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We had pretty much what we wanted in abundance and we had shelter and all. It was getting to be a little concerning that we had not seen a plane or a ship anywhere in two weeks. The thing is we were comfortable enough that we were starting to think about this as our home, but I don't think any of us were prepared to spend the rest of our lives here. Having something to do kept our minds off it. That and plenty of sex along the way. Now that we had set ourselves up with our living quarters and a variety of food, our own spa and swimming pool. But all these things were supposed to be temporary and just make us comfortable while we wait. Waiting gets old. We had worked so hard and gotten along so well that we decided to take a day off and just enjoy it. The girls had been out to the beach already and I had slept in till like noon. Getting all the sex I wanted from two young beautiful women sounds great but it requires some recuperation time.

As I was getting up, JoanI and Jessica walked into the hut and announced that they wanted to go fishing. I looked at the two of them, blinked, and shrugged my shoulders. They picked up the tackle gear and poles and headed out to the south beach where we had found good fishing before. I walked out to the beach for a quick rinse and then made a little breakfast. I had found some coffee bushes during a walkabout and picked enough beans to keep me in coffee for a bit. I put some on the fire and went looking for some eggs. They would go better with bacon but it wasn't finished smoking yet. It was kinda weird eating eggs without toast, like it wasn't weird enough that they were duck eggs. At least we had some salt and pepper.

After breakfast, I decided to head out and see what else I could get into. I headed west, to an area that was on the other side of the mountain that we hadn't explored yet. It took me an hour to walk as far as the mountain and another hour to make my way around it. For the most part, I didn't find anything all that new on the other side of the island except that it had a couple more fruit groves. I was walking through some pomegranates when everything started crashing on the left. One of the feral hogs were headed in my direction in a hurry and she didn't look none too happy. One thing about the trees on islands is that there are no branches that make climbing in a hurry easy. I had my trusty knife-stick handy and a new Bow and Quiver of arrows that I had not tested yet and wasn't real anxious to miss at the moment. I spotted some rocks and after a couple leaps was up high enough she couldn't get to me. I pulled back on the bow and let an arrow fly and it stuck soundly in a tree a foot over the hog's back. I took another shot that landed a foot behind me.

I took a breath, listed every cuss word I knew, made eye contact with the pig, and then took another shot. This one got her behind the front shoulder and I was all happy. I patted my self on the back, did a little dance, and then looked at the pig still looking at me. She was a little less happy with me then she was before. I looked at her and she looked at me and I shot her again, a little further back this time. She stumbled a little and started walking away grumbling. I said fuck it and threw my knife-stick at her. I caught her in the neck and she went down. After waiting a suitable amount of time, I decided she wasn't going to jump up and bite my ass, so I got down, grabbed my stick, killed her for sure, kicked her a couple times and was content that I had won and she had lost. About that time I saw two little piglets come running out of the bushes to mommy and I felt like a real shit. Apparently mommy was just protecting her young'uns. They were way too young to be left on their own. After contemplating it for a couple minutes, I decided the women might figure something out so I caught "Romulas" and "Remus" and put them in my collection bag. I had lost all motivation to explore and fishing was sounding a lot more fun.

Jessie and JoanI walked through to the south beach mostly nude. I guess something about hooks and stuff made them a little nervous. They both had halters and loin clothes made from the pig hide that we tanned. Jessie noticed that JoanI kept looking at her like she was going to say something but wasn't but she wanted to but didn't know how or something like that.

Jessie finally turned and said, "Ok, spit it out".
JoanI looked like she was going to say something and ended up with "nothing".
"Yeah, right"
"You look like your going to wet yourself any second".
"Do I have to Kick your ass?"

The jungle opened up onto a beach and ran across the hot sand to the water. I had rigged up some real Cane poles with plenty of line. We used an assortment of bait, but this morning all they had to use was some grubs and some minnows. They got their hooks ready and looked at each other, then looked at the bucket of bait and then looked at each other. Neither one had baited their hook before and had got totally grossed out by the idea.
"Ok, bait my hook".
"Fuck that shit, you bait my hook".
"I don't think so".
"Yeah, well , you wanted to go fishing"
"Sure, just throw that up at me"
"I'm not doing it"
"Let's get Mikey, he'll do it...".

"Well, let's just lay out for a while then, maybe Stacey will show up and do it for us".
JoanI just looked down for a place to lie down and muttered, "yeah, right". Both girls stripped off their clothes and layed down with their feet still in the water.
"I don't believe we walked all this way and we're not going to fish. Why did you bring it up if you weren't going to bait the hook?"
"Well pardon me for wanting to do something with you".
"Hey, we sleep naked in the same bed, how much together can we get?"
"Yeah, well, that's not the same thing, and you two are usually a little preoccupied".
"So what your saying is that your horny".
"Well I'm laying next to you while the two of you are fucking, what do you expect?"
"Well, I told you I would share any time you wanted to...". JoanI just rolled her eyes and threw her clothes at her feet.
"Never mind!".
Jessie looked over at her. "Stop!". When JoanI just ignored her she said "SPEAK, or I shall have to kick your ass?".
"Once in a while I would like a full course meal, not left overs...".
"Well, I can't grow you another man, but I know where there is a whole shitload of bananas".
"yeah, thanks".
"Well what do you want me to do about it?"
JoanI just sat there pouting and it was driving Jessie crazy.

"Ok, it's on, I'm taking you down , bitch", and with that, Jessie leaped up and lunged at JoanI. They started rolling around with Jessie trying to get a control hold on her, but they were both wet enough(from the water) that Jessie couldn't really hold on. This is the scene that I watched as I came over the hill at the other end of the beach. First Jessie's naked body was landing on top of JoanI, with her hips straddling her and her arms trying to pin JoanI's to the sand. Then, JoanI rolled and took Jessie with until JoanI's glistening body hung over the top and her large round tits looked as if they were pinning Jessie by themselves. My cock started straightening out for the first time since they had left. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I had no desire to stop anything at this point.
Jessie's legs locked around one of JoanI's and they started rolling again. This went on a while as I watched their bodies slipping and sliding together, until Jessie started to wear JoanI down.
"Stop or I'm going to HURT you", as Jessie finally slipped a headlock on her.
"OW, Your hurting me, bitch!!"

Jessie's legs were wrapped around JoanI with her arms around her head in a kind of choke hold, but she appeared to be cranking on it, putting JoanI in a bit of a painful stretch. If I wasn't enjoying the view so much, I would probably be a little concerned for her.

"So tell me what you REALLY want, or I'm going to feed you to the fishes".
"All right, let me go and I'll tell you".
I could see Jessie relax her hold a little but she was still hanging on pretty good. "Speak".
"If I say it your going to still be pissed cuz he's your man and shit".
"Yeah, well I'm pissed now so speak anyway".
JoanI looked away and said," I was just wondering..."
"I'm going to choke you again"
"if I could...."
"Fuck Stacey when you weren't around once in a while", JoanI spit out quickly, bringing her arms up to protect her head, or maybe to hide behind so Jessie couldn't see her face, I don't know. I also don't know who was more at odds, Jessie or I. I figured it out as soon as I heard Jessie's response.
"THAT'S all you want?"
JoanI yelled out from between her arms, "YES, God damn it!".
"Why didn't you just tell me what had crawled up your butt all this time?".
"Why do you think?"

Now Jessie rolled her eyes and said, "Ok, we need an understanding here. Let it be understood that Stacey is and always will be MY man. Secondly, I'm not going to get up and take a walk because you want to fuck him. Lastly, if he fucks you, you better give as good you get or your going to have to deal with me. Oh, and I want to hear all the details later. And I still get dibs, there's a limit to my good nature".
"No shit.....I mean.....Really? You would really let me fuck him whenever I wanted?"
"No, not whenever you want, but on occasion when you can't control yourself and you can get him to agree..."

The next thing that happened was JoanI moving faster then I had ever seen her move before and Jessie was the one trying to cover up. JoanI was attacking Jessie with her lips, kissing her any place that that Jessie had failed to cover with her arms. She managed at least one Kiss on the lips before Jessie turned her head . It didn't stop JoanI one bit as she started kissing Jessie's cheek and neck and ears. I decided I could move in for a closer look. I laid down next to them, resting my head on one hand. When Jessie started laughing and shaking her head back and forth, JoanI started working her way down and my hand followed. She had grabbed onto Jessie's arms and held them back as she kissed her neck and shoulders. My hand made contact when JoanI buried her face between Jessie's tits and covered them with her mouth. I noticed that JoanI started moving slower and slower until the kisses weren't kisses anymore. My hand started sliding up and down my cock as I saw JoanI clearly take Jessie's nipple into her mouth and suck on it. JoanI lifted her head up and brought Jessie's tit with her until the suction broke and it fell back to Jessie's body.

Jessie wasn't fighting nearly as hard and started getting that sleepy, sexy, look on her face with her eyelids drooping. JoanI repeated herself on the other nipple, then went back to the other. Jessie's hands came up to JoanI's head and JoanI's tongue was sliding around and around Jessie's nipples. Jessie 's knees came up on either side of JoanI's body. JoanI went back down between Jessie's tits and worked her way lower over her belly with her tongue making it's way from her left ribs to her right. The next stop was Jessie's belly ring and JoanI's hands slid down her sides. My hand started stroking faster as I watched Jessie squeeze JoanI with her legs. I was to my full eight inches and thinking about moving over to them and fucking them both when JoanI's lips jumped down to Jessie's thighs. I couldn't find a comfortable way to lay down without fucking the island. I tried to get control of myself by squeezing my fist around my shaft with my fist near the head. I was about as hard as I ever had been. Then I knew that JoanI had hit gold when Jessie pushed up with her feet, arching her hips directly into JoanI and moaning "oooooooohhhhhgoddddd".

Apparently, Jessie could no longer be passive, and started turning towards JoanI's body, that was laying mostly in the water now.
They both rolled towards each other and were on their sides. They both raised a Knee and I could clearly see JoanI flatten her tongue as she pushed it through Jessie's bare pussy lips and then cover her clit with her mouth. She pulled at Jessie's ass cheeks with her hands and squeezed and it looked like Jessie was doing the same. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. The surf was washing up and slapping their bodies and I could hear the muffled moans of both women. My balls were tight and I wasn't even moving my hand, though I couldn't bare to let go either. The women rolled again and I could see Jessie sucking one of JoanI's pussy lips into her mouth and then point her stiff tongue at JoanI's hole and start fucking it. Their bodies started pumping against each other and I could tell that they were getting very close to an explosive cum together. Just as both of them started to stiffen, I felt my balls jerk and spread cum five feet across the sand in front of me.

I decided to give them some alone time to recover, not that I felt like getting up just then. My legs were a little shaky and I'm sure my face was still red. The girls were just laying in the water when I looked up. I could tell they were talking, but I couldn't make out anything they said. when JoanI sat up, I decided that it was time I show myself. I started walking towards them and heard JoanI announce me. Jessie sat up so fast that she splashed JoanI and had a very guilty look on her red face.

"So, where's all the fish?"
Both women pointed out to sea. "What happened?".
In unison, they said, "cuz she wouldn't bait my hook".
I just shook my head and laughed. "So what have you been doing all day?".
"Pretty much just laid here and talked. We had a lot to talk about."
"Yeah? Like what?".
"Like when you were going to show up and bait our hooks".

"Well look what I got", and I pulled Romulas and Remus out of my bag and held them out. The girls started swooning over them and I explained through, dirty looks, what had happened to their mother. They failed to understand the danger that I had faced and the heroic efforts I went through to overcome it.
"Well, you better get to it, cuz your both responsible for dinner tonight".
I baited their hooks and just layed down in the water and watched them cast their lines out, standing in the water naked. It was a beautiful sight, but I had to keep ducking the swinging fish as they pulled them out. After they landed six, we decided to head back . We had learned NOT to over catch because of the smell of rotting fish guts, and there is only sooooo much smoked fish that you can eat.

I was ducking swinging elephant leaves and branches the girls left for me as we walked through the jungle, Jessie turned back to me and said,"We need to talk about something when we get a chance".
It was hard hiding my smile when I mumbled"Ok" with my head down.

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