightened as I feared I misread the entire situation Friday night. That the moans I heard of her masturbating were just because she was drunk and not because she wanted me.

Then she hooked her arm around mine and pressed against me. "I... I like being your date, Daddy."

"Me, too," I told her, savoring the feel of her on my arm, the presence of her against me.

I was impatient to get to our destination, but I didn't want to rush us. I didn't want us tired. We only had another thirty or so minutes to go. She held the picnic basket in one hand, her other arm clutched tightly about mine. There was an energy about her. Infectious. Bubbly. We could both feel it.

Those words had changed everything.

Then I noticed a furrow in her brow as we passed an outcropping of rock that looked climbable. She stared up at it to the flat top and the gnarled juniper bent over it. Then she looked ahead. "Is there... a field of wildflowers ahead?"

"Uh-huh," I said.

"You and Mommy took me here when I was a child, didn't you?" she said, looking up at the outcropping. "I climbed up that and felt like I could see everything, and there..." She pointed at the old stump on the side of the trail, broken off and jagged, not from a tree cut down but by one that had collapsed from the disease. "The field's just around the bend."

"Yep," I said as this eagerness shot through her. You could see the flowers through the trees, the mountain meadow that was our destination.

"You and Mommy told me this was your special spot. Where you proposed to her." She glanced at me as we passed the stump.

"I did propose to her here. And a year later, after we were married..." I grinned at her.

Her breathing quickened as the trees fell away and we stepped onto the meadow. The flowers spread out, a riotous carpet of purples and reds and greens and yellow. She trembled against me, her eyes wide as I led her out into the field, leaving behind the trail that kept going to the other side.

The flowers whisked around us as we headed to this little divot my wife and I found. You couldn't tell that there was this depression until you were almost on it. in it, you felt alone, in your own little paradise of passion.

Your own Eden.

We reached it, and I led her down into it, the trail vanishing. Anyone walking down the trail would have no idea we were here. Michelle bit her lip then she broke away and bent down. She snapped up a purple flower and brought it to her nose. She inhaled it, her nostrils twitching. She had this look of awe on her face as she whirled around to stare at me, her eyes shining with such joy.

I smiled at her. She looked so beautiful. So wonderful. Such a delight. My heart pounded in my chest as I slipped off my backpack. She tucked the flower behind her ear as I pulled out the blanket and spread it out on the soft ground cover. She turned to me, her purple flower clashing against her red hair.

Her mother did the same with flowers she plucked, her blonde locks spilling around her face.

My breath caught for a moment.

"We made you right here," I said as Michelle came to the blanket. "You are just so beautiful, Michelle. That night at the restaurant, when I said I loved you, I meant it. Not as a father, but as a man."

"Daddy," she whimpered, her voice tight. "I... I..." Tears spilled down her cheeks. She seemed incapable of speaking as she stared at me with such joy in her eyes.

I knew I hadn't read this wrong. I knew my daughter loved me. That she cared for me, wanted me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the small jewelry box I purchased yesterday. I snapped it open, showing off a gold ring with a small, pink diamond set on it.

"This is a promise ring," I said. "I know we can't be open about our relationship, but this is proof that I love you. You can wear this and look down at it and know that I care for you. That I want you to be my woman. My... my lover."

Her small breasts rose and fell. I sank to my knees.

"You are as beautiful as your mother," I said. "You're an angel we made, and I don't care if society thinks that this is wrong. I know what I feel for you. What has been developing in my heart." I held out the promise ring. "I want to love you, Michelle."

I trembled, staring at her, waiting for her response. What would she say? How would she react? I knew she loved me, but was she ready for this? Was I going too fast? Her breasts rose and fell in her tank top.

Her eyes were shiny.

Pressure squeezed my chest as I waited for her answer.

To be continued...

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