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As Ashley helped Jason she realized it was late and asked Jason to put his books back in his own room. As Jason entered Ashley's room after dropping off his stuff he heard the shower running. Jason noticed parts of Ashley's clothes was out on her bed. Jason carefully opened the door and peeked in and noticed Ashley in the shower standing in all of her glory as the glass wasn't too fogged over from the heat. Jason closed the door and locked Ashley's dorm room so no one could get in and began stripping naked and carefully walked into the bathroom.

Jason could hear Ashley humming as she was in the shower. As she turned around she saw Jason standing naked. Ashley gave a small smile and she opened the shower door letting him in. "You really like being with me don't you?" Ashley asked as she began to help Jason wash his body. Jason grabbed Ashley's cock with one hand and started stroking it making it hard. Ashley began kissing Jason got down on his knees and began sucking Ashley's cock slowly as he felt her cock grow in his mouth. "I do, Everything about you is perfect. You're the perfect girl for any guy. Sweet, loving, caring, sexy, got curves in all the right places, you even have the perfect size boobs. Not to mention..." Jason said as he began sucking Ashley's cock faster. Ashley couldn't help but let out a moan or 2 as Jason sucked her cock fast making it rock hard. "You're doing so well sucking my cock Jason" Ashley said as she was groping herself.

After Jason stopped sucking Ashley's cock he stood back up and turned around and parted his ass and began flexing his ass muscles as his eyes were glued to Ashley's throbbing cock. Ashley stepped up behind Jason and rubbed the tip of her cock against Jason's asshole before pushing it inside of him. As Jason's ass was being penetrated by Ashley's cock, his submissive side was showing as he began to bent his body over and use the walls to keep himself up. Ashley began moving her hips inside of Jason as he began to moan. "Oh fuck Ashley... your cock is like magic..." Jason moaned as he looked back and saw Ashley using both of her hands and groped herself as she worked her hips inside of Jason and began moaning as she moved one hand to Jason's waist and used it to fuck him deeper. "Oh god Ashley. I love it when you use my hips to go deeper inside my ass" Jason said as he was moving his hips into Ashley. Ashley began making each movement as deep as she possibly could while increasing her speed as she fucked Jason's ass putting a bit of weight into her movement as her boobs bounced with each movement she made.

"Oh fuck yes Jason" Ashley moaned loudly as she pressed her boobs into his back and began nuzzling his neck. "I'm so close to cumming" Ashley whispered. Jason began to tighten his ass making the pleasure for both him and Ashley even more intense. Ashley began moving her hips as fast as she could inside Jason's tightened ass as her cock exploded inside of him. Ashley was panting on top of Jason as her knees felt extremely weak. Ashley turned the shower off and grabbed Jason and pulled him out into the dorm room and lied a towel on the bed as she lied down on the towel with her body facing Jason. "How bout this time you fuck my ass" Ashley said seductively as she began groping her boobs in circles. Jason couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ashley wanted his cock inside of her ass. Jason climbed on top of Ashley and jerked his cock making it hard. Ashley rolled onto her stomach and ran her hand getting the hair behind her ear as she began to suck Jason's cock.

Jason couldn't believe what he was feeling. Ashley was sucking his cock effortlessly as she took all of it in her mouth and moved her tongue in small circles teasing the tip of Jason's cock inside of her mouth as she sucked his cock. Jason was feeling so good he was trying so hard not to moan from how well Ashley was sucking his cock. As Ashley pulled off his cock she lied back down onto her back and lifted her legs up a bit. Jason pushed his cock into Ashley's ass and leaned into her and began sucking on her nipple gently. As Jason pushed his cock as deep as he could inside Ashley, he kept letting out a moan each time he moved his hips from how good Ashley's ass was making him feel. Ashley began to wrap her legs around Jason's ass encouraging him to fuck her more. Jason was moving his hips as fast as he could moaning into Ashley's nipple as he fucked her ass. Jason pushed his cock as deep as he could inside of her and cummed inside Ashley's ass. Losing all strength he collapsed onto Ashley as he lied on top of her nursing off of her breast.

"I'm so proud of you Jason. You felt so good fucking my ass, I came from you doing it" Ashley said as she rubbed the top of Jason's head as he was focusing more on sucking Ashley's nipple. Ashley rolled Jason over onto his back and took her breast out of his mouth. Jason looked at Ashley as she moved her hips closer to his mouth. "You did such a good job fucking my ass. How bout as a reward I fill your stomach with some of my seed?" Ashley offered as she started at him lustly. Jason looked down at her twitching cock as it beated with each of her heartbeats as her orgasm subsidded. Jason leaned closer and began jerking Ashley's cock vigorously as he looked up at her. Ashley pushed Jason away from her cock and lied down after she wiped away the cum from her orgasm and tossed it into the trashcan. As she lied down flat on her back Jason moved his head closer to her cock as he gazed at Ashley while she groped her tits more. As Jason began sucking Ashley's cock Ashley wrapped her legs around Jason's head forcing his head closer to her cock taking more of it into his mouth. As he sucked furiously on Ashley's cock making it grow harder then it already was. he began taking it down his throat.

As he took Ashley's cock down her throat he looked at Ashley as she was moaning while her head was hanging back enjoying the pleasure as she began to rub her tits up and down. Ashley began moving her hips some and began to hump Jason's face as he sucked her cock all the way down his throat. Ashley began tensing up and her cock twitches more and more inside Jason's mouth as he sucked her cock. Jason took as much of Ashley's cock down his throat as he could and he felt Ashley's cock explode as she began cumming down Jason's throat. Jason swallowed all of Ashley's seed as it was pouring out of her cock and into his stomach. Ashley's grip tightened as her legs pulled Jason's head closer and closer to her. Jason was finding it a little difficult to breath as he began tapping his hand on Ashley's leg trying to give a sign saying he cant breath. Ashley noticed this and undid her legs as Jason kept taking her cock more and more into his mouth until his face was pressing into Ashley's body. Jason began sucking Ashley's cock vigorously making her cock rock hard inside his mouth. Ashley began groping herself as Jason kept himself balls deep on Ashley's cock and sucked her cock vigorously making her cum alot throughout the night as she slept.

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